Yuna - Mannequin Lyrics

Who are you? What you want from me?
I've got nothing to give
Are you here to waste time with me?
Cause time is all I have

I don't know what it means to feel whole
You're next to me, but I feel so cold with you
I will be your mannequin, love
Moving my lips the way that you want
Remain the same whenever you walk away

I will be your mannequin, love love love
I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love love

I am like the deepest shade of jade
Drowning from the past, love
Can you breathe, breathe love into me?
So I'll know what it's like

I don't know what it means to feel whole
You're next to me, but I feel so cold with you
I will be your mannequin, love
Moving my lips the way that you want
Remain the same whenever you walk away

I will be your mannequin, love love love
I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love love

Love, love, I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love
I will be your mannequin, love love

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Yuna Mannequin Comments
  1. Waniel Daniel

    Her voice really superb... Love it soo much..

  2. Sophia Chin

    U know u love me bad... so bad... we go turn good! #AMEN

  3. Mirabel Lebarim

    Is this how soulmates twin flames feel ? UNITED!!🤗🌈

  4. Anaja Dorcas


  5. IllisMoreo 87

    i remember i wrote a short story because i was inspired by this song lol. lost the piece but i might be able to recreate the story again someday. i'm just a dense block right now.

  6. JMV Yatoismo

    1:09 best part

  7. Marvin Inniss

    Felt like this with my wife, some men long for true affection also.

  8. JK number5

    Her best work ever!

  9. Tsubasa Li

    Is it “limbs” or “lips”?

  10. Alexandria Viktor

    is there any indonesian want to claim this woman from indonesia?


    Right, Balinese dance, Batik, Gamelan, Kuda Kepang, Saree, Barongsai are from Malaysia..

    Gavin R.Putra

    No one :

    LITERALLY No one :

    You : iz there any indonesian who wanna claim that Yuna iz from indo

    Gavin R.Putra

    I'm an Indonesian and I've been listening to her songs since 2017, never have i ever had that kinda thought of claiming Yuna as an Indonesian or anything 🙄 like seriously?? Just fyi, I'm really happy and proud that Malaysians have such an amazing artist like her.

  11. chee78

    I never get tired of this song. So smooth....

  12. Hollie Lewis

    I love Yunas music

  13. — lisa.

    2019 e ainda continuo ouvindo 💗

  14. irayousofunny -


  15. Paydro 26

    Why is this soo Beautiful🔥

  16. Marti De

    I really like the great recording 👍

  17. antumotor

    2019 anybody........

  18. mises z

    The girl almost let go when the guy comeback and hold her

  19. Liv life


  20. Sista Anne

    Love it 💗

  21. Moonlight yin

    Why is everyone talking about jungkook? 😒

    Just K

    Jungkook had this one on his spotify playlist. ♥️🎶

    Moonlight yin

    Just Me ohhhhhh i see thanks

  22. Clexa

    Saw someone's name on the comment gdi gotta scroll up and maybe just enjoy the mv itself

  23. ராதிகா சௌந்தரராஜன்

    Thanks jk for putting this song on your playlist 💜💜💜💜...

  24. SupK 25

    Yuna is life

  25. JMV Yatoismo

    1:09 heaven

  26. Jay

    I really like this.... From the comments here I found out a BTS member, JK, likes it too, I'm ARMY so I'm glad he recognised talent hehe 😊 this song is now in my playlist love it, thanks Yuna

  27. antumotor


  28. 김승지

    인순이 닮으셨다~

  29. Nur Fatihah

    I hope you will colabrate with many international artist because you're so talented...i will always suport you😘

  30. 지민

    ramai intl army yang jatuh cinta dekat lagu ni awe im so proud :'D

  31. Janice


  32. Jisoo Jungkook

    😍😍😍i love this song so much!♥️

  33. Just K


  34. way2girly

    so nice

  35. Chundra Shannon


  36. Robson Dance

    Can I record a video dancing this Song ?

  37. amirah faudzi

    I love this. I've never heard of it but I came here coz I heard that Jungkook of BTS used to have this song in his playlist so I thought I would try listening. I'm Malaysian btw and I would love to see a Yuna X BTS collab 😍😍❤

    amirah faudzi

    @Fahmee Rudin yup!


    I'd also love them collab

    jimin's jams

    u know wht, BTS follow Yuna on Twitter

  38. Breanna McQuiller

    I love this song omg

  39. Monica Alonso

    Awesome voice, you're sweet congratulation 😘😊😊

  40. omar almosli

    i love this album <3

  41. herit123 herit

    sbb cita2 ja agama dibuang. bahasa ibunda dibuang.

    tahniah yuna. engkau yg terhebat. jual lah lagi agama sapa2 nak ikut boleh masing pergi kesesatan.

    girls lady's

    Budu juga statement kau ni kwkwk..dasar bawang

    amirul redza fc

    Alahai bangang ja stament

    Naufal Amirul

    Dia tak jual agama, tapi kau yang jual agama sebenarnya

    Blossom Lemonade

    Yg Komen ni xleh terima storyline mv ni kot

  42. Emmelia Thokozile

    Every time I hear this song feels like the first time

  43. Robert Muhammad

    It was crazy but if you guys don't think so then I guess I don't but that was so weird she fell onto the ground with her husband got back from her husband was dancing in the street they're both listening to the same music and she was and I heard a dog and it was just weird I mean you guys may not think so but I definitely think it was weird it was beautiful but weird beautiful but weird

  44. Robert Muhammad

    It was beautiful but I don't get a thing I mean her husband was dancing in the street he could got ran over why she fall on the ground when he got back that is like so strange now you guys think so I mean like are you guys are saying it's beautiful and stuff but I think it's just crazy but it was nice

  45. Robert Muhammad

    I don't get it why was her husband Dancing in the Street why was she acting like she was dead and I heard a dog barking why didn't you feed it I don't get anything

  46. wRen D'or!

    Yuna is beyond amazing...WOW!!!

  47. Robson Dance

    Love this song

  48. Sunineshaa

    Damn girl ! You so creative !!

  49. Shizza Fatima

    A beautiful song with a beautiful Video 😍

  50. PurpLe Love

    jungkook thanks for recommend this song..💜💜💜

  51. nolixx NF

    Where are you yuna....

    Love for K-Drama K-pop

    nolixx NF she married and pregnant, maybe she rest. Follow her on Instagram.

    had dii

    married yes, pregnant no.. her new album will be out by the end of this year.

  52. Punished 'Red' Ruby

    Guy was walking casually and then suddenly breaks into a dance.
    I'm dying over here

  53. Nihila Khan

    Is she the girl from Mondo Grosso’s Time?? They look the same and they both dance.

  54. Ayana_Qistina

    Jungkook brought me here😍 im so in love with this song💜
    Thanks JK!

  55. M Adnyss

    Jungkook brought me here and i stayed because of Yuna

  56. Robert villanueva

    Your music is helping me right now. I appreciate you.

  57. noor asiah mohd yusof

    in love with this song <3

  58. Victoria Valdez

    This video is so beautiful i cried

  59. colourmebrown

    wow! what a beautiful voice!

  60. Nida Dağhan

    This is art. Love u Yuna <3

  61. heaux kage

    can’t wait for the fourth album yuna <3

  62. heaux kage

    this song is my favourite from chapters- it’s so great, can never get enough of it

  63. Paula Smith

    Love this song, and the video just tops it off 💕💕

  64. Onwaba Xelisilo

    I think she also deserves to be featured in empire working with Jamal
    That would be the ultimate track😀

  65. Onwaba Xelisilo

    Does anyone else think That yuna and labyrinth should do a colabo

    Just K

    Onwaba Xelisilo YASSSSSS🔥🎶🎤🎵

  66. Randy Joseph

    Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I never gave this song a chance, love it and I think it speaks for 80% of all relationships. Really exquisite talent from one of the best voices.

  67. White Panther

    I have survived that situation

  68. Krystal Turner

    This dancing! I just love it!

  69. Naufal Amirul

    The voice of muslim woman.. so beautiful! 😍😍😍

  70. BGP

    SMUTGOD brought me here

  71. Conner Moreno

    This video makes me cry

  72. Aqil Danish

    Lagu ni macam dah melekat dlm kepala aku..Terbaik Yuna..

  73. Kerline Kay


  74. shawna e

    Why am I now seeing this video? I love it! Feels

  75. amber wheeler

    I feel the pain😫

  76. Ramiro Martín

    what's the message of this?

    Love for K-Drama K-pop

    Ramiro Martín always love you even you

  77. Alexandria Lotus

    Few words and I was hooked. Omgosh. Love , love , love.

  78. Yoyo Gresik

    I know some Yuna song. Saya suka suaranya, musik lembut dan jelas. Salam dari Indonesia

  79. chim chim

    proud malaysian💝

  80. i love to suicide

    this will always be my emotional song. ♡

  81. quest

    jungkook was here c:

  82. Kristina Brown

    Jungkook bought me here

  83. Ilsa Sajid

    this is perfection, lol i've been stanning yuna from the croods era

    Just K

    Ilsa Sajid me from 'Dan Sebenarnya'😂

  84. Just K

    Hope oneday Yuna ft Jungkook or Jk ft Yuna. They just follow each other on twitter. 😍

  85. Seahawk Fan

    Who are the dancers?! 😍

    Just K

    Big Mouth Yuna's best friend with her husband.

  86. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    Cryin' just ...Oh no!💙💙💙

  87. Syafiq Masri

    Malaysia is here for you girl ! ❤️ go further and never stop 🙏🏻

  88. 辰巳あいぽん


  89. Sheep Dog

    I love Yuna.

  90. Doll Facey

    This video goes so beautifully with the song

  91. mrs_ park13

    jungkook thxx for this !! now I luv this song so much 😍😍

  92. andreza

    É que às vezes queria ser um manequim

  93. Tony Rich

    Yo this album goes too hard.

  94. Blume Malaysia

    this song is currently on BTS jeon jungkook spotify list.... so proud of u yuna....

  95. Dominick Jennings

    yuna and 21 savage should make a song