Young, Will - This Is Who I Am Lyrics

I don't wanna be here forever
You can hide on your own in your own special way
with nothing to say
Well enough is enough and i mean it
When your livin it up no you cannot get down
You cannot get down

I have things to say
Don't you stand in my way
This is who i am

I'm turning it around
I have Been away
I have been Re-born
I'm feeling it in my soul
This is were i stand
this is how i feel
I had to decide
This is who i am

I can open my eyes and believe it
The smile in my heart there's a feeling inside
A feeling inside
its my love its my life and i live it
The way that i choose i don't care if its right
If its right

I have things to say
Don't you stand in my way
This is who i am

I'm turning it around
I have Been away
I have been Re- born
I'm feeling it in my soul
This is were i stand
this is how i feel
I had to decide
This is who i am

Now i feel i found a way to go
Don't stand in my way
Oh i never feel a fool
Coz' its easy not to say
I don't wanna tell you to give it up
Coz' its easily mistaken
Your out of your mind
Ive seen you before
I don't wanna tell you to give it up
there's no way I'm self destructing
I will see you fall...... away

I'm turning it around
I have Been away
I have been Re- born
I'm feeling it in my soul
This is were i stand
this is how i feel
I had to decide
This is who i am

Don't give it up
Don't give it up

Hey don't give it up
Don't give it up

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Young, Will This Is Who I Am Comments
  1. Pedro Felipe Pamplona

    By the way ... who are the 30 motherfuckers who disliked that song ?!!!

  2. Danny Robinson

    I love you Greenwood......😢😢😢

  3. Harry Woko

    This song is about how men struggle with love and feelings and those they love, in the masculine world dictated by pride, integrity and dignity. The values women find hard to understand in men.



  4. Patrick Thene

    what a wave still in 2016, shows that ypu worked hard on the song

  5. Ali Salam

    best mother ever.. wish her well... miss u mandy

  6. Ali Salam

    will never get fed up of this song... it reminds me of my old girlfriend...amanda

    Stuart McGregor

    Ali Salam reminds me of the mother of my children,Amanda

  7. Tom Mercina

    I wouldn't be myself a dour what is that supposed to mean is it French I'm confused can anyone tell me what it means I'm thinking French yeah like Kylie Minogue I still love you Jenica po cu quar?


    +Russ Yobro je pense qu'il chant 'i would not be myself AT ALL', pas 'dour'. :)

    Beverley Ganley

    I woukdnt be myself at all not a door haha

  8. Abdullah Miakhel

    no one else should never try singing this. he is sweet enough, <3

  9. Julie Rodgers

    fab lyrics. ..I can relate to this...x

  10. Tim Moy

    Sent this to the love of my life. We can't be together but she knows I'll catch her if she falls. Miss you F. 

  11. Paul Middleton

    i woke up with this song on my mind

  12. Ron Taylor


  13. heather quigley

    Just love this guy never made a bad record, love this  song

    Evz Playz

    +heather quigley i agree

  14. Dolly Shelley

    thanks for this 1 wills favourite song  12 years and stillgoing strong keep it up will waiting for your new album xx

  15. heather quigley

    great song ,this chap has such a wonderful tone to his voice

    John Conway

    One of the most distinctive voices to have emerged in the last 20 years . Where is he now? We want to hear more from him, don't we?

  16. jools Pirog

    How sad people don't just listen to the music rather than trying to attack or defend their own agendas or ideals. It's all about the music guys. Chill out

  17. jools Pirog

    None of us are perfect and we ALL make mistakes. Sometimes over & over ad nauseam

  18. tony lander

    a bit of a tune , why ? maybe god nos ? who ever he maybe be ?

  19. Andy Smith


  20. QueenAlexandra2007

    I simple love this song

  21. 1305alz

    Seen him live.. Absolutely awesome show amd a unique and distinct voice. Nothing else needs to be said about his sexuallity or faith.

  22. Georgie

    My other tabs have Lissie, Treasure planet soundtrack and Regina Spektor… i have a crazy sense of music :)

  23. Tesco Asda

    @mi9worm or removed

  24. Tesco Asda

    Funny how all the people who make horrific comments have removed their channel.

  25. Beckiiy100

    @1673m thats so adorable !

  26. Yash Wadhwani

    Im straight and a male but I still really like this song

  27. Vanessa Davies

    favourite song ever.

  28. Dante 514

    xd gracias por la rola esta padre me trae recuerdos jajaja muy buena la rola

  29. Alex Thomson

    Will young is actually amazing :) x

  30. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal its not just because im a woman its because im not a judgmental person i like people for who they are wheather it be gay straight bi black white etc etc.... dont understand how people can judge others when they have never gave reason to be judged i believe what they do behind closed doors is upto them...

  31. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal okay....lets agree to disagree because as much as i like gay people you hate them... both have our own opinions and im sick of banging my head off a brick wall with you.... lol

  32. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal so you like lesbians but not orignal...! typical man...!! and for the record i dont need your approval to be lesbian....!

  33. aligary

    @mushakal Non muslims don't live by the sharia law though.

    This is a beautiful song sung by a very talented man.

  34. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal well good on them for not ....

  35. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal sickning is what small minded people like yourself is........good day!

  36. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal no i am not lebian but have many friends that are gay/lebians, i do not have to be gay/lesbian to accept that they are. its not impossible believe me i have witnessed it many times......GOD?...right well... how do we know god hates same-sex couples? i doubt when the bible was wrote jesus had just burst through his front door look mary im dating john now im gay...for to know what gods reaction was...

  37. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal how do you know that it has no benefit as your not gay... they love each other just as much as a man and woman would do...! they dont force themself to love a happens... so many illnesses..? like..? to stop anol fucking..? some woman and men do that behind closed doors too not just gay men....

  38. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal why is being gay wrong? because people like you said so? give me one reason....

  39. Carrie Dunnigan

    @mushakal you hate gays...? thats harsh! i think hes lovely gay or not! hes not trying to date you....he never asked you to listen to his why would you be as harsh to come on this and say you hate gays....! gosh some people!

  40. aligary

    @mushakal Why do you hate gays? They are people and you don't know Will Young so how can you hate somebody you don't know?
    Will has an amazing voice and this is all you should care about not his private life.

  41. aligary

    @JonasBrothers4LIFE96 if you once were?

  42. Suraj Gandhi


  43. Mary Joy

    how were you related to him?

  44. Locket2412

    I love this song!! ^_^ Sweet and touching one!
    hearts :)

  45. mireille vossen

    soo romantic :) i love it

  46. Christalline67

    Beautiful, it really is :)

  47. Rathcooleglen

    Will Young is a God!! I thinks hes class... far better than Gareth Gates. This songs proves it. Its the best song I have ever heard!!

    Go Will!! XXXXXXXX

  48. lujas10

    what year was this u-tubers?

  49. AJ Jones

    I dont think this song is sad, i think this song is honesty in its greatest form and if we didn't make each other so many silly promises then we wouldn't be letting each other down all the time. we all make mistakes and noone is to blame! i think this song is genious!

  50. lujas10

    This song saved my marriage, trouble is I blamed myself?, shame, if only I knew?

  51. Aviator77

    I'm so glad i found this song on YT. Love it...WOW it's awesome!

    Mog gie

    me too !

  52. Jeska Langdon

    this is awesome :)
    thanks for posting