Yves Tumor - Applaud Lyrics

Uh huh
Uh huh
Huh, huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh

I'll kiss you nice for my baby
I'll take a life for you, lady
She's telling me something so crazy
Rock and Roll, baby

Just need you to hold me, girl
Just need you to love me, girl
Just need you to hold me, girl
Just need you to love me, girl

I'm just a rock and roll baby
Coming with my rock and roll lady
Top-shelf, driving me crazy
Like a Mercedes

I just need you fuck me, to craze, to do
I just need you to stay with me, to be, you do
I just need you to love me, to wait, I do
I just need you fuck me, to craze, to do

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Yves Tumor Applaud Comments
  1. Nredup 82

    underrated as fuck, damn.

  2. tomaccoman

    how does this only have 35K views :/ it slaps soooo hard

  3. Lindsey Churchill

    Thank You : )

  4. Giorgi Cxadadze

    აუ რა სვეცკი ხარ

  5. Scott

    The beat almost sounds the same as christ conscious joey badass

  6. narc78

    Great video, great tune, Yves Tumor is one of my favorite artists.

  7. ხორხე კარვახალი

    Oh shit,they turned devil from Powerpuff Girls into the real thing

  8. ხორხე კარვახალი

    Yves is Sunni Colon’s evil twin

  9. MrJj295

    2019's finest!

  10. crayonscouldmeltforallicare

    So in love I could die

  11. nguerra111

    Very underrated

  12. ꧁Faceless꧂

    Loving this. So unique, and chill af.

  13. Mel B

    so good!

  14. yuWIN

    I seriously want a Clarence Clarity x Yves Tumor collab in the future. It'd be the scariest groove-fest in music history.

  15. Petrikov

    Getting a good 90s vibe from this shit, love it

  16. Yves Tumor

    I'll kill, shoot dice for my baby
    I'll take a life for you lady
    She's telling me somethin' so crazy
    Rock n' roll baby

    Just need you to hold me girl
    Just need you to love me girl

    I'm just too rock n roll baby
    Come n' be my rock n' roll lady
    Top shelf , drivin me crazy
    Like a mercedes

    Just need you to fuck me
    So crazy boo
    I Just need to spit on me the way you do
    I just need you to love me the way i do
    I just need you to fuck on me so crazy boo

    Redação AA

    wat about that french part :p

  17. Yes

    Its so weird seeing him blowing up dont know why

  18. Tori Tavares

    Hell yeah!

  19. brotherwithahat

    can someone confirm if they sampled a video from jstlivinbby for the outro?

  20. Pablo Castel de Oro

    Napolian really pistol whipped that man

  21. anyasdiary

    omg this is sooo good!

  22. Carmen Montero

    Wtf this is surrealy good, sound like an absolutly classic

  23. NB 1294

    One of the most interesting artists right now.

  24. で作成されました2020

    It's so trip hop! I love it

  25. CH053N

    It’s crazy, I been knew Yves for so long. Different names, independently released albums... Seeing an artist grow and become someone important in the music scene is crazy.


    different names? what other names than sean bowie

    Al Gen

    tomaccoman Teams, Shanti, Bekele Berhanu, Silkbless and a whole lotta other projects.

  26. Cowboy Wazowski

    Yves looks like the type of villain I'd be cheering on till the end!!!

  27. No Name

    Ok... How TF did I get here? LOL


    Don’t ask questions, just enjoy your tumor diagnosis

    No Name

    @tomaccoman LoL

  28. Black Friday 8

    This Michael Jackson level

    ხორხე კარვახალი

    More like Prince

  29. 0urMutualFriend

    Yves Tumor you are a god

  30. Laurent Gauthier


  31. Kevin Perez

    Lol currently 47 comments most of them praising the artist not one was showed love.

  32. Demiurge Shadow

    He has a very "the artist formerly known as prince" vibe. Both in aesthetic and a twistt on the soft soul soothy vocals. I like it.

  33. Sgt. White Person

    Not too sure about this one, I wish he had more presence on the track than backing vocals. It's also lacking the mystical vibe that Safe had. Still super pumped for any future projects


    Lol, your username made me chuckle


    I get you about the song lol I heard it first in London when he performed it some months back and wasn't too big on it (I still prefer recognising the enemy or licking an orchid) but this is good!


    I love the outro too, v typical of Yves, like with the outro of the last track on safe

    Lewis E.

    agree. also im still craving more material in the vein of limerence

    Sgt. White Person

    @0urMutualFriend I mean it's definitely not bad it's just not quite my thing and as I've said it barely sounds like his song, yeah the outro is cool and Lioness is massive in every way

  34. Alex P

    could someone please write down the lyrics of the french part of the song?


    Mon rocher, ma roche
    Je me suis décroché
    Effondrée, fragmentée, la surface de ta peau doucement disparaît
    En physique le dactylo-prédateur apparaît
    C'est dans les pays hostiles que je pars te retrouver
    La machine à graver, oh ma roche, mon dactylo-café
    Tu graves ma vie, et maintenant tu l'as gravit sans s'aggraver
    À mes deux extrémités, confession autodafé
    Perdu dans un rondis Français, une communion
    Divisé, divisé, divisé, divisé

    Alex P

    @iamKiluka wow….thank you so much! have a good life

  35. peter Terrance


  36. grx75

    Pharrell vibe

  37. The Slow Music Movement

    Great quirky video that compliments this idiosyncratic artist. He deserves to be huge

  38. Shin Clancy

    love it

  39. Lara Kennedy

    holy shit dude.

  40. J Paton

    shout out to all the Giallo fans that spotted the J&B bottle @1:41

  41. ConnorIsK1NG

    Am I the only one who hated this song? Love Safe in the hands of love and serpent music but something about this is not sitting right with me unfortunately . Glad that it is just a bonus track on the Japanese version of the song and not a new single.

    michelle correa

    ConnorIsK1NG i usually give it a few listens before writing it off, but this hasn’t clicked with me as instantly as the music from the previous two albums. the lyrical content seems like it’s going in a new direction and i’m kind of lukewarm about it.

    Lewis E.

    i dont hate it, but it certainly isnt catching me in the way that safe did

  42. Saint Jude

    Full moon in Pisces delivered

    jasmine jones

    feeling it rn

  43. curtis dean

    I saw u @ berghain but was too shy to say hi hehe.
    Lovely music + video b

  44. пиздат

  45. q q

    Какой же ты ебанутый
    Просто кайф

  46. sabro

    This song smoked all my weed

  47. alexisupwr !

    he's bouta blow up

  48. walkingDead


  49. Nredup 82

    legend himself, nobody like that rn fr

  50. LernToSpeel

    2 AOTYs in a row.


    LernToSpeel twigs is taking it this year luv


    Damn u right actually.

  51. Justin Van Meter


  52. 90210122201

    So so good

  53. Dylan Alford

    Y e$sssssss

  54. Sandy Taboo

    best surprise to wake up to. love love love

  55. James McManus

    Yves is gonna rise to legend status very soon

  56. Tommy Nico

    So good. You're on another level.

  57. D Hawk

    What’s the French part say?


    D Hawk something in French idk

  58. Conjurn

    Man i love this artist, so glad i found him

  59. Agip


  60. iioooiii

    Most exciting artist in the world right now.


    @H G you don't need to tell me anything


    @iioooiii No one needs to tell you anything, but they surely can

    T M

    I think that this is a question of your music preferences, not Yves’s quality...


    @Gerda Vogt lol what....you must hold that same energy with every rolling stone article, or pitchfork review, or theneedledrop review then too?..... you do know that you dont have to be an incredible football player(let alone even play football) in order to develop an opinion as to whether or not a player/team/play/move is good, right?


    check out panda bear, and/or eric copeland...

  61. Caleb Hernandez


  62. Sergio Palavecino


  63. e2̑ᏈↂͩᏈ2̑e

    war kong wai fallen angels vibes

  64. e2̑ᏈↂͩᏈ2̑e

    this is a masterpiece

  65. e2̑ᏈↂͩᏈ2̑e


  66. yuragi


  67. Mason McGlynn

    Yves is one of those artists that people are gonna worship in a couple of years



    ხორხე კარვახალი

    His style isn’t for everyone tho

  68. Maya Ixchel-La Luna

    1st Like ❤️🌹😍👑Beautiful #FullMoon