Yungen - 23 Lyrics

23, my birthday's today
No pre-record
Alright SB it's been a minute man

I don't even do grime
Went from a Q to them fans in a Q at my sold out show, you know I've always been a man for them lines
From South London, all we know is grind
Some went the church road, some man died
Ask about me, I ain't never run away from no scraps but God forgive me if I bust my 9
God forgive me if I take your girl
God forgive me if I ain't been writing bars, I was writing my bro in jail
Been 3 months, he ain't had no mail
Shit got real, I was in Madrid when I got the call that he never got bail
Now he's in a box and he's looking at a 12, that's the last thing I wanted to hear on myself
We in the 7
You know Play Dirty, you know Section
You know Stormzy, that's my bredrin
My size running tings no questions
Them man can't fuck with the South right now let alone try fuck with my G's
Don't ask me where is the love, man will get black eyed for my P's
I made like 20 grand off my mixtape, another 10 grand off shows
All them girls wanna suck my dick mate, why the hell would I still be on road
Fake rappers don't wanna support, maybe because them man there are getting knowed
Yeah you've got more followers than me, but I know how much he did you sold
Man can't chat to me, I've got fans
You're still hoping the AC bangs
Tryna stack mo', make more grands
If I ain't done it yet, best know it's in the plans
So, this year I need a MOBO
They must've thought that I lost my MOJO
I've been getting girls all my life, I might have beat your's to Casey and JoJo
Man might drop a mixtape with Bo-bo
Do it no promo
Young OG shit, I be on my low so
Everywhere I go now they wanna take photos
But I'm still the same old kid, still running with the same old crew
Really started from the bottom like Drake, so you know success is due
But I'm in the bits, I'm with the clique
My bro Scrap just spent 30 on a whip
I'm with a chick, don't give brain but she tick
Big bum make me bus' quick
I don't ever slip
Better know bro's got the...
You don't wanna get your wig clipped
I was getting knicked
You was getting wrapped in cotton way before I did that tune with Chip
I was the lightskinned saviour, galdem taker
Chestnut jumper, Huarache sneaker
Been ten years I still ain't beat Shaniquea
Been ten years since I beat the first nina
Beat man, take a man's money on FIFA
Still tryna get my bro S that VISA
Put more money on my VISA
Hey, look, man better know that there's limits
Man better know if his girl's in the club then I'm leaving with her and them digits
I ain't into no funny man business
So miss me with them gimmicks
I hear a couple Uni man tryna be critics
Like I don't get your Uni loan in 10 minutes
Yeah I get chips and I get it in portions
Them man there can never catch up, that's a warning and a caution
The mandem tell me I'm hard, the posh kids tell me I'm awesome
Thank God I got to see 23 and I'm still running the game in my Jordans
Bang, they ain't on nothing

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Yungen 23 Comments
  1. KoDeeZ x

    back when he didnt run from fights.. though tight bars

  2. Nick Vickery

    Go in hard YES

  3. Nick Vickery


  4. Seren Clive

    Listen from 1:52 - it's very awkward now haha

  5. Jake Griffiths

    Anybody feeling he's backing chip over bugzy with some of the references lol



  6. Mina Abdi

    What garm is man wearing?

  7. rocky rocky

    Does anyone know were you can get that bomber from

  8. BigPapa Rone

    What's the instrumental?

  9. Connor James

    Anyone know where his bomber jackets from?

  10. Nicholas Goodwin

    yungen is sick still ratings 

  11. jamie adenuga

    "I was in Madrid when I got the call he never got Bail (Bale)"

  12. Richi Acxw

    Been 10 years since i beat the first nina' so man was shooting when he was in yr 7 lool

  13. HypeMedia

    not tryin to be a dude cos this is hard, but "10 years before i beat the first nina" hes like 23 max 25?

  14. Shaun Johnson

    kinda fell off with all that arrogant talk tho
    Stormzy hottest in the hood!

  15. Jon 'Sven' Taylor

    Where is that bomber from?

  16. Benjamin Yari

    Yungen is a fuckin LEGEND

  17. Riza 1ove

    Im a big fan of Yungen, if you could thumbs up maybe he might see this and check out my music! 

  18. Hollycollett1995 Jessie26

    Happy Birthday Yungen👊you rock✌

  19. ayub dotta

    Happy birthday my killaman

  20. terrorboy874

    the uni loan in 10 minutes bar. FFS that hurt couple man.

  21. Zac Horan

    how red are his hands though???????

  22. Lianne brown

    I actually lovee youu😩😩

  23. Vikorz

    Money doe banter


    Shit got "real", I was in Madrid = Real Madrid

    When I got the call that he never got bail (Bale) now he's in the box


  25. omd0

    "now he's in the box , looking at twelve ....thats the last thing i wanted to hear on my cell " get it ? hair cell lol  hair cells transform vibrational energy into an electrical signal as well as allow a  listener to extract signals from a noisy background BAR IS FIRE !! just some science shit i refuse to let go over my head

  26. Seth Grimes

    I was 23 on the 1st as well haha

  27. tedBaker1985xxx

    guy started hard. He's still hard.

  28. El JEFE

    "Really started from the bottom like Drake, so you know success is Jew" punchlines mad

  29. Ben Smith

    yungen doing bits right now!!

  30. Rushie

    Shout out stormzy for losing p's after losing at fifa to yungen on snapchat

  31. John Marshall

    catted bare flows

  32. Geordie Kev

    stormzy sounding flow in middle bars

  33. Yellow Synth

    i like he puts emotion in his bars......them bars where flying over my head 

  34. SmashHitsTV

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    @YOURCINEMEA Check Again.


    @YOURCINEMEA theres more than that.

  35. no rush baller

    Thank GOD I got to see 23 and I'm still running the game in my JORDANS. - Yungen 🔥🔥🔥

  36. BlueEagle786

    hi there

  37. Shady Brady

    Ehhhh.... Not feeling it. These kids are everywhere, they just say a bunch of random lines that rhyme. Not that impressed.

  38. Tr3ble.comTV


  39. Migs


  40. Keenan Benj

    Skepta and Wiley flow

  41. No Meds

    "Really started from the bottom like Drake, so you know success is Jew" 🔥

  42. Shahid Choudhury

    Is he talking about Scorcher with the 'you got more followers, but i know how many CD's you sold' thing? Scorcher just dropped a EP.

  43. Sofo 9

    Yeah I get chips and I get it in portions. Them man der can never CATCHUP (KETCHUP). Dude is clearly learning from Krept and Konan

  44. Sofo 9

    Let me just tell this dude. If I'm with my girl in a club and you try and come over tryna get her number when I'm standing there just know you'll be getting banged no time wasted.

  45. K Grant

    Why do they give yungen these dodgy beats.

  46. Billy Wigmore

    stole the wiley flow at 1:55
    tottenham high streeter eski beat beateeeer

    SJ Capone

    Itsss chips flow so he used after he mentioned chip I don't know if chip got it from anyone doee

    YK DUB

    @SJ Capone yeah hahah chip got it from wiley, eksi dance keeper get the weed cheaper 4 timees community service breacher

    Billy Wigmore

    @SJ Capone
    fair play, didn't know this!

  47. Jack Doyle

    Man come out tryin to look like drake n that


    How the fuck did u come up with that dumb idea 😂😳😴🔫🔫

  48. Zac Richardson

    Trying too hard to be stormzy

  49. Zac Richardson

    Tryin to hard to be like stormzy

  50. Wattz Music

    killed it!!!! yungen is due for success this year #mobo  

    same with sneakbo!

  51. Andy Man

    expect big things from my man this year

  52. GadgtMag

    Haha he remixed Chips verse ADN J hus's bar ... 


    Don't rate him, talks shit

  54. Sham Harv

    He shot a gun at 13? Gas lol

  55. Mojo IDMe

    Yungen went iiiinnnn. To all those chatting wet, there Is no harm in remixing a next mans lines or flow, it shows versatility. Let a man do his thing and stop hating kmt


    Went in but my disputes are you aint bus no gun and you've only been wearing huarches 5years max lol

  57. #RealistChat UK


  58. BANG SA

    this aint freestyle!!    dope tho

  59. Future Curse

    Looks like a Blade Brown Jr.

    L T

    @***** But really tho Blade Brown is in his early to mid 30s and Yungen is in his 20s. Yungen looks like Blade Brown nuff said.

  60. All day 2015

    that was sick

  61. The Richkid

    Could of used a better beat

  62. Danwvy

    Every rapper wants to beg friend with stormzy smh

  63. Sarah Miller

    This was HARD.

  64. EyeCon33

    krept and konan > this don


    Shout out to man like poohead

  65. Shaheem Dorsett

    Top 5 MC Easy


    Out of all the MCs, u think hes in top 5???? Lmfao

    Shaheem Dorsett

    yeah out of UK emcee's, He's shown he can deliver a solid, cohesive project

  66. Squintz



    @poohead970 realness 24/7


    +squintzuk ayo lol that realist mo yute changed his name to Tracey beaker 😂😭😂😂


    LOOL DPMO @poohead970 

  67. Grimez Alive

    This is hard .... And he remixed j hus bar .. Also whys this got more likes then views thats odd lool

  68. All In

    That 'Skapz' 'Nines' bar is sounding similar to J Hus's, take time Yungen smh.

  69. Dragomir Stankovic

    Somebody call the coroner.... muuuurrrder!

  70. TheCrazyGamer02

    Happy birthday to yungen... This is his year 💯

  71. Rellz148

    Thank god I got to see 23 and i'm still running the game in my Jordans!!! #Fire  

  72. JeromeKordell

    Man said 'I hear couple Uni man try be critics, like I don't get your Uni loan in 10 minutes' 😨

    Cassidy Mariah

    That was fireee

    TF S

    Cassidy Banks Cassidy Banks is my favorite pornstsr 😍

  73. TNG Entertainment

    "dont ask where is the love, man will get a black eye for the peas" - black eye peas -where is the love

    TNG Entertainment

    just educating the uneducated

    Ben Sloane

    "really started from the bottom like drake" - started from the bottom - drake

    Tony Don

    @Ben Sloane lmfao!

    Shahid Choudhury

    @Ben Sloane So you know success is Jew...

    8 8

    @Ben Sloane yoooo lmfao

  74. MESIO

    Yungen is on another Level! Big Up!

  75. Jesse James

    Made J hus look poor lmao

    Slick _

    J hus is gonna blow, don't watch


    Lol everyone's gonna blow anit dey 😭😂

    Jesse James

    Na he wont lol

  76. MTOfficial

    Beat man tek ah mans money on FIFA directed at stormzy 😂

  77. zzirAquila

    Them man cant fuck with the south yet you're using north rappers name and endz in your bars lol

  78. Aron Roberts

    Went in thoe still

  79. bigfess 93

    Did I hear a send for chip?

    Up North Development

    you idiot he remixed his flow loool

  80. Zak Bird

    How come every year is his year to blow?!!!!!! It ain't workinggggg.


    Never ever would you make it any where in life with that kind of mindset, change it for your own good

    Shaun Johnson

    @tilopslicer You shouldn't tell anyone they won't make if you don't know about them
    focus on yourself

    Ali Sheikh

    It was 2017 that was year he killed it

  81. Gussaveli

    Stole J Hus' "dont skrap, buss my Nines" line?

  82. Outset Entertainment

    Oiiii yungs👀🙌 didn't expect that

  83. abdi lighter


  84. Jes Marwaha

    hand movements were 10/10

  85. Evo Thompson

    Man's going on cruddy

  86. charleiigh merrygold / lilc

    This is his year!

  87. grantedwishbvmg

    Yungen gonna blow this year. Been working hard since the album💯

  88. Oliver Osborne

    Only 20k👀

  89. ewan castell

    bring back the sbtv beat

  90. A Capone

    This is cold

  91. saj

    hard freestyle, beat was a bit leave it tho