Youngbloods, The - Ride The Wind Lyrics

Ride the wind let your dream blow
In the stream of the wind flow
And you will know the reason why I ride the wind

Ride the wind leave your mind behind
Feel the rush of suspended time
That gets you high and that's why I ride the wind

See the colors flashing like a rainbow
Drink them in until your senses overflow
And you will find that you can grow by letting go

See the colors flashing like a rainbow
Drink them in until your senses overflow
And you will find that you can grow by letting go

Ride the wind heaven whisper low
You can feel all you need to know
Be open eyed and open wide and ride the wind

Ride the wind by the wind

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Youngbloods, The Ride The Wind Comments
  1. bob crnich

    I saw the young bloods in Chicago at the Quiet Knight , the place got busted the night before so there were only about 25 people and the band came out and sat with everyone 1971 sophomore high school

  2. carol vota

    Mahalo Nui Loa JCY

  3. Rosie Vela

    I LOVE RIDE THE WIND ! Sunlight & Darkness Darkness.

  4. Jack Costello

    Excellent album, especially this song

  5. misslillybelle

    Oh how we danced. I love this song.

  6. William Henshaw

    Would you believe I used to have four copies of this album, under a dollar each in the cut out bin at budget tapes and records so I bought all four, wouldn't you? This is the very best Youngblood's album, the songs are all good, the sound quality is incredible and this band was in a very good groove.

    Ken Strain

    Yes, I would have !

    Mark Gately

    So true ✓

  7. kathleen prouty

    My uncle King turned my sister and i on to this album back in the 70' uncle had amazing taste in music! RIP Uncle King!

  8. John Mitchell

    Great song, great group. Timeless. A Banana a day keeps the blues away. Thank you.

  9. Cinnamombunz

    My heart just overflows every time I hear this. My beloved friend, Chuck, sat me down, put this on, and taught me to listen ... really, really LISTEN.
    I'm listening, Chuck.
    Ride the wind, wherever you are.
    I'm right there with you.

  10. Hobie Jones

    This has been one of my favorite albums for 40 years. It's so peaceful.

  11. mpwrk1

    One of those bands that were better live. Just as interesting today as 1971.

  12. jeffrey bruce butterfield

    what a wonderful,wonderful album.

    Edmund Vitale

    +jeffrey bruce butterfield And this album was simply released to satisfy a contract. No notice or ads or anythiing

  13. Barsan Consultores audio video

    espectacular!!! y solo para nosotros....

  14. John Slaughter

    Timeless beauty........

  15. Edmund Vitale

    I was at this show at the Fillmore East. It sounded just like we hear it here ...

  16. jeffrey bruce butterfield

    just so cool and unhomogenised,great voice from jesse colin young.
    nothing can really touch this,i was the proud owner of the album.
    when this was recorded frisco & the bay area was an inspirational place then.

  17. TheShadowfakx

    kinda like a combo of ohangla and benga from Kenya on the instrumentals; amazing for these white guys to unknowingly come that close

  18. ed schneider

    Thanks Ohna! I didn't know about this version? I had Elephant Mountain, (one of my perfect albums) but that runs around six and a half. Is this live, or just a different studio version?

  19. Zachary Castro

    So cool, I remember this song in the days. Mahalo for posting. :-)

  20. MsNeptune19

    ~GREAT live version!!!...sound is perfect!!!...thx for posting...

  21. Diane T

    THANK YOU!!!! Did you/could you possibly upload the whole album? I was introduced to this album in my junior year of high school in 1971-72. I listened to it as my motivational wake up...the day exploded with music!