Yung Bans - Fire Lyrics

[Famous Dex:]
Hood Rich
DJ Young Rel, ho
Fire, oh yeah, fire, oh yeah
Fire, oh yeah, fire, oh...

Fuck the five bitches in my front end (In my front end)
Five bitches in my front end, yeah (Front end)
Fire, fire, fire, fire
I got five bitches dancin' on me (On me)
Young nigga ridin' to the money, yeah
Fire, fire, fire, fire
Ooh, checkin' a bag
Ooh, young nigga checkin' a bag
Fuckin' on this bitch, I ain't mad
Fuckin' on this bitch, I ain't mad
Boy real sad (Dexter)
Five chains, five rings on
Ugh, got your bitch up on my ringtone, huh (Ringtone)
Five chains, five rings on (Five chains) yeah
Five chains, five rings on (Five chains) yeah
Got that bitch up on my ringtone (Ringtone) yeah
Five chains, five rings on

[Yung Bans:]
Ayy, Bans
Fire, shawty got that fire (Fire) yeah (Got that fire)
Think you're sweet then try it, oh (Think you're sweet then try it)
Yeah, all my niggas ridin', ayy (Skrt)
Wit' blood, he let that fire
Ayy, yeah, YSL Slime
Ayy, she gon' suck the slime, make me lose my mind (Beans)
Ayy, five bitches wanna fuck me, make her stand in line (Stand in line)
Yeah, told her when she do it "Baby take your time" (Take you time)
Runnin' to the (Ayy) money (Huh) check (Check)
Five bitches, five hundred thousand 'round my neck ('Round my neck)
Bitches 1 of 1 (Yeah) the gang, 1 of 1, the set (The set)
Ayy, bitch I keep it on me, I'll get you wet (Pew)

Hood Rich, bitch

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Yung Bans Fire Comments
  1. Colby Duggin

    Young Bans got them features

  2. /BluntHeadAss/

    Ive never seen this

  3. Sammy Xavier

    Ight doe Bans always slappin n vibin on Twitter boii!💯 Dis shit 🔥🔥🔥

  4. SapphireOre

    This sound too SoundCloud.

  5. mynameischefTV

    Bans gonna explode just wait

  6. sad男の子

    Famous Dex, where’s the aah yeah, oohh whaa

  7. darianndental


  8. Jovanny Rodriguez


  9. Chubz

    666 like

  10. Yoruk_Hunt

    Beat is good though

  11. Underground Trappers

    This old but 🔥


    Here before 1million views 🔥🖤

  13. Jay Bosslingo


  14. Dax

    I fux wit it



  15. Integra 501

    lmaoo idk wat to feel about this song but it does sound funny

  16. tehFlintt

    Famous Dex is dead

    I don’t know you

    tehFlintt ur dumb

  17. patty يلمع

    the producer tags sounded better than any of the verses

    Praise Mala


  18. Carmel Boo

    Eyy 🤘🏽


    I got something for you guys to post it’s dope af hmu

  20. nate brady 414

    Just here to say that I'm seriously better than Everyone elevator posted this year

    Praise Mala

    nate brady414 yo shit fire bro

  21. T______

    Ban$ 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Pro Habits

    This bumps in the whip

    Brian Shillingford

    Okay Feefo

  23. fvckhoshi

    First you unfollow me on twitter than u drop this?? nigga fuck you


    Yuhh u sad cuz a nigga unfollowed u ?


    Yuhh bati bwoys

  24. Messiah Beatz

    PROD BY ME🤘🏾

    Pro Habits

    Messiah Beatz u killed this shit


    Messiah Beatz wavy

    M.L.J. Tha Beatmaker

    You killed this beat man 🔥🔥🔥


    Good shit

    Polo With The 44

    Messiah Beatz is that hoodrich tag just a random dope tagg?

  25. you feel me

    This the first song dex killed in a minute🔥

  26. Off12xans

    bans tweakin wit this one 🤦🏾‍♂️

    I don’t know you

    Off12xans stfu you don’t know rap

  27. Venom ELITE

    You know how it goes

    2.lil pump
    3. 21 savage
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    5 yung bans
    6 tay k
    7 anyone you want
    8 Lil uzi vert
    9 Kodak black
    0. Gucci mane

    Javage Sackson

    who tf is yung band

    Venom ELITE

    Javage Sackson young bans


    Chief Keef 😢

  28. Kustom d

    Been waiting

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    ☠️☠️☠️ TRASH AS FUCK ☠️☠️☠️


    TYPE OF I was just about to type this too


    But it kinda is tho


    naah fiiyyaa

  30. 5200