Young, Will - Like A River Lyrics

In my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t feel all these things
But the weight on my shoulders, is too much to bare
So I walked to the river, and I’ll carry it there
You have controlled me, my joy in your hands
You’re the ghost in my footprints, a snake in the sand
But life is much bigger and its taking me

Its taking me home
Just like a river goes to the sea
Just like a river passing through me
Just like a river feeding my soul
Like a river taking me home

I cry as I push you, deep down in the water
I see your face twisting, your eyes lose their laughter
The water will take you away from me now
There’s peace in the shadows, I’ve chosen to stay
Don’t struggle with me it’s much easier this way
We’ve danced for so long now let go its ok

Coz I’m going home
Just like a river goes to the sea
Just like a river passing through me
Just like a river feeding my soul
Like a river taking me home
Taking me home
Taking me home
Taking me home
It’s taking me


Like a river goes to the sea
Like a river passing through me
Just like a river feeding my soul
Like a river taking me home.

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Young, Will Like A River Comments
  1. Loïc Tasquier

    Such a beautiful song !

  2. Starelva99

    85% proof is the most experimentallest album he release so far!

  3. samcad2013

    It makes me piss myself laughing how ridiculously dramatic he is all the time.

  4. brandonisi

    I think it’s insane I can’t buy 85% Proof on iTunes in the US.

  5. brandonisi

    He needs to just get on top of me already. This man just gets better with age.

  6. remy paraskovia


  7. nathanielecko

    Love the track! The story of the video looks like 'Theseus and the minotaur' from Greek mythology. :) Superb !

  8. hannerik hannerik

    So underrated

  9. imOJ

    one of the most underrated artists of all time

    Dee benton

    totally agree

  10. Jennie Lou Holt

    Im going thu a lot right now in my life and this song really found me. I watched the string like a pare of eyes in a dark world guide this person thru a journey to fight agienst this dark entity. I too have been this person, gifted sight just enough in a dark world to be able to fight my demons. Then like in the viedo was forced to stand my ground fight the hardest battle of my life. I have felt my way out of a dark underworld by listing to the inner voices that I believe were god calling me home. And was inspired by this song is touching and eloquite. The Video also is moving and so fitting to the song I'm left in tears. I see so much symbolic meaning in it I was so blown away. It is such a simple sounding yet dynamic song. All I can think is, this song to be played at my funeral one day. So thank you for this gift and wonderful piece of art

  11. Claire Spence

    Wow!! What a beautiful song, dark! But yea the video and song are incredible....You never disappoint.

  12. Nick dominates is life

    This video scares me .|~|.

  13. Kay Tee

    Will, why'd you have to kill the black guy?


    It was nothing to do with him being black. Find out about the story. A coincident only that the big muscular guy used in the video happened to be black.

  14. Alexunder Shine


  15. Firey Flower

    This song is the stand out track of the album, pure quality.

    Amazing video too

  16. B. Cause

    Such a glorious video. It rarely happens that song and video are perfectly fitting.

  17. Stocksy72

    Such a massive shame Will Y doesn't break the mould and do the Eurovision for his home country. I love everything he's done, this included, love the visual and the music and is a strong enough artist to break the "Poison Chalice" BBC mentality as he is quoted as saying. Certainly get the talent out to millions of others, rather than wasted on Radio 2 playlists but no single sales. Doubt anyone under 30 would entertain him at present which is shameful. Exactly the format an artist with this insight needs, let Europe hear the UK's best Male vocalist, with a 3 minute stage performance that the BBC will fork out for- Mr William Young for the United Kingdom. An intelligent, competant and imaginative performance on behalf of the UK. Go on Will.....dare you...................(especially with something like "Thank You"..............


    +Stocksy72 He wont do it!

  18. anti-nicdote

    in a good way of course

  19. anti-nicdote

    this video is so creepy

  20. Dorothy Shelley

    i of our best british singers you can heear allhis words as well thankyou ilove wills voice xx
    from dorothy sheley x

  21. Music4allofU

    Like a River is a well written track and excellently preformed. This track really grows on you. I love the dark video concept 'Legend Of The Minotaur' this is a very well produced video. Will Young, still creating fantastic music 18 years on since the debut release of his LP 'From Now On'

  22. Dorothy Shelley

    still listening to this 1 ilove it thankyou xx

  23. Mike Allen

    I watched Will on The show...... I picked him then as the winner! I'm so very glad and happy he is still doing his thing.
    With a tone and sound like he has. I hope he will still be smashing out the tunes in his normal understated way!

  24. Jubernack

    Freaky video. Amazing song!

  25. Jaen Pajaro

    This song and this video are Amazing, like everything that you do. :)

  26. Dorothy Shelley

    so beautiful thankyou  xx

  27. Alexandre Ferrier

    This song is Amazing, very relaxing and melancholy a bit to. Will please could you do a live session of this song please? Love from France.....X

  28. Win

    I'm really impressed,the whole new album is real,maybe it's a little bit sadder than Echoes but it's not defect,Though
    I think it's even better?

  29. Dorothy Shelley

    lookig forward to seeing you next saterday night on the tele will and this is 1of my favs fromyour new album xx

  30. BujoldComa78

    I am a big Will Young fan. So it pains me to say this. Love Revolution is one of Will's best songs and I love the video for it. But the rest of the album is not good. It's as if he could barely get up enough energy to sing the lyrics.  Don't even get me started on this video. His last cd, Echo's was great. Hope and Fears and Keep On are my favorite songs of his. Let's just say I can't wait to get his next album.

    B. Cause

    @BujoldComa78 Echoes is his best album but 85% Proof is not that far behind. This one is much more diverse in style and must say I like the way Mr Young always pushes for something different - Like A River video is a remarkable, artistic achievement that perfectly accommodates this beautiful,elegiac song.
    You obviously prefer his earlier stuff - fair enough.


    After reading my post I have to say I did come off a bit harsh. So I do appreciate your reply. I should have said this is not his best work, in my opinion of course.

    Bah Humbug

    I have to agree. I think the music is quite good but the lyrics are terribly mediocre. Something's off here and the cd doesn't quite gel. I'm trying to like it but I think as an effort it's forgettable, except for maybe 2 songs.

    B. Cause

    Definitely not Will's best work, but still has some riveting songs. I can't get enough of I Don't Need A Lover and Like A River while Blue and Joy are below par. I'm pretty much loving the rest. Deserves a bronze medal (silver for Let It Go and Echoes is golden).

  31. Starelva99

    Will Young ,you,really inspired me a lot a lot!!!you are the only one who can touch my soul and cure my break heart by these emotional music work!!so deeply!!so greatttt feeling

  32. Катерина Семухина

    best song from the album

  33. zero chris

    love the new album

  34. Queergin

    This is pure art... This is why you're the only male artist i follow and truly deeply admire...

  35. Christina Horton

    Please make this video available in the United States I really want to see it

  36. Dorothy Shelley


  37. Dorothy Shelley


  38. esounds1

    B/W gay version of living for love ? but weaker song.. No offense, just wondering...

  39. jmckendry84

    I'd ignored Will's work mostly, dismissing it as manufactured pop that wasn't my thing (though he does come across as a nice guy, so never grudged him success)... But this is one hell of a good song. Haunting, dark and beautiful. Will need to reevaluate my opinion on Will and check out his back catalogue!

    B. Cause

    @jmckendry84 Yes... this song really blew me away. I was also very doubtful ( Pop Idol winner, in my opinion, is not much of a recommendation). Then I went for it - bought his previous work Echoes and can't stop playing it! Tremendous pop album.  85 % proof has also some trully gripping and addictive sounds, my firm favourite is "I don't need a lover". So yeah, Mr Will Young definitely needs to be explored.

    Gandii Minogue

    Listen to echoes album it's his best work IMO.

  40. Jonny J

    If this is good give me bad...

  41. Dorothy Shelley

    so many kids stuff on the teie this is so beautiful thanky ou will and good luck when you go on tour xx  from dorothy shelley xx

  42. Dorothy Shelley

    this is such abeautiful song ilove ot ive got wills new album thankgoodness hes back so fed up with so much american crap on our tele xx

  43. Simon Dolan

    It was crap.

  44. Pauline Ward

    This is a beautiful song, haunting melody, love it

  45. Mario Ciotti


  46. Dorothy Shelley

    iam getting his new albim frommy daughter in law ilove his voice xx

  47. Carol Beal

    Absolutely fabulous :)

  48. Michal Henryk

    Beautiful song, the video is very 90's and very good.

  49. Victor Popa

    This is brilliant! WOW!

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Victor Popa this is abeautiful sound thankyou will ilove it xx

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Victor Popa
    @Victor Popa from dorothy shelley x

  50. Natalie 73

    This track is just beautiful.

  51. Dorothy Shelley

    ilove wills voice thankyou xx

  52. Sakari Lerkkanen

    Maybe the best music video I have seen created in past year and the track is mind blowing as well!!!!! Keep it up!!!

  53. Dorothy Shelley

    ilove this 1 by willyoung hope it does wellfor him sumply beautiful thanlyou and good luck will xx

  54. Enchanted Diamond

    love this song its my favorite and i love the Minotaur theme

  55. B. Cause

    Beautiful and disturbing video, riveting lyrics, haunting melody - truly emotional comeback. Pop genre at its best.

  56. Paul Bialek

    mega wil?????????????

  57. Dorothy Shelley

    ilove this somuch and wills agreat singer but why no picture of the vidio icant see him xx
    from dorothy sheley x

  58. Jo Hoxby

    Amazing as ever. Can't wait to hear even more when my album arrives. What a great talent you are Mr Young

  59. John Richardson

    Love this...Amazing...Love this dude

  60. Zuzanna Nowacka-Kubiak

    this is fucking great. i am waiting for ur album. thank u for a great music!
    have a great day will :)

  61. Yelena Aladinskaya

    I'm breathless.
    Thank you, Will.

  62. Samir Memmedli


  63. Eduardo Lourenço

    Uow... \O/

    Welcome again guy!

  64. anl

    amazing W.I.Z swoon :)

  65. MrSzymek79

    much better than official single.

  66. Alex Visa

    congratulations that good is back


    Love this!

  68. jayjay bee80

    adore will young! ......but am i the only one thinking the opening scene is based on the elephant man? x


    +jayjay bee80 I hope so!

  69. Noland C Ardis

    Listen, I get music is a subjective form of expression; however, talent is a little less subjective.  Will has one of the best male voices of this century, yet, he's not getting the credit I believe he deserves. I don't get it. I have all of his full music cd's and NOT ONE has disappointed. The voice, composition, lyric, tempo, all of it is unequivocally brilliant. Keep up the great work.

    john williamson

    Noland C Ardis you nailed it

  70. sandystar111

    Can't stop listening to this

  71. TheHiddle

    Will your a phenomenal song and video...welcome back...can't wait for the new album 85% Proof out 25th May.

  72. Greg Noah Kogkalidis

    Madonna-inspired video, G. Michael-esque song, different, substantial, this deserves to be a hit.

  73. ruben duran


  74. R MCK


  75. Ari Ben

    After Love Revolution, I had no hopes for the new album, but THIS is perfect! Bravo for releasing such a wonderful song and video.

  76. Anna Adams

    Simply stunning! LOVE this so much! So deep, dark and haunting, yet absolutely beautiful!

  77. Wesley Edmondson

    A very moving & powerful video/ song.

    Dorothy Shelley

    simply beautifulilove t his 1 best 1 on the album so haunting thankyou [email protected] Edmondson

    Wesley Edmondson

    @Dorothy Shelley You are welcome! Glad u love the video & song.

  78. piperkittykat

    Wow brilliant, pure class in every way.

  79. John Constable

    Very George Michael - in a good way!

  80. Zhanny

    Very nice, so gonna get the cd :)

  81. 지혜김

    역시 will young님의 목소리는 세월이 흘러도 변함없네용 사랑해요 ♥♥

  82. JakeVaio

    This is awesome!

  83. missflipz

    Nicely ripped body, beautiful voice, great song 💋 💙 💜 💛

  84. Lukas Zima

    Love the ending of the song!

  85. ThePastorale

    This is amazing Will you have done it again after a dreadful morning
    I hear this and my spirits are uplifted.  Thank you

  86. Boudicca Amat

    pure genius .......yet again

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Boudicca Amat
    @Boudicca Amat

  87. Jon Wright

    Brilliant song ,and video can't wait for the new album :)

  88. Carol Stewart

    WOW!  love it, so haunting and vocals just perfect!

  89. Nacim Bakhai

    I went away for 3 min 55 seconds
    Thank you

    Marco Cipollini

    Where did you go?

    Nacim Bakhai

    somewhere in a pleasant dark

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Nacim Bakhai

    @Nacim Bakhai

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Nacim Bakhai
    @Nacim Bakhai from dorothy shelley

  90. Biruta Ase

    Gave me chills, the good kind :D

  91. poperaflorofficial

    Loved the song, Will!

  92. Joel

    Gosh! This is so amazing! The song, the video, everything. <3

    Dorothy Shelley

    @Joel Silva
    @Joel Silva

    Dorothy Shelley

    this song shows wills range in his voice ilove it good luck will [email protected] Silva

    Ged Baldwin

    BBB Freddie star

  93. Heliot Moncada

    This is giving me life!

  94. Jakub Wojtala

    so beautiful!!!!!!!:D

  95. Anna Ntamo

    It's sooo good!

  96. Magdalena Stasiak

    i'm in love with that

  97. James Whitehead

    Love you Will. Proving I'm a hardcore fan by being one of the first comments :D

  98. Komisch87

    can't wait to get the album on itunes :) cool video Will