Yungen - Fuck Them Lyrics

[Hook - Konan:]
When fake love goes true colours show and
They know there's no fucking
With my team (my team)
My team (my team)

Krept and Konan put me on and I took that shit through the roof
Ducking round in that drop-top, blame that shit on the Goose
If I ever lied in a bar, it's probably your girl in the truth
Yeah I went from selling Charlie to Radio 1 spitting fire in the booth
Got some real motherfuckers around me, but I never call no names
My big bro taught me one thing, don't mix the road with the fame
You niggas be calling names, keep thinking that I'm a side man
Till my circle catch you on the mains and blow off sides when I lines man (ah)
But fuck that, I went from the road to the stages
Me and Stryder went "bonjour", next year I might buy me a spaceship
Me, I'm from the hood, where those skinny niggas are blazers
Now it's skinny jeans and blazers and that shit ain't fuck my status
I've been putting on for them niggas, them clowns better keep in check
Their debit cards ain't saying shit, without I them man are in debt
I stay scheming for cash dog, you pussies ain't got no rep
So before you call my name, boy go get yourself some respect! I'm out here


(Tally) Fuck them niggas!
Nah real talk, fuck them niggas!
If you ain't Kone or Yung or affiliated
Then fuck you, nigga!
I can't stand theses industry dons
Somebody I'm due to cause an injury on
I'm sick and tired! Think the sick get tireder
Ah man Krept's on fire!
Foot Locker in Brixton riots
Hungry for this, can't see what a diet is
I told my driver "lead me to Wireless"
When these fake niggas say 'wah gwan' to me
I just sigh, I need a psychiatrist
Fuck your rep!
Nah nigga nigga fuck all that!
Get off my dick off suck on that
Grab cash and get your man checked
Bragging about your bread and get your bag-get
Hating niggas, you can suck your mum!
When you know what kinda sluts I want
A brown skinned bitch with a big back
That's the hunchback of Notre Dame
Fuck it I'mma get my roman on
You said you're fire, nigga, false alarm
Whores want to come round for an orgy
Fuck Tesco's, my house where the whores meet
I'm from a place where niggas with sticks roll
No computer gangsters
Dell hit you with a mac, brains on the windows
Now the PC tryna find some info
Fuck with my team [?] the folks
Stamp you out, turn my Nikes into Louboutins
You already know what the goon is on
Well get pear shaped for the fruity don


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Yungen Fuck Them Comments
  1. W W

    2020 anyone

  2. JDot

    If they made this now this would’ve blown up so much more

  3. Erik Valants

    This gives man nostalgia fuckin hell

  4. IlIlIlI IlIlIlI

    I remember like 3-5years ago I really liked this, so I’ve just given it a listen for nostalgia but it’s not all that and Yungen is just absolute wank

  5. theoneoutcast

    Slightly late to this

  6. charlie gater

    2019 anyone?


    You know🔥

  7. matt chew

    Still causing fires in 2019
    Krepts verse fucking filthy fam 💯

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    Still a banger - 2019 🔥

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    Fuck Dem ⛏🔫🔪🏹💊💉

  10. unknown unknown

    can't find this on spotify D:

  11. Chris Young

    2019 still come back to listen to this, especially krepts verse 🔥

    Splodge Box

    I keep thinking about his verse and only just remembered what song it was

  12. Jono

    Still a banger!!

  13. BEAST 89

    I'm still listening to this on 2019 still fire

  14. Brandon Reynolds

    2019 anyone?😂

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    2018 - Training NO PAIN NO GAIN !!!

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    2018 still listening to the fire


    Who’s here in 2018

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    I am dirty in gta online lol

  19. Gabriele Molon

    Hell noo

  20. Maryam7862010

    2018 viewers

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    Take me backkk

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    2018 gang!!

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    Uhh... 2018?

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    2018 anyone

    matt chew

    2019 bro

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    Joranb Beck

  26. Moe Baller

    miss this krept and konan vibe

  27. TheRealDewi

    When it's 2017 but this is still a banging tune like

  28. Loffi


  29. Faye Morbey

    🔥🔥🔥love this x

  30. Nehemie Zonzolo

    who's here from ntfr

  31. Jamal Mahmood

    Who keeps playing yungs verse on replay?🔥

  32. scott mountain

    Chriissky do this

  33. B0WlE-_

    The best song and beat in the fucking world I love it

  34. Mr Marlow

    Like if viewing in 2017

  35. Jamie gillespie

    I remember when this came out and how pissed I was that konan didn't do a verse

  36. x ninjas

    why does konans verse sound like a satanic ritual?

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    YouTube mix is fire dropping me into this hard tune

  38. x ninjas

    still a banger in 2017


    Who still listens to this song in 2017🎉

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    2:29 the man came out of the smoke like Dejan Lovren, well before Dejan did it.

  41. Khalum Rahman


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    2017 still bangin

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    Konan jus kills me 🙌🙏🏾

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    this beat hit harder then jay-z

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    damn, who's that in tha FOREVER hoodie? 😊 much luv frm houston tx ❤

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    gamme auz

    he's wayyyyyy better than drake

    Mizzy UK

    @gamme auz​ I'll second that 🙋


    LMAO. his pop music is trash compared to Drake

    naughty keekee

    he didn't copy no drake hes himself.. people need to recognise

  59. UKHighlights

    Rahh tune still 💯 🔥


    fuck off you little 12 year old.


    +JamesiNoodles that's rude bruv


    +JamesiNoodles and you can't talk when your then 14 year old with a rainbow background


    Hahaha, true that.

    joseph Wetherill

    He had to change it lol

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    fucking ell I don't know why dis song ain't well known

  75. Sarina Bala

    just found these artists from their collab with yg. really enjoying their music! super dope, loving them


    that was probably one of their worst songs haha, you should check their older stuff, 'my story' 'devils playground' to name a few

    Sarina Bala

    +Hamza Hussain that's your opinion bruh, thanks for the suggestions :)

  76. Miss Mya

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    Ikr? This is probably my favourite tune... Dont judge

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    @MidnightMethDealer same

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    Daniel Atkinson

    +AyhanIsNotHD been listenin for tiiime youve only been alive 12 years lol

    paul kg

    Fukkin hell you dudes are crazy!!! why you arguing bout how long you been listening to grime?? I'm older than all of you and been listening to that shit for ever, how many of you can remember when hip hop all started???


    Beef is from cows....

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