Yung Heazy - Because Lyrics

Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round, ah

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high, ah

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue, ah


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Yung Heazy Because Comments
  1. brooke holzhauer

    his cover is so good omg

  2. Relanni Alba

    why does this sound so sad

  3. Renato Roggiero

    Tab pls

  4. aina zain

    2:22 if this sound was playing in the middle of apocalypse, i would still smiling :)

  5. Whang Martin


  6. Anna Bytner

    But the world could be flat righ..
    Shut up haven’t u heard that Beatles song?

  7. Sosa, J.Alberto

    Came across this on Spotify, 🙏🏼 I’m crying 😭

  8. DADAMON 99

    Buen cover

  9. Blessfullkisses

    why am i always so late ???

  10. Celestial Summer

    Better than the original

  11. Beats basteln :3

    32 people are flat earthers

  12. withoutknowledge


  13. keno paulo estrera

    just Wow...

  14. Lara Gabriely

    Algum Br?🇧🇷

  15. Sushi

    Beautiful. Made me cry

  16. Spillled Milllk

    This song calmed even my cat the fuck down! <3

  17. Bob Smit

    Music is great voice is terrible

  18. ๖ۣۜFelιpe

    i'm selling replays:
    1 Dollar only!

  19. comma,

    This one took me by surprise, Beatles has been my childhood tune, thank you, thank you

  20. Sr Noseybonk Torrez Sanchez

    Es precioso, estoy orgulloso de que en este universo en el que vivo existe la musica

  21. Steven Jones

    If you liked this, check out my cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps on my channel!

  22. Chip Walter

    Wow. Brings nothing to the song. No attempt to do anything at all to the original that would justify covering it other then a dishrag version of Beatles harmonies. With that original song being on Youtube why wouldn't anyone click on that instead of this 2nd-rate clunker? (Because it was in my feed, I waste my ty-yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh-yuh-ime


    I agree. It needs to be on Spotify though.


    And at least it's not a Jake Paul or a my life animated video.

  23. FRNTZ- 85KW

    C a r a D e l e v i n g e

  24. Osher Cohen

    That's great. Because is my personal favorite song ever made. 10\10 3>

  25. Rickee

    Beautiful ♡

  26. mad mad

    I thought it was Ely Buendia of the Philippines

  27. Soy Carolin L.


  28. Митцуку

    Elliott Smith's cover is still the best

  29. Rodrigo Gomez

    This is only the second time I’ve heard someone cover the Beatles right damn great job

    Theodore Christopher Dio

    Which one's the first?

    Yuval Elmaliah

    And the first is..?:)

    Rodrigo Gomez

    Yuval Elmaliah the last shadow puppets covering I want you (she’s so heavy)

  30. Fernanda Soares

    You guys should make more Beatles's cover, this is amaaaazing i'm trippin'



  32. squishy booty

    *Alona* , *yung heazy* , *beatles* , *because* SO MANY THINGS I ENJOY IN ONE VIDEO😀

  33. mei

    posted on Beat The Meatles day

  34. Minnie Mouse

    Sometimes I when I listen to a song my foot involuntarily moves to the rhythm of the percussion.

  35. thalia

    Because is such an underrated Beatles song it’s so beautiful. So is long long long

    aIleen The normie

    Thalia Loor-Steinberg I love the long and winding road by the Beatles

  36. Death Metal

    Providin good ol music

  37. Gustavo Silva

    Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!Please put on Spotify this is magnificent!

    Tristan Orchard

    It's here !

  38. Woe Woegang

    This song "because" is the BEST song to listen to at night while watching the stars. The Beatles version tho

    Jimmy Bob

    They both are really good in certain situations but yeah i agree the beatles version would be better for that

  39. SadBoiBlue

    Are name are really simular mine has two N's

  40. Ada Topór

    thank you

  41. nootsuspicious


  42. Puf

    Oh this is cute

  43. Osher Cohen

    Amaizing. This is maybe the best song of all time.

  44. gh0st g1rl 10


    even tho i’m here to chill

  45. Will

    I absolutely love the surf rock guitar near the end

  46. Gabriela Jimenez

    Give me more good beatles covers <3 <3

  47. Jade D.

    I love the Beatles so much. Great edit ❤😍

  48. Annette Romero

    L O V E

  49. William L.

    💞 I hope you feel better today dear heart 💞
    💋 great if🌹

    In the rain-
    darkness, the sunset
    being sheathed i sit and
    think of you

    the holy
    city which is your face
    your little cheeks the streets
    of smiles

    your eyes half-
    half-angel and your drowsy
    lips where float flowers of kiss

    there is the sweet shy pirouette
    your hair
    and then

    your dancesong
    soul. rarely-beloved
    a single star is
    uttered,and i

    of you

    🌹 🌹 🌹 💋 🌹 🌹 🌹

    alona chemerys

    William L. 💗🌸

    William L.

    💖 thank you for the snow...
    you really are a lovely person, Alona 💟

  50. LIGHT

    that moment when sound waves and light spectrum collide 😍😍😍

  51. Jimmy Bob

    Very good indeed

  52. bitter fuck

    This channel makes me wish I could ride a car from the early 2000s, just riding through the night roads while blasting this music with a lover by my side. I could imagine just parking somewhere, with the two of us laying on the hood of the car while staring at the stars. Maybe we hold hands or tell jokes but then... We talk about life, love, and what the future could hold even though we know love is always uncertain, especially in a world that’s so large and filled with endless possibilities. So we just lay on the hood, and embrace the time we spend right now because that’s all we have. I feel complete and maybe she does too, and that’s all I’d ever need in my life.

    Truth is tho, I don’t have a girlfriend.

    UPDATE: Tomorrow, Christmas Day, is my 6 month anniversary with my girlfriend. We're so happy together and I love her so much. She's my love, my life, she's my everything.

    tostada biscuits

    bitter fuck I actually volunteer if you listen to indie hah


    How do you not have a girlfriend? I wish all boys were like that😥😥

    guktefn grshoo

    Fuck nooooo people are already romanticizing the 2000's!!! NO

    bitter fuck

    guktefn grshoo can you judge? 2000s was like the best time of my life honestly.

    Saige Lofton

    Where have you been ??

  53. Meiko Magic Jackson

    This is so orgasmic fo my ears

  54. Juliê Garcia

    i was looking for another channel like Thelazylazyme and I'm so freaking glad i found yours!

    Tega Momen

    Juliê Garcia there is another one called i am cyborg and i love that

    Juliê Garcia

    thanks! <3

    gh0st g1rl 10

    i love thelazylazyme tooooo!


    There is David Dean Burkhart too💞

  55. 잘못Alexander

    aaaaa thx<3

  56. PastaLinguine

    thanks for the great video as always, you always seem to brighten my day :^)

  57. A Majestic Peach

    I like the Beatles

    i tell you when it's time, okay?

    i love the Beatles

  58. Aleson Lima

    Oh God, i need to share this song with my best friend *--* Alona, you're the best

  59. Raw Milk

    Is it tho

  60. Moira Scheyen

    I love The Beatles, and I love Yung Heazy so this is fucking perfect

    Albert Parish

    yeah same. i think Yung Heazy takes a lot of inspiration from the Beatles actually. Like "cuz you're my girl" takes parts from "Don't let me down", the last ever song played by all the Beatles together.

  61. Liceli Salas

    Definitivamente me ENCANTA 💕💕💕💕 The Beatles es mi banda favorita 🐐

  62. Volodymyr Derkach

    really nice cover! thank u)

  63. Chloe Price

    I love you so much, Al

  64. Reveur insomniaque


  65. Celeste Isabelle

    Yung heazy 😍

  66. Shayyan Pritchett

    Is it bad if someone leaves you their number and you don't text them because you know for a fact they're too good for you?

    Kyle Jharry Santos

    Text him immediately, keep us updated!!

    rose black

    you're attaching to your ego too much (i'm not this i'm not that). let loose. if they're really "too good" then you only have something to gain and nothing to lose don't you? good luck

    julia robin

    text them go for it

    Taylor Babineaux

    Don't put yourself down. You never know until you try. I almost missed out on an amazing person because I was scared to ask them for their info.

    The Rickiest James

    If you feel like you would be a burden on their life cause u got shit thats going on in your life then dont if u care about them, or at least wait until you get right

  67. sara

    You have blessed us again 💕
    Hope you're better, my love

    alona chemerys

    sara you all make me feel better 💗

  68. Irome Oroshi

    This channel is one of the few channels that makes me legitimately happy

  69. red

    He's so wonderful :')

  70. Mika Avital

    I love it