Yungen - F64 Pt. 2 Lyrics

SBTV, F64 Part 2, it's been a minute, just in case they forgot

Yeah you get a little bread everybody starts breading
Since when was me and you bredrins
Them man used to move tight with me it's only right they don't get a leg in
Get the game on lock they dreading
I'm a big issue now they begging
Got this girl from Bedford she just give head, she ain't got a clue where she heading
F64 man they thought it was a fluke
Work like a slave because I know my roots
See where I'm from they sell super drugs you won't catch me in JLS boots
Girls see my dogs and snoop
I get paper and keep them in the loop
Last week I was driving a Astra, that was me in that coupe
No lie, mind over matter, got Louise in the pent in Chelsea
Now she thinks that we balling, it's not that we just healthy
And me I don't take no cheques, trying to cause hazards 'till we wealthy
Might drop a single to get some chips and holla Delilah to help me
These MC's ain't in my league, man I'm the best period
And I'll still make a pussyhole bleed
You wanna try my wave come see
Got a buzz, I ain't ever smoked weed
They all want a table I ain't agreed
Got a new kettle cause I sell teas
Ain't this a ball, I'm special needs
Yeah I go dumb, then I go deaf, I don't get sleep, I ain't the rest
Forever Yung is my clothes on my nest
Cut sleeves off the t-shirts, I might invest
Then I might book a flight to Ibiza
Pink lemonade in my shisha
Might buy some coke for the youngers, a shop, I ain't getting that from Tulisa
Since me there ain't been a better rapper, and if there has been then show me
They said it will, that's just another actor
I been a wretch since my boy tracked her
Now I speak to Wretch he's like keep going, love brudda just don't go
I'm from the hood, three twos, still screaming fuck the po po
Yeah this ho give low blows
She from West End I'm like so ho
Give me a piece of that body or go go
Yeah I get views with no promo
Man I've been grinding, he don't get views and you signed him
His single's flopped now you whining
The game's gone mad I'm on my ting
Play Dirty yeah I'm still repping
Krept and Konan just won a MOBO
Krept and Konan just got a deal
In the word of Krept, Legends
On to me I ain't sweating, pow, man's lethal with a weapon
Walk in the Louis store get the card out, swipe, swipe, no we ain't price checking
007 now the bomb with dread, we nearly see the skyfall
Now shit has changed, bless Jesus Christ, my nigga is rich by a ball
From a place, there's no way out, yeah it sounds quite cruel
But I'm gonna change all that get my niggas in Paris before the day I fall
I'm a South London boy, so I should be my favourite actor
Giggs is still the hardest, DV's still my favourite rapper
If you don't know about Blade, then you don't know what a trap star
Let me show you the way boy all my life man Sneakbo was a clapper
Krept and Kone was in the ends now they doing shows in Napa
Adz and Shallow go back to back they been doing that since Kappa
Me and Cash are the future, G Frsh ain't no loser
Fekky was telling man come on then and then show you about a shooter
Man say that I ain't all that, are you sane my brudda
All I do is kill tracks, I can't be more thorough
And I don't really trust these bitches, cause they only getting dumber
She didn't give me credit, now she running man down for my number
Yeah I used to be the guy they belled fast when somebody needs touching
Now they know when I land, that money be doubling
My older bros are the twenty eights, I could of been out there busting
But fuck the road I'm on music, trying to turn this nothing to something
Yeah, got kicked out of school, because maths wasn't my thing
But if you're talking about the best rappers then you better count me in
I ain't been there for no ten years but I deserve respect
Last F64 I said my time's coming, watch who blows next

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Yungen F64 Pt. 2 Comments
  1. oliverja123

    Back when the music scene was good

  2. Tyler Hilton

    8 years later still a banger

  3. TheWelshMon

    Back in the day when it was fashion to have Rihanna on your t-shirt

  4. David Hart

    Iconic t-shirt.

  5. 140 BeatsPerMinute

    still one of the best f64 8 years on "man down man down if i ever bring rihanna outttt"

  6. Adil

    seems like he influenced by scorcher

  7. Sully 9430

    Yo I can remember when this had not even 100k views,You made it g mad love👊

  8. Sully 9430

    You did it g👊👏

  9. Conor cullen


  10. Karl Kendall

    His flow, his bars

  11. ShanWiltshire

    7 years uno man.

  12. Brad liverpool fc

    this tune is killing it... big up #yungen

  13. Luke Golding

    Sucker..Mugging off chipmunk for Pop, rewind sum1 tell me whos beat this is

  14. Ibrahim Saheb

    Goes in

  15. Akeem Akeem

    Rest Easy Chester Bennington 🙏🏽

  16. michael sanders

    Nice to see Eubank Jr on the bars

  17. Adam

    Still fire

  18. Jonny Mather

    has he got parkinsons

  19. Dre

    Just comeback to this memories!!

  20. Nino B


  21. manc018

    0:40 I start jumpin about

  22. Pigaton002

    I told em give me SPACE cos I need time to PLANET

    Harjit Bhullar

    That's not even a good punchline

  23. D M

    bait on the sniff

  24. gamme auz

    daymmm yungen best rapper ever.

  25. Michael Shears

    Clearly there's 164 people that are deaf, cause Yungen is the dopest artist 😉

  26. Michael Shears

    Yungen is da dopest rapper ever....Salute!!!!!!

  27. rhys pugh


  28. Trust Bmt

    The real Yungen

  29. Rob Allan

    Here before the Beef..

  30. Manda Layton

    linkin park Jay z music

  31. Manda Layton

    this guy is sick

  32. Zwaaye

    still one of the best f64's to date

  33. o_o

    he's put on weight still.


    +Ryan Harris not 5 yet in oct


    too much nandos

    cotsworld carper

    flare 😂

  34. JME HUSS

    5 years later he's bodying chip💯💯

    Donny DarkoKilla

    +oxsarahbabieeox peak times...

    Sam Martin

    kinda released an ep which is sick, definitely not nothing

    xReaper tulstra

    +Sam Martin yeah not nothing he also dropped his nandos

    Nahid Khan

    6 years later he's doing gyal tunes

    Liverpool Premier League Winners

    The only thing yungen bodied was his nandos

  35. XXMEXX

    The best ...!

  36. VioletGiraffe

    What's that instrumental? Very familiar.


    +VioletGiraffe linkin park in the end i think

    Stephooo 17

    linkin park - numb, come on lads should know this one haha


    @Stephooo 17, yeah, I do, heard it so many times. Good song. The last time I've listened to LP was over 5 years ago, time to fix that!

    Stephooo 17

    +VioletGiraffe nice man!

    Daniel Amone

    +VioletGiraffe It'a linken park/Jay-z Encore/numb

  37. graeme heaton

    Yes man you are good at what you do

  38. S C

    Thought this was ICEJJ Fish :(

  39. UK Rap G

    they talk to pigs coz they Dolittle(8) loved that line 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. UK Rap G

    too many punchlines in this 😂 one of my fave from yungen, defo one of his best pieces of art


    Lol man saying he look like ice jj fish lmaoooo

  42. Charlie Galpin

    Didn't rate him before, listened to both F64's, possibly best rapper, much respect


    OK Charlie 😹😹

  43. Rodney Mugabi

    this is irrelevant but i beg sbtv to an f64 with ice jj fish for the bants

  44. Rodney Mugabi

    100 times better version of ice jj fish

  45. Salim N

    "Throwing mood SWINGS, how could I let shit SLIDE, from the PLAYGROUND how to climb out the FRAME, I've never been one of them KIDS to dick ride" - Yungen

    Best F64 imo, This should easily have a million views. People sleeping on him ...


    Pretty sure it’s “had to climb”

  46. Al Chemist

    I'm all about ME put me on the MARKET i can SELFISH

    dont beg it

    +grime rater i thought it was im all about ME (Meat) put me on the market i can sellFISH

    K O

    dont beg it, is right thats the correct way. The original comment is just begging it trying to find things thats not there


    Carbon Based Life Form what did you mean by this?

    Robert Ledingham

    Playing COD :)

  47. hypz_UK

    whats the baCK SONG CALLED

    Natsu Dragneel

    @hypz_UK Linkin Park - Numb

  48. CKG


  49. GadgtMag

    He's put on some weight since this lol .. we know where the money is gone!

    Daily C

    I think he has been hitting the gym since this he looks broader and more muscular now no homo

    Seren Clive

    Ini that's what I thought lool and trust look at his pizza boy diss too Chipmunk recently, he loves tucking into them pizzas look how many he has too lol

    Daily C

    @Seren Griffiths lol your too funny

  50. akhi mz


  51. King Zaki

    his hands are all over the place but good bars XD

  52. tlovespeaksss

    Like 3 years later and still cold... I wish British MCs got more shine over here because our artists are wack

  53. Hard Media

    @morgan newby you stupid hes got a misses haha

  54. Boomtrip101

    He went in

  55. Kieran Young


  56. Kieran Young


  57. Zeeth

    Bring IceJJFish ;)

  58. Salty Queen

    yeah but like...ain't nobody in my country saw your ppl on our BET cyphers. Can't even find it on the wikipedia page, sir *drinks through straw* but that's none of my biz =)
     Yours truly, from Brooklyn. Good night.


    Because your BET shizz is wack

    Salty Queen

    My "Shizz" is OFFICIAL. &No one saw it lmao.

  59. Kizztastic

    3 years on, this is still one of the hardest tracks I have ever heard tbh

  60. adam jamaica

    Funny how people talking bout how he looks than what he's rapping ABOUT LMAO!
    " You don't understand the hood your some V-necks " 

  61. charlie ramsey

    1:23 " I ain't gotta touch a mic to show that I'm righteous" Ard

    Ali Sheikh

    charlie ramsey how things have changed now Mic rightous would be spitting about yungen.

  62. Shamzey

    wtf sick numb encore remix instrumental thats a first

  63. othniel alex kaliwoh

    whats the name of the instrumental

    Murtazar Sajid

    othniel alex kaliwoh mad ting

  64. othniel alex kaliwoh

    whats the name of the instrumental

  65. morgan newby

    All these "girls" saying he's hot.. Lol he ain't a keeper you'll just be a beat^_^

  66. Paulina Puchacz

    guy defo has his dick caught in his zipper

  67. Joe Luciano

    getting me through btec, mans getting pass init

  68. leonie doyle

    raaaa man hes so hot!

  69. Ben Verdon

    "Speak to the pigs and they do little/Doolittle" Hard bar.

  70. tony galdy

    Instrumental - Numb Encore by Jay Z & Linkin Park

  71. ShoutMeOut

  72. Joseph Stewart

    ice jj fish anyone?

  73. John dyson

    needs to behave

  74. thedankfellah

    sounds like a british tyga

    Saxon Barks

    But yungens good

  75. Samuelclark11

    Did anyone else clock the GFresh cus.. lool 

  76. Kainat Khan

    Best f64 hands down

  77. Fernando Cotrim

    Check my channel n sharr my videos

  78. uNkn0wn

    Yeah, I meant fuckign, it's a new word.

  79. uNkn0wn

    Fuckign shitty Linkin Park

  80. Salman Khan

    Instrumental is mad.

  81. lauren bailey

    omg i'd marry him<3


    would he marry you tho

    adam smith

    @SarjentSteve hellllll no trust

    Simone Totimeh

    @SarjentSteve Looool xD

    theking ofjdm

    he wouldn't go near you doe

  82. BluBoyMusic

    anyone watch "a life of rhyme" ? akala was on the set when this was filmed, dudes so sick even akala was feeling him. so no one can deny how this yungz is

  83. mcpfam5

    His bars are great

  84. josh oneill

    yungen is fireee too hard

  85. Heather Waring

    Hes so beautiful

  86. Boxing Culture

    Sounds like benny banks

  87. Jeylani Moalim

    nah i didnt clock/get this bar..?

  88. Saif Hussain

    Are you retarded?

  89. KRG

    The time 9 mins to 5

  90. ItsJakeyBoiii

    "i dont need to touch mic to be righteous" is that him coping mic? or just saying it about him because mic is amazing

  91. Raja Nathan

    Still the best F64 to date!