Ysabelle Cuevas - Spring Day (봄날) (English Cover) Lyrics

I'm missing you
And I don't know what to do
I'm missing you
These pictures just remind me of you
I miss you

And time is just so cruel, I hate this
Trying to see you once
Never worked out once
Where do we find the chance?

It feels so cold like winter
It's August and not December
With my heart I walk alone
Across time this train is a snowpiercer

Wanna take you by the hand
And forge across the other end of Earth
Tell me how much more should I long for you
And pray for spring to come forth friend

Like little specks of the dust
Floating round in the air
Floating round in the air

If I was snow in the air
Will I get to you even
Just a little bit faster?

Snowflakes keep falling down
They drift away further around
I'm missing you (I'm missing you)
Oh I miss you (Oh I miss you)
And how long do I have to wait?
How many sleepless nights do I have to take?
To finally see you (To see you)
To meet you (Only you)

Passing by the edge of this winter
At least until the change of this weather
When spring comes and flowers bloom
Just stay until then
Please stay and wait a little more

Is it you who changed,
Or was it I who changed?
I hate that time went by
Like the friends you know
And when the trees went dry
You grew so cold
Yes I do hate you
You broke me too
But not for one day
I didn't think of you
I miss you but I'll forget your name
It might hurt a bit less
If you take the blame

I try to exhale you in pain
Like smoke in the rain
White smoke in the rain
I say that I can forget you
But up until now
I know I can't let you go

Snowflakes keep falling down
They drift away further around
I'm missing you (I'm missing you)
Oh I miss you (Oh I miss you)
And how long do I have to wait?
How many sleepless nights do I have to take?
To finally see you (To see you)
To meet you (Only you)

You know it all
You're my best friend
Achimeun dashi ol geoya
Eotteon eodumdo eotteon gyejeoldo
Yeongweonhal sun eopseunikka

Beotkkochi pinabwayo
Gyeouldo kkeuchi nayo
Bogo sipda (bogo sipda)
Bogo sipda (bogo sipda)

Jogeum man gidarimyeon
Myeochil bamman deo saeumyeon
Mannareo galge (mannareo galge)
Derireo galge (derireo galge)

Passing by the edge of this winter
At least until the change of this weather
When spring comes and flowers bloom
Just stay until then
Please stay and wait a little more

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Ysabelle Cuevas Spring Day (봄날) (English Cover) Comments
  1. Anthony

    God this is so amazing. Her work is just such high quality! It’s honestly as good as BTS originals. Best BTS covers on YouTube hands down 🤩🙌🔥

  2. luccie.w

    2020🥰 spring day still relevant!)

  3. ashera mae tagra


    no one??

    well I guess its me,myself and I

  4. Dan Mark Pangan


  5. Dhanya D

    Can anyone tell the type of mic she is using?

  6. natalie becerra

    This cover reminds me of my early army days

  7. Maria Fernanda Jorge Acevedo

    Is totally beatiful

  8. Ashleyy Wuvsyouu

    This is perfect for sad times.

  9. Bedj Rocks

    Time traveler here from year 2022💤💤💤

  10. Andrea Lyn

    Too much autotune

  11. hoseok's wifeu

    its been 3 years now!
    uwuu still cant get over thiss i love your voice so much ate🤧❤


  12. Ted Sloan

    i always listen on this music and i always cry cause my bestfriend forget me

  13. Thảo Sương Trần Thị

    2020 nó vẫn hay vl

  14. akatsuki no yona

    Just as beautiful as the original💜

  15. ↠ Dreams ↞

    I still love listening to this 😭

  16. Dan Mark Pangan

    Happy 3 Yearsss💜

  17. a random user

    This cover will never get old

  18. Chonnikarn Thamrongwitawaspong


  19. Marielle Andriano


    Who's still listening on this masterpiece up until now?

  20. Amihrah Sab

    February 2020

  21. lidya meharie

    I am crying rn

  22. rObLoX Springy656 UwU Ezra




  24. Jasper Pascual

    i love you .. idol 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘🥰😍😍🥰

  25. Realyn Samaniego


  26. ItzHika

    Man you should go to the voice✌🖤

  27. •chimkook아미•

    If I ever sing this and put it on youtube, plz watch it and not hate it lol

  28. •chimkook아미•

    rapping is so hard lol

  29. minnie sunflower

    2020 hi

  30. Aezel Gutierrez

    Feb 2020 ???

  31. kuldip moirangthem kuldip moirangthem

    who watch this beautiful bts spring day cover 2020🙋

  32. Kristel Jane Galvan

    "im missing you"

    Basically that first line already gave me goosebumps wth

  33. ŇýX Ğ.

    It's been 3 years since I heard of this song and I still got the lyrics (lil bit)
    time past by so fast
    I still got the rap aswell

  34. •Jeon Micha•

    Anyone 2020?

    Ur voice in the song Always makes me cry 😭

  35. Twin Butterfly

    I’m might be doing this song for my senior solo

  36. cheesu.kimbap

    Why did i actually cry...

  37. armyvkook24 _

    No lo escucho con el mismo ritmo que la original xdd Pero es hermosa :(

  38. Rehanna Pradhan

    Love the voice hope to hear u singing more

  39. Moots

    so well done


    2020 and it is so nostalgic

  41. Kyzyl

    The first video of you that I watched. Ah, the memories.

  42. Arushi Nayak

    Suddenly I want to miss someone😢

  43. tiff got jimins jams!

    Beautiful ✨

  44. Emma Basgall



    Just me okay bye bye

  45. Samira Begum


  46. someone someone

    This got me very emotional 😢

  47. Chawii Chhakchhuak

    You look really like me in this video

  48. •chimkook아미•

    I sang along with Ysabelle and I sang good! But ysabelle sang better

  49. Mar King's

    More BTS song ate pls <3

  50. Cælå

    Can you please do Eng Cover of Me After You by Paul Kim , Thankyousomuch po 💖💖💖🥺🥺

  51. Jack Woo

    Can u try bts butterfly, I think it rlly suits you for some reason :D

  52. WannableA.R.M.Y W1BTS

    The Korean part is making me cringe sooo much! Lol 😂

  53. Reese Paris

    Im gonna listen to this when Jin goes to the Milatry 😭😍 Ur singing is amazing and your sooo pretty ur everything I want to be ❤️❤️

  54. Diana Braden

    Who else wants BTS to see this?

  55. Danger zone

    Awesome 🙆‍♀️

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    I have come to the point where I get too emotional to listen to this song.

  57. A hecking mood :’D

    Your so talented omg :’) I subscribed

  58. Briannda Romero

    I’ve been coming back to this video since 2017! I love this song


    Such a heartouching song🥰🥰😍😃

  60. Agust M

    Hi.. I hv used ur lyrics to make a cover of Spring Day.. Here's the link.. Guyz plz comment and subscribe on my YouTube channel 💓 https://youtu.be/9NLssrWxX9Q

  61. butterkookienut

    can i use your lyrics? 🥺

  62. Basu Das

    It's so beautiful...love you.😊

  63. Irish Sheene Pelola

    Hi ate can I request to sing a bts song make it right eng cover?😍

  64. Khaye N.

    I already listened to some of your cover songs, and i can only say one word..

    WOW!!! 😍😱👏👏👏

    One more thing, I didn't expect that you're a Filipina too... that's what makes me more proud of you ☺️👏👏

    Galing!! More blessings for you cz.. 🙂




  66. euphoria koo

    beautiful :(

  67. Lady Genesis

    Waiting for when BTS and Ysabelle collab on a music video.



    WOWOW!!!! your lyrics are like crazy. You give me this very aesthetic vibe with the lyrics and the way you sing, this has to be one of my favorite covers of one of BTS's songs. They should really see this, they would be very proud.

  69. I Stan Kpop



    This song still bopping.

  70. Jae V

    2020 listening this at 4am. 😭😭😭 This is beautiful.

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    2020 anyone?

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    Ate Ysabelle you're one of my favorite singer...💙

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    i like this song im a fan of bts army like this and subscribe

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    Fu*k this is amazing cover 😭💜

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    Ohhh her voice 🥺
    So beauty 🥺🥺🥺

  78. Bess

    This is so so beautiful it had me crying 💜

  79. Paolo Salafrania

    2020, anyone? 😭💕

  80. Stephanie Ramirez

    2020 anyone사랑해

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    Just wondering why you did the last bit in Korean. Not hating, just curious.

  84. Clarence Claire Sayson


    Happy new year
    Hope it doesn’t snow this Agust (d)

    Ahem ahem anyway


    Oh and what’s your favourite song of BTS 2019???

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