Yungen - Comfy Lyrics

This bent peak cap got me looking like the lightskinned Skepta
In that drop top Merc, yeah I've come a long way from that Vectra
You and I know I'm the best, I ain't gotta give you no lecture
They think they know me, they ain't got a clue though, they better find an inspector
Wait, I have to rub my jaw
Man tryna draw me out, are they sure
What did you think I signed my deal then shotted my burners, dickhead I went and bought more
44 in the 4 door
Boom, run on mate
Hand keeps telling me to roll safe
I just have to tell him 'come on mate'
I don't think you're listening, come on mate
Catch me slipping, that's a one off mate
Make tunes for the roads, make tunes for the girl then I dropped the tape and I upped the rate
I do it for the gang yeah, do it for the cam
The sideman's got six figures in his bank
First class, yeah I made my stamp
In the airport smelling like dank

Tracksuit and my sliders, yeah I'm comfy
All of the girldem love me, yeah I'm comfy
I'm tryna stack my Ps and look after mumzy
All of the dogdem trust me cause I'm comfy
Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the girldem love me
Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the dogdem trust me

Yo, man wanna talk about me at the MOBOs like I ain't earned it
Man wanna talk about my nomination like I don't deserve it
Man wanna bring me down, I know man was happy with the verdict
How I didn't win something for Ain't On Nuttin, blud pour me a tea, man's Kermit
But shout out Section, better winners over my section
Man know everything lock off when I come through with a pengting
Play Dirty, Wicked Skeng ting, you already know it's an ends ting
Twitter finger coming at me blud, I'll have man trending
What, I'm the YG and the OG
Could've bought a chain and a Roley
We are not the same, you don't know me
Man bust a one shot and think they're Tony
Fam I spent an arm and a leg on this Stoney
That's why the arm and the leg, it says Stoney
Yeah man's comfy, yeah man's cosy
Yeah man's cool but a man can't phone me

Tracksuit and my sliders, yeah I'm comfy
All of the girldem love me, yeah I'm comfy
I'm tryna stack my Ps and look after mumzy
All of the dogdem trust me cause I'm comfy
Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the girldem love me
Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the dogdem trust me

Yeah, got my hoodie and my ballie on
Go and link her with my Addies on
Tell a fuckboy 'yeah carry on'
Done too much to make a happy song
All the madting the roads had me on
Tryna prove daddy wrong
Up now, yeah I need a Grammy don
Hoodie in the alley, what's Sanny on?
Took my G, where's Swammy gone?
They ask where Scrappy's from
0161, Manny don
Yeah, took my G, where's Swammy gone?
Up now, tryna win a Grammy don
Tell a fuckboy 'yeah carry on'
Comfy, yeah I've got my hoodie and my ballie on

Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the girldem love me
Man's comfy, man's comfy
Man's comfy, all of the dogdem trust me

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Yungen Comfy Comments
  1. camilla hargaden

    This is banginggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  2. Dan george

    Fam i spent an arm an leg on this stony that's why the arm and the leg says stony aaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiitttttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥im💀💀💀

  3. Hadozz19

    Who came from justsul insta story?

  4. Marc Harrington

    Imagine Devilman killing Yorkshire & Manchester

  5. Marc Harrington

    Need a Birmingham beat on this yeah?

  6. Jamie Thomas

    need more tunes like this 2029

  7. Claire Millea

    yugen you are so hot and your music is sick I love u number 1 fan 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  8. ffs htafc

    best yungen this

  9. J 1- UK Drill

    Has he ever owned a wap ❔❓❔

  10. J 1- UK Drill

    Has he ever owned a wap ❔❓❔

  11. David Smith

    This is still sounding relevant and on point, years and years later.

  12. Tina Huczx

    It’s 2019
    Who remembers this beef 😂😂😂chipVsyungen

  13. julikeah

    Say my name you chickennnnn

  14. Lisa S

    Is it ok to quote this every time you get into your pjs?

  15. SeizureCentral

    If t mulla hopped off road 😂

  16. Stephanie B


    Splitzy Entertainment

  17. The guy

    Can you add subtitles please so people who speak english can understand

  18. 7srebels


  19. BOING

    This is the song that made me get into grime/drill/uk hip hop

  20. Jiří Matějů

    Big Up from Czech Republic 🔥🇨🇿

  21. Mohamed Ahmed

    Only lightskin person other than my mum that I can tolerate you know

  22. Kickz Kickz

    Just clocked t mula is in this loool

  23. olaf quince

    This Song Goes hard

  24. Hermione Toohey

    this is where i live!!!

  25. crammo1991

    Intrumentals soo sik ID?


    Dunno but it samples 'Skream - Midnight Request Line'

  26. abs10021


  27. Manor Hill Music

    i love it this is creative

  28. Karl Simmons

    The only decent grime tune mans done lets be real all of his current shit is about hes gunna draw my girl etc etc... alright mate lol...

  29. CameronLeePlays

    0:24 pause. The guy on far left looks like Troy Deeney

  30. Zaeem Mir

    Heeee hee

  31. Elijah Mwanga

    Tb to when yungen was at his best

  32. Imantas #9

    This is face of Londonnistan just bunch of nygros...

  33. Mr Jed

    this is a sick tune , fuck chip tho

  34. Tom Shone

    'Save a life, don't carry a knife' 😂

  35. Simon Jarman

    G tell ya mum mi phone broken again

  36. Kaige Gao

    That guy with the fur jacket dead ass looks like big shaq

  37. Zoe Brown

    0161 Manny don! Wish I would have seen you about 😂

  38. Karma's Left Ankle

    I like this but I dislike how much yungen says he's the best and how he didn't win a mobo. He's good just nowhere near the best

  39. James Halliwell

    .44 in a 4 door, big shaq used that line pretty much in mans not hot and this song came out last year

  40. Deebo Brown

    Ducking tramps

  41. Rob Welch

    Pour me a tea, man's Kermit

  42. Hermione Toohey

    Filmed on my ends

  43. khalel garbutt

    44 ina 4 this is where roadman shaq got his bars

  44. Jack Brown

  45. Irina Kuzmina

    Кузьмин Фёдор Посевная

  46. Maddy Williams


  47. Bradley P


  48. A-NO Music

    If Yungen dropped a grime album it would be a problem. The dude is talented.

  49. Phil jaga

    MAN'S COMFY..😎😎✌

  50. J Marquez

    this shit is bangin', shout out from houston texas!!!!

  51. Authentic Aesthetics

    Yo fam dis iz sick u kno

  52. Saawan Krushnan

    Any idea Who produced this track ?! Uff ! Fucking Banger !

  53. dylan.30gaming 20

    send for skepta that will be legit

  54. Fizzy Gamer

    Uno the beat is from a Bollywood song 😂😂but this is still🔥🔥💯


    Fizzy Gamer what Bollywood song bro?! Been tryna find the source for time

    Fizzy Gamer

    @AKing gulaabo 😂😂😂

  55. Choco Prince

    that clarinet beat is lit

  56. Jaykie Brown

    I swear that was stormzy at 3:27


    Jaykie Brown omg u joker lol

  57. brandon k

    Anyone else still watching in 2017 ? @2:30 - 2:45 is fire

  58. Daily United

    Yungun vs Jay Z

  59. Luke Hynes

    Good song

  60. CallMeChucky

    this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Leonetheboss

    LOL everyone talking about how chip "merked" him. Yungen beat chip to the point where he had to do a 67 reference just to shut up yungen. Punk and Oopsy daisy were sick disses. face it chip lost the beef and i know that yungen referenced wretch and skeppy but it still is as bad as referencing 67.

  62. Bok Bok

    #lightskinsquad am i right😂


    iam a chip fan but yungen went hard

  64. Gameday

    remember when dis tune was on aka all the time

  65. Chesapeake Juventus

    Peng song

  66. Taidgh Hennessy Burke


  67. samraj basra

    44 in a 4 door but 10 toes when it comes to Nando's

  68. Nash Tv

    yungen one of the best rapper's ever

  69. Wardi Ahmed

    Chain and a roley

  70. Harry Austin

    Got a feeling he's gonna have another pop at chip

  71. Ethan Mitchell

    Funny how everyone said chip would body him then yungen went and won this, people that don't know anything about grime will say he lost because of that nandos video

    Alex McCalmont

    except he didn't and yungen stopped replying because he shit himself about 67 lol gtfo

    CM Rapper

    Ethan Mitchell He didnt win bro he fully lost😂

  72. KI INGG

    Ima Yg and a Og, coulda bought a chain and a rolyy🔥🔥

  73. Chloe Willis

    It's funny hoe everyone was like how he sending for chip he will get merked but it didn't turn out that way looool

    Gee MC

    Chloe Willis did u see the wardubs, chip merked him end of conversation, your names chloe and your supporting yungen your obviously a yungen fangirl that knows nothing about grime loooool

    Chloe Willis

    Gee TV someone angry u chip bum boy Loool

  74. don km

    yo what r these jackets they all got

  75. Razor Rakim

    Chip 🍟 is better!!

  76. Sophie Miller

    This was made on my birth day

  77. Patch

    tracksuit n my sliders am comfy

  78. I dont give a shit

    Just no...

  79. nicholas bruce

    real talk he didn't even beat chip he just made up some lies about how chip didn't get on wretches album before fuck off thy have a track together... but i still rate him don't get me wrong check out stormzy pussying out on cadell because of his fame

  80. FREDO

    Comfy....... couple months later mans rapping to some gay shit like cuffing season

  81. Wkibinimate

    From which movie does this sample come?

  82. Jordon Tucker

    gezzaa in the vid looks like drake


    Sick tune but im sure hes just took the piss outa bugzy on one part


    Sick tune but im sure hes just took the piss outa bugzy on one part

  85. Deborah Goncalves


  86. Aurem Noreen

    It's not over

  87. Willis townsend

    chantelle i loved you but you cheated with jonathon from church

    Excellent finish mo salah

    Willis townsend I'm gonna run up and spray him and leave him in the church

  88. Moerz

    rs shall send for yungs

  89. Simba Hakooh

    I dunno but fuck all yaz. chip is like a likle boy. his flow ain't that nice to hear and the voice. I'd prefer yungen any day. he has more grime in it

    Robert De Niro

    Grime Repórt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bro right I heard that and was like, this the dude with the 44 in the 4 door?

    Seema Asma

    Simba Hakooh init man same chip rubbish who'd listen to him

    Gee MC

    Simba Hakooh you obviously know nothing about grime LOL 😂

  90. kazi

    the video effects bang so badddd

  91. stephen cooper

    To this day people still think that he sent for chip....... KMT

  92. Dan Lucas

    My g👊🏼👌

  93. Dee Mac

    acts like a kid

  94. Noah Taylor

    dont get y use gtta dislike the vid if you dont like it den dont watch enih

  95. D mac

    lool anyone else clock that budget drake on the left

  96. Mihai NA