Yung Heazy - Zugzwang Lyrics

Conversation is a battlefield
A crash and a burn
From her army of orbiters
All waiting their turn
But the house is a buzzing
Like bees in a hive
If there's too many people
I'll drag you outside

I love the rush but it hurts me
I love the rush do it again

Now I've fallen back into
The natural game
That with one simple question
Might just entertain
Cause these desperate young followers
Got nothing to hide
If there's too many people
Let's drag it outside

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Yung Heazy Zugzwang Comments
  1. Ethan Sprague

    2:16 I thought dick's were flying into his face.

  2. Mark Charles

    such a clever tight song bro


    i was at a party & a cute girl just texted me the day after, idk what to say, feel like i'm in zugzwang

  4. Jamison Lamkin

    This song plays on my Spotify mixes all the time and I love this video

  5. syd mdx

    how have i not heard this before????? i

  6. SanTTiago. erRror. Xs-1.22ñ

    I lovet

  7. Airiese Kate Paquibot

    i love u

  8. Mario Suarez

    This dude was so damaged, i love it

  9. aurel

    Can't wait to see you in Jakarta!!

  10. Sean Mathers

    Just happened upon you tonight. Cheers from Strathcona. Dig it!

  11. anon deilvers

    he's gonna be up there with Joji and Donald glover one day, I feel it in my bones.

  12. war2theren

    This song perfectly describes what I'm feeling and it's scary

  13. flair

    saludos desde Chile<3

  14. PureExpression

    Isnt there a word in canada for this? Flirting+smoking= smirting? Floking? Someone help me

  15. arnold ramirez

    Tmr que temazo lml <3

  16. Fernanda G.

    I love the rush, but it hurts me........... luv your songs

  17. ILoveXephos

    much love, soso talented :,)

  18. Daisy Lopez

    Don't ever stop making music ilysm

  19. markiebizzy

    damn bro this a really good track holy shyte

  20. Louyse Cosa

    0:56 Is it evangelion?

  21. Stephanie Kidd

    i need an album from him!😩🧡

  22. DJ Grim

    IAGOCOT alert.

  23. matheus gomes

    Cool! Brazil

  24. Irais

    Will you ever come to Mexico?

  25. molly m

    god I love this

  26. Mariela Meneses

    You are my kind of man

  27. Amparo Bórquez Molina

    I love your songs!❤ greetings from Chile :3

  28. [ ] uyên

    I really love your singing voice and your taste of music. Its so unique. Make more music please.

  29. [ ] uyên

    More music please

  30. vee c:

    a beauty

  31. sunshine

    This reminds me so much of "Home Videos" from adultswim. Good times.

  32. Jenna Wilhite

    i love ur style dude

  33. Luly Fernandez

    I love your songs!!! 💕💕💕
    Argentina loves u 💟

  34. Aunt Jemima

    I imagine this is the sort of music that's played in diners on the moon

  35. Just Here

    I love this song, but it hurts me

    cool ass birb

    play it again

  36. AxlRossGrey

    Your albuuummmmm is aaaawwweesoomeeeeee. You will Grow really bigggg. Love from Méxicooo

  37. Nigel Johnson

    Do it again

  38. Freya Christina

    Did one of you create this on paint? I'm loving it! Through smoking I met one of my best friends at college. "You got a light?" And the fire set off from there.

    Keep at it mate! Love from UK 🇬🇧

  39. Linda Malpaganti

    Love from italy❤

  40. Messie_Nessie_

    Out of this world

  41. Jas

    I love your songsssssssss

  42. Maya Fierst

    underrated! I love it

  43. tea

    this song is soo goood 😭😭 i luv ya yung heazyy

  44. Mila Ghorayeb

    !!!! <3 thanks for the shoutout fam

  45. Aline Gomez


  46. Lipilli X

    Ouuuuuu I didn't realize u uploaded so much last week. That's awesome! I love your music and am so happy to see more of ot now. 😊❤️

  47. Angga Yudha

    Good luck from Indonesia 🇲🇨

  48. Gabrielle B


  49. Connie's Lyrics

    I love the rush, but it hurts me <3

  50. Christian Rojas

    Loved the sound of your album, good luck from México

  51. Cristinaaa


  52. Alle Herman

    I'm loving thisss

  53. panie doktorze idz do lekarza

    I kinda want to make Yung Heazy famous in my country but I also want to keep this music for myself only
    Like I'm selfish ok

    Yung Heazy

    :) sharing is caring

    Jamison Lamkin

    Yung Heazy I love the rush of sharing

  54. Katherine Rivera

    Awesome video 💖

  55. kookiemingyu 17


  56. Dai Chan

    I love your songs! 🇮🇱🇮🇱

  57. Satria Yusuf

    i love this song

  58. Trinity Wood

    Just got home from my friend's house, we sat in the backyard while smoking & watching the sunset. This song is vibing w me really well rn, thanks for uploading man

  59. Zaria Acy

    Im in love 💕

  60. squishy booty

    Do u read the comments

    Yung Heazy

    Just yours

  61. enrique escobar

    remember me when you blow up

  62. Anna Esquerre Rojas

    belleza, pure art

  63. Keigo


  64. closetonion

    i can dig it

  65. Aiur

    Thanks for stopping by NY

  66. gh0st g1rl 10

    much love so much love

  67. daniela red

    Ohhhhh art, this is pure gold

  68. Emilia


  69. Gabriela MH

    So much love and support from mexicoooooooooo <3

  70. shlong dong


  71. Marina Scarlet