Yungen - Fools Gold Lyrics

She don't believe in a rainbow, but she believes in the gold
And she's been selling you a dream bro, when it's already sold
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know (I know)
It's hard to believe, just take it from me, you're dealing with fools gold

I ain't saying she a gold digger
But baby, I ain't no broke nigga
Snapchat, she always sending me the hoe filter
She got man coming home to no dinner
I'm like, babygirl a wifey ain't all about looks
So you best start learning to cook
I don't want a pretty face with no brains, get your head in your books
It's like reality has got you all shook
I mean I know you can get a football nigga
And a shotter from whatever ends, that pulls his trigger
I know, but girl dream bigger
I ain't tryna say I'm perfect, Lord knows I'm a sinner
It's independence that makes you a winner
Don't Snapchat when you in my ride, in the passenger side
Do it when there's matching whips on the drive
Relationship goals, I ain't got nothing to hide
And I can give you all I've got if you follow my guide
Or it's gotta be bye

She don't believe in a rainbow, but she believes in the gold
And she's been selling you a dream bro, when it's already sold
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
It's hard to believe, just take it from me, you're dealing with fools gold
You're dealing with fools gold
You're dealing with fools gold

Don't be gassed up 'cause you're the ends popping
Boys are dogs, they're just sket hopping
But you don't want a good guy, you just want a guy that gets gwop in
So he can buy you bags of red bottoms
So you can stunt on other girls and you can stunt on your 'Gram
You ain't got no ambition, you just depend on a man
Yeah you get a bit of dough but you ain't helping your fam
And promoting T on Insta' ain't no career plan
I'm just saying, I'm just saying
How many times you told that nigga you paying?
How many times you found a nigga that's playing?
Let it burn, [?]
It's about time you get your change on
It feels good when the pain's gone
You ask me how I know all of this?
Well I'm the guy I'm telling you to stay away from

She don't believe in a rainbow, but she believes in the gold
And she's been selling you a dream bro, when it's already sold
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
It's hard to believe, just take it from me, you're dealing with fools gold
You're dealing with fools gold
You're dealing with fools gold

You've gotta catch them before they catch you

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Yungen Fools Gold Comments

    Amazing !!!!!!!! Versatile

  2. Im Trxzii

    2018 all you niggas in these comments saying chip finished him bruv your all mad yours fucked in your head yungen finished chip so stop running your mouth this is madness 🙏🏽💪🏽

  3. Dance Fanatic

    This should have been released by the label and promoted instead of bestie IMO.

  4. Yuhhh

    *Run run yungen*

  5. Suubs2k11 YT

    This tune smashed it


    This song copper

  7. Amelia Legg

    Love that girl hair tho x

  8. Jordo Wall

    Am I the only one who fucks with this?

  9. Stephen Bewick

    Fuck haters yungen gets nothing but better always improve bro, onwards and upwards

  10. crixus the undefeated gaul

    song got that 🔥

  11. blazin20s

    real stuff. respect to Yungen

  12. kay j

    The only rapper with yellow teeth

  13. GNF generation

    downgrade on instgram girls by cadet

  14. Rising Talents

    Product Placement

  15. Raphael Alexander

    making girl tunes now no mo sending out for chip n that

  16. Raphael Alexander

    tryna be drake fuck of mate

  17. Raphael Alexander

    eee disguting gay tunes

  18. G k

    big trak sstill

  19. Lina GG

    She fell in love with the yaay fell in love with the snow

  20. Matthew Clarkson

    a not as good version of chip

  21. Neha Sookun


  22. Neha Sookun

    When he sings "I know, I know, I know, i know" im getting Drake vibes ❤️🌹

  23. Football HD

    Chip made him turn to this

  24. Road Get Frog Off

    i aint tryna pree too tough but i swear usain being getting that line up drawn on cuz

  25. CheCheX

    That's right, all women are good for is to cook for men.....

  26. Danny Martin

    Mans has become such a melt.

  27. Gitano RebelRecords

    Claiming you aint broke why your teeth yellow my G

  28. Ry Cable

    deadness zzzzzzzz

  29. Hola Hovito

    Is tune is about Iwobi and Clarrise

  30. TheRealJesus

    yungen be eating to much chicken wings, nigga been on the chicken palace hype

  31. A Dope Point of View

    Sounds so much fell in love with yay

  32. A Dope Point of View

    Manz gettin fat. Dope tune

  33. ItsRain_ Drop

    he sent shots for chip this is 🌊🌊 💯💯💯

  34. ok oo

    man go back to grime

  35. Old channel

    this is cute

  36. Amplify2048

    As if youtube put peri peri sauce in my recommended list under the video😂 youtube's mockin it

  37. natarm7

    How about you do what makes you happy! So many boxes to fit into rah!! 😜🙈☺️do you know jealousy is a disease HUMANS lol 👽🤣💜

  38. Orlando King

    not there any more is it

  39. Orlando King

    sounds shit! come on

  40. Orlando King

    feels a bit Air? dose it

  41. Jessie Williamson

    Mixing nines yay with this? Nada wet tune don't chat that you do grime 😂 lickle yute


    its all about bermz town


    man like yungen came to my ends didnt even holler man wow

  44. aka Vision

    i rate this hard g, keep em coming!

  45. Gabriella Piras

    'Well I'm the guy I'm telling you to stay away from' this song is bigggg

  46. Kmediafilms

    🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    🔥 🔥 🔥
    🔥 🔥 🔥
    🔥 🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥

  47. Niaz MuZiC

    Who's the guy that's singin

  48. Drago

    Nah bro I'm sorry but your moving to pop g you dissed chip for this ting now you're doing this ting I rate your music but you need to get back onto grime.

  49. Farhana

    yungen do a grime tune

  50. Toda Ogunbanwo

    Man got chubby

  51. Fizza Sayed

    whats that patch on his chin looks like my pubes

  52. Fez

    my man made Oopsy Daisy Riddim dissing Chip and his pop songs the irony now fam this is wet

  53. skriller

    nines did it better. *cough* yay *cough*

  54. Jenien Kawwa

    This really does sound like Nines-yay

  55. The mixed Show

    Despite Yungen war with chipmunk which was so last year, we need to remember the fat that he is  a  unique  and talented artist. He knows his target audience that he is, going for within his music. Lets not forget he  can do both, sing and rap which is not what many UK artist can do. TBH I love this and miss this yungen, he hasn't done a track that just shows full of emotion and truth since off the record, and Marvin's room. So we should all show him a little bit more respect for his music and what he is doing.

  56. Scarlett Boshle

    Is there an instrumental for this?

  57. Jack

    man you ripped on chip for wearing ellesse then you go and wear converse?!?!?! you man are sports direct mans harvey nics

  58. Tjkxys_

    Someone explain the fuck happened to my guy

  59. Lauren Siddall

    never fail too disappoint me loving this

  60. Victor Daniels

    Rah is it Yungen singing? ngl if it is he can sing. This should've went up on link up tv doe or his channel

  61. DoxaGnosis

    My man looks like a poundland Serge Gnabry with poundland bars. Never really rated Yungen and this track confirms why. Dead ting.

  62. thehighdiaries

    dis gal looking like a rugby player

  63. Neil White

    Younger gone weak as

  64. Bee B

    Wtf gunna go in a corner and cry 😖 cringe!! And I love yungen!

  65. Ittss Rabs


  66. Madmaxy !

    What a cunt

  67. Jazz X BTS

    oi nah this is toooooo similar to Nines - Yay

  68. Imran Khan

    this is so dead...

  69. mike smith

    Too many people chatting shit, this the kinda tune that gets you in the charts. Goes in as well.


    Yungen realease a Good travk instead of these shitty Girl Love tunes.

  71. Deames

    Chipmunk V.2

  72. Life & Times of Edsi

    Did Yungen gain weight mans look 20 pounds heavier lol

  73. TANKO

    its hard to believe dat dis guy was once beefing 67

  74. Jordan Young

    He dissed chip for girl tunes 😂

  75. Stephen LDN

    So chip has a pop tune called oopsy daisy that was a uk number 1 way before the hype and exposure the scene has now and got criticism for it when this guy makes this pile of shit after shouting about 4.4's in four doors 😂😂

  76. AJSReactions

    wow, chipmunk did you THAT bad bro!?

  77. Jason croydon

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo dead

  78. PC Singh

    Man went from water to wine and then from wine to ribena real quick😂 rip

  79. Declan Fearn

    Why hate on someone who's making music and making more money than you? Stupid people man. Keep going fam, love all your music. Haters gonna hate. 🙅‍♂️

  80. howcanyoudothistome1

    Nice song.. really like it xx

  81. N'golo Kante

    Allow the chip jokes the beef was over a year ago

  82. Ashay S

    swear it sounds Bere like notes yay? or is it just me

  83. AOA Visions

    lol looking at all of these negative comments from these spectators in life has me thinking... WTF?! Lost Robots everywhere :( Yungen keep doing your thing!

  84. Branded Era

    Yungen is some undercover feminist 😍😍😍😍😍

  85. Branded Era

    I love this song . This is the best song he has ever sang to me .
    It's gives a good message to women . Not the message people are sending to women in their music nowadays

  86. Reel Tork

    beggining rippping off nines - yay

  87. Bartlomiej Falat

    Dont run

  88. James Roberts

    Yungen put on mad weight since oopsy daisy ahahahaha

  89. Mr10 out of 10

    Lyrics are too real

  90. Bobby Bancroft

    Mad visuals

    But that's about it, the song is pretty shit mate

  91. Nyakz

    tune is wavey

  92. SSquared

    Sounds like yay init

  93. Calvin Brey

    rahhh this instrumental needs to come out rq

  94. Karen B

    I like this Yungen, don't know why people are violating loooool

  95. D B

    I thought he was dead 😂😂😂

  96. Neeks July

    dumb guys in the comments talking about he feel off. like say this song aint going to make him more money then any 44 in a 4door tune lol not even a yungen fan but this is progression out the hood

  97. Romania Stockwell

    should have stuck to diss tracks

  98. delirious wolf

    bare ignorant people in the comment section saying he's making girl tunes nah listen and you might learn something he's saying guys don't want hoes because they are skets so next time that girl you were with goes and sucks next man's dick coz he shots and has a Gucci belt​ it's your fault coz you should have known she was a sket from the start