Ysabelle Cuevas - Let Go (English Cover) Lyrics

Before we part now and truly let go
My love, I'm lost in the maze of my heart
You left me cold
Stereo, now turned to solo
Our paths are changing directions

Tell me fate
If this is it for me then this is my
My last letter
All the words within I wrote again
Reaching out to you
These feelings, do you even know
So many to let go
Unpuzzle my leggo
Strayed too far
From where we were
A place we can't return to
So be it, don't cry
I'mma let you go and fly

And as the days dragged on
I'm only keeping myself busy
Trying hard to fill the void
I'm filling up my schedule
I can never seem to forget you
Burned into my mind
You were like a tattoo
Although I know
We can't return to those days
If I could only go and call your name
No, but I'm fine with taking all the blame
If it's really time to say goodbye

Before we part now and truly let go
My love, I'm lost in the maze of my heart
You left me cold
Stereo, now turned to solo
Our paths are changing directions
It goes on and on

In giving up what we had
And letting go of your hand
I gotta let you know
That I need to let you go
Hard to say goodbye but I can't run, no
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
It's hard to say goodbye

Sometimes I wonder
What's been going on with you
Despite the pain I wonder do you think of me too?
Living life without the comfort of you's unbelievable
But even so, I know I gotta take it
To the person I loved too much
I see the strings that connected us
I couldn't reach you, I missed you
But as you walk away now I'll say goodbye

In the beginning of our ending
Beyond the tears that are hidden within all this rain
I'll wait for you, let's start over
I'm hoping that in the future I'll see you again

In giving up what we had
And letting go of your hand
I gotta let you know
That I need to let you go
It's hard to say goodbye but I can't run, no
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
It's hard to say goodbye

The sky's colors we saw together
The path we wandered I still remember
Promise that you won't forget

In giving up what we had
And letting go of your hand
I gotta let you know
That I need to let you go
It's hard to say goodbye but I can't run, no
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go
Hard to say goodbye
But I'm ready to let go

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Ysabelle Cuevas Let Go (English Cover) Comments
  1. bean aesthetic

    i wasn’t planning on crying at 3am, but here i am.

  2. Melissa Williams

    You have a beautiful voice 😍

  3. Runa C

    너무 좋아서 자꾸 찾아와요. Bts랑 번갈아 듣고있어요..

  4. Dessa Williams

    I had to stop cleaning my room to comment this.
    Holy shit I have goosebumps.

  5. Александра Alexandra

    ENOUGH WITH THE SAD COMMENTS I DONT WANNA DROWN IN MY OCEAN OF TEARS....at least not until I attend one of their concerts...

  6. MinSuga_Bish 17

    Reading the comments and listening to the song at the same time just hits me straight to the heart...😭😭

  7. Czarmagne Comploma

    omg is that a young women medallion????? 😱❣️

  8. OneliestGem

    The older me to the present me:

    “I still remember.”

  9. miguelqwert Franco

    beautiful sing , I wish i had that beautiful voice

  10. H3un Ind4h

    sugeng siang . mbak ,mugio tansah pinaringan kesaenan sengajengipun

  11. Fahmida I

    Wow, you always have the best English versions. I normally don’t like it when people do English covers but yours always blow me away and make me feel so emotional.

  12. sayedaltafpasha

    Idk about this song pls can someone tell me what is this song is?????

  13. Vandana Gautam


  14. Kira Lin

    У меня реальные бл×ть фуражки сыграли тройной марш👍!

  15. Elena Tvinnereim

    Call me emotionally unstable but half of these comments made me cry-

  16. Minmin Marucut

    BTS: I'm ready to let go

    Ph ARMYs: Sana ol(hope all)

  17. Jacques Kemp

    Thanks for this beautiful English cover of BTS's "Let go"... Your voice is so soft and special! Keep on singing girl!

  18. Nurhall Sadi

    it have been 1 years ago , but still can make me cry :(

  19. mae paluya

    tsh,I hate it

  20. Jhayne Chavez

    1 year ago.. aw🤯💓

  21. Moonchild

    Can't stop crying... I'm sorry..

  22. mica

    Mikrokosmos English version pleaseeeee

  23. Fiona Mae Santos

    really love this english version of Let Go😭❤

  24. Mel Laurens

    You guys are talking about how sad you’ll be, but think of how happy it’s going to be as well. This industry is puts so much stress on everyone in it, they’ll finally get a break. They get to fall in love, and live normal lives. I’m so excited for them to finally be free.

  25. Sam Mendez

    I sang this song on graduation from high school. I cried so much but, we have to keep on moving.

  26. Farah Aina X

    Damn this hits me wayy harder than i thought 😔

  27. khate G


  28. Peachy _ Joonie

    *I Literally Listened To This A Year Ago And I'm Still Crying Over It*

  29. Janina Alasco

    first time to watch and hear your cover, first time as I letting go of my best of friend. I hurt her but I do hurt more myself for letting go of the one and only person who trusted me the most.

  30. Jessica Chapman

    How did she not cry while singing this???!!!

  31. leza umaby

    when bts is disband and you remeber or sang this song and suddenly you cried ohh shit im dying i can't let go your hand

  32. Soy Sauce_453


  33. Trustfrated Jk

    This song is so meaningful 😭 I’ll never be ready to let bts go
    If that day comes I’ll always wait for them ..................again and again
    Army’s will wait again

  34. Taekook

    Joder, no importa en que idioma escuche Let go siempre me hará llorar feo

  35. Yeon Kimin

    Ofw's relate

  36. Uggy

    Namjoon please stop trying to cut those fucking onions

  37. zen

    you sound like Rosé from blackpink!!😚

  38. Army Forever

    When bts disband I will take a video of me singing this singing this and post it on weverse (their last day on weverse)

  39. Thelisted things

    BTS songs are like bomb u know it looks so good when u didn't read the or understand the lyrics..and the time u understand the lyrics it's like someone pushed u into the hole which looks like nothing but it's deep inside 😭😭😭😭😭

  40. VCK SJC

    Hard to say goodbye.baby

  41. Sarah Suga

    I request u to cover red Velvet psycho:v

  42. Rexa Mae Abian


  43. Auvriel

    Wow. You're good.

    As soon as I heard the first few notes I subscribed. That's rare for me.

  44. Sheena Papruz

    Why this song remind me of something?

  45. Celine Doelare

    How can this not be cringey

  46. Elliott Francis

    I felt like crying the entire time for some reason...

  47. Bad Jeon

    I'm not ready to let go. Even tho it's totally hard to say goodbye.

  48. Army ARMY wItH a sOdA oN tHe sIdE

    *The song hits hard, but the comments hit harder*
    -(unoriginal comment)

  49. sri shakthi

    Again here after a while!✨💕💜🌝

  50. bbbong yo

    something ab her cover hits so different

  51. Kit Goloran


  52. TaeSugaaa

    Is there anything you can’t do

  53. Lorraine Nisola

    Sarangheayo army!!

  54. Lorraine Nisola

    For me i dont want to remember the "FACT" i just want to be happy with bangtan and our family bangatan x army😍😍😘😘

  55. Lil Meow Meow

    Man,she's pretty good

  56. Carldrick Junatan

    love the cover! do you post on soundcloud?

  57. sanas once

    january 2020 still not over this.

  58. Mg Mg


  59. Nic ole

    Beautiful voice but omg this hair I LOVE IT SO

  60. may .i

    I just miss him sooo much but the beginning is ending right ....

  61. aaaéry y

    i cried my ass out hearing this lyrics , i swear.


    Infires are red
    Jams are blue
    There is an invisible RM
    Cutting onions in my room


    ARMY VMINKOOK this made me laugh and cry at the same time


    I just cried tears not of sadness but of joy because I know that they have their own lives to live and so do we so we let go of each other and wish them the best happiness,health,and joy so that one day namjoon can fulfill he’s dream of dad,so that Yoongi and kook can open a lamb restaurant,so that they can get married tae can be a father of five so that they can live knowing that they changed us for the better and helped millions maybe even billions of people through their music through them those 7 boys with one dream changed the world

  64. Noreen Carla M

    Can you make an english cover of Don’t Leave Me ?

  65. Rose Park

    Listening to this cover and just taking in the lyrics mad me start crying becuase I remembered my ex

  66. Ayu Kustiana

    Big Love from Indonesia ❤️💞

  67. Shweta Wankar

    Can u plz sing seesaw also in english cover

  68. Lacie carameta

    I wish that they'd all go into the military at the same time and that that would pause the contract then they can come back, after all it's better waiting for then all to come back together than to have a few members at a time. And if they we're to go separately then it could strain their relationship and that would not only be stressful on just them but on the fandom and their staff.
    They've already said how hard it is being away from each other at a time, so them going together could strengthen their relationship. Especially when they have to train for the military, they'd be with each other to help through the struggles and hardships they might have. But then again it's up to them, and I'm 100% sure that they'll figure it out. Good luck Bangtang, fighting~~~💜💜💜💜~~~

  69. jiminchuu!

    All I have to say is...


  70. Eran Taruc

    This is Army to Jin saying goodbye for his enlistment

  71. abdulmunim chowdhury


  72. private use

    You know what's more heart breaking than the song itself?
    The comments! Bruh, I'm crying af bcoz of the comments.
    I'm a baby army, I'm new, but damn it hurts. It hurts, bcoz I know it's true. That one day, they will disband. 😭😭😭
    Gawd I can't imagine that. I will love BTS until there's no more purple in the rainbow.

  73. Rosie Tiamson


  74. Miss dArmy

    Fck I'm getting out here can't handle it.. All these stories Army's are sharing. I know BTS will have to go their separate ways one day but it fkn hurts. BYE.

  75. Catelyn Page

    Your voice is so pretty!!😍 I’m jealous that I don’t have a pretty voice😭. And your so pretty!!

  76. Maddy 32

    Wow your voice is so beautiful😍💜

  77. XXLondonParisXX

    I'm going to dedicate this song to my soulmate since she is changing and so am I. I have come to the conclusion that it's best that we part ways and say good bye to each other so that we don't hurt each other in the process of drifting away from each other. It hurts so much that I had to come to this choice. Both of us are drifting away from each other and it's getting hard to communicate without hurting each other. I wish her the best and that she lives a very happy life even if it means losing my best friend, my Soulmate and if it means that I won't be in her life that's fine at least I have our memories of each other in my heart.

  78. Ramtei Army

    I am a girl but I love her


    To all my ex-bestie...I miss youuuu😭😭this song hurtss😭😭😭😭❤
    Btw I love your voice and all the coverss💕💕❤❤

  80. damia farhanah

    im crying reading all these comments while the song is playing! 😭😭 i dont want bts to disband but bts need to rest too😭😭😭

  81. Wong bee lin Bee lin

    Plus... Any 2019??

  82. Wong bee lin Bee lin

    While listening to this song, I were laying on my bed an its 2:48am. I then brust Into tears. Thinking of how will I be if BTS disbanded.. I hope they won't like disband or something. I hope they stay forever.💖💖😭😭

  83. Cloee Shirley

    i really want o to perform this at my school talent show but don't know if Ysabelle would mind :/

  84. The Asian17

    Why does this always happened to me, I was about to tell my crush I like him but right before I tell him I get a news that he just ask out another girl and that happened twice 😖😣I have to LET GO of him💜💜. No matter how heartbroken I am, I still have BTS by my side 💜💜✊I will fight for my happiness

  85. TheArchivist

    Ok rlly weird but @ 2:37....is it bad that I read/heard unbelievable as unbelievabubble😂

  86. Jessica Chapman

    My school is having a talent show and is this comment get 10 likes than I will try out and song this song.

  87. cynthia R_C

    Here in 2019 didn't realize I was watching this the same exact day ur video was uploaded an I just realized we have the same last name I thought it was cool btw loved ur cover of this song😁

  88. LaurenKellieFitness

    I’m crying. This is beautiful.

  89. Tanjeem Biva

    Which bitches disliked dis ?????????????????????

  90. Nila Wati

    You vois so good i love it

  91. Kookie's Kookies

    The English is sooo sad yyyyy I will never let go of being an ARMY that's the only thing I will never be ready to let go of I love them tooo much

  92. Hyunho 1817

    Which microphone do you use?

  93. Sunshinevante

    i'm ugly crying.....thinking that this was written when they wanted to disband.....

  94. Taehyung_ Bts4ever

    Omg you are so talented i could never write lyrics this good myself

  95. Nafisha2005 Faiza

    Why tf is everyone talking bout disbandingg? ? Plzz stabh it!!

  96. Pambansang Tibo LGBT

    i really love her so much..ive been watching her for 1 yr now..

  97. ცıŧą Şơٳŧąŋɛ

    omg i cry bts my babes

  98. AESTHETICS girl' dila

    Bagus bngt ya allaj