Your Favorite Martian - Alien Lyrics

Have you ever felt left out of the group, excluded?
Given the boot when you knew you should have been a shoo-in?
Like some ancient Druid was pursuant to ruin your life
With a curse but worse, he brought his whole damn crew in.
And now it’s high noon and you’re a target to shoot at
This school’s a battlefield, no wonder you’re truant!
They always look at you and they boo at what you’re doing
And you go off like a bomb at the Olympics in Munich.

Nah, you’re just an extraterrestrial
Less than respectable
You’ll never get to get the girl
You’re just a jester at the festival
I guess it’s acceptable
To peg your head with vegetables
And kick you in the testicles
And best of all let you know that you’re a filthy dog
And you’ll never be best in show.

So why the abuse?
‘Cause all a bully needs is a fucking excuse!

Planet Earth I need a friend
‘Cause I’m on the outside looking in
I’m an Alien
I’m just an Alien
Feeling lost but never found
‘Til I found myself being pushed around
I’m an Alien
Yes, I’m an Alien.

I’ma be honest, it gets better I promise
So don’t let them ground you down to a pound of sawdust
Stay on the stage the longest ’til the gong hits
And everybody comments on their fondness
Of your polish and your overall knowledge
Remain calmest and abolish your modesty
‘Cause honestly you got to be positive
You’re a prodigy!
You show the world that you’re not to mess with
It’s a broken home that makes these bastards aggressive
You can expect to get rejected
Neglected, stripped naked, and tested ’til they reckon
You feel terrible because nothing is comparable
Violence ain’t the answer but the pain is unbearable
You’re nice and jaded from being isolated
Now you coast through life feeling twice as hated.

So why the abuse?
‘Cause all a bully needs is a fucking excuse!


Axel on the drums!




No Ohhh!
I’m an Alien
Yes, I’m an Alien

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Your Favorite Martian Alien Comments
  1. L X

    You are and always will be OUR favorite martian. .

  2. CrownClown Creations

    Idk about the rest of you, but Ray screaming aggressive lyrics does something to me

  3. Jason Castro

    2020 and I have discovered a bunch a videos can't be seen anymore:( glad you back doing. Videos again Ray but damn I miss yfm

  4. dark knight plays

    All they need is an excuse to ruin other people lives

  5. dark knight plays

    I miss my favorite martians

  6. Dan Collymore

    Elite Channel

  7. Casey P. Bryson

    Wow is this my friend I spoke with on the phone? Great vid/music

  8. azim hicks

    This shit is work

  9. Hunter Franz

    0:42 ifelt that

  10. Imagineit Ryan Productions

    I think the main reason why this is my favorite YFM song is because it feels personal, like, doesn't it feel like Ray is letting out some major aggression?

  11. Mexican seafood

    I remember when I was a child I sang this to my mum one morning I was so proud I learned the words

  12. Dab the trees

    the animation is bad but the song is so good

  13. Rafael Alvarez

    Every Mexican.

  14. J R Animation Studios

    2:06 I didn't know trump was in this band

    Tyleia Thomas

    That's benatar

  15. J R Animation Studios

    I like this. Too sad I wasn't here earlier.

  16. arkceit arjun

    1st year of high school and in a sort of life crisis. Had no clue what the fuck i wanted. Its still the same but in check. This song helped back then. 🤗

  17. 衛巴

    This got me through elementary school

    gnarly dude

    衛巴 wait same

  18. Tomahawk Games

    i dont know how i got here but all of the music is amazing
    please help

  19. Cyberman

    Shreks early childhood

  20. Clete Robinson

    Best song he ever made


    Nah Jupiter is better

    Queen Of Memes

    @FlyingGorilla let him have an opinion my God

  21. KrAyOnS1

    8.4k dislikes are from the aliens that didn't get free from area 51

  22. Quaseem S

    Yeah it sucks, ur there is nothing we can do to bring this back. Equals Three is gone, YourFavoriteMartian is gone. I remember coming home from school everyday to watch these video with my Cousin, I gained A TON of great memories. But IG it’s time to lay those memories to rest. 😔

  23. redhoodiejoshNC


  24. Jay Jack

    2019 and still listening to this


    ur not alone

  25. Desober

    This song got me through highschool. Just wanted to come back and visit it to say thank you.

  26. Yeetles

    bruh this song was lit af tho

  27. Niall Regan

    So it's about to be 2020 and I remember watching this when it first came out. what the fuck is time

  28. Dimitrij Partner

    I remeber when this channel had life. Now im sad

  29. Troy

    This song walked so Oliver Tree could run.

  30. EpicSexGay

    took me a while to realise hes not an alien, just feels like one

  31. moonlighttheshewolf AJ

    god.. i miss this band, they had so much talent and potential... i wish the band will come back but thats unlikely.

  32. Who needs A Profile Pic

    Definitely a product of the times

  33. ZombiiFied Bear

    Who’s here after the youtube rewind 2019

  34. lahmonzalovania

    songs that used the old designs: more of a comedic feel
    songs that used new designs: waaaayyyy less comedic but still kind of there and decent music but nothing mindblowing

  35. Vincent Klemann

    *everyone that caused harm will pay once the time is right*

  36. Valkyria

    A part of my childhood! <3

  37. Rayinne Savije Wilde

    I'm Alien 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👾👾👽👽👽👾👾👽👽

  38. JustRapid

    Can we agree that this is their most lyrical song?

  39. Asmr boi

    This channel was part of my. Childhood (2019)

  40. Snowscales Wintermint

    I guess you could say he was pretty alienated by the school

  41. Matthew Guy

    This is a fucking anthem

  42. Liams Clan

    I mean ok

  43. Jar Of Jelli

    As a kid, this song helped me a lot. I had recently lost all of my friends and was now friendless and an outcast. People ignored me when I said hello, didn't want to be my partner in projects, would whisper about me behind my back. It hurt a lot, and even if I didn't have anybody, I had this song. I remember crying myself to sleep many nights, but listening to this song made me feel a little less alone.

    Listening to this song now brings back a lot of painful memories, but it also reminds me of where I am now. I have loyal friends who I love, a girlfriend that I only could have gotten had I not gotten the self-confidence to come out, and a best friend who I would die for.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still a loser. But I'm in with all of the other losers, and we look out for each other. You aren't always going to bounce back to right where you wer, but you can make it better.

    It will get better, you just have to give that extra push.

    Dupe Carter

    Jar Of Jelli being a loser means you hate losing -sasuke 😅✌🏾

  44. yuckytara

    I’m still in love with this song
    And it’s still stuck to my head

  45. TitanEnergy

    We miss you YFM...

  46. the blazing phinox 111

    the feels whos here 2919

  47. Michael Hebert

    Reminds me of Metallica's Welcome Home

  48. 1999productions

    *Bruh this drum beat goes hard*

  49. Cheyenne Olewiler

    As you grow older... this song makes more sence and becomes the whole definition of life

  50. Spinel Universe

    Last song they made before they retired...

  51. Davonte Richard

    Respect YFM you need to come back


    Who the fuck could disslike this

  53. Kelly lively

    Me dealing with people in general 😔

  54. gentlejake605

    you needa return dude pleaseeeeee

  55. Your mum

    This has changed since the stereotypes song

  56. BadMan

    I still have hope

  57. Peice of paper

    Don’t you just hate when your bully ties you up and beats you with a baseball bat?


    2019 and people still be listening to these bois music

  59. Potato wifi123

    Ahh such memories flood my mind as I listen to this...

  60. councilhouse

    the chorus was wasted on rays shit rapping

  61. Ampha

    Who is subscribed with notifications on hoping one day you’ll receive a notification from this channel?

  62. ScienceLad 69

    Him the alien at school

  63. cheryl muhammad

    The bully she go to prison for assault

  64. Frost

    Cause all a bully needs is a fucking excuse

  65. Deanna Green

    Dumd bully

  66. Deanna Green

    I'm angry

  67. Gacha lunar Studios

    2019 anyone WE MISS U PLEASE COME BACK

  68. joshjulfredic gamer channel

    You know i relate to that alien he gets bullied alot and everything he does is a hilarious look for everyone who doesnt like him but let this remind us to not bully anyone of what they look like or what they are the only thing that matters is what they are in the insode not the outside

  69. jonathan rodriguez

    I rember when i was in 4th grade listening to to this channel

  70. ForwardBoss 65

    2012: It's a broken home that makes these bastards aggressive.
    2019: It's an iPhone that makes these bastards aggressive.

  71. Deanna Green

    No I will not do a like

  72. Sarah M

    Ten years later this songs still speaks to bullied kids. 💗

  73. Jackie,s Gaming channel

    I broke my Tv :/

  74. Z-Sport Total

    2019... still alive

  75. I_I

    Guys I think this songs about bullying

  76. Cousin Mania

    Area 51 Storm 2019..?

  77. Sidz

    Whose watching in 2019???

  78. Jiejie JIEJIE

    that make me sad now

  79. Jiejie JIEJIE

    when i saw this youtube i was small and now i find it

  80. Cameron G Fleming

    This was and still is my other favorite virtual band, gorillaz takes first

  81. Maximo Nuñez

    Who watched this video on 2019


    This is rn a serious song from them and still one of the best

  83. Kawaii Legends

    Poor alein

  84. Maria Arangure

    The song is telling us to fight back to bullies

  85. hentai is religion

    A hard mood

  86. Captain Rex

    I'm just an Alien...

  87. Mr Gamer

    Кто русский из 2019!!

  88. Pardiiz

    Yo these guys are legends I remember watching them when I was younger lol. They were a low budget linkin park

  89. Knee Caps

    Bullied kids please rise for our national anthem

  90. Daniel Todd Jr.

    Who else came back after six years and memorized the lyrics?

  91. kirbabu

    Still good in 2019


    kirbabu I learned about this band yesterday when this comment was written


    @Skyru bro i listen to this when it came out. I remember watching =3 and then finding rays band

  92. kid zane

    "High noon"

  93. Pauline Reacts


  94. Ikan :D

    Why he not in area 51