Yungen - Behind Barz Lyrics

They say they wanted pain, they want it lyrically
I been through pain mentally and physically
Remember everyday me and Sam would link up
Now he's behind bars literally
Now he's behind bars looking at a bird
Rocking on the wing, gonna have to do a third
Burns me to have to watch my dawg do a sentence
But I'm here when he lands, he's got my word
Thinking 'bout the days when bricks were phones
Youth club, me, stiff, rick and tones
As a yout' man everything was sticks and stones
10 years later it's all sticks and stones
So how can I be genuine
I fall for someone with a whole load of skeletons
Forgive me girl if I just wanna bone
You tryna get a baby crib, I just want a home
My mum would lie about not having paper
But she was smoking trees in Jamaica
My big sister famous but I hate her
How could you leave your little brother on his face ah
Living life while I was struggling to live
We grew up together but now your struggling to give
No shit, you ain't even my sister actually
Cause that just showed me blood don't make you family
I couldn't give a fuck about reputation
Gotta see it to believe, fuck speculation
I just wanna get my family out the hood
And I'd die for that, that's dedication
In this fast lane, tryna make this car start
There's someone just like you, if you're a half-heart
We hustle hard, tryna bring maths to music
I just pray that I can make a bar chart
Never took drugs, never got buzzing
I was trapping in the golf, man I wasn't clubbing
I used to think about death, now I don't fear nothing
But deaths the only thing you won't hear coming
Nightmares every night I'm on Elm Street
On the roadside, hear about jail beef
2012 man, it's really rapping bitches
But I ain't tryna get caught up in girl beef
Uh chicks come and go
Nah literally, chicks come and go
Instead of being stressed I'm working hard getting dough
No more hugs, no more kisses cause my ex was a ho
Lost family, lost a best friend
Repping for a dead ends, when it's a dead end
Everybodies looking fame, tryna set trends
Yout's are even dying in West End
For the worse man, a block can change your life
Deal or no deal, a box can change your life
You feel you're getting left, only you can make it right
Still screaming sky's the limit, man you can take the flight
Or you can stay on these bait roads
Me and Krept and Kone are on our way to stage shows
Them man fit in, we're the outfit
I do whatever suits me, case closed

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Yungen Behind Barz Comments
  1. Kieran D

    I’m a savage, got money in the bank, collecting
    Fifa balling Got me on the R1 finessing, impressing! 👏👏👏

  2. Hani Baqer

    Nigga comeback as demetrius johnson

  3. Jordan C

    "I'm rolling to Avelino" 🔥🔥🔥

  4. FKD 2000


  5. barbie_shadow

    Same Hair style like Drake

  6. Mani Abijah

    this is ain't all that

  7. Mani Abijah

    "I had to fix my teeth, now I got placks all upon my wall"

  8. Jon Doe

    This my yungen man I done told him n Cash from way back when their my boys man trust anyone coming up with my blessings are too real lil trend setting pedigree's and hey yungen I told you back then when you get there don't forget about me ok so I'm coming to collect ok ha ha haa nuff luv just wish cash was around man real talk they done him dirty they knew too real had to get rid of him which the F ers did anyway nuff luv my youngun yougen seen Bless...

  9. Izzy wizz

    Got me on the R1 finessin ! ya na

  10. KeepITgrimey

    🔥 this ! 💯

  11. Gustavs Strazdins

    Who needs some dope beats? 🔥

  12. D-CYPHR


    Ryan Marshall

    Your SoundCloud is garbage man

  13. Tony Kelly

    Too underrated 🙌

  14. Holly Collett

    This is hard😎👊Yungen🎙️🎶went innnn🔥on this one☝️

  15. Carter Hewlett

    They can't even match my lighter bars cos there still flames!!

  16. Noah /

    The word play in this is mad

  17. Young 3

    I’ve missed this Yungen 🌬

  18. Philip Culverhouse

    More music like thissss 👌🏼

  19. It's Penberthy

    Didnt rate him back when he was beefing Chip but this is as hard as Chip's Behind Barz ngl

  20. Nosi Mpofu

    Damn this song good

  21. Zulaikhah Martin

    my man know to cover that thicck neck u know u know 😂

  22. ayc 1

    Literally behind Barz

  23. fjm-99

    Bring back old school yungs

  24. Philly Smallz

    Too cold

  25. Mac Moore

    finally unrestricted

  26. shamilkhadaroo

    spotify @Linkuptv when is this going be put up on that platform

  27. Hadi Saab

    French Montana beat 🙏

  28. Pepijn ten Cate

    man made me download a vpn changer cuz it's blocked in the netherlands

  29. Kosfinger

    If just one person reads this, it’ll honestly make my day. I’m a producer from London & I know people write this all the time but I believe you won’t be disappointed- just give me one chance and 3 minutes of your time- I posted my first beat so far on my channel ❤️

  30. Adi Singh

    Sub to pewdiepie

  31. Yellow Synth

    this nigga thinks he drake looooool them bars dead still

  32. Lee Hawkins

    absolute fire

  33. S-B

    I hear a heavy Drake inflence

  34. Sabra Mohamed

    Oooooooook yungen I didn’t kno you was gonna bless us like this ? 2019 yeah? U better make a WHOLE album with this same energy! And be quick with it, coz you can’t tease like this ffs

  35. J Cadney

    Tony bellew came with it 🔥🔥 heavy punchlines

  36. GoRedux

    Anyone know where to cop that hoodie?

  37. Danté Blackwood

    Soon as I heard the first two seconds of the Lockjaw beat my face screwed upppp🔥🥶🤢

  38. Rich14Richy

    Jew = Due
    Pastor = Pastures? Pass there's?
    I know you missed that

  39. Lowkey Lowkey

    “I’ve done better then you’ll ever do, I don’t need to get @ you” lowkey shots at Chip👀👀?

  40. Idris Saka

    Whats the name of the beat

  41. youratoolyabass

    Didn’t know Tony Bellew could spit bars

  42. Mrjsme

    Oh yeah yeah, join us yeah yeah

  43. Tyler Lloyd

    This is fire🔥🔥

  44. Key

    6 years yahna

  45. Kash S

    All he ever seems to do is remind us how he caught that ONE radio smash. Which Bxne bodied tbh.

  46. 2eZeshaan Mahmood

    Remember this guy! Haha

  47. luky 01

    This is the Yungen we missed

  48. Apxn

    Darri Gang

  49. ZaKTricKzzz ‘

    Behind oh yeah yeah

  50. Mitchell Kelly

    Sub to pewds

  51. Sopiltlittlepup


  52. Reece De Rosa

    His barz were ok he has got work to do for sure

  53. Oh yeah yeah

    Behind barz oh yeah yeah

  54. Young Black & RichLESS


  55. snipez _r1

    this freestyle fire bruh

    dont forget this guy.he didn't fall off and won't.

  56. Usman Raja

    That’s sick

  57. Chenko Ruiz

    Yungens beard is fake

  58. Donny Bossman

    “ Don’t ever doubt my pen game , I’ll be on a margs ting, they call my brudda Jim ,he don’t care ..... cause he’s on a mask ting” haha.

    So many punchlines and wordplay which man won’t get or clock.

    “ I seen through the mist...... we ain’t the same”

  59. Adolf Hitler

    U wud think I’m managed by pep the way I ball best line 💯

  60. Samah X


  61. Kane Baptiste

    R1 & finesse ‘em, almost like songer’s spat the same bar...

  62. Lutonz Man

    Yungen lookin like an Asian

  63. Sunny M

    Always same.speed , speed it up a little, like Joyner does. Not been done uk rap scene

  64. dojey kam

    Lil Drake...

  65. Fred Bamba

    Guys in the comments chatting bare about gal tunes, my guy got paid sacks that could buy everything you own and hit a top 10.

    Stop gassing on a nandos hit years ago, This was fire and anybody who doesn't think it, is still stuck in ends with chip.

  66. Am Cha

    Fifa got me on the R1 finessing 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉

  67. waseem Iqbal

    Flow dont even match the beat

  68. Henry .s

    No ones being racist against you. Loser

  69. Rachael A

    Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You know bars that make your eyes water. I'm flabbergasted .I didn't know yungen had it like THAT....REEL IT UP

  70. SRiChannel

    Looks like Tony Bellew from the thumbnail

  71. AB On The Beat

  72. ghost house


  73. R7 Vlogs

    Last week cutting through in that SL thinking life is so tropical

  74. Lewis Wilson

    I love Yungen as an MC not as a singer/hip hop musician

  75. Uzi 1600

    Jheez I forgot this yute exists

  76. ProVEVO

    Everyone check out my acoustic record on my channel would appreciate the support x


    Man lyke YoungJen

  78. Coach Kon

    The British drake 🔥😂

  79. Raihan Fahim

    I can respect the grind and understand why he went commercial for a while but this is a throwback to the levels he was spitting at during the chip beef. Need more of this.

  80. 3y35poihjpn

    You think we just forgot about the chip beef... *tut tut tut*

  81. Kodi Guides

    Man come back with new teeth geeeeeeezzzzzeeeee

  82. Zakariya

    He shot at Chip.

  83. Thomas

    This nigga is FIRE!! 🔥🔥👊👍

  84. ChopChoice

    Not a fan but this is top stuff💣💣💣

  85. Sharp Guard

    "I just come to play my part, it was like 6 months before I left the fucking chart!"

    This fucking bangs and I'm not even a fan! I remember his F64 days along with Kozzie and other yutes that was sick. Man has come a lomg way and it just goes to show life can take you anywhere! Fair play Yungen, who is anyone to piss on your parade. Get um son! 🔥🔥

  86. N4ht4N

    Had to fix up my teeth now I got plaques up on the walls

  87. Shirley Mitchell

    Yungjen allow it

  88. Samah X

    We’re so so soo proud of you💜

  89. Rafiki

    Never rated him much but he definitely spent time on this one to make sure it was good. quality control is what we need to see more with some of these artists. anywhoo, i wonder how much he spent on his new teeth

  90. Petros Adamou


  91. Kirath

    Link up for free v bucks blud


    Hey guys i've just posted my first youtube video. If you can please watch, like and subscribe that would be very helpful. Thanks. -

  93. Samah X

    Ignore the negativity these people are legit off their minds, this is AMAZING. You’ve worked so hard and have done us all so proud, can’t wait for the project on Friday Fully gassedddd🤪 love you always 💗

  94. Mobeen