Yungen - F' Dat 3style Lyrics

So right now, we're gonna show you how we do
We're gonna get a little greazy on them
Hang tight Rae on the feature
You already know it's a Dice Beats
Oi yo, Yungen set it off

I'm erecting what hard is, I'm the best of the best
I just went right in, they couldn't step where I left
They sidetracked the main course, eating desserts
Thinking backwards like how could I be stressed
I'm all about my cake man, all about my chips
I've got a bad bitch, she be all about the dick
I've got a white chick, she be all about the sniff
Tell her I've got coke man, I'm all about the fizz
I ride on my motherfucking ones, fuck a gang crime
They don't think and get birded, I planned mine
Bruddas stand by, man will 'nap him and put a fucking sock in his mouth, about man's kind
I put a pen to the pad, it's a write off
A bloody mess, you can get your wife lost
I gave her the right cock now her ex-man can't look me in my eye, I'm a Cyclops

Were you lot listening and understanding what was going on
It ain't over 'til it's over
Oi my brudda Rae
What you doing
Scream at 'em

It's all about that murderer
I'm about to leave the game by the grave
Public compensation, I'm about to be claimed by the fame
And I'ma do this shit until I'm paid by the day
Oh, I almost forgot my name is Rae by the way
Hi, Glock for a brain, I'm about to let a full clip split
'Bout to flood the fucking game like the forceps split
My dick stinks because I'm on my fuck the bullshit shit
Married to the game, I will never divorce this, bitch
Bitch and I ain't tryna forfeit, quit
Never ever, spit sick 'til I'm in orbit
This nigga's heading for the star, just imagine me
I'm heading up, I've got the elevator at capacity
I'm okay but check out how we're living though
There's no such thing as out to me, so it's only in I go
Paper, moola, gwala, guap, cheese, cream, digits though
Call it what you want nigga, that's all this nigga's in it for

I mean that's how you murder a [?]
Look out for my brudda Rae
You already know Yungen, you be going in
These niggas ain't fucking with us
It's easy

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