Ysabelle Cuevas - Way Back Home (English Cover) Lyrics

Reaching out to you in the dead of the night
No matter where I go, always end up by your side
At the end of this journey, time has led me back
Back to my home, now I found the way back home

No matter how I shut it out
Like a drawer it opens again
And when you fly up to the sky
Somehow you always end up with me
And all the times I let you go
I know they're all the same, oh no no

The countless roads that led me away
It's you I found on the way
Although I empty out the heart
Afraid that this would be the last
The steps my feet would take
Would always lead to you
So stop, just stop

Reaching out to you in the dead of the night
No matter where I go, always end up by your side
At the end of this journey, time has led me back
Back to my home, now I found the way back home

Quietly open up the door
And take your memories out
Through the broken shattered times
How are you shining bright?
You're living trapped in this
Astray and lonely heart
So stop, just stop

Reaching out to you in the dead of the night
No matter where I go, always end up by your side
At the end of this long journey, time has led me back
Back to my home, now I found the way back home

Trying to search the world for all of me
To write this story that only you complete
I'd lose it all, my love
'Cause you're all that I need

All the lights are turned out, please could you hold me close?

Close your eyes, hold them tight
Silently I'll make my way
Closer to you
In my heart, there you will stay
I don't need anybody
You're the only one
I'll wait 'til you're home
'Til that day then I'm not done

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Ysabelle Cuevas Way Back Home (English Cover) Comments

    just subscribed because of this song ...💓💓

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    Can i have a minus one copy of this ? 😅

  3. Mangopop

    I think this is better than official english version, its lyric is much more close to korean lyric, express the feeling of original song better

  4. Pomy

    watching you makes me wanna eat you up :D

  5. Kay Jacques

    Where have i been?
    How come i just found this today :(
    But it's never late to enjoy this beutifull

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    Plz make a video. How to make music video

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    Alam mo mas maganda ka kahit walang makeup, 😍

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    Spotify please

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    Love the English cover

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    This girl is in Philippines and I'm a Filipino And I found this song in "Who sang it"

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    Bakit ngayon ko lang napanuod to? 😐🤩

  13. Trash Or am i

    She’s on a train I hope people are enjoying her music she has such a beautiful angelic voice

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    Love your voice!

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    request po on my way

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    I love your voice, it makes it better to learn

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    Wooo filipino here :D

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    I believe u will have massive subs someday , I believe in you 💖

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    My god i fell in Love with u ❤️❤️

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    U make me like your songs when I don't like the original ones how is that even possible 😁😁😁😭😭

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    Shuan’s english girl self XD

  23. Sam Parohinog

    Is she Asian?

  24. Michelle Molina

    I wish you’d put all your covers on spotify :((


    January 2020


  26. KristelleyVenture

    I really like this rendition of yours. I'm a fan to your cover. Please continue to do that, while listening to your song kinda inspired to make my own vlogging page. Thank you. 💓😘

  27. iqbal razan

    I really smile when I hear you sing, it makes my heart beat so hard, I like the way you sing it in your own style, I like it very much 💖

  28. Galen Chua

    This is on my youtube music list and it's on repeat & loop. Love your voice. ❤👍

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    OMGOSH You’re so pretty!!

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    SO PRETTY ♥♥♥

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    SHAUN...., I love you Ysabelle

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    I love your voice 😘😘😘

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    I love it

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    The background at the other side of the window doesn't outstand

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    Why is the conor maynard cover is dif. Then this one?

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    You have a beautiful smile! you made my day! 🤗💕

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    I love this!!

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    Your so beautiful!

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    Beauitiful, indeed

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    People who dislike this.. cant find their way back home

    Onii chan Baka Hent4i

    Cedrick Pator uahahahah homeless

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    wow i like it hehe

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    wonderful love itur voice is really sweet and lovely

  46. marjorie roda

    this song can make me calm and its very relaxing

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    💙💙💙It's amazing...

  48. Anafe Curilan

    Its been almost 4years since I am one of the first 100LIKES you got
    and the first Thousand views..........

    ❤YSABELLE from your fellow Filipino's

  49. Riza Lyn Padilla

    I love tis song😍💖

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    It’s so Beautiful are you on the Chinese train it looks like it

  51. vishal bhangale

    Sunflower song female version

  52. ennairds M

    Loved her cover grr

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    Nice...I love this song

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    love the way you sang the song it really gives me goosebumps.

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    I love how she is recording in a train. <3 Ysabelle (σ≧▽≦)σ

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    Umaandar ba yung bus?

  57. Christin Joy Lao

    Umaandar ba yung bus?

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    It's not the real lyrics (eng)

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    You're so pretty!! Your voice is so amazing. I think you're my celebirty crush lol

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    nice song!

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    '' Good night''- jeong sewoon touch your heart OST ♥️♥️

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    I really want someone to make a sad version of this ;-;

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    I love you ysabelle but im sorry people she's not singing here. Its all lip sync in here

  72. Ralph Banluta

    I don’t know is not correct and it doesn’t sound like shaun 🤔🤔

    Earl Ivanne Mon T. Espejo

    Well. This was made before the official english version and base on authors page, she tried to translate it (herself). Therefor the lyrics are different fron the original.

    And if you disagree with me. Then we can conclude that she made a new song out of "way back home by Shaun".

  73. Mimi Molon

    😍ganda mo po talaga lodi😍

  74. ARMY, EXOL, IKONIC bts, exo, ikon

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    all the lights are turned out, please could you hold me close?

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    Are you Filippino?

  82. Shoyuu_ Sekitana Playz

    Hi not to offend but the lyrics is actually wrong from the start to end because the english lyrics i watch is basically the original not the korean one but the english one so i'm not trying to offend anyone because i also live in the Philippines like Ysabelle

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    I'm new here October 2019??


    Why so gorgeous❤❤❤
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    I'm always waiting for your cover ysabelle, this one is also great😍

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    Team Philippines🇵🇭

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  91. markjake lebantino


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    the song way back home is remember when i told you no matter where i go i'll never leave your side you never be alone..

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