Yuna - Used To Love You Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Yuna:]
I wonder if you think about me
Now that you're out there on your own
You made it seem so easy
I wanna be just like you
I wonder if your heart is healing
You're going out so often now
I see the boys are helping you out
Are they just like you?

[Pre-Chorus - Jhené Aiko:]
No regrets, no looking back now
Never left, you let me back down, no, no, no

[Chorus - Jhené Aiko:]
Used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I'm better than before

[Verse 2 - Yuna:]
I can never understand why
I'm depending on a guy
To make me feel like I was special
I am special when am I
Keep running on in circles
I was such a slave for love
Now that I know better, I know better of my worth
I was young and I was foolish
Giving up my heart so easy to someone who didn't love me like I do
I was young and I was foolish
All I needed was my spirit and someone will come and love me like I do

[Pre-Chorus - Jhené Aiko:]
No regrets, no looking back now
Never left, you let me back down, no, no, no

[Chorus - Jhené Aiko:]
Used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I'm better than before

[Bridge - Yuna:]
Used to love you
I used to love you
Used to love you
Used to love you
Used to love you

[Chorus - Jhené Aiko:]
Used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I used to love you, used to care
But no more
I'm better than before

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Yuna Used To Love You Comments
  1. Daniella Pawl

    Best independent female song. They should do more duets.

  2. jackie g. love

    we see that beautiful just keeps growing bigger and stronger and contagiously healthy, i thank goodness i love love and no one has to ever settle for anything less than love. 2 of my favorite artists brought me here with love💞. love jackie baby 🦋🌹💋 .

  3. GG Flores

    I love this song these two beautiful talented ladies just make this song come alive and set the mood

  4. frankiesha tate

    Can’t get enough literally love them I just feel it in my soul🥰🥰😘

  5. The Mack

    You made it look so easy, i wanna be jus like you 💯💯

  6. Just K

    Hit it hard in 2020.🔥🔥🔥

  7. Juicy Fruit


  8. Hawks Eyeview

    This country is starting to wreak of hatred, jealousy and envy heavily from bullies. The ANKHCESTORS will PROTECT me and my progeny FOREVER. Love to my Guardian Angel.

  9. Yello DaGeek Bambino

    Just pure Bliss 😍 two great souls 💙

  10. krystal lewis

    Crazy I heard this on Pandora at a perfect time. Perfectly put this is how I am "starting to feel" Loving this song.

  11. lequewill 722

    I know I just got here but... It doesn't change how amazing this song is. First time hearing it and I'm in love 💪👌🎉🎊💞💖

  12. Emylea Edruce

    yayyy 10 M unlocked~~~

  13. Emylea Edruce

    9,991,001 come on guys.. make it 10 M

  14. Vincent_ 007

    Sade needs to here this!❤

  15. Brooklyn 718 Nyc

    Sing it girl 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Frances Araujo

    What a jaaaaaam. My aching heart just burst into a million sparkly butterflies...

  17. Julie Macharia

    "Now that I know better, I know better of my worth"

    Always love yourself first and then the right person will follow...

  18. The Baddest Chick

    OMGoodness this song is telling my life right now. He hurt me so bad💔. No more I'm better than before

  19. Ahna Not Anna

    Why doesn't this song have a music video 😩

  20. C Marie

    Bring me back to life. Yes 💘

  21. Sarah Gutierrez

    I couldn’t have said it better than this... No looking back now!!!! Use to love you, use to care but no more ... (his last wishes was he wanted his space so I made his wish happen) no regrets!!! I’m better than before!!!

  22. Nicholas Kemp

    Definitely trying to burn one with anyone who likes this song. Let's charter a boat to somewhere warm and blast this at sunset over drinks and good herb. Slam that like button to RSVP

  23. Diva Cookn

    Feel this deeply .. beautiful song

  24. True Critic

    Yuna please collaboration with her again

  25. True Critic

    I love this song, it's on repeat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Emylea Edruce

    road to 10 M views

  27. Jey Clark

    This song is such a bop literally just cleaned my apartment with it on repeat

  28. Bryan Mayfield

    Love this song

  29. Paris Lampkins

    If you Got someone you Love hold them too This people fuss and fight everyday but the make up is what Count Hold your women or man and make it right too this Love over pride 💯💑

  30. t b

    2019 vibes #no regrets

  31. Blue Mazar

    I will always be in love with you Stella.... 😔

  32. Nora LRB

    This song is so magical.

  33. David King

    This a beautiful song, but don't get it twisted ladies. Love is still an amazing feeling even if it doesn't last. Stop playing like u can live without it. This is an amazing piece of "entertainment." Bet both these ladies in a situation where its completely the opposite of this song.

    IllisMoreo 87

    Yuna once broke up with her old bf... but now she's recovered & got married to a wonderful man.

  34. Sugar Lovejuice

    Feeling thisss💔

  35. vee xo


  36. Faith Colquitt

    I don't see how this got 2.2 K dislikes, we must be a special kind!

  37. wahai org yg lembut hatinya

    Bless my ears~!

  38. chris blakes

    Powerful Vibes🌹💙🌹

  39. Gloria Wyatt

    I’ve been waiting for them to collab and I’m only just now hearing it?? Whack

    Just K

    This on Yuna album back then in 2016.check em out bro ♥️

    Gloria Wyatt

    @Just K woww ok thanks!

  40. Lia John

    This song right here still bumps hard!! Mad this didn't get the recognition it deserve! Shyt is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️😥👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  41. Tesha Rozell

    I love this song 😭❤️

  42. Rehan Zenri


  43. Keith Johnson

    As much as i still love my exwife there no looking back where done if only we could have stayed together and still cared .

  44. Yesenia Yanez

    Yesterday was my first time listening to this song let me say that it was exactly how I feel.

  45. Saeed Smith

    Yeah I used to but no more n no ion hate u actually I feel sorry for u bit ul b ard birds fly but hold dis L cause u lost one.

  46. Kate Oram

    Happy, sad, lonely, content and beautiful all at the same time

  47. agirlhasnoname

    This is perfect

  48. Destin Gray

    i see blasian is where its at 😂

  49. toniplove33

    Use to love you...Use to care but no more.

  50. toniplove33


  51. Chanel Williams

    Yup still listening in 2019

  52. Livi D.

    Perfect collab

  53. Ocean Mist

    Feeling this song so deeply

  54. Bruno Dacruz

    They should make more songs together

  55. Kirby Augustine

    On repeat in the ride.

  56. yolanda shaw

    Beautiful song omggg BEAUTIFUL voice . Repeat😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Sarah Henderson

    This was perfect collaboration 💙💙💙

  58. Jeanetta R

    I'm better than before

  59. Love Pleasure

    Wins we are 👑👑👑👑👑💚💛💜💙💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕💯Still Love Still Care Still Loyal 💯

  60. Valerie Mendoza

    No more,
    This song is life

  61. Angel Eyes33


  62. yuqicutie

    no one will ever understand the love I have for this song 😭

  63. Brittney Clark

    This song helped me get over a toxic ex. Thanks Jhene and Yuna

  64. Jeremy Pope

    I'm a man and I love this song it's so smooth voice R so beautiful together . song have got mad love for both of young ladies. thanks. Live from H - Town Texas straight. can feel what they saying I used to love you up..

  65. Ms. Tamara

    Going thru a breakup after 5 years and this song is so relatable. So glad I found it! Cant believe I wasted 5 years and now I’m 34 with no kids. Live n learn

  66. Mono gram adikt

    so good

  67. Laren Karen

    2019 just now hearing this song.... mind blown!!

  68. Bennijah Bailey

    I thought she said “you still love you you still care for no one”
    But she says
    “Used to love you used to care but no more”

  69. Oluka Denis

    She is the queen of soul

  70. Multifandom Trash

    God bless Yoongi for making me discover this masterpiece

  71. D Almanza

    I definitely needed to hear this jam again, Especially at this time in my life! They say it hurts when a relationship ends and the love goes away, But it's been so liberating and refreshing for me! It feels good when you stop loving and caring for someone who didn't deserve it! Time wasted, But lesson learned... I USED to love you, I USED to care but NO MORE!

  72. HILL BOY


  73. Lívia Coelho

    I cant believe that I found this only today. But fitted the moment soooo well. Godess!

  74. imustacheaskyou

    I use to hate this song now years later I don’t understand what I was thinking this song is AMAZING A WHOLE BOP

  75. Vexy Violet

    Omg I love this

  76. phatgyrl77

    I am soooooo in love wit this song! Very nice colab. Definitely on repeat!🔥🔥🔥

  77. Mariah had a little Lamb

    It feels like im in a high rise hotel in a city drinking and smoking, so calming

  78. Aquarius#11

    I’m better than before♥️

  79. Stab Master Arson

    I heard this song in waffle House last night. Once I got my food, I just sat there and listened to the end. I asked who that was and the waiter told me who it was I literally been jamming this since 3:30am this morning!! This song just does something to me!! 💯

  80. Just K

    Never old! 🎵♥️

  81. Oli Knight

    Still listen 2019 😁♥️

  82. Rejoyce Jones

    Perfect collaboration....FACTS

  83. Montrel Johnson

    Just like you.... that voice😍😍😍

  84. Just K

    2019 ?? 😭😭😘😘😇😇

  85. LeNora DeNNis59

    I really liked this song, it made me think of one of my exes!

  86. donna hookem

    Am 1 of the lads

  87. syakira abdullah

    2018 Here i am still listening

  88. Shameika Smith

    Yes Yes yes I'm here 2018..



  90. IlyarOfficial

    ngl bro this shit really hit the spot...

  91. carlton jefferson

    This is a beautiful sad song.

  92. Yeema Wheaver

    I think Yuna and Melanie Martinez would make a good mix, their songs just remind me so much of each other


    their concepts are... waaaaaaay different sis 😐

  93. Edward Anderson

    To chocolate. It was delicious... One more

  94. Edward Anderson

    Love is a... Thing that keep... Me. Breaking. Oxygen.....

  95. Monica Alonso

    Absolutely beautiful 🌼😘😘

  96. ella blooming

    I was today years old ...when I found this song 👑👑 Queens.

    Just K

    Better late than never suit u well. 😂😂😂

  97. Anamaria

    Used to love you..used to care but no more ✌

  98. Deidra Campbell

    I used to love you..I used to care..but no more..I felt that shit in my Soul......