Yung Heazy - Turn My Back On Everything Lyrics

Depravation is my friend
When I think of you again
Helps me to high
Helps me to high

Figure it out
Tell the teachers you care about
Just getting by
Just getting by

Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything

Till I give up

Tomorrow Kills Me
Crumbles down and falls asleep
I'm not a state of mind
Not a state of mind

Takes one to know one
It takes two to have fun
Just kidding Bye
Just kidding Bye

Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything

Takes one to know one son
When words lose their meanings
Same old shit different because
The world while I'm perceiving

And I'll turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything
Turn my back on everything

Till I give up

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Yung Heazy Turn My Back On Everything Comments
  1. r. gin

    i fucking love this soooooong

  2. Single Coils

    If Mac DeMarco joined the strokes.

  3. 刘骁

    absolute loneliness

  4. Yuuki Cho

    I shouldn't have looked at this music video...

  5. Soda Ramen

    I’m a year late and tried the number. I wanted to ask him to perform at my wedding

  6. Benicio Contreras

    I called got my call rejected and then the number Wasn’t assigned to anyone anymore

  7. GAY MAN

    I love this song but dam lowkey tell me why anyone who looks lowkey homeless but still dressed good is my type like why do i love men with weirdly grown beards and long/curly hair

  8. Jack

    The lyrics are either 100% stalker or 100% sweet there’s no inbetween

  9. Tyler B

    I'm getting a Mac Demarco vibe

  10. Syahima Syafrudin

    This song stuck in my head

  11. sasa sasa

    love it!!

  12. conreedtokyo

    his genre is twangy beatles
    and clean slow punk

  13. Alejandro Martinez

    Inspiring, my guy!
    Might I inquire you for the guitar tabliture?

  14. Cycy

    Hypothetically, if I were to kidnap you would you like be my girl...

  15. TheNamesDitto

    Damn I've been bopping to this for a year now, and I never knew it was creepy af

  16. Angelique Kaplantzes

    0:37 @ 0.25x lol

  17. Juan Lozano

    Why aren’t you calling me back?

  18. Skrooge Lantay

    This needs to blow up ;-;

  19. So it goes

    Don't let me down by the beatles

  20. kosuke

    this is kinda kidnappery but still a bop

  21. jalate el ganso Maverick

    ¡Excelente canción!

  22. Fuck Face

    Don’t worry any girl loves a man that can sing and play guitar like that

  23. Zildjian StOp

    Didnt know william osman had a band

  24. AJ PDubz

    I honestly thought this was sung by an old black guy in love with his Latino girlfriend. My imagination 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Kayo Ishiro

    Is Nice music ❤😍

  26. patricia simpu


  27. aurel

    I'm so mad why aren't they popular

  28. The Blunt Witch

    This is so funny

  29. Theoz198

    0:10 John is that you?

  30. SirKitAlot


    Original song..

    Long Live The Beatles

    *gEt MoRe CrEaTiVe HeAzY*

  31. Lauren Christianna

    Sounds like a song used in a independent film about budding young romance.

  32. nea !! chy

    why thoo he does not look all

  33. Martina Rosales

    instant uplifting song

  34. Una Carlson


  35. Iamsmol

    I had a fight with this guy if water was wet or not

    And then he called me a flat earther

    Long story short - I like this guy and Ill definitely worship everything he does

  36. Zoo wee mama

    This song has been the only thing I’ve been listening to for the past week. I love it so much.

  37. Mellie Lue


  38. Timothy Honeycutt

    you are a really good musician my friend thank you for your contribution to my life because i dont know what i would do without great music. solid work man i really admire youre talent and authenticity. and just to let you know ive listened to this song at least 3 times a day since ive heard it because its just so damn fulfilling all the way through man but keeps me still wondering just a little more about what exactly you mean or what the context of the lyrics could be. definitely a song that will follow me for years to come.

  39. Tnemom Hurb

    I’m milly rocking as we speak

  40. kemberly

    this isn’t fair this deserves more views wtf

  41. McKensie Leffler

    Love the intense eye contact. Chills.

  42. shuruq

    Ok but he's so cute

  43. zkhrv


  44. jonathan5248

    Great song! Creepy video!

  45. Martin Khoo

    underrated song!

  46. Indrawan Teguh

    This music like a beatles

  47. aurel

    I'm so mad why isn't this at least have 1M views yet THIS SHIT SLAPS

  48. Vera Djukic

    Sweet baby Jesus I heard this song earlier and thought "Oh :) what a cute lovely happy song!" and then I-

  49. Caroline Kings

    haha when ur on the corner dressed like the dude <3

  50. medina yus azlan

    im in love

  51. Im Allergic To Cannibals

    ....... this is really creepy now that i see the video. when it was just the soundcloud art i was like “awwwwh”

  52. Isak Bengtsson

    It just hit 100 000 views! :)

  53. irfan aprianda

    Dont let me down

  54. Dan Fields

    Bought the song on Itunes, but keep coming back to the video. YungHeazy is really talented come to Chicago USA please.

  55. David Guzman M

    please come to Peru, amazing music !

  56. Dan Fields

    This song is incredible. The world needs more of this music.

  57. [ ] uyên

    another album please yung legend

  58. T C

    The Beach Boys on Quaaludes.

  59. Mohd Hafiy

    he looks like the cleaner version of ethan klein

  60. Nov - kun

    Underrated but Good :(

  61. Praditya Manggala


    Emily V

    Praditya Manggala same dude it’s my favorite part of this song

  62. Bigpimping 1999

    Gangster!!!!!! Great song

  63. Raiden Noeramrin

    maybe it's just me but why does Yung Heazy look like a male version of Darlene from Mr Robot?

  64. Fabián

    Alona Chemerys <3

  65. El huevo Marron

    He’s so cute

  66. Diego Sandoval

    Esta musica es genial

  67. Ronia

    Hes the baby of post malone and charlie day

  68. Aiman Sayyid

    C R E E P Y , but 🔥

  69. Sarah Manroe


  70. Laura Uta

    Na vida eu sou muito o Yung Heazy jantando com a minha namorada inexistente

  71. flair

    nunca pensé ver esto

  72. garaza adsf

    Internet comment etiquette sounds good

  73. ditto squirtle

    I feel increasingly uncomfortable by this music video. I love it.

  74. Devin Aughney

    i love this song but this vid gives off such a serial killer vibe...still into the song tho for some reason

  75. LIAS

    the song's too good for a music vid my man

  76. Pussy Boy

    The video makes it so much better

  77. uwu

    this is real creative

  78. NipahMotherfuckers

    Damn, I wish I looked that good in yellow.

  79. PukeMeAGalaxy

    If thats your number ill call u right away bb 💞

  80. Times I've lost it


  81. Broke Frog


  82. bubble beth

    love love love this song

  83. Cool Fox

    Anyone else get sublime vibes from the way he sings?

  84. himello •

    You are such an amazing artist

  85. Leah Strong

    finally a music video !!!!1

  86. Kaitlynn Hitchcock

    This is literally the best thing

  87. spongelicker

    This is so cute

  88. cerezas aplastadas

    ME GUSTA MUCHO LA FRASE: whenever you're around I hate everything less.... It's perfect 💖

  89. YO saldivar

    me gusta.

  90. Sarai Gabriel

    bro i love this song but this music video is hella weird and creepy the way he stares into the camera like ummmmm im kinda creeped out

  91. Fausto Valdez

    I saw this dude like 2 days ago... FUCKING AMAZING

  92. Francesca W

    I’ve loved this song for the longest time! I’m so happy there is finally a video! 💕😍

  93. Justin Oliver

    This guy looks like the pizza guy that comes in for a nice joint

  94. Joshua Castner Trio

    this is so cool!!!

  95. Sood Bongek

    Dont let me down

  96. Lorena Morais

    i love this music and now, love this video

  97. Liloye

    that sucks

  98. Anel Olea


  99. Marcela López