Yungen - Fire In The Booth Lyrics

Yeah, let's go
Charlie Sloth
Fire In The Booth, ha
Play Dirty

I say how you feel man, I'm sorting out the bends
Know the rules, still don't eat pork around the skengs
Known him all my life, still don't talk around my friends
Millions of views and I still walk around my ends
They talking 'bout bodies, like bodies get you figures
Feds try inquire, na my brothers' singers
Up and down the white line, and we're some fucking wingers
Dred just signed for Villa man and we're some fucking wingers
Wrap before rap without getting into detail
Put my nine to five before I'm getting into retail
Say that life's a bitch, run your mouth and you can see shells
Man's coming for your belly if you eat well
Cake is the motive, I might have to meet my past
When you're the first to do it then it usually doesn't last
Brain getting dumb and dumber, I ain't gotta ask
Different kind of mind when I'm putting on that mask
If music doesn't work then I'm back out with the mash
Picture perfect boy, the girls telling me I'm flash
Had rainy days so when I see Ps I splash
We looking cheques man, you can have cash
Yeah, I'm hearing rumour after rumour
But I'll never talk in your room if I never knew ya
So how'd they know things about me I don't even know, being broke's a joke and I ain't got a sense of humour
Yeah, man I could've been in prison
Dots on either side of the line, it was the vision
If your arsenal ain't right then we ain't in the same division
Joined Krept and Kone because we all shared the vision
Haha, triple entendres
You must be dizzy if you think I ain't bonkers
You wanna talk about punches you little plonkers
I've got three girl all over my conkers
Top five in the game and I ain't bragging
Hungry as hell, believe any chance I'm grabbing
I'll be in the place, Louis V swagging
I'm the fliest on the rug whenever they let a lad in
Money on my card, now I'm shining in the dark
Diamonds aren't forever but I've got a good heart
I be in the club, all of my dawgs
Three bottles of Spades, everybody play their part
Rappers falling off and they weren't even on their feet
Repping for my home town, rolling in the deep
Someone like you, na me no follow sheep
Net beef, call me, I don't tweet
But to my real supporters, if you down then I'm with ya
Man don't get cheese but wanna smile for the picture
You can get written off, stick to the scripture
Anything fishy then I'm coming with my dogs, no kipper

Fire In The Booth
Let's go again
Let's go again
I got more for them
Yeah man
Yeah, yeah, Yungen
Real bars
Hear me out
Yeah, ha
I say, yeah

Got criticised because I say what I feel
Shotting food ain't gonna make me a mil'
So I gave up the ends to help my mum pay the bills
And not a soul can tell me that I ain't real
Hate all you want bro, you don't even know me
Came from the jungle, I had to play Mowgli
Should have been in school but I was burying my homie
So I tell my youngers if it's anything, phone me
Man are saying R.I.P for fashion, dying ain't a joke
I used to play with keys, tryna make a note
Been through the rain man, I had to wear the coat
Half a milli' on the vid and man ain't never seen me gloat
Talent ain't enough, you work hard and things happen
Get a little buzz then fall off, I see the pattern
Yeah, but I ain't tryna follow it
If you a hater you can suck my dick and swallow it
I'm gonna bus', yeah I'm gonna bus'
So about my bread that I even eat the crust
Telling me she loves me but I know that it's lust
Yeah, I know she like the fame so I beat and then I dust
New Blackberry contacts to a minimal
Not guilty, someone tell the judge I'm a criminal
Talking to other boys, they're so typical
I had to drop my princess over principal
I'm that name that's in everybody's mouth
Get your chips up and she might go down South
You tryna get a car, me I'm tryna get a house
We in a rat race for cheese, and I control the mouse
All over the web because of Parker
Looking for a mil' and I ain't even had my starter
Gotta know the gully side coming from the guaza
Stunting in your chain man will jack it in a barber
Yeah, I've seen my friends lose their mind over chicks
Man got a leg over, they're getting lined over bricks
Tryna build a house from an ounce
Broke up with a ex if she's looking for a rebound, she can bounce
Little sister getting big, I know that comes with drama
I know how I treated girls, I'm tryna dodge the karma
Yeah, another stress I don't need
Cause if he breaks her heart he's gotta bleed
Reading down the timeline and all I see is hate
Internet geeks, you gotta wonder are they straight
Cause if they don't like me then why the hell they watching
When I get an R8 I bet the clowns rate, still with my circle, still the same team
Got the same drive but we don't share the same dream
We ain't into ice man, we'd rather make cream
Little swag got a Roley, he ain't even eighteen

Yeah, ain't nuttin
Charlie, yeah
Yeah man
Yeah man

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Yungen Fire In The Booth Comments
  1. Outlaw Willis


  2. AnonymousMusicRecordz

    HE ACTUALLY MIGHT BE THE BEST WORDPLAY ARTIST i know its a big statement but did anyone just hear this nigga spazzz...

  3. matt chew

    Need to do a new 1

  4. Kyla Cox

    been watching this guy for a while now.... hes good! i want him to play in my bar in london! hes got talent! people need to watch him and listen

  5. ryan britzman

    100% on niff in this one yung buck . respect though still mans got the fire that makes you think hes niffin a G before each 16 !

  6. Aquarius Aquarius

    always keeping it 100. we need to collab

  7. RustyNipples

    lord knowssss

  8. indiangamer99

    Blood you're liar liar liar, liarr.

    Frt what did Chip do to Yungen

  9. Mist

    This is old man

  10. Universal.Productions

    Born a liar, die a liar

  11. leeroy Games on everything

    1.30 sounds like he giving birth 😂😂

  12. chaz kaz

    Low views

  13. ImPacT SsNipE


  14. Mikey Bacon

    Need a new one now, this was 4 yrs ago...

  15. Arsh Rebel

    dayumm bugzy putting everyone to shame!!!!

  16. Jonathan Byrne

    part 2?

  17. Izzy Froggatt

    yungen should do another fire in the Booth. he's so talented and deserves to be heard again

  18. H-A-Milli

    no flow. no bars. its just standard. sorry but true.


    Compare my man to Cadell or Stormzy you'll see yungens not up to scratch! And he needs to move away from chip beef!

    abdi nur

    +Millionaire Singh dont hate it aint a good look

    Adolf Hitler

    Millionaire Singh Yungen is a beast. His wordplay is one of the best out there ngl and stormzy? He's horse shit

  19. Geezer

    Oopsy Daisy    o-o

  20. Cr33

    My mans got a huge neck

    Tom Stewart

    was thinking same thing


    Deepthroatin tinie

    the doveston

    his neck's longer than a Monday

  21. Dankid 2real

    i ain ever heard a line like this "i use to play with keys tryna make a note"


    +danny garcia i swear i see you on every video i go on

  22. ueyeehw Mvp

    one of the worst fire in the booth's I have ever heard

    Ryan Wiggins

    could you do better

  23. Joao Mbala

    What's the first song called

  24. oliver griffiths

    honestly think its shit , way over rated

  25. Gemma Tamplin

    Fire in the booth is an amazing song

  26. PopcornTime

    so shit rofl


    +Popcorn Yo listening to his song comfy you'll change you mind fam


    @PeteZaMadEd Dead tune sneak dissed Chip come on he's a chicken. Then with the beef with Chip, chip won and he got ended for his life he didn't reply rofl.


    Yh i agree with you chip won but im just saying yungen has improved since this was released.


    @PeteZaMadEd yeah I understand g

  27. amy clynes

    It does seem like he's gurning a bit on this on drugs U can tell but who cares bit more ducks currige he's brilliant!

    Brendan Branagan

    he doesn't do drugs... listen to his pepper riddim

  28. Zedd Pariahh

    Why is Charlie such a sideman

    abdi nur



    Charlie has brought so many people through. Look where he is compared to you. No reply required

  29. Youtube's Finest Critiqué


  30. Oh GBNY

    Straight fire

  31. brayden denby

    chip cant run out of bars

    Ryan Wiggins

    he can if he just says that constantly

    beastbek yo132

    he has, hasn't uploaded in a while now so stfu😂

    Ahmed Musa

    beastbek yo132 so what? a rapper doesnt have to upload alot

  32. Bobby Beale

    2morrow is +p110 mists he harder than these dry youtes

  33. Yakz Samuda

    lol this was shit if u thought this gay shit was good listen to bugzy malones fire in the booth

    Elliott Reeve

    It's depressing asf

    Elliott Reeve

    +Joel murray yo the track is hard g it would be sick with some kind of vocal man like a bit of rap of just something behind

    Tapez Beats

    +Elliott Reeve thanks man, and yeah I've been trying to look for a rapper lately and I think I've found one so very soon I should be working with him. Fell free to follow and keep up to date for when I do start working with him

    Elliott Reeve

    +Joel murray yo hit me up on Instagram so I can keep up to date cause I can already tell you are gonna do well lad

    Elliott Reeve

    +Elliott Reeve elliottbrooks133

  34. Casey Finch

    Part 2?

  35. MoThErRuckuz

    Drink everytime he rubs his nose

  36. Alensa Cooperation

    Content and a lot of metaphors.

  37. Skrrdudu

    You man are ediyotss his not on coke he doesnt do drugs

  38. TRXP RFT

    that's passion right there

  39. Ben Mole

    What the 1st track called

    Trailers 404

    Drake Lord knows instrumental

  40. Casanova Frankenstein

    you can hear by the way hes spitting (nasally) he has a head cold.

    you ppl just love to chat a load of shit for no fucking reason.

  41. Deftone Media

    if he was on coke, he would have to wet his mouth more! He's obviously ill and nervous - can hear it in his voice!

  42. TacticalAl


  43. Daniel noel

    His word play is by far the best in the game

    Ahmed Musa

    Daniel noel U forgot krept and konan? mate ur abit high

    Axel Korv

    Ahmed Musa not in wordplay but with bars

    Sully MH

    Ahmed Musa Dave?

    Joshua Byron

    Bear man are sayin Dev wretch and ghetts if its word play ur lookin fr tgen listen to lowkey or akala

    KOST WON adelaide cone smasher

    Daniel noel smoke weed and just listen

  44. sajjad ahmed

    The drugs don't work :(

  45. tony montana

    think he's got an itchy mustache

  46. Miles Ridley

    He should be allowed back tbh, he looks hella nervous

  47. Non

    m the only one who thinks he flows, raps and even looks like drake

    KeepBig Entertainment

    UK drake should be called young drakey

    Elliott Reeve

    I think he look like dele alli ya get me

  48. Official DMK

    man like Tony Montana, Charlie, get the yayo!!

  49. Alex newell

    He's looking like he chuffed an Oz of Colombians finest

  50. Dean Ryan

    Coked out of his nut lol ! 

  51. four8eleven

    Yungen top in game!

  52. djdozer88

    He definitely hasn't done any packet....

  53. Soselo Soso

    Nothing special

  54. M Moalin

    300k is not millions of views m8

    Xavier 971

    This is not his only video, he has millions of views in total


    @Morgan Freeman This is the dumbest comment i've ever come across.. You realise the video wasn't even uploaded when he said them lyrics


    @KicksAndTricks lmfao

    Rikki Low

    +KicksAndTricks this shit made me laugh bruh! lol your funny

  55. Mark Driver

    Because he's had about 100 line off chang

  56. chris baker

    wow awsume awsume skills you will go far if you keep it up

  57. SouthLondon Boii

    Listen to it like 3 times inarow an ull notice all the sick punchlines

  58. Justin Moore

    Second instrumental is Use to be by meek mill

  59. Dean

    he isn't good compared to some of these other guys out there, Devlin is amazing.


    His hand must smell real nice cos he sniffs it about 100 times in 2 minutes


    You are an idiot, He's breathing in with his mouth.


    lol, its a joke mate. chill your nipples

    Chatoyer720p - Gaming in HD

    I died when I read this bruv loool.


    my nipples just won't relax !!!

    Eric Swift

    @bill gate Yungen uses his hands when he raps, its just something rappers pick up i guess

  61. trel ste

    Damn son said "being broke is a joke, and I ain't got no sense of humor"

  62. ChuckOreet

    i'm feeling the content 

  63. Blue Collar Sports TV

    Whats the second beat?

  64. Ashley O'loughlin

    what headphones as he got on?


    Some black ones


    They're black ones u can get them from neverland

  65. Giant Turtle

    Ive had this on replay for the past 2 days aha

  66. nathan dixon

  67. BussShotz

    yungen's hometown was da only decent song he did

  68. Reuben Chumpuka

    after every line he touches his mouth area lol

  69. Donny Bossman

    ' being broke's a joke.. And I ain't got a sense of humour' .......... Such a good Barr

  70. DoctorPooter

    Alcohol poisoning is imminent

  71. costcutter2000

    haahahaha mate that is the funniest reply!

  72. KillerDiaguR

    yeh if you're buying

  73. Lowkey Akala

    No one cares for your comment

  74. MrThesilentkiller123

    or maybe neck a jager bomb every time he makes more money than you'll ever make in your life???

  75. KRG

    TBH it just looks like hes sick

  76. Asher Mann

    'I'm the fliest on the rug whenever they let a lad in (Aladdin)'

    That has got to be one of the hardest lines I've ever heard.

  77. RFE5611

    yungens dope

  78. Cory Feltell

    drake ft rick ross: lord knows

  79. Pgst

    He looks like he pulls nuff bits

  80. D K9

    Looks like chris eubank jr

  81. Secret Emerica

    What instramental was the first one

  82. A.A Edits

    Can't get enough of this.

  83. Rikki Dowsett

    Yungen went in hard!

  84. StayFreshTv2k12


  85. Ray Rouge


  86. Josh Manser

    yungen went in !

  87. TeamKreptandKonan


  88. MhdSahil786

    Shiit, this guys got a monstrous neck!

  89. SpeedJunkies

    AKALA best fire in the booth

  90. SpeedJunkies

    AKALA best fire in the booth

  91. Brian Zani

    Pretty solid! I can dig this

  92. youngmakadelic

    youngen is sick! charlie sloth is such a prick tho

  93. DJIP1991

    Man referenced Biff Chip and Kipper you know