Yves Tumor - E. Eternal Lyrics

It's in our hands
Feels like it was nice
Oh, if I could had flied away
But maybe it would happen
It won't be very hard
This won't be hard
My arms

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Yves Tumor E. Eternal Comments
  1. CH053N

    I wish this stuff was still on his soundcloud. I’ve been a fan for so long and my biggest mistake is not downloading his old tracks. Man..

  2. seafood

    slikking a slorkidd

  3. enrique roms

    Woah track amazing artistic me like

  4. Nikoloz Lomidze

    i wanted to share this track, but the cover image is so ridiculous that i changed my mind... :(

    Madjestic Kasual

    We apologise if this image costs you any likes/comments/shares/engagement you feel your taste in content deserves :(


    That isn't the real cover art, though.

    Alan Grant

    Madjestic Kasual nice dunk but the cover image does fucking suck lmao


    Nikoloz Lomidze .... you just don’t get it

  5. Proper name

    Music of uncertainty 👍😤

    june h

    i see you everywhere yet the last place i'd expect to see you is on a yves tumor vid

    Sunny Goodwin

    you taint every thing you comment on
    you shouldnt feel happy about this

  6. flowersfan

    is this sampling Woo?

    Vince Guaraldi

    frederick gunther you think we couldn’t tell that? You think you’re the only one that knows what sampling means? You knew what we meant.

    frederick gunther

    relax. i'm just saying Yves may be "sampling" a bit heavy here. that looped & pitched Woo sample is the primary component of the dang song. more of a straight rip than a sample

    ambient wizardry

    defs lol

  7. Thomas Gomes Daubernay

    wow merci

  8. Crimewaveddd

    thank you for reuploading, I couldn't find it anywhere