Yulema - Lowkey Flex Lyrics

I only like baddies
Your new girl looking rattie
I be popping in that Rari,
While you basic in the Cadi

'Cause I lowkey flex
L-l-lowkey flex
You keep fronting like you 'bout it
I just lowkey flex

Yo, I think Ulee snapped
Oh, my God, she the queen of the trap
She so dope. All them girls flop back
I think all them dudes want a mac

Pop 2, pop 3, pop 4
I'm so turnt but I'm 'bout to pop more
Lowkey I get booty like a chair
She said I'm basic, I said girl, where

You can't even really dance, girl
You spilling out them pants, girl
I'm chilling out in France, girl
I'm about to take your man, girl

Look at all of my ex's
Some of them is from Texas
And they keep sending these sexts
But I'm steadily moving onto the next

'Cause this pic I took is fire
My selfie 'bout to drop
Put that money in my bag
And I'll make the world stop

I only like baddies
Your new girl looking rattie
I be popping in that Rari,
While you basic in the Cadi

'Cause I lowkey flex
L-l-lowkey flex
You keep fronting like you 'bout it
I just lowkey flex

All this money
All these girls looking at me funny
Your man in my Rari
And I'm really, really, really not sorry

I be bopping and popping my bag like a seizure
Flow so cold you could find me in a freezer
Pretty face, big butt
Yea I know you wanna squeeze her

Oh, God, I'm too lit
Now you know I'm way too lit
If these haters keep on talking
Now these haters gon' get hit

Now I got more cheese than Dominos
And I really don't mess with you ugly bows
I got a big old booty like Amber Rose
Stretching out these panty hoes

Girl you looking dusty
All you do is flop
Put that money in my bag
And I'll make the world stop

I only like baddies
Your new girl looking rattie
I be popping in that Rari,
While you basic in the Cadi

'Cause I lowkey flex
L-l-lowkey flex
You keep fronting like you 'bout it
I just lowkey flex


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Yulema Lowkey Flex Comments
  1. Courtney Sharpe

    Still here 2019

  2. Lia Maharaj

    My friend told me this song remind her of me...

    This is why she iz ma friend...love her more now, LEO VIBES BITCH

  3. NNAI

    No, you ain't taking my man💀!!

  4. Krista Sauls

    i don't know why but i've been thinking abt this song for 3 days and i just found it

  5. veronica Rodriguez

    Music.ly is shook😂

  6. Jordan Anderson

    Omg I forgot about this song and I still know every word

  7. [ZoNe]

    Daca cacatul asta de melodie o ajuns sa strângă 15K Like-uri atunci e clar de ce nane nu e pe trending ...!

  8. cookie and Oreo L

    Anyone hear from Tik Tok

    Harmony & Life

    xo Queen music.ly is where it’s at

  9. Angel Garner

    2019 anyone?

  10. Julie H


  11. The Foppas

    Sug en balle

  12. Sophie DeVries

    i made my first musical.ly to this in 2015 when i was 11. i thought i was an actual baddie.



  14. Celeste Lawson

    I remember this from like 6th grade the heck

  15. Amari's Serenity

    musically is crying 😫

  16. renea jaide

    2019 and still abop

  17. Jada Reimoninq

    listen at 1.25 for up beat more pop

  18. Mary-lynn Israel

    2018-19ish anybody?

    alexvids 1121

    Mary-lynn Israel meee

  19. Lashanti Price

    R.I.P musically

  20. Mira Darkwave

    Omg this song was lit at musical.ly 2015 🔥🔥

  21. Ian Hernandez

    Is it bad that i like a trashy song?

  22. Kaylee Shirley

    "i got more cheese than dominos. i dont rlly mess with u ugly bows.i got a big old booty ike amber rose,stretching out these panty hoes?!"

  23. go away. hey don't leave

    Litterally the wrong lyrics 😭😭

  24. Ketonya Waller

    What is this?!, the lyrics dont even make sense!, and her butt is not even big at all its flat like her back, soo ion know whos mans she takin. cause if she do get a man, just let me know what the hell he hittin😂😂😂🤔.

  25. iiAudie Rose

    I used to play Xbox with her lol

  26. lonely lonely

    This song was stuck in my mind

  27. Liza Choudhary

    I came too from tiktok

  28. Braelyn Bice

    So much fu*king auto tune

  29. GREN

    Remember when she was relevant for like 2 seconds?

  30. Rand Mohammed

    What does lowkey mean?!🤔

  31. Lil Blaze Gator

    This is literally cancer

  32. Princess o

    Bruh y’all some
    Musically hoes

  33. ambermonae00

    Back when this first came out I thought it was trash. But now... I think it’s hot garbage

  34. Musicalblu 13

    1.25x speed

  35. Fabian Chavez

    omg every girl in middle school did this musically

  36. mia the cat

    I came from allicatt who else?

  37. Larissa Zavala

    Thought it was ashleyallday at first holy hell its like the same song but I like Ashley better

  38. Gigi Hazel Quinn

    Littttt 🎆🔥

  39. xoxo katina

    send this to your haters

  40. Hannah Baker

    dayummm the shade has been thrown

  41. Coco xxxDxxx

    1:05 best part

  42. _suicidal_lover_091 :::

    i thought she said panties xD

  43. A pan that's pansexual that likes pans

    My poor ears

  44. Makai Hanley

    Major Tb!!

    This song was hella popular on musically lmaoooo

  45. Glass

    Jeez it sounds like it took a half hour to write this song

  46. Veevee Jones

    I came from musical.ly

  47. icool. com

    2018 any one?

  48. khsartdnab

    12 year old me thought this fire

  49. Strawberry Pumpkin

    Who’s watching 2018 😝👍🏻?

  50. silencieuxasmr

    This is so baaaad

  51. A G G R E S I V E C H E E S E C A K E

    Well jokes on you cause I'm a single otaku who don't need a man cause I got ani >:D

  52. joshua rogers

    sounds like ashley all day yadadamean

  53. Zainab Mohamed

    Who’s watching in 2018 this song can’t get old

    Leoba098 angele

    Me too😂👍

  54. chyna town

    I loose my breadth while singing it but keep singing it..

  55. Miekey Afrane

    Who is listening this in 2018☺. I know I am!

    Julie H


  56. lilly the neko girl cute/nice/hyper/a neko

    who got this from musical.ly

    Veevee Jones

    cat lover mee

    Veevee Jones

    cat lover what’s your account name

  57. han g

    0:47 my favourite part!!!!

  58. Miakuma

    listen at speed 1.25 soo cool

  59. Maya Prince

    Fuck all you haters I bet you could not come up with a mind and cool song so stop talking trash and if your not scared and some of you are girls I bet she could take your man a so could do shut your fuckin mouth😏

  60. Jale Fenty

    ωнσ ¢σмє fяσм мυѕι¢αℓ.ℓу?

  61. ABL BP MSK

    whose listening in 2018...im from musical.ly

  62. iconicangel

    1:48 *bruh vine plays*

  63. its ncdia

    Love thissss

  64. violet campbell the turtle


  65. Briligion's official YouTube channel

    the whitest "rap"I've heard

  66. Natalia Petkova

    Don't touch my man girlll!

  67. Sahar Bahloul

    Who came from kristen hancher

    Shreyaaa Autar

    Sahar Bahloul hahahahhahahaha meee

    Alexa aa

    Lool. Meee:)))))

    Liza L


  68. Mathiagos Roblox

    I got this from musically

  69. Sara Jane

    This song sucks

  70. Mahur DOKUYUCU

    Kristen Hancher

  71. XxprimestunxX XxprimekillerxX

    Cuz th I pic I took is fire.My selfie bout to drop.Put that money in my bag and I'll make the world stop.I only like baddies ur nee girl looking rattle.I'll be poppin in my rari while u basic in that Dadi.😎😎😎😎

  72. Ghxst

    Low key better at 1.5x speed

    Uncool Caroline

    Klaidas Games I tried it and I love it❤️

  73. Imani Barnett

    I have listened to this song over and over again

  74. Lenna Brown


  75. ッItzNever


  76. alonna bowers

    okay i dont know y people be hate in on this song its pretty good i dont see yall hater dropping bars they might not be the best but at least she tried

  77. Lia Neilson

    my songgg

  78. Not Today.

    It's big butt**

  79. Leah Lockhart

    I came from allicattt

  80. vedika sarode

    I can't sing like it...its so creative....😍😍😘😘

  81. Patron Saint of Fashion

    this shit mad fraudulent ☠

  82. GavN CrossFire


  83. Quinzaria Durham

    This sound so stupid she sound slow

    Danielson 0961

    Quinzaria Durham then why are u listening to this then

  84. Methodically Mya

    Who else came here from cringe musicallys?

  85. Dezaray Ruiz

    Manny out here saying "yeah so flex"

  86. Alyssa Camacho

    Alexis Ross yeah

  87. flawless jennie

    I always thought she says "all you do is fuck" in 2:14 OMG LSJDJDDLSEIDO

  88. sage kakekaspan

    yulema made this???

  89. Gymnast05

    I love this song so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

  90. Daddy

    I want daddy to smack my meat so hard that I have to be put into a medically induced coma so they can perform reconstructive surgery so I don't die

  91. Karina Hernandez

    cause this pic I took I took is 🔥, my selfie bout to drop

  92. xxxtentacion will be missed


  93. Rosezita Hearts

    love this song

  94. Acire Sivad

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA if yhu like this song like yhu must be death or something cuz dis trash afff

    Ariana Brinkley

    Acire Sivad death? Do you mean Deaf?💀lol

  95. lindsey lundy

    I love this song

  96. Gabriela Torres

    my favorite music i am gonna sing that to a girl in my class and i hate her