YSN Flow - PAIN Lyrics

Come on Morty give me a beat
Oh man, ok, alright, um
I said I pop perky's and 30's to heal my pain
Even though they might hurt me, oh
Roshon on the beat

I said I pop perky's and 30's to heal my pain
Even though they might hurt me
Oh my, I'm begging for mercy
And grippin' my 30 and shoot like it's Curry
Don't cry, you gon' go through some pain
You gon' go through that rain before you get to that fame
On god, I drop 10 on my wrist and dropped 10 on my bitch
Bitch you know that I drip

Feel like bad bucks were playin' while I took that perc
You could look in my eyes and just see that I'm hurt
Big bank, no wallet, upgrade to a purse
Is it worth it to pray if you don't go to church?
Ain't be same then, god can act different, but I can't act different
Stainless to white gold, the shine is the difference
Work hard, you come up, do you see my mission?
My mom told me to change, but my hard head can't listen

And I been smokin' that green
Too much xans, I be feelin' like a fiend
La la la, my life feel like a dream
'Cause soon my life ain't really what it seems

I said I pop perky's and 30's to heal my pain
Even though they might hurt me
Oh my, I'm begging for mercy
And grippin' my 30 and shoot like it's Curry
Don't cry, you gon' go through some pain
You gon' go through that rain before you get to that fame
On god, I drop 10 on my wrist and dropped 10 on my bitch
Bitch you know that I drip

Tell 'em be gone, they don't fuck with my songs
They just fuck with me 'cause I got checks now
Leave me alone, I might throw on VLONE just to drip
Bitch you know that I flex now
Bitch I be drippin'
Bitch I be soakin'
Fuck on that bitch, pussy wet like the ocean
I got emotions, she said "Flow flowing"
You know that Flow get that sack, then he goin'
I get that sack, then I flex on that bitch
I might go in his sack, 'cause I can, bitch I'm rich
Hoes wouldn't fuck me when I ain't had shit
Now I pop out and got hella fan hoes on dick

Now there's no more life
Fuckin' nine to five
Hottest youngin' out
And I put that on god, bitch

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YSN Flow PAIN Comments
  1. Sry Goat

    Ok now this nigga better not die by the samr thing

  2. Boomer 420

    Rip Juice But Like This To Activate 🚮

  3. OxyFN.

    ysn flow underrated fr tho

  4. ynw izaiah

    He actually made this song before he died but ig he made it a tribute after 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. money chaser

    God damn why you stole his flow ??

  6. israelpointer

    🙏💙💯💪🏽 on god

  7. Kristian Romero

    go hard af

  8. Pulsen

    Make this blue IF U WANT THIS ON SPOTIFY

  9. Christian Gornik

    did he release this

    Kevin Delgado

    Christian Gornik on SoundCloud

  10. Kevin Vizhnay

    I stopped doin those hoes and I'm happy fo dat

  11. riley rose

    yes 💀😂❤️

  12. Jason Fernandez

    he put a preview of this song before juice died so he made it before juice died

  13. Duffy

    what is this best 😍

  14. Prince Collier


  15. v Kenny

    Someone please remix this and use juice wrld old lyrics but make it unobvious

  16. Joseph Nurton

    Juice was a legend his music inspired me and had kept me off the streets and i appreciate it rest easy bro 💔🙏

  17. Frxmzy

    Rest Easy Juice Such a Legend at Such a young age and died at a young age u will always be a legend and u will be missed Rest In Piece Bro

  18. Brandon Mackinnon

    Drugs. That's why he died. Why are you confused and glorifying what killed him 😂


    Brandon Mackinnon juice was supposed to be on this song

  19. DrakoDaSmokeBender

    I pop Perkys them 30s even tho they might hurt me no fucking cap rip juice 999forever🖤☠️

  20. R2 WRLD

    this guy was the best person i've ever known although i never met him he was the most open and amazing person ever, 999 forever

  21. dmoney legend

    the other song is better doe

  22. Naenaemad yt

    Who else noticed that they spelled tribute wrong

    Big Mike

    There probably shaken up Juice WRLD was a huge impact💕🙏💔

    Isaiah Greiner

    It’s tribute and duet together

    Isaiah Greiner

    Naenaemad yt ^


    Idk how to live without him anymore

  24. Michelle A

    Hoping this is just a long bad dream that I will one day wake up and see that he is still here 😔

    CD_ Trigger

    Michelle A Same. I’m hoping that he faked his death, but it’s unlikely

  25. FaiNteD

    The ones saying “R.I.P” are the ones who made fun of him for being fat. Fake fans 🗣

    Gothboi Prince

    FaiNteD he was chubby, so what how does that make someone a fake fan?

    Abdula Fuseini

    That makes them real for being honest

  26. cityboy music

    RIP juicewrld

  27. ツLskiii

    One thing that annoys me is that stupid seizure trend like many people have died bc of seizures and now juice just did like why.
    I also made a tribute video because i actually supported this guy and it feels so different now💔

  28. Brennan Dickinson

    I'm not crying
    You're fucking crying

  29. Tom Ford1

    Stop selling your soul to the Devil


    He didn’t even sell his sold he just overdosed means he had a sezurie over drugs his flight pilot snitched on him said he had lots of weed and guns so he poped a pill and died in The airport

    Tom Ford1

    DomicleArtic Pay attention this music industry is demonic and it’s part of the Illuminati. He sold his soul to get rich and famous the way you get in you can’t get out.its not a secret more music industry mined people will die


    @Tom Ford1 ysn flow didnt even sell his soul stfu some rappers didnt even do thst learn and dont look up shit

  30. Phillip Brown

    Thats the problem find strength in faith & not the drugz!

  31. 3one4 -_-

    Find it weird that that a rapper can die and other rappers make a professionally produced tribute to the passed rapper all within the same day 🤔

    Ultra Rare Sabra

    3one4 -_- it’s not that hard

    3one4 -_-

    Ultra Rare Sabra it just seems surreal at lest a good rapper didn’t die

    Major Belanger

    3one4 -_- this song was suppose to have Juice on it but he died so he released it as a tribute

  32. Linda Highfill

    Rip juice wrld we will miss you

  33. Young Capalot

    Only real fans know it said November 8th instead of december

    t0x1c_ chessyboi

    I seen that

    Luke Gods

    Young Capalot stfu

  34. Kabir Gutty

    Long Live Juice Wrld 😔🙏🏼

  35. IcedOut. jay

    You a legend for this

  36. Apex #ADOS

    Time for people to try and cash in on another death. Oh, and the hook about popping perc thirties is exactly the message that is needed right now! Trash.

  37. jalyn

    ysn flow so raw 🔥 , but rip juice wrld 😭😥 why this have to happen 🙏🏾😥


    R.I.P. Juice. How exactly was this a dedication to him though?

    Makiaveli Thegreat

    Exactly! . I thought i was the only one who thought this...

    Jvion Wilkes

    Juice WRLD was supposed to be on the song but he passed so he just dropped it

    Luke Gods

    Jvion Wilkes correct

  39. Kid. aa

    U didn’t spell tribute right bro

    CD_ Trigger

    He combined tribute and duet together

    money chaser

    Facts he stole that whole man's flow

    Jon Cell

    Kid. aa 💀💀

    Lillie Brown

    U stupid. Tribute+duet=tribuet

  40. thuglife daniel

    R.I.P. JUICE WRLD 😪💔💔💔💔💔

  41. KraftzGobrazy -_-

    RIP JUICE🖤🙏🏽

  42. John Williams

    One hit song makes you a legend? Fucc no but RIP

    rap star

    U do it

  43. alvin guyton

    Chicago let's all get up at the Chicago bean downtown bring sounds speakers love empowerment support. Let's give a sec to u 999 juice wrld the young King tonight 11pm

  44. Clayton Spears

    Sad Part is.... Juice WRLD was actually supposed to be on this song from what I heard 😭😭😭😭 that hits hard vro 🕊💔😔

    Bryan Gunz


    lilrocket fire

    Lowkeyy think it was a cap

  45. Hadx TragiiKzZ

    R.I.P Juice Wrld🙏😓 this one for you homie💔

  46. Itss Summer

    Wow just wow😔...now I need to spend time more wit my fam cuz u never kno R.I.P juice wrld💯💯

  47. Kobe Bryant#24


  48. TYLEK

    Boy 💔💔💔💔🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. daddy Romeo


  50. Lildraggy 2999

    Poor juice

  51. Andre Lucas

    Rip juice

  52. Stretch LA Katt

    This a Hit

  53. Lorenzo S Official

    who is this even? vocals are lit


    Lorenzo S Official ysn flow best Cleveland rapper on granny

    Lorenzo S Official

    @RNGAntonioTV best ?

    Curran Taylor

    RNGAntonioTV kid cudi is the best from all of OHIO hands down

  54. Nate Lavar

    R.I.P Juice Wrld 🙏🙏🙏

  55. K6IK YChoppie Official

    Rip to juice wrld we yall miss you

  56. That Dude Tyrell

    How he get done so fast

    Z Velocity

    That Dude Tyrell this been in the works juice was suppose to be on it and flow was gonna put it on his album but juice gone 🙁 so he released it as a tribute

  57. Kool Gamez

    Clout chaser

    Dangielo Mcqueen


    Stretch LA Katt

    I wish all negative people could die

    Dangielo Mcqueen

    @Stretch LA Katt FACTS 💯

    Z Velocity

    Lmao his recent Instagram post make you look so dumb 😂 try reading it💀

  58. Nati OTW


  59. Milwaukee Quel G

    Rip juice 🌎😭

  60. Ania The Unique

    Rip juice

  61. xd Cxmplexity

    Did he spell tribute wrong?


    Yes. He did

    The Young Cleric

    No and yes. He did it on purpose. He merged Tribute and Duet together


    It was supposed to be a duet w juice now it’s a tribute

  62. Dee Wilson

    This really hurts


    R.i.p Juice Wrld 🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Zayfth


  65. syndicate homicide


  66. vJayClutch YT

    all legends dying🥺

    John Williams

    @xenoplays LOL

    lolololl lollolloll

    Next is ski 😈

    hbk jayjay

    lolololl lollolloll stfu lil nigga

    Chrissofly •

    lolololl lollolloll stfu pussy

    Bryan Gunz

    For John Williams that said how is he a legend? He has a world wide fan base dick head & most of them are young some are 21 like myself & ive been dealing with xanz&perks&coke then when I heard juice it kinda slowed me down. Long live Juice Wrld

  67. Cire Dizzy

    Ysn flow is a dumbass why would you sing a bout Poppin percs and thats the way juice died you asshole

  68. Jake Pickard


  69. Angie Newsom

    We lost a young soldier!💯💔💞😭. It feels like a long dream!

  70. HYPE

    RIP Juice WRLD


    Rip 💔

    Jordan Swann

    WHY we all these rappers dying smh


    Put it on Spotify

  71. BBG Cglizzy

    If this is blue you WASNT EXPECTING THIS 💙


    (I’m gifting my next 10 subs hurry 🗣)


    Yo u fr askin for likes on this ffs

    ExQlusyve *

    To use someones death to get likes and subs is so... idk what i can say to something like u, shame you, i hope u go to hell

  72. _ 2Tik

    Ong though rip juice this shit right here slap

  73. Dran Beast

    Rip juice!😭😭😭😭❤