Yuna - Unrequited Love Lyrics

Only when I look into your eyes
My senses ignite
I feel alive
I was waiting for an answer
Like a feather falling
From the sky

You don't want to belong to me
'Cause freedom feels better
Then I could give
You love inadequately
But you steal hearts like mine

Why you gotta be—
Why you gotta be my unrequited love, unrequited love
Why can't our love be—
Why can't our love be possible?

For as long as I can remember
Like oil and water
We collide
But you don't seem to want forever
This adventure
Was only real to my eyes

You don't want to listen to me
'Cause freedom sounds better
And I can see you love inadequately
But you steal hearts like mine

Why you gotta be—
Why you gotta be my unrequited love, unrequited love
Why can't our love be—
Why can't our love be possible?

You're a man with excuses
'Cause we've had something real
But it was only what I feel alone
Oh, you're a man with your muses
Always wanting something new
And I was just someone that you could use

Why you gotta be—
Why you gotta be my unrequited love, unrequited love
Why can't our love be—
Why can't our love be possible?

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Yuna Unrequited Love Comments
  1. Nin9211

    What a video!

  2. Sidrah Naushad

    thanks, I needed this...

  3. Thobja B

    I keep waiting for the couple to move😂

  4. anonymous941

    I swear this song kills me everytime I listen to it. One of the worst pain is a broken heart. It kills you slowly,you feel it in your body în your mind, it takes over you,you find yourself waking up at night with tears în your eyes and a pain in your chest. It's not fair for someone to make you open up to them to show them parts of you no one else saw and after that they just become strangers that know all your secrets.

  5. ameir fitri

    Yuna you have to collaborate a lot la with singer out there i really love your songs , they just so gimme inspires to stay alive i guess ?!

  6. J J

    Wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Beautiful Poem ( I Felt That)

  7. Senduduk Biru

    This iS how i feel

  8. Amelia S. Wodehouse

    No! I just want to love and be feel free as well

  9. Rachel Brudenell

    Don't feel. Be hard!

  10. derocka

    She's got some serious Sade/Aaliyah vibe going on. Not a problem for me. I love this woman's sound

  11. Nako Abdullah

    This one is timeless!

  12. Black Excobar

    Best giler

  13. dududu donut

    I wouldn't mind her reading poem for the entire 6.22 mins. Yuna Yuna Yuna ❤️

  14. ジョホールキッド

    16 january. hadir !

  15. Carl my name

    Poem and song you dont got this kind of artist anymore to create poem in a songs. I've been followed yuna from her 1'st single "Dan Sebenarnya" i think about 10 year ago.

  16. Felicia Varnado

    Love this

  17. Ratih V R

    Omg i just realize, i read this on phospenous (line)😲

  18. thantei c


  19. Zaaa Ahmad


  20. Amanda Braithwaite

    Feeling this in more than one way.

  21. Deefinewine's Diary

    Sade vibes but still unique ...yesssssssss. Thank you .

  22. Di Bn

    Love never hesitates to open up if true...lest it isn't a true bond ... .

  23. Thatbish

    I'm sad 😭

  24. ZZZombyY

    Sometimes you find yourself trying not to press Pause. But it´s like, you haven´t been listening enough this time. And you feel like you belong here. You are one with the vocal waves and music.

  25. Marvin Inniss

    Very captivating piece.

  26. luna nana

    Yuna i wuf youuu❤️

  27. Jacqueline García

    Honestly can’t wait until your in Chicago I got tix yayyyyyyyy 🎤🎼🎼🎼🎼

  28. MissRudolvix

    I'm a Rhythmic Gymnast, I started over 4 months ago (which is very late considering how old I am) and I started crushing on probably the best girl at my club 8 days ago. I've only spoken to her three or four times but I just can't help but like her. I've never felt this strongly about anyone before and this is probably one of the most convenient situations to like someone I've ever had, which says a lot considering the fact that I'm almost 100% sure she doesn't even like girls.
    She makes my heart feel so happy and her smile makes me feel so incredibly indescribably happy that I want to cry.
    I messaged her on Instagram this morning and told her, maybe I should have made it more clear but she said she'd "love to be friends"..... I don't really know whether that was just her not understanding what I meant or her rejecting me in one of the cruellest ways possible.
    I'm so glad that I can hang out with her and be friends but it saddens me gravely that I don't truly feel like I got an answer. I love liking her so much that I almost don't want to get over her. I wonder if I'll just be hanging on to hope for years.
    One of the saddest parts is the fact that I actually thought she liked me. Of course, I had doubts but on Thursday evening I had a training session and I don't spend a lot of time in the main gym where she is but every time I was; I stared at her and so many times she caught me staring and quite often smiled back. Once, as my group and I were leaving the ballet room, we passed each other in the doorway and she grinned at me and I swear to satan that I was so surprised and nervous and wanting to cry that I whispered "Faen" (fuck in Norsk) as I was walking down that hallway. And at the end of gym; my bestfriend and I were walking past her and I looked over at her and once again she gave me that grin and I desperately tried to smile back but just basically ended up quickly looking down at my sleeve and dying on the inside.
    It's such a painful indescribable feeling that I feel like crying all day and night.
    Thank you for reading, I hope this ends well <3

  29. Mary Rose Pelaez

    THis song really hurts me.. I
    'm in this kinda situation right now.

  30. BelleLeilaNoir

    Sade vibes

  31. gege craft

    I'm crying so much listening the opening 😭😭

  32. Mwenyango Dory

    Who else still listen in 2019 December?

    Bianca Pintea

    Here 😍

    Just K


  33. Gabriella Navarretti

    I love when singers sing from the heart and not their head. Yuna, keep singing from your heart and I won’t let go. Freedom is hearing you sing! Much love from California!

  34. is this love

    Yuna i feel u when u say '' i find mysef waking up at the beach again''
    while myself waking up with that bitch again.

  35. Sherona Johnson

    Is that sade.

  36. Juan Rojas

    Thank you for your words I wasn’t able to translate my emotion into words until I found this song . . .

  37. Kimmie K.


  38. Anonymous

    She reminds me of Sade.

  39. Verano Primavera

    i love this song so much <3

  40. Elara Leite

    So emotional. Very beautiful

  41. likhaya kalimashe

    Lowkey don't want her to be famous 😭❤ don't want her to change 💔

  42. 8pixies06

    Such a beautiful poem n song

  43. Hellioz Triquatria

    Give me goosebumps when listening to this. Every.Freaking.Single.Time.

  44. JK number5

    This insane song and Best of Me are the best songs on this incredible album🔥💯💙. I love those 2016 R&B albums. That was my favorite year in music(Hip Hop 1998). 🔥🔥Chapters🔥🔥 was my 2nd favorite album that year(#1 was Kiara Craft A Rumor about Love)

    Just K

    Yes.. This Chapters album really dope. I love Best Love and Unrequited Love so much!!! 💥

  45. CyberShiroGX

    So glad Tyler collabed with her otherwise, I would never have stumbled upon this opening poem.

    Recently just went through a sort of break up trying to figure how to fill the void she left me. She texted me just yesterday probably an attempt to go back to "what we were", but it was an unrequited love which I needed to let go... And this poem really put into perspective what I am feeling

  46. Janelle Soc

    the most beautiful words

  47. handri i

    She never love me, but the stupid thing is i still hoping she will love me one day, i act like idiot because of her

  48. butterfly darkness


  49. Emmanuel Manana

    full body orgasm at 2:15

    JK number5

    Emmanuel Manana And this is the 2nd best song on the album. I love Best of Me

  50. bzacon

    Ouch. This is beautiful

  51. Dwayne Rose

    13:46 ♧poetic♤

  52. satellite 1114

    Just found it by accident and I'm so GRATEFUL what a day~

  53. Theblackhatnyc

    It is evident that angels are beyond real.....


    still ...11:33 KJC33

  54. Theblackhatnyc


    " a feather falling from the sky...."

  55. Maya Brooks

    It's like hearing a sade jr. Makes me heart happy.

    JK number5

    I'm glad she switch her style up. This is her best album

  56. Theblackhatnyc

    "....You dont want 2 belong to me because freedom feels better..." #Yunaisarealone ? 23:37

  57. Theblackhatnyc

    "...your feet was meant for land..." 23:35

  58. bro Xing

    Boek ah kak Yuna. memang xder melayu yg tgok lagu ni ke eh ? xD hahaha


    dah byk kali tgk

  59. Viperanium

    the speech is so deep

  60. Theblackhatnyc


    1st time hearing this. $€£¥

  61. jonna wlk


    Use this as the official “I need to hear this epic and beautiful speech again”-button.

  62. rain rain

    It's 2019 and i can't believe i just found her and her music! 😭😭😭 My my i love her music. It's 3am and just randomly found this gem omg. Cool. 💙💙💙

  63. Accaillia Carter

    The Sea is the Sea, and You are just, You. 💙

  64. Robert Mitchell

    I beg you to love me Jo! I love you immensely and refuse to let go!

  65. Nin The Frog

    Damn this is the way I feel right now. Thanks Yuna for this beautiful song T^T

  66. meena meena

    Music for soul.. poetic yet true.

  67. 89소피

    How will I ever get over the unrequited love I have for this man. How will I ever.

  68. nurul asikin

    this song is my new fav

  69. Sawyer Unruh

    i got writers block. thought of this and i just finished so thank you so much

  70. Diva Cookn

    Love this EXACTLY how I feel.

  71. Subhas Kar

    Well the truth is, this doesn't help.

  72. Shidah Izumi

    Worth spend 2 min of my life for her poem. Beautiful.

  73. Mary Campbell

    Pure 🔥

  74. Olatoye Gureje

    This reminds me of Sade

  75. R-Dre Nelson

    Missing my connection 😥 with my water element and my 🧜👩💦💙💙💙 and my require love every day...

  76. dreamtownsend

    🥰🥰🥰 this lady is everything!

  77. Rick Nelson


  78. Lilyth Poetry

    yes :) love love and I'm a poet hi! 👀 ♥

  79. hara chan

    wish the audio version had the intro too.

    pile thrown

    If you use telegram, through utube bot, and copy the video link , it will give the audio version, which is cool

  80. donna howard



    I'm wishing I was back at the beach again but I know he will never be mine. My unrequited love JY

  82. Jennifer Garcia

    I love you Yuna <3 Thanks for create this art piece! Thanks for your music.

  83. Haya Alnazer

    I just wrote yuna to see the yuna of itzy but this yuna is here so I started loving her

  84. Isabella Natasha

    This is the song for the guy i've met on Tinder and ghosted me :')

  85. Reiko Iesha

    how does one dislike this omg

  86. finest yatchman

    Every one trying to escape the hopeless unrequited love situation should watch the intro monologue.

  87. Nkosikhona Nkokza

    #South Africa

  88. Anna Villatoro



  89. Miranda TheGerm

    This song is just filled with so many metaphors, and such a deep message at its core. The simplisticness of the video and the beautiful melody, along with Yuna's songbird voice makes this song such a masterpiece.

  90. Amber Kay

    I love your music, and your spirit! So honored to be able to listen while on Vacation with family in Alabama. So much luv from Michigan. Slay on baby girl, many blessings.😍😆🌹💞💜😇🌹

  91. Tammie Jackson

    Gives me Sade vibes 😍😍😍

  92. Tauff Ramirez.in2u

    I tell you peoples.. she’s seriously no joking in this music industry. Nowadays it’s hard to found real pearl inside deep inside the ocean.

    Just K

    I founf you everywhere in Yuna's mv and song. ♥️😂

    Tauff Ramirez.in2u

    Just K lol.. ikr.. we found each other in Yuna mv/song. 😅. Definetely a real fan huh..

    Just K

    @Tauff Ramirez.in2u yasss. Since day one yeah 😂