Yung Bans - Round Lyrics

[Yung Bans:]

Yeah, huh, dress it up, huh, dress it down, yeah
Took flight, came up off the ground, huh
I'm out this Earth, baby, it ain't round
Round, round, rou-rou-rou-round

Ayy, set it, dog food, ayy, ain't it brown?
Out a perc, huh, ain't it round?
Fuckin' hoe, make that bitch go down
Smokin' gas, bitch, my dope is loud
Ayy, hatin' that nigga, I know he can't stand me, yeah
I'm just countin' up, this shit just dandy, yeah
Shawty suck my dick like, "where your man?" Yeah
I'm like, "fuck that nigga, I don't give no damn" Yeah
Baby, that nigga gave me a helpin' hand, yeah, hey
On two feet, I had to stand, yeah
On four feet, I'm on my hands and legs, yeah
Bitch, I'm a dog, I'm a fuckin' legend, huh, ayy
Dog, huh, ayy, yeah, dog
Chopper jumpin' like a frog, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah, huh
Baby, I'm a dog, uh, yeah, ayy
Caught up in the smoke, I'm in the smoke, huh

Yeah, huh, dress it up, huh, dress it down, yeah
Took flight, came up off the ground, huh
I'm out this Earth, baby, it ain't round
Round, round, rou-rou-rou-round

[Juice WRLD:]
Your bitch on the four, that bitch down to fuck, ayy
I'ma knock her down, same way I hit her up, ayy
Now he on the ground, ambulance pick him up, uh
Ambulance get him up, yeah
I ain't give no fucks
She say she in love, I don't give no fucks
Met her in the club, she was DTF; down to fuck
.40 on me, had to light 'em up, line 'em up
Pop a molly, icy just to watch me, yeah, uh
Gang gang, baby, they be too family
Banana clip on me 'cause niggas be really actin' like they chimpanzees
These niggas say they weren't ready, bitch, I been ready
He say it's a scary movie, bitch, I been Freddy, ayy

[Yung Bans (Juice WRLD):]
Yeah, huh, dress it up, huh, dress it down, yeah (dress it down, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Took flight, came up off the ground, huh (off the ground, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm out this Earth, baby, it ain't round (it ain't round, no)
Round, round, rou-rou-rou-round (round, rou-rou-round)

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Yung Bans Round Comments
  1. Kqdding

    This song is such a banger bro whyyyy is this shit not blown up way more

  2. jms2447

    Juice why you had to leave 😥 Missing you legend

  3. PlaneClouds

    Earth Aint A Spinning Space Rock!

  4. Craig Steward

    RIP Juice

  5. jesus rivera

    rip juice wrld

  6. Auston Rowe

    This hit so different now. Rip juice be strong bands

  7. Tj Knox

    RIP juice❤️🙏

  8. Maciej P.

    I will still argue that Vol. 5 is the best Bans' album, better than MISUNDERSTOOD and more mature than his earlier Volumes.

  9. Pato4949

    100% real music

  10. Papa Oink

    RIP my guy Juice 🔥 🖤 🖤 🖤
    Hopefully this song gets its deserved recognition 999

  11. lynda desrosier

    Rip juice man

  12. Norexxen

    Rip juice

  13. YSE Reviews

    RIP juice wrld

  14. Doomer's Cigarette

    Rest easy juice :'(

  15. Mrright Gaming

    R.i.p. JUICE WRLD🙏😢

  16. Noize

    i found out about this song yesterday 💔 rip jarad. 999 forever.

    Maciej P.

    You should check out an entire Vol. 5, I'd argue it's even better product than MISUNDERSTOOD.

    Auston Rowe

    Noize been bumping had to come say rip juice

  17. Blurry

    RIP Juice Wlrd 🙏

  18. Ohh Oblivion

    This song had so much potential #ripjuice 😓

  19. WtfPlug

    Rip juice


    qtPlug 🙏🏽

  20. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Mannn RIP Juice...

  21. Tooliver Don

    Rip juice

  22. NewKidOnTHEBlocc

    Damn rip juice 🔥🔥

  23. Ben Swole

    this beat fye

  24. ashton

    There should’ve been a music video for this

  25. Zaid Adams

    Bans and Juice flat earthers. It should be obvious to everyone that we dont live on a basketball. But y'all on snooze

  26. Elisabeth-Yesenia Muñoz


  27. carlos castro

    juice wild saved this song

  28. XXXPikminU

    Why so underrated?

  29. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Baby I’m a dawg😈🔥🔥

  30. Young Letdown Radio slowed and reverb way better

  31. Anthony Kelly

    Met her in the club
    She was DTF, down to f*ck

  32. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke




  34. Santana Alvarado

    Everyday type ahit

  35. Lord Lykan

    On the thumbnail, Yung Bans looks like YNW melly. Idk why

    Jimmy Hernandez

    Lord Lykan same sometimes I can’t even tell the difference 😂

  36. True Soda

    Why am I just now hearing this? I'm ashamed.. Juice went brazy

  37. Kew

    This got me hittin the stanky leg while Milly rockin

    Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Uglyahh 😂😂🤣

  38. เรียกข้าว่า อีซี่แมน

    *_-ROUND N ROUND-_*

  39. Kameron Walker

    It's so smooth but yet upbeat

  40. LacedUpDaze

    This song is so slept on

  41. WesTabs

    This song is so slept on smh

  42. Colby Bogolin

    Anyone else use this song for bass

  43. Najee Jackson

    1 time meh 2 time ok listen 3 times Oh I fuck with this

  44. J Buck

    Finally someone not afraid to tell the sheep that the world ain’t round, get it together folks they wanna feed us lies and show us scarcity and overpopulation when there’s plenty of everything and room for all of us!!! God bless you YUNG BANS. He probably doesn’t eat meat either! All about good energy and it comes from the sun and that brings proteins and life through photosynthesis which we all learned in elementary school that makes plants grow so if you wanna grow yourself eat plants live under the sun and think for yourself not from what you were told! I hope I converted a few sheep with this post into deer because they are killing us off like deer, the wolves are lurking everywhere. So don’t be a sheep ❤️🦌

    R 0 H A K

    I cant tell if this a joke or nah but I hope it is

  45. Andy Culican

    When you get a lunch able for a field trup

  46. Killaboi 03

    juice is the littest nigga in the rap community

  47. Jeremiah Armendariz

    he went to me school and it's crazy how far he has came in life, I on my way and I only hope to see my homie again

    Top Comment

    Yung Bans or Juice Wrld?

    Laila Aiyar

    I smell cap


    with your grammar I doubt you've even been in school

    Who’s Joe?

    Spangly r/woooosh

  48. FFLsilenxr

    doesn’t this sound like GRAVE by Lil Gnar and Skies

  49. Cartithazine 05

    How can a song be this underrated heard this song back when it came out now im coming back to this hit bruh. This straight heat🔥🔥 on 🐍lime

  50. Carosonology

    Yung bans trash juice wrld actually good

    Joseph Farley

    U trippin

  51. sLaK 187

    "Dtf down to fuck"

  52. LowKeyPoppi

    Banz know we dont live on a globe ayeee

  53. Gullible

    Juice goes hard

  54. Jace


  55. Alexandra Phelps

    Chopper jumping like a 🐸

  56. Tanner Bailey

    This song is fire

  57. Bryson Hill

    Underrated rapper

  58. Gabriel Vargas

    Why tf juice sound like Fetty at the beginning

  59. roddy’s wife

    juice starts at 1:34


    Only reason I like the song

    Foofke Music

    Get out of the comment section


    roddy’s wife leave

  60. jake fromstatefarm

    Juice did his part. 🔥

    Auston Rowe

    jake fromstatefarm yes he did rip juice.

  61. Mareks Laz


  62. Swerves YT

    This shit good

  63. T serd

    it ain't round... .witch means its.flat like the bible says. ... soo that's mean jesus and the devil must be real. tooo. wow. who would of thought. . thanks yung bans.for helping me see thru the lies. we were told as kids. planets evolution, aliens . NASA had me good

    Gabriel Frm T-Ville

    nigga wut 😂💀

    T serd

    @Gabriel Frm T-Ville the earth is fucking flat not a ball .smh it's clear look into it

    your mum gey

    Your punctuation is worse than your reasoning


    If earth 🌍 is round , why i aint dizzy for because of spinnin

  64. Akram Mikati

    Nah fam.. This ain't it chief, big L on ya lil dummy head


    Juice goes hard

  66. Yovana Ramirez Alvaraaoa

    Una buena canción con pocas visitas! :(

  67. Don Cox

    Yung bands is the definition of mumble rap

    Gabriel Frm T-Ville

    @Don Cox i fuck with carti tho 🔥

    Sam A.

    Don Cox you mean future

    Don Cox

    @Sam A. him too

    Lewis Bartlett

    Don Cox nah not really. Still makes good music though


    @Lewis Bartlett x is dead

  68. Gray

    underrated song tbh

  69. Red

    even though i don't agree with this hippie flat earth shit, i can still bop to this

  70. King

    This is on SoundCloud

  71. Walter St

    Ofc juicy is in the flat earther song

  72. Walter St

    He didn't have to but he left that piano in🙏💃bops

  73. XxFried Pickle42xX

    Ight boys we got a flat earther call Neil Armstrong

    Level Earth Berk

    You really think that man has been to the moon?? LOL

    Blake Head

    Level Earth Berk Z

    Jeffrey Black

    Lmao 😂😂😂💯


    I have seen better actornauts. He makes it too easy.

  74. Walter St

    Even if the boi a flat earther this still bops. Chill carti.


    Walter St look into it. Facts out weight everything


    @4buds bro Stfu, who tf cares


    BlackSand not you

    Walter St

    @BlackSand chill bro. Just cause they dumb doesn't mean they arent ppl

    Jeffrey Black

    "she say she in love,I don't give no fucks!!!-Juice Wrld Lmao 😂😂😂💯

  75. Slime

    Wake up people he's telling the truth

    Kevin Cervantes

    noodle Gang THANK YOU!!! people are so blinded from the truth


    I watched IT ,on genius

  77. J.Caine ✓

    This nigga thinks the Earth is flat 😂😂😂💀💀💀

    Level Earth Berk

    J.Caine ✓ You think those are real? There's pictures of big foot, King Kong and spider man. What's your point?

    J.Caine ✓

    @Level Earth Berk there astronautd that went to space and saw a round earth. They even said it was round!!

    Level Earth Berk

    J.Caine ✓ No one has been to space

    J.Caine ✓

    @Level Earth Berk lmao thank God you're trolling

    Level Earth Berk

    J.Caine ✓ Truth hurts. If the space agencies didn't exist what's your best proof that we live on a spinning space ball?



  79. uAstinky Boy

    This is underrated

  80. Kalande Mumba

    The jazzy leads are a vibe

  81. Anias G

    Is it "I aint round" or "it aint round"


    Anias G it ain’t round

    Anias G

    @jock rockwell i mean you could go to space and see for yourself. Even if you do go and see the earth you'll stay claim its flat and that the icebergs surround the earth


    @jock rockwell obviously your horizon will change with your latitude like iss astronauts can see more at once then we can its obviuos

  82. I’m About 2eat

    “It ain’t round” flat earth confirmed these dudes know 👁

    Hector Mendoza

    T serd wierdo

    T serd

    @PlaneClouds no dude it's flat and there's a dome above us all


    @T serd replyed 2 wrong person yea its flat


    @SmokelessMeme Idiot, looking up into the sky is your proof the earth beneath you is curved...
    All we can say about these planets are that they are lights in the sky. We can’t go there and see what they are.
    And how would looking up into the sky and seeing a circular light prove the earth beneath you is curved?
    Wouldn’t you think it would be odd if a carpenter came to your house to check if your floor was level, and then he starts pointing up to the ceiling lightbulbs to measure the floor beneath him.

    Try finding a realistic picture of a planet from nasa, they are all cartoons.

    All we can say about the luminary’s are that they are lights in the sky.

    Planets were known before as wandering stars. Not physical spheroids.
    They say there is a vacuum above our heads. And yet we live in a pressurized system. How can you have gas pressure without a container?
    We live in an enclosed system.
    Endless sky vacuum space is a fantasy.
    This is a representation of the globe earth solar system. Do you honestly believe this is what is going on right now?

    Sug Ondese

    @SmokelessMeme Why do you look up at the sky and think "see those spinning glowing balls? We live on that too!" If no one had ever told you that you were on a spinning ball, would you think you're on a spinning ball? Despite the fact that the curve is supposed to be 8in per mile and we don't see that, or the fact that gravity can NEVER be proven and will always be a guess. Do your own research instead of just believing common cencus like a woman.

  83. LoudPackProductions

    sounds like wheezy and cassius on the beat

  84. Tyler


  85. Darian Winters

    Yung bans my hol mood


    Hajoi Yung bans my fav

  86. /BluntHeadAss/

    Top 2 songs in order off Volume 5
    (In order)
    1.Wish i had

    All the other songs are ight


    /BluntHeadAss/ agree

  87. William Ricardo

    Só porcaria ainda quer se comparar com Tupac faz me rir ...... COMÉDIA....😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Ernesto Ramirez

    This shit hot ass

  89. Sam Sykes

    I fuck with bans but im sick of these rappers trying to promote percocet. That shit is one step below heron. They have money to support that addiction and still have money left after that because they make guap. but all these kids that try to emulate these rappers get hooked on the shit and then move on too dope because they don't have the funds too support that addiction they started. I just wish rappers still talked about being the drug dealers. Not the fiends who geek on em. That's not boss shit, that's junkie shit. Period

  90. $WIFE

    Yung bans a legend

    The Non-Believer

    $WIFE he good but to say he a legend is crazy asf bro he ain't there at all


    Chill out

    Motiv_ Chanling

    Juice world help

  91. ProMETHaXAN *

    0:21 so he’s a flat earther?

    Rhint Valkinsson

    Flat Earth was literally invented as a troll, and now we actually have people that believe that shit.


    @jock rockwell your practically saying that the moon is flat that s don't make any sense b


    @Danial Lea lmfao

    JC WUTANG1992

    Who gives a shit what it is we can live on it now shut up move on


    @Rhint Valkinsson What can you point me to in reality that shows u living on a spinning space rock?

  92. ProMETHaXAN *


  93. 80g

    juice sounds like post with extra autotune


    Andrew Hicks true

    Alex Bateman

    Lmao except it’s the other way around juice uses less and posty uses more

    stoopid nibba

    Alex Bateman no juice uses a lot of autotune, its his style

  94. JRDAN AJ

    yung bans is like a chiller carti


    Oh shit..

    Jeffrey Black

    "She say she in love,I don't give no FUCKS!!!.-Juice Wlrd

    Amir Anderson

    JRDAN AJ sound like some Carti influence anyways

    Malachi Burnett

    Dont compare this nigga to carti

  95. JRDAN AJ

    deserve 0 dislikes this song is perfect


    Aang De PussyBeast so is wish i had


    He thinks the world is flat, this song is ass lmao

    Wes Tod

    exactly phantom lol

    WhyLoveT LY

    YUNG PHANTØM shut up u don’t got no good song


    Young Rapx lol bro I’ll body you on Instagram live, stop.😂

  96. Brayden Roberts

    Juice goes off on this joint🖤💥

    Evan Feldman

    Brayden Roberts “this joint”

    My Iq is 30

    Brayden Roberts “this joint” 😂😂

    Auston Rowe

    Brayden Roberts BIG RIP JUICE