Yung Heazy - FML Lyrics

Lives on a phone pretends that it hurt
Come down from your waterfall and into the dirt

My life right now, it's a living hell

She doesn't reply, she doesn't receive
She doesn't matter makes no difference to me

My life right now, it's a living hell
Fuck, my life right now, it's a living hell, I said

Remember you cried like so long ago
I seriously think you'll be fine but I wouldn't want to know

My life right now, it's a living hell

I can't decide if my decisions my own
Someone wake me from this temperate state
I don't think I'm the only one in control

My life right now, it's a living hell
Fuck, my life right now, it's a living hell, I said

Lives on a phone pretends that it hurt
Come down from your waterfall and into the dirt

My life right now, it's a living hell
Fuck, my life right now, it's a living hell
Fuck, my life right now, it's a living hell

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Yung Heazy FML Comments
  1. candyernie

    So fucking good.

  2. Clairie draws

    I've been listening to this song on repeat since it came out. i love it

  3. Zach Byrd Adventure Hour

    I always figured the devil would play happy sounding sad songs. Cheers devil. Those are my favorite kind of songs.

  4. Silas Sequeira

    This warms up my heart

  5. Normal name

    HA this is fuckin great; so relatable. At least I have music to help release the tension. Seems like these guys do the same.

  6. nerdboy 9

    Yo dude im the 666th like Heazy himself made it happen

  7. riaha w

    Can’t get enough! 😍

  8. Gordon Raphael


  9. fatima adreeta

    Never knew a song about living hell could be so cheerful.
    And this is exactly how I feel right now. 🌌🌕
    Edit: the catterpilar at 1:12 was sooo cute 🐛❣️
    Also the spider at 3:11 🕷️💚

  10. Francesca S.

    Woahhh ok Alona u snapped

  11. Edwin Tolentino

    so this is what cersei is into right now after got

  12. Ebony Michelle

    What tf am i watching? I didn't mean to click on this

  13. Fallacious Wanderer

    Their album art drawings became alive😳

  14. Frowaz

    Is that cercei??

  15. fashión

    They look like the demons from the other yung heazy uploads on this channel. love that <3

  16. Алёна Садович

    Does anyone know the chords ?

  17. MayLynn Vang

    where the fuck have you been?!!!

  18. Anime gave me life


  19. Mr. Bleach

    Sounds like a life is strange song!

  20. łemon zest

    neat little song, but the video is so unsettling. sorry, can’t be me :/

  21. Hexxxen Meister

    Alona gets the video hookups now? 😏


    Just found this channel today... Awesome music taste

  23. flyde

    glad to see more heazy on your channel (i think this is where i found him?)

  24. Jason K

    Weird but cute

  25. Ary Rojas

    Hermoso ❤️😍

  26. Rahul Maheshwari

    Alona how to reach to you? You always amazed me with your beautiful music choice

  27. rofellXD

    Hellboy feat. Fiona/Avatar



  28. AxlRossGrey

    gosh i just love it sooo much <3

  29. Oussama Sarif

    Welcome Back Alona <3

  30. Cem Eke

    dont take so long for uploads man :>(

  31. ariana demendonca

    Love the song and the visuals 🥺🥺💘

  32. Rick Aguilar


  33. Peter Macias

    I had no idea Alona is a woman. Always full of surprises.

    alona chemerys

    Peter Macias yeah, but not that woman who’s on this video if you thought about it haha

    Peter Macias

    @alona chemerys I know. I read another comment about that. Glad I subbed to your channel. Keep up the great work.

  34. Abby A

    This is crazy good 💕

  35. John Dobbello

    this is beautiful young heazy, love the way you play guuitar.


    This song sounds so cheery to have such a melancholic message lol

    Moe Mercy

    What did you call me? You're a melon who's an alcoholic


    This is beautiful wtf

  38. Jesus Jimenez


  39. Nik’s Vlogs

    Here before 700!!! Suck my ass

  40. HyunMin Do


  41. Bella Bella

    Satan's son sings really good.

    Peter Macias

    Should he have a red guitar in the shape of a flame?

    Hazen Schatz

    @Peter Macias no

    Peter Macias

    @Hazen Schatz ok 👍

    Bella Bella

    @Peter Macias 💥🔥🎸😂

  42. AxlRossGrey

    Soooooo cooooool omg <3

  43. Nicholas Rogers

    The real question everyone has is... is that Alona in the blue?

    alona chemerys

    Nicholas Rogers nope

    Michael Taylor

    No it's club sofa

    Michael Taylor

    @Nicholas Rogers

  44. René Álvarez

    had to like twice the video bc i clicked like as soon as i saw the upload, then, as i was watching, thought "damn this is too good, i have to click that like button". did just that lmao

  45. cer spence

    When your sunburn is so bad your life becomes a living hell. Love you 💕

  46. nicks whore


  47. Yung Heazy

    Hope u homies like thee song! <3

    Marceline Ingot

    Im a fan now even though my life aint that bad at least you made a nice song about it.

    beautiful _

    Thanks for saving my day today, my crush is being a nerd so I just sent him this.

    Jade D.

    Like is the wrong word. I love it 🤷‍♀️❤ Its basically my life right now


    So fucking good.

    LazyDazeInAtlanta ATL

    Can I question why the girl skin is blue and the guy is a devil. Just curious of the art.

  48. XEmperor PalpatineX

    Like like like ♥️💚

  49. Arie x

    That 1 dislike has shit taste in music

  50. Arie x

    Sounds like my new favorite song 💖💖

  51. SoySauce92

    Muhhh life right now.... Is a living hell!

  52. William L.

    From across the cosmos comes Alona my princess
    When she's away so long, I become such a mess
    My dilithium crystals begin to drain and sputter out
    And out here in space there seems less magic about

    But O! I'm so thrill'd to see her today,
    'cept I' now tongue-tied with no more to say........

  53. kunchovic

    Woot Woot..another one

  54. Bowl Frizell

    anticipation-induced nutt going on in my panties right now

  55. Meltt

    Can’t wait for the drop!! 👹


    @art kid5 😂😂

  56. F4ULT