Yungen - Every Night Late Night Lyrics

Yeah, I'm back
Haha, I ain't even go nowhere

Uh, made money, lost money
Who gives a fuck though? I'm up now
Wireless didn't book me
They must've thought I couldn't shut down
Krept and Kone brought me out though
"Ain't On Nuttin'" and it's shutdown
Stormz brought me out and I shut down
I must be the lightskinned Skeppy
Every time I touch down, I shut down
Do it for the love, not the paper
Still got my middle finger up at a hater
Money never changed me, how did I forget man
When I put Cash on "Ain't On Nuttin'" from Jamaica? Later
You are not a G's caliber
After school, I used to eat Shalamar
Yeah, I'm legit now and I get mo' stacks
But I still roll with that ni na na na
Dem boy paigon, I don't trust them
Remember, fuck them
I still ride for my bruddas cause I love them
And I'll risk it fucking all if you touch them
But summertime's here now, let's get it popping
Come through in the Batmobile, you all think I'm Robin
Black & Red's a piece of art you ain't topping
Still get that sweetcorn if you think you blocking
I ain't got a chain, I got too much pride to tuck it
I'm the man, man, fuck it
Ordered more Spades, yeah, my hat stayed bucket
I just have to buss a rhyme and your wifey wanna touch it, yeah she love it
I just take flights
No brake lights
I got your wifey in the studio every night, late nights
She just give ucky and take pipe
We just live a great life, now it's time to make a hit
Time to win a MOBO, time to win a BRIT
I could do it solo, I could do it with the clique
You know PD's the fam, I'm forever on my shit
In the Smart, either Ryo or Tré in the Ford
Ranging with Scrap while the S3 records
We really bu bu bang, I see Fekky in a Porsche
There's a lot of new niggas but it really looks forced

I ain't in it
I've been gone for a minute
2015, man, yeah fam, I'm gonna kill it
You niggas best stay over there

I came to the game on my own shit
Young boy, I swear I be posting
She hopes that one day she owns me
I told her "look babe, there's no hoping"
Driving this Range and I'm [?]
[?] said "Budden, stay focused"
Yungen put me on this feature
It's time I spaz out on these retards
I want this forever, forever
Dreams of Versace, Margiela
I pray to God I go heaven
Cause I'm so addicted to sinning
I called up a lighty, she told me I'm winning
I said I don't smoke but she roll and start billing
She fucking is chilling, she don't talk to women
She moans and complains every time that I'm in her, I ain't finished

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Yungen Every Night Late Night Comments
  1. Mr Adamike

    why couldn't this be on spotify :(

  2. Bugzy Malone Update

    Moist tune and sending for 67 lol

  3. Adzyboy458

    Before chip

  4. Dave Edis

    yungen be counting 123458910

  5. amy clynes

    Wow! Love his music plus he's georgeous <3

  6. Halo Rodriguez

    This is hard 🔥🔥👊🏽

  7. Abdi Tyrow

    Madness 🔥 bro got a deal now💯

  8. Ibrahim Y. Nor

    American Yungen Fan #NewYork

  9. Hippy Hamster


  10. jeune équipe

    liking the new sound from yungen

  11. Ahmad R.A.

    Yungen killed it, outro was Crazy!!! got that 5am in toronto vibe to it.. . keep it up, sound like he got that fire coming

  12. Muna Dahir

    yungen went in this is a real tune 💯💯💯

  13. Louis Barham

    What's them jeans??

  14. Casey Finch

    This shits hard as fuck but i constantly cant help but think that he's trying to hard to be like a UK drake he just needs to be himself

  15. GadgtMag

    In case you missed it at 00:59 - "Black and Red (His last mixtape) is a piece of art (Pizza Hut) you ain't topping (beating) .. Still get that sweetcorn (Pizza topping / drugs)if you think you're blocking (going around the block)



  16. Donny Bossman

    ' Still get that sweetcorn if you think your blocking'
    Anyone get that lyric?


    @Mr8HARVEY i spent an entire bus ride tryna figure that one out lmao

    i just got it! sweetcorns get stuck in between your teeth and cause blockage

    yungen is saying he still gets rid of those that try blocking him i.e slow his progress


    probably but i'm still proud of my take on it lmao


    +MaDxTiinGzZ LOOL joker both are equally good I don't get the bar probably what the other guy said !

    Callum P

    It means he's still making money even though people are trying to over take him/beat him at doing this thing or shottin cuz

  17. James Acer

    people say yungen is like drake. the guy in dark blue/dark grey hoodie looks proper like drake 0:55


    that does look baaaaarrrrreeeeeee like him too hahaha mad


    Why Coz he's black you racist

    James Acer

    @Brandon Mitchell listen, don't start throwing accusations KMT. how's man  racist. can't 2 people look alike. people, not me, say yungen's the uk drake cos they're both lighties and rap and sing. i said the at 0:55 looks like drake cos they're both lighties and his facial features and hair look similar. it's okay to say people look alike.

  18. Jay Stone

    Dope, felt that

  19. Danny Media

    "I must be the light skin Skeppy, every time I Touchdown I Shutdown"👌

  20. Jim Lawler

    Yungen always kills it! Needs to do a biggg collab for his next tune

  21. rocky rocky

    Who knows were you can get that bomber the one the guy has in the back

  22. laka boss

    Yessss yungen

  23. JohnnyCapo

    Yungen you're a talented rapper no doubt, but honestly you say ' wireless didn't book me ' or whatever but really and truly what bangers do you have that the whole crowd can vibes too apart from ain't on nothing, not hating but if you want to be at these festivals you need to have at least have three songs which can make the crowd go mad

  24. iqra malik


  25. mohamed slim

    Banger After Banger!!!!!!!!! #ShutDown  love from Australia

  26. Junior Nyakundi

    Yungen was referred as the "Uk Drake" & its clear he is on par wit K&K...but he cant Shutdown?👀. He's deffo killing da scene congrats 👏👌 keep it up.

  27. Will Register

    Well done it is a really good song

  28. UK Rap G

    HARD, Would have sounded better on a grime beat imo, but still sick
    Big up Kaylum on the visuals, looking sick af

  29. A Quinn

    you deffs needed this! reminding them

  30. Rez Laso

    Every tune yungen makes hes just growing & growing, gonna blow real soon!

  31. Shuj Haider

    This is too hard. Yungen's music is a drug that I'm hooked on

  32. K Jame

    Yungen is hard but he does try to be drake badly

  33. SBTV: Music

    Yungen goes in as per!

    Donny Bossman

    Get him on another warm up or an f64 sb! ✌🏿️

    H4BZ1 1996

    +GRE how about u stfu

  34. Davina Dinas

    this hard tune fam .. . need new album now   man hard

  35. Rimsha Sabir

    this bangs 💣💣

  36. Dance Ol

    'wireless didn't book me.. they must've thought i couldn't shut down'
    shots fired deya :(

  37. Mako Olajide

    Work rate needs to improve, that's why you're not getting noticed no more

    James Acer

    Add him on snapchat. Rt the guy's in studio with the mandem everyday


    @james acer whats his sc

    James Acer


    Mako Olajide

    @james acer yeah he's in the studio, but we don't know that if he's not releasing shit

    James Acer

    you know now

  38. TJ Burris

    Feeling this tune still

  39. Tyrone Grosvenor

    Ur sick at the ting

  40. MansourEntertainment

    Finally, Yungens back with fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Ice cold Newz

    UK's Finest

  42. Abdirahim Ahmed

    Yungen u went inn brudda 💯🔫🔫🔫🎧

  43. Ola Y

    Why's stormzy in Nike lol

    Harrison Lloyd

    that ain't stormzy my g

    dj fistoz

    😂😂😂😂 racism at its best lol

    Harrison Lloyd

    hows that racism mate

    dj fistoz

    @Harrison Lloyd bc Nike man is black man said he's stomzy and it's not that deep it's always jokes innit safe G 👊

    dj fistoz

    @Jay Brown who said I wasn't joking either 😂😂😂 safe G

  44. shakerskills

    He snapped!

  45. Jake Norton

    Rate Yungen but that last part sounded drake influenced. Mad ting, still.

  46. Jamaal Hussain

    Respect for that cashtastic line.

  47. Tevin Ayo

    naaa yungen killed it still....overly gassed man,defo ganna bang in the whipp!!!!

  48. Emc2ky

    This is fucking cold

  49. Jacob Riley


  50. Humza Rehmani

    This is a banger💯🔥

  51. Cons.

    Too sick!

  52. Statz Productions

    Yungen went in with the punchlines and Steel Banglez just topped it off with a big boy beat

  53. Stella Keza


  54. Isaac Brandford


  55. EHS


  56. Sophaia Farmer-Mourthoane

    Yungen is acc bae ❤ 😍😍
    But he don't know me 😂😂 imma fan girl from afar

  57. Neonoh

    Beasttt tune, That Kaylum kid though is actually shit at video editing

  58. Michael Bradshaw

    Hard tune man, Yungen be killin shit everytime. I rate him.

  59. ItzKiiRo

    The flow is too much 🔥💯

  60. shan ali

    Killin it respect 👈😎

  61. Ibby


  62. Bae Pall

    Yungen baby you so fine

  63. aman singh

    To be continued... This ain't no movie fam lol


    Haha for real 100

    365 Music

    Rapping is his life, and our life's are our own movie, so the next part is gonna be about the next part of his life, so this is his movie

    ahmed iszair

    @365 Recordings shit that was deep

  64. dj fistoz

    Real shit ☝ not meek mill's crap

    dj fistoz

    @***** YouTube boy jog on

  65. Mattb

    am i the only one that thinks yungen used to be so much harder


    Yeah I agree but still sick but I think he had more fire before but yungen needs to keep going he can get what he wants he's good enough

    BPD & Me Pod

    Ain't on nuttin was a banger that's not been long from now, trust me he'll make a few average tracks and then he'll hit us with the fire once more.. To be continued... Waiting on the fire be patient ;)

    Trev K

    @Mattb "Now it's time to make a hit, time to win a mobo, time win a brit" - He's looking to blow and you have to be a bit more commercial and make good songs as opposed to greezy punchlines, so he won't be as hard but he still definitely has it in him but I reckon he'll reserve those for freestyles etc.

  66. Owen Wynne

    Yo DAT piece of art

  67. jovabregas

    Then he asks why people say hes a fake drake .. This is some 5am in toronto rip off .. So unoriginal

    Forever Real

    Lowe it

  68. M 090

    Soon on topp💯💯

  69. VzarEdits

    Fucking hell punch line after punch line

  70. TheTeam Wv

    Still Roll With That NI NANNANAAAA !!!😂😂💯

  71. Ryan Cresswell

    Too much hype, it was hard but u made out it was gunna be a madness

  72. meena kaur

    I still roll with that nei nah nah nahhh, I love this tune next song to bang in the car. Muadddd🔫😈

    Xavier 971

    @meena kaur yungen still rolls with a 9 wasnt expecting that...

    Deshaun Bowman

    +Xavier2000 _ fam he on job everyday but he look out for the young dons round our area


    +dario oyelade What job is he on?

  73. jimmy sawnders

    Favourite rapper 🔥

  74. Picasso

    Is this the 5am in Toronto beat? I think it just sounds similar. Anyway Yungen really went hard on this one 💯

  75. Callum P

    Fucking banger, like if you agree😍💯🙌🏼

    savage 67

    @itstrubzy loooool you shut him up 😂😂😂

    Scott Rickards

    @itstrubzy shut him down real quick

    Callum P

    I was just showing support ya gay cunts, I'm not begging for likes, youse are all sad fucks ahaha

    Callum Adamson

    @Callum P defo was beggin for likes YouTube has its own like dislike system whys anyone gonna like ur comment

    sdawg mather

    +Callum P going on wet like a fb status

  76. Shanelle Simpson

    Maud maudd🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. El JEFE

    This is hard

  78. iiia 6

    Goes in💯🔥

  79. Joao

    kaylum needs a mobo

  80. Local Opp

    It's a shame Krept and Konan didn't bring him through...

    brandon n

    @kai boss He's play dirty he goes where they go


    @kai boss theyve just got through the door, they will

    Jamaal Hussain

    They should bring cashtastic through the door aswell.

    Jim N

    @kai boss bro krept and konan just got on themselves, patience

    K Grant

    +kai boss Yung's just signed a deal, so Playdirty Movement is on right now

  81. YAliVlogs10

    Ra This Was A Maddness

  82. Theo Ceres

    Light skin skeppy

  83. S JA

    not bad, beats hard, but yungen needs to be a bit more original i feel!

  84. Karlzeh


  85. Brendan Burrow

    First mofucker