Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) Lyrics

Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life go away with you
Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life run away with you

You're my first love
You're my first love
You're my first love
You're my first love

Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life go away with you
Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life run away with you

Forever in my mind

I wanted to go away with you
I wanted only you
I wanted to go away with you
I wanted only you

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Yuna Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) Comments
  1. Yung lanez

    The feeling this song gives is on another level

  2. DL V

    man that vocal hits deep

  3. Dandyu Since 2007

    Crazy how famous she’s gotten from then, wow

  4. Alpha Gamer

    *Discovered this gem on 10 January, 2020* 💓💓

  5. JoyRide

    I love this song because when it came put my mom sang it to me. ^w^

  6. sister schnapped

    Who’s listening in 6969

  7. Mateus Silva


  8. LiveWutangClan

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanted to go away w you

  9. Brooke

    Anyone here from haroinfather's songs?

  10. Cristian Quispe


  11. J Ranta

    These are the songs you need to start playing again Mr Suicide Sheep

  12. Rubens Nascimento

    2020! Brasil

  13. Andy Williams

    New Years Resolution for myself and everyone else~

    I'll bet you have a STASH of cherished family photos. Either on your phone, on your computer, or stashed away in piles of envelopes amongst piles of other envelopes of photos. GET THEM ALL INTO ALBUMS!!! Print them out!!! Organize them!! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!! Don't let these precious memories get washed away in the unforgiving tides of time! Present them proper. Put them in an album for all to enjoy. Go ahead and make a scrapbook if you have the time.

    Make it something you can HOLD and look through with your family. Make it something that your grand kids can SMELL when they look through it~

  14. jose perez

    2020 baby 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  15. Claudia Love

    JANUARY 2020??

  16. Eric

    2020 anyone?

  17. Shao-sama

    I’m here on 2020 ;)

  18. Marwan Shareef

    No Space left for old love, goodbye, now I've a family, busy maybe if you come passing before my eyes I'll wonder only, don't worry I won't run after you asking where have you been.

  19. aku

    Who's still listening in 2020? :D

  20. Friezer Krock

    Forever in my mind you my first love

  21. filemon lim.

    yes, it's january 2020.
    and i'm still listening to this masterpiece :)

  22. Harris Boy

    anyone is listening in 2020??
    give a like

    Miss S



    heck yes.

  23. Lil Balloon

    WHO IS WATCHING FROM 2020 JANUARY {_-plz like this comment-_}

    Samuel Carmona

    toss a like to your beggar

  24. Shahd Alshorbajee

    2020 anyone?

  25. mohd najib

    kali ke 30 dengar lagu ni

  26. pinkRiggs TV

    Amazingly beautiful 😍

  27. Mehdi Talbi

    2020 and still bumping this shit 🔥

  28. Lily Pribojan

    2020 😎

  29. Iana Pitușcan

    1 January 2020 :)

  30. peepy

    2020 vibes

  31. Allen Ng

    1:26 "that's not fair, do you love me.."

  32. Kevin Jonasson

    Will be listening to this all of 2020!

  33. st Maria

    i edited Reddie to this song, if y’all know what that means, be my friend

    Lily Pribojan


  34. andrew irangi

    At the end of the 31.12. 2019. Still here...

  35. THE D4rker

    dalee mano musica top fds

  36. THE D4rker


  37. lola aloha

    Tomorrow 31 Dec 2019 - Malaysia Time and i still playin this

  38. Rzuker gamer

    quase final de 2019 e eu ouvindo isso ainda MT BOM VELHO

  39. IzAce

    No one:

    Victoria secret ads: FoReVer In My MiNd

  40. Javiera Segovia Y

    Never forget this song

  41. Khalifa Zeroug

    2020 enyone 🙄🙄

    fitri akmal

    Me hahaha

  42. CantFindAGoodUsername

    wizard - only you

  43. Arik Diplo

    Think back to the last 2019?💔

  44. 【·M A Y N E R D·】

    Oh my god.... I remember way back then my mom who did bad things... she was all the way somewhere else..and wile in JAIL, she called me and told me to search up this song.. she said it reminded her of me...

  45. Patrick Percival


  46. Maria

    I remember listening to this with my first love, living life and not having a care in the world. Time flies

  47. Love Music

    Love itt

  48. Destiny Blazek

    Found this song from Juice Wrlds “Forever” he uses a sample of this song and I’m in love w both.

    Aaron Palmer

    Just a shame that Juice WRLD was consumed by drugs killing him so young

    Sebastian Aguilera

    Rest in peace bro

  49. Tatiana Lopez

    December 2019 see yall in December 2020!!

  50. The MonsterHouse Experiment


  51. Kara Mia

    This is my kind of love song hahah

  52. thatdronekid torreto

    damn I remember listening to thus so much back when i was a freshmen in high school (2012-2013) dumb the memories :/

  53. Roisin Johnston

    the way this song makes an amazing ship edit

  54. Amyy Mariee

    This song brings me so many precious memories with so many different people. It almost breaks my heart. Wish I can go back in time and relive those moments

  55. Jackelin Valentin

    I had to look for this song after watching the Victoria's Secret Holiday's Ad for their Bombshell Fragrance.

    itsjustimani !

    Jackelin Valentin sameee, i was like i like this song so i search up “forever in my mind only you”

    M G

    itsjustimani ! 😂😂😂 me too

    Jackelin Valentin

    @itsjustimani ! Hahaha I did the same way. LOL!

  56. James Dawkins

    Still awesome 2019 going on 2020!!!!

  57. Martin Gerdzhikov

    I remember listening to this while just realizing I am in love with someone it was 10000x stronger of a song !

  58. Eunna Won

    Everyone : Hearing this first makes the original song feel weird.
    Me : So what about those who heard the nightcore first, like me?

  59. Kawaii Nitro

    So goodddd

  60. Maria Cléria

    Hello ❤

  61. ᴀᴠᴀᴋɪɴ ʟᴏᴠᴇ

    I thought Billy Eilish was the best, but it's not like that.

  62. Frozen Burrito

    Shoot, I used to listen to this song all of the time back in like 2013. Now it’s 6 years later and I’ve moved to two different states in that time and it’s crazy that this song defines such a specific era of living in Minnesota

  63. Cloud70

    Miss good old days on World of Warcraft

  64. I'm Alyona

    Я одна Русская?

  65. Tabascosco


  66. Polett Reyes

    Me encantaaaaa

  67. Lauren Emily

    Dude I havent heard this song in awhile until the new victorias secret ad played on my phone. Im gonna have to add this back into my playlist ❤️

  68. Ratatacoon 0 _0

    This song is so timeless. Crazy to think I grew up with this. I feel old now

  69. Shane Nolan

    Sorry but this remix is better than the original

  70. sossis Sis

    This song reminds to me the OldKohi days, Eotw classic song.


    Kohi and mcpvp :(

  71. Marie Edmonds

    The first time I heard this song was in like 2015 when my digital escape was still going strong and Alex dorame did a get ready with me video. This song was in it

  72. thiefinthe nigh

    feels like just yesterday I was 14 playin minecraft and listening to this now im 21.. At least I know I listened to good music back then

  73. GCity 73

    This song takes me back when I was playing Halo ODST with my cousins. Nostalgic.

  74. JonMedia

    This song will be aways in my heart

  75. Nastya Lime

    *тут написано что то умное . - .*

  76. Angel Arreola

    2012 was the golden era of music .

  77. אור דואק

    Who is here from tiktok?

  78. Triumph Johnny

    Who's here in 2024? Still love this song so much.

    smegg joe

    shit we out here in 2211, we revere these songs as the foundation of being able to traverse hyperspace, i cant wait to see you all :)

    Tony Walker

    I will be lol

    Brett Bayford

    I was there tomorrow but came back yesterday and now is.... 😕

  79. hasan Brooo

    Türkler nerde amk . Hani her yerdeydi TÜRKLER ?

  80. Faz Gooner

    Song Suits Arsenal videos

  81. Raynel Isaac

    I really miss old times

  82. Igor iioxnavse

    its best song ever )

  83. Yashraj soni

    DECEMBER 2019


    Anybody here
    in 2019 December


    CRAZYGHOUL yes ofc

  85. Martina Wolfhard

    This song is making me imagine the stranger things 4 finale in which Will sacrifies himself infront of everyone and then hes lying in the floor dying and Mike goes there running and notices that hes in love with him...he kisses will, will lowkey smiles, whispers “i love you” and then he closes his eyes and d-d..dies😭later on Mike regrets spending all his time with el making Will jealous which was probably the reason why he sacrified himself. NOOOOOOO

    Martina Wolfhard

    In this part 0:10 THIS BE HITTING DIFFERENT

  86. Adarsh Veer Sharma

    I love you sampoo

  87. Suprєmє

    Fun fact: Juice Wrlds first song was with this sample.

  88. Lindsay Cronin

    Victoria Secret brought me here.

  89. sadiesray

    december 2019, and i still like it

  90. Su Yoon

    Forever in my mind S2

  91. Meh Mehhh

    And by who?

    Just K


    Meh Mehhh

    Not the remix the real one

  92. sandeyxx

    The fact that Victoria’s Secret really used this song- wooowww


    OOH where?

    Peachy Cloud

    SHI WENXING S3-11 in an advertisement... that’s how I came here XDD

    remy butler

    sandeyxx frrrrrr

    Courageous Tom

    SHI WENXING S3-11 here’s the ad

  93. zynx666 999

    7 years and i still get goosebumbs when i hear this , a truly amazing song

  94. Christian Chapman

    The nostalgia is real

  95. Arlene Marie

    A Victoria secret ad brought me here 😴🍾

  96. Emily

    Anyone here because of the Victoria Secret commercial ? Lol

    Jasmine Thomas


  97. Nazeem

    This remind me of mass effect or saints row 3, good times