Ysabelle Cuevas - I Like You So Much, You'll Know It (A Love So Beautiful OST English Cover) Lyrics

I like your eyes, you look away when you pretend not to care
I like the dimples on the corners of the smile that you wear
I like you more, the world may know but don't be scared
Coz I'm falling deeper, baby be prepared

I like your shirt, I like your fingers, love the way that you smell
To be your favorite jacket, just so I could always be near
I loved you for so long, sometimes it's hard to bear
But after all this time, I hope you wait and see

Love you every minute, every second
Love you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever I know I can't quit you
Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how
I love you til the last of snow disappears
Love you til a rainy day becomes clear
Never knew a love like this, now I can't let go
I'm in love with you, and now you know

I like the way you try so hard when you play ball with your friends
I like the way you hit the notes, in every song you're shining
I love the little things, like when you're unaware
I catch you steal a glance and smile so perfectly

Though sometimes when life brings me down
You're the cure my love
In a bad rainy day
You take all the worries away

Love you every minute, every second
Love you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever I know I can't quit you
Coz baby you're the one, I don't know how
In a world devoid of life, you bring color
In your eyes I see the light, my future
Always and forever I know, I can't let you go
I'm in love with you, and now you know
I'm in love with you, and now you know

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Ysabelle Cuevas I Like You So Much, You'll Know It (A Love So Beautiful OST English Cover) Comments
  1. Zyn Octopussy

    im hope always be with you :)


    siapa yang masih nonton di bulan Januari 2025

  3. aika ika

    gud job

  4. eijiro vin

    I love this song,but i haven't crush smh

  5. Alexbrian Escalona

    Galing nyo po ate

  6. Casheyane Frenzien

    LOVE IT!

  7. Lost Vayne

    Her voice and cute face!!! Can't sleep now💖

  8. Dhen Mhark Azarcon

    you got a knew follwer

  9. Double B

    She has sweet smile 💖

  10. Double B

    This is one of my favorite cover

  11. Lucille Lazaro

    2020 anyone? ♥️ start your year right!

  12. marco rapada

    2020 :>

  13. J Madracer


  14. Lovely Figueroa

    'cause i'm falling...deeper and deeper.

  15. Phuc Xuan Nguyen Nguyen

    my school use this song in my listening exam XDD and the sound of my school headphone blur and the part baby be prepare i hear to baby be be be @@

  16. DNL Product.official

    Indonesia 🇲🇨

  17. MJC Jamez

    Rip replay

  18. ann carmie

    I like song

  19. mapuia chhangte

    this song makes me feel like a child,all over again...😳😳

  20. Edo Pernando

    Comes here from video zebuafhu 😅

  21. Mareta Truly

    who's come here because of V hahahaa...

  22. Jay Angelo Valmocina


  23. Annielovelyze Ann

    Sana meron neto sa spotify :(

  24. jordan manggao

    Oww 😍 inlove narin ako sayo e 💕💙💚💛💜💝💘💞💟💗

  25. Chihaya Ayase

    Finally Now i Know the Title 😂😂😂 Since before i dont know whats the title of this song.. hahaha 😂

  26. Not Your Bro

    I just cheated by my girl, but when listening this.. im feeling loved again even if that only my imagination 😊

  27. only biology

    When you fall in love with the character she is decribing through this song.👍

  28. I ate yo Mom

    January anyone?? ;) 2020 bby!!

  29. Tara Mukharjee

    2020 nice song .........👌❤❤❤

  30. J Madracer


    Is it only me who fallin in love with her nasal congestion voice
    Sounds more unique and smexy 😍

  31. No one

    My crush was looking at me and then he fell(tripped over not fell in love ), was it because I'm incredibly beautiful or because I''m incredibly ugly ?


  32. an lin

    My crush become my boyfriend in our last school (2016), i don't no that he also have a crush on me 😚 and I don't know how to describe my feeling that time haha, memories bring back memories bring back u ✨ btw happy new year 🥰 more years to go with u luv 💕

  33. Rommel Fernandez

    im a girl and i had a crush on someone for a year and a month ago he confesseddddd

  34. Marvin quezada

    2020 11:32pm
    January 1

  35. Kagura the cherry witch

    *January 2020*
    Who's watching?

  36. Yan's Adi

    I like your smile

  37. Pokhara Nepal

    Love from diya

  38. Mery St Qomariah

    I don't know why everytime i heard this song i remember gun

  39. JustYourTypical ARMY

    Youre so good at singing!!!!!!!!! I can't sing like that:(

  40. Maya Ulfa

    Upload it in spotify pls 😔 ur voice such a blessings

  41. jamilla bianca lucero

    january 1 2020 whos watching?

  42. Phei Espiritu

    January 2020 and still listening! 🥂🎉

  43. Mariel Pabico

    (english cover)

    *wattpader here HIHI*

  44. Rose Camelle Gallego


  45. Tf Claire

    half of the views are prob from me 😂🥰❤️

  46. Pain Gaming

    Jan 01 2020

  47. Stockholum Central Staytion-Noruway

    I can't believe even with my notifs on I'm one year late am so pissed -_-

  48. Rico Jason Aguinaldo

    That commet by rhianna jae aguinaldo

  49. Rico Jason Aguinaldo

    Ganada nang pero mas maganda ka kilig

  50. FierceKnight - LockOnZero

    2020 is near!! These past years have been a blast!! Looking forward for more blessings in 2020!! I love you crush!!

  51. Reniel Asis


  52. Eka Rina Takdir


  53. smile flower

    I heard my niece sang this song once when we were at a store because it was playing... For some reason every time i hear this it takes me back to that time and place and it makes me cry...idk why...

  54. Queen Caña

    Makahinumdum man sad ko sa akong crush ani oi 😁

  55. ayens ayens

    I'm madly inlove with this song, but this girl made me fall in love with her voice, glad this appeared in my recommendation

  56. Vinel 710MNCR

    My new confession anthem 💜


    sana all inlove, one of the best song of all time.

  58. this is my name lmao

    I came here from the Vhope thing, you?
    (Don't have to like the comment)

  59. agtbanu w

    Upload this to your spotify pleaseee 🥺🥺

  60. Cheaters never win, but I just graduated


  61. Syuhada Ahmad

    already 83M?! let's get it to 90M!!

  62. Lalchhuanawma Chhuana

    A nalh😇

  63. Adrian Del Rosario

    When my crush doesn't know i like her we talk so much but now she knows she doesnt talk to me i donts know why but now i found out that she and my friend have a fucking relationship 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Fire Light Helton

    im so sorry but when i heard this i thought unaware was underwear HAHAHAHHAH

  65. Sephia Dwi

    Falling in love with this song ❤❤

  66. Dinosaur Tv

    I have request sana pwede
    Pwede mo po ba i cover yung song na how to love by ivy shao
    Sweet combat OST sana mabasa niyo po ito salamat po

  67. neinxz adam

    Sarap pakinggan while yakap si unan😂

  68. _X_M.

    OMG this song is soooooo beautiful I can't 😭😭😭❤️

  69. The Little Pika

    Who whatch this song in last december?

  70. Ana Widianingsih

    Bagus banget parah!!!

  71. Ghudalu Amil

    Tagging my crush
    @aisa Al ghussien

  72. Bii Baekhyun

    Still my favorite one ❤️

  73. Ktiara Putri

    always like this and always hear it💖💖

  74. Maula Zulfi

    Thank you for making me smile

  75. carlito rojas

    idol still listening your song for now and forever :)

  76. Paulene Louise

    Ate vlog ka nmn po plss..

  77. Tristan Loresco

    Kaka inlove😍🥴☺️❤️💜

  78. Kwang B Ü

    A little a happiness by Hebe Tien pls ❤️

  79. Jonathan Leman


  80. raingrace Castillo

    Kakayanin po kantahin nyo

  81. Rhar Tanti

    I Love the way you sing the song... make me feel happy. Thanks😆😆😆

  82. Justine Gacha

    Full of filipinos nako po hindi na ako nag iisa

  83. marjohn atienza

    Still reminds me of a beautiful drama.
    Who's still watching too?

  84. balasun boys

    Eho dare's to unlike this vedio😡

  85. Marni Mar

    Wong ai nie

  86. Iklil Izzati

    Really hope to listen to this song at Spotify ;(

  87. Mawitea Bochung

    I really love your voice... i love u

  88. Aralyne Tutorials

    Those dislikes were the ones who can’t sing or talentless :p

  89. Fernaldy Wijaya


  90. Ira lynn Ebido

    December 27 there?😍😍

  91. Perdi Perdiansyah

    I like this song with your cover

  92. yuriko otacute

    CUTE/KAWAII that’s the word❤️❤️❤️💯🤗🤗🤗

  93. Sneha Goenka

    Listen at 0.75x speed Its like acoustic

  94. angel sama

    December 2019 anyone


  95. Lia Lorin Ogerio

    Everytime i hear this song...i remember Meteor Garden 2018♥️♥️

  96. cathalina19_ cathalina


  97. Rifda Fehmilihanna

    omggg i love you