Yung Heazy - I Don't Know Anything Lyrics

I don't know
Where we are going from here
Or where I will be in a year
Or when will these answers be clear
I'm strung out cause I've got the fear
I'm living up to you

I don't know
Who in this world I will be
Or how other people see me
Or who of them I'll disagree
I'll live like this till I am free
Like the birds outside

I can't see
Anything out of my reach
I can't even eat out this peach
Or find the right words to say
I searched for me all day
I found myself again

I can't find
A sliver to my peace of mind
Something to help bide my time
And see things as they really are
An optimal solutions far off
I need you more then ever

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Yung Heazy I Don't Know Anything Comments
  1. J a i r s

    Love it

  2. Bronwyn Cross

    i love this with all my heart

  3. ellie witowski

    this is so perfect


    Estás comentando todos los vídeos jajaja.

    ellie witowski

    Carloman with quality like his he deserves the recognition i can't deny i'm a little embarrassed you caught me


    Jajajaja. It's true. This kind of music is very beautiful.
    I like that other people like what I like. Luck in your day.

    ellie witowski

    Carloman agreed and you too dear

  4. and199930