Yungen - 0 To 100 Lyrics

I'm gonna say whatever comes to my head
Don't take offence

Look, I don't roll with no weirdos
I don't link no ratchets
My young boy throws the hits
And yeah it's long if he backs it
Bare girl in the club she's bi, goes uni and does gymnastics
Bought her friend round it's a new era
I had to show her the hatrick
There was three in the bed and the lightie said to the brown one go lower
Laid down the ting then I looked at them
Don't make me waste my boner
She don't really like alcohol but she don't mind a Corona
I took a backseat
Yeah they got drive but they ain't got nothing to chauffeur
I had mashes ask Spar before I could boil a potato
Did my first link up at 19 [?] ina Range Rove
Had to lay low for real shit change clothes
That girl called Lorraine from E3, the first chick to give me a rainbow

I heard they asking if I make doe
I probably got your little brother on a pay roll
I wear this Chris Brown screaming "hoes ain't loyal"
Got my hand where you thought she had her halo
Yeah I'm a neek but they'll slap you if I say so
Man I'm really from the block like J-Lo
Driving round in the whip banging PARTYNEXTDOOR
It's either that or that new Jhene Aiko
Spent my days in the south on a fuckery doe
Old school you might of seen man at country show
I had the freshest tracksuits them huaraches with the strap
But believe me that didn't come from mummy's doe
I beat the girls on the timin' that they rate
They'll probably say it's just the fame
It's either that or they gon' say a nigga lie
Then I'll start naming some names like

Nia what's good, Amez what's good
Sarah what's good, Tara what's good
Amarnz what's good, Wyfa what's good
It's better I say it or the fucking block would

But all of that was before I had a missus
"Who's your girl Yungs?" nigga mind your business
I'm on tour middle finger to the critics
Like I hope I see you niggas at the finish man
I'm still out here, yeah it's getting long
But how can I quit crying when the road pays
These days you might find me with Krept and Konan
And I was bangin' them from the phone days like
"I make a boy run miles, when I'm with my mandem
Two guns up like styles, you should of caught a bus instead"

I go 0 to a 1000 nigga real quick, real quick
Whole squad on that hill shit
0 to a 1000 nigga real quick, real quick
Whole squad on that hill shit

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Yungen 0 To 100 Comments
  1. Saint Drako

    Hahaa he fimed himself sucking ice cream looool :DD definetely not looking badass :DD

  2. Jaykie Brown

    How come never seen this before ..this banger thoo

  3. Billy Brown

    Hows tht ice cream stayed alive

  4. Sully 9430

    Why’s this been took of???

  5. TsG Magic

    who still bangs this in 2017

  6. Gaming Master Jayden

    Why can I watch this on my phone

  7. Asheezy 2599

    Drake should bring him to OVO

  8. Hamza

    bad boy tune buh flop by saying 1000 instaed of 100 buh maybe he ment he better than 100??

  9. Gabriel Saeed

    A rainbow : When you mix period blood and sperm together in your partners and your mouth then kiss and mix together.

  10. Zed Toxiic

    Give me a bite of that Ice-cream

  11. TheJeroenify

    track name - 0 to 100 says 1000


    Thought the same thing LOOOOL

  12. Murdoc Sicàrio

    savage man

  13. Lisa N

    crazy beat

  14. Jamie Horgan

    that car was really trying to listen in

    Trapfield Tribe

    dickhead car

  15. danty362

    Yungens the one guy from the UK hip-hop scene I've always thought should have blown up. Mixes commercial appeal with genuine lyrical ability.

  16. Enayet rahman

    Didnt his ice cream melt at the end of the video


    +enzo rahman its only 2 minutes long bro haha

    Enayet rahman

    @war1260 it takes hours to record


    +enzo rahman not when its all one shot ya pagan


    hahahhahahahha, baba why you being a pagan

  17. Shaun Johnson

    Back when yungen was sik!

  18. Dean Ryan


  19. yewMP5

    eating the white magnum instead of the brown one. #racist  lel

  20. micheal john

    "There was 3 in the bed and the lighty said to the brownin go lower, they done a ting and I looked at them....don't make me waste my boner" looool 😂😭

  21. Stephen Barrett

    Yo i would have turned that corner,and been like oooooo shit im in a yungen vid 😲 my ass would off been out the sun roof standard!

  22. Riza 1ove

    Im a big fan of Yungen, if you could thumbs up maybe he might see this and check out my music! 

  23. slampro123

    That fiesta at the end was about to go 0-100 lol mad patients

  24. Bailey Huntley

    Yes mate

  25. ShannonSharpesBackwoods

    Swear this is round kings avenue

  26. ishy_ Sheff

    soft icecreamm music

  27. Mikey Renwick

    0:46 'a girl called loraine from e3, first girl to ever give me a rainbow'

     urban dictionary -

     rainbow kissing
    a woman performs fellatio on a man and keeps his 'juices' in her mouth, then the man performs cunnilingus on the woman, whilst she is menstruating, and also keeps her 'juices' in his mouth, they then kiss passionately making one big assed sloppery rank-as-fuck mess.

     erm what. 

    Has Kk

    I was literally thinking this...

  28. danny evans

    Doesn't play no mre y ?

  29. abdulaziz ali

    loool ford fiesta

  30. doug_ Dunksnlifts

    I suggest everybody watches my 0-100 video and my other one or I will round house the lot of you, I'm gunna upload 2 videos a week so subscribe or I'll key your cars, p.s watch your backs

  31. Random dude

    If i was holding that icecream, it would fall at second 1

  32. zCharged

    lol eatin his magnum whilst hes rappin

  33. john smith

    theres a right way and a wrong way of doing something NEW that wernt it..

  34. MantiKore

    Yo people, I made a remix to this track! I would really appreciate some feedback! I'm not looking for likes, subs or anything! Just some genuine feedback from hip hop fans! It would mean a lot to me.

    Thank you!

  35. djm4z

    Get on Stormzy's level.

  36. Prod. YUNGRAHAM

    is that deepee at the end?

  37. lilbigz80

    He called himself a neek man wtf

  38. doug_ Dunksnlifts

    hahah that car couldn't do nothing songs sick tho

  39. Ali Karim

    Stopped listening to yungen time ago when I realised he was the UK's drake.... yeah this is the last time I listen to him.

    Warren London

    Erm. Okay mate..Lol

  40. Alima Bangura

    My guy brought out the magnum 😭😂

  41. Raw

    O shit I live hella close to that road. BIG UP

  42. brownsuga92

    this is so cringe. 

  43. nick burt

    What a load of shit.

  44. john wayne

    anyone noticed how he said 0-1000 but the title is 0-100? Kappa

  45. steve peters

    LOOOOOL my  nigga started naming names 

  46. Efaz Sn

    That car in the back doe loool

  47. Ollzehh

    This is so fucking dope

  48. beefa connor

    suprise the ice cream never melted

  49. jamie I


  50. Chezaray Williams

    Easily the hardest 0-100 remix

  51. Christopher Cole

    At first I thought the car was intentionally apart of the video. Free feature I guess & Perfect timing

  52. kevin aujla

    If you like Yungen have a listen to this UK artist!
    🔥🔥🔥🔥>>>>>>> <<<<<<<🔥🔥🔥🔥
    this is the future of hip hop, have a listen, you know you want to #newhiphop #pree #realmusic

  53. Ashton Laroda .

    UK Macmiller/Drake

  54. Tommy North

    listen to my remix of this on my channel? much appreciated :)

  55. nw4e

    Was deepe in da video?

  56. Chris Popplewell

    i cant stop listerning to this yungen goes in

  57. KSAC TV

    @yungenplaydirty thats a banger trust @spdakaAce#followup.

  58. HKHQmedia

    I like this, but I like Triksta 0-100 better.. Go check that on my channel won't disappoint!

  59. Kirko Bangz

    Weak. Yungen is good but he's trying to rap fast at the start, doesn't flow well at all. Makes up for it towards the end though but the start is awful

  60. rudeboydandy

    an all he wanted to do was park his car...#sigh bless him :LL

  61. Oxyde - Comeback!

    make a nigga do a u turn


    too hard set me the link in instrumental for my  dj free style video in this summer
    set ie to me bruddah

  63. Lyric Kirwan-Odina

    luv diz song 

    Lyric Kirwan-Odina

    @Sharon Parish yeppp 

  64. byron cambel

    The new poundcake he done his thing though

  65. byron cambel

    The new poundcake he done his thing though

  66. Official J2S

    Wats the instrumental to dis coz its ardd

    Jay TheDon

    0-100 drake

  67. Official J2S

    Wats the instrumental to dis coz its ardd

  68. Official J2S

    Goes innn ardddd cuz

  69. Official J2S

    Goes innn ardddd cuz

  70. Kevin Annu

    whats he saying a make a boy run miles, when i ????? lmaoo hard track tho


    when im with my mandem?

    Kevin Annu

    Ohhhh that makes sense lmaoo thanks bruv

  71. Michael Mclennan

    anyone know where i can get that tee?

  72. Toby Fernando

    poor driver of the fiesta loool having to witness that behaviour  

  73. Tucks'Santana

    Yungens the hardest

  74. GloTheActivist

    Lol the person driving that car must of been so pissed off they made them eventually turn the car around


    the car was parking u dumb bitch, look properly 

    Jake Slade


    abbey is a place mate

    Paolo Richards

    @Hussain123 It was turning 'round. 


    He shoulda caught bus instead!

    Fahim Abdul

    +Jake Slade where is abby

  75. Mohammed Ali

    I feel like a magnum though

  76. fcktheinternet beefing

    this is shit, little drake wannabe

    Jay TheDon

    Shut up u faggot, it's a cover he ain't copying no one suck out hater

  77. Lemour Campbell

    I don't role with no weirdos, I don't link no ratchets...


    Shuqi - 0 to 100 On These Bishes (Explicit)

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  80. Charles Dee

    Shit! I remember them Gipset days 

  81. Odds

    The magnum went hard

  82. fzaptre fzaptre

    I bet the guy in the car at the end wishes he had caught the bus instead


    looooooooollll the car at the back ahahah

  84. Abhay Soni

    He said zero to a thousand..why's the video called '0 to 100'?

  85. rushystartv

    With what he sed, shouldn't be the song called 0 to 1000 then? Lol that driver at the end must of been well annoyed that he had to slow down as he drove into the video haha

  86. T.616

    how didnt the ice-cream melt lool hard tho

  87. Towelie

    Yungen knos about partynextdoor💯


    rah this went in

  89. rumbleko

    Forgot how live yungen actually is hardd 

  90. ManLikeAce

    Don't really listen to yungen but this went in.

  91. Villaboy JayByrd

    Nice. Check out my version. Link: 
    comment and let me know what you think

  92. Luke Johnson

    Imagine Yungen made a track wid drake... MAUDDD

  93. Salty Queen

    Lmao not to come back but I had Google notes and came to check them out. I have this on speaker and my mom just heard it and I turned it down. My MOM said,

    "Good. Sounds like some stupid shit anyway."

    Ohhhh lmao. And we hardly ever agree!!
    Anyway bye!!! I mean do your thing BUT know not everyone's gonna like your shit!


    loool that's jokes

    Salty Queen

    @***** LMao pshhh quiet, the curry's burning not interested in your chav Ali G lingo, you wanna be bad man. Move along :)