Young, Will - Joy Lyrics

My hands are in the air and I'm running as fast as I can
I knew this day would come and we would be free
Come and hold hands lets stick together
Take a big leap and jump right over

We feel Joy...
We feel Joy...
Nothing really matters we've got everything we need
Take a big leap we will feel joy

When the wave hits there's nothing that we're gonna do
Make peace with yourself and take a little breath or two
Come and hold hands lets stick together
Take a big leap and jump right over

We feel joy...
We feel joy...
Nothing really matters we've got everything we need
Take a big leap, we will feel joy
We will feel joy
We will feel joy
Nothing really matters we've got everything we need
Take a big leap, we will feel joy

Nothing really matters we've got everything we need
Take a big leap and we will feel joy
We feel joy...
We will feel joy
Nothing really matters we've got everything we need
Take a big leap and we will feel joy.

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Young, Will Joy Comments
  1. Juan Torres

    Is Jack of supernatural de?

  2. Jed Kendray

    Just heard it on BBC radio 2,

  3. Dreamers Disease

    This really makes me feel good. And I feel like I can take a big leap and maybe feel joy. But you know it's nice and all, but I wish it were a 2 way street. When someone would leap with me. Oh man I love will

  4. ShadowDragon182

    I work in Morrisons, pretty good song!

  5. MatteBlack Gaming

    At Morrison's 4 pack of back bacon for the price of 10 B&H.... Now thats a bargain.

  6. Spooky Ghost

    Here cos of Morrisons because I finally got sick of hearing "Willfield Jones" and I wanted to know what they were actually saying.

  7. CoiN NoiR

    love's unkind...

  8. Jay J

    I hope "Joy" was ok about being felt ???

  9. DVDfeverGames

    Never seen the video before. I didn't realise that the lyrics are ironic, and it's about him getting married and how he doesn't want to. So, a bit like Babybird's You're Gorgeous, which gets played at weddings, but the lyrics were about how he thinks the woman is anything BUT gorgeous.

    (Also see James Blunt's You're Beautiful for the same idea)

  10. CreweMike

    Yes, here because of the Morrison's ad but I wanted to know what that word was in the lyrics. The ad gets as far as 'We feel..' and then the talking starts. Turns out it's 'Joy', right, I'm happy now. It was really winding me up because I'm at the age where I don't keep up with pop culture and niggling things like this can make me grumpy.

  11. Robert Davies

    At last I've heard the words properly, on the advert I thought he was singing 'We're Together'. Must have made a bob or two for him but I hate Morrisons, only went there because they sold Bob Martin's cat food! And the staff all look like they're on 'day release'!

  12. Eddie Mcgarvey

    Apr 2019
    Still magic

  13. Heather Page

    Forget Morrisons! Who's here because Will Young is amazing?

  14. Admiral Awesome

    That reminds me, must buy some bread

  15. Jana Ahmad

    I loveit

  16. Illustraful

    Thanks to Morrison's for using this incessantly for what feels like the last eight years, I despise this song with a thermonuclear hatred.

  17. Gusdocs1

    What a great voice love Will

  18. Raspberry

    All thanks to Morrison's, this is one of my favourite songs :)

  19. n5vBill

    *_Morrison's makes it_*


  20. Sharjeel Ahmed

    Yeah, it's great, isn't it?

    Now stop with the Morrisons talk and listen! This is quality music here!

  21. Codie Jade

    Morrison's makes it

  22. Mary Wilson

    Love this guy 💞

  23. Samar Iqbal

    What a (joyful) song this really is!😎😉

  24. Willow Moon

    I'm here because it was bugging me who sang the song in the led me here to will young.

  25. Gary Macintyre

    Old age sounds even better 😎😀😀😀😊😚👌

  26. Gary Macintyre

    Just a great song. 😎😊

  27. Travis Rabble

    very disturbing video about forced sodomy

  28. Roger D. Dog

    Thanks to Morrisons I HATE this song! It drives me mad every time I hear it. Nails down a blackboard!

  29. shania xo

    This song was for my Year 6 Production alongside Your Not Alone and Count On Me

  30. Bastian Lee Jones

    my fav wy track

  31. yamie beese

    i like this also...your voice is nice ..make more songs love it...this song was JOY ..IT'S MY NAME TOO..

  32. Chris Lannigan

    121 don't like this, what's wrong with you lot?!

  33. Chelsey's Tricks


  34. Ardal Hall

    Morrison's used the best song ever I think

  35. Simon Haresnape

    not been conned by any advert , hooked by a very good pop record , nowt to be ashamed by , the snobby police have nowt to get over excited by here

  36. Arthur Sleep

    Why are people hating on this song? It's amazing. I just love morrisons advertisments ADVERTISMENT CREW tysm morrisons💝

  37. Christian Pmba

    Qué canción tan rebeeeeeeella!!! :'-)

  38. MellyMoo

    Why is he trying to steal Robbie Rottens hairstyle 😂

  39. Welshboyo111

    Absolutely, fantastic song. I think Morrisons couldn't have chosen a better song for their advert. Nice one! Great Song Will. I Love it.

    Phil Newton

    I got sent here from morrisons

  40. Chelsey's Tricks

    Morrisons anyone?

  41. maddienanna

    Yes ! Still sounds good,

  42. Simon Haresnape

    who notices a similarity between Kylie minogie all the lovers and this , just saying !!!!!

  43. Eddie Mcgarvey

    Class song

  44. Ricky McKenzie

    I HATE this song

  45. Mr snruB

    that didn't explain anything. meh.

  46. 舒宇


  47. Josef Stylin

    This fucking shit song from that shitty advert "We are mooooooooooooonnngggggss"

  48. Channel Abandoned

    3:47 Boi that escalated quickly
    *i mean things really got outa hand fast*

  49. Michael Bird

    I always preferred Asda

  50. Phillguy

    Knowing that the dog dies pisses me off.

  51. Mister Insect Nasty

    At Morrison's, these packs of cider are any two for £5. Morrison's makes it...


    I like you already :D

    Phil Newton

    I got sent here from morrrisone

  52. blakaeg

    Hate this song sooo much!

  53. Mister Insect Nasty

    Morrisons makes it...

  54. Annabelle Catherine Chambers

    Beautiful - ❤ Love Will

  55. molly rhodes

    I love this song cause I sing it my school on a Tuesday my real name is Tyler Jewitt and I go to clarendon juniors and I am in Tiger

  56. James

    Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team...

  57. Alan1967

    Morrisons Makes It.

    Chelsey's Tricks

    Alan1967 ayyy

  58. jodster 3421

    ineed to sin this for the panto I'm in :l

  59. Neil Stocks

    better and better every time I hear it will is a genius

  60. 王丽阳

    just out of curiosity.. who is morrison?

    Garry Mc

    Morrisons is a British supermarket - this song is used on the TV, radio and in-store adverts.

  61. Saunders

    I disliked for killing the manicans

  62. Ianzweb

    I work at Morrisons and now I hate this song. (Stop playing it over and over again while I'm at work 😡😡😡😡😡)

    Patrick Kilduff

    Work in tescos then


    +Slick Beatz _ yep.....we don't do music :)

    Samar Iqbal

    Ianzweb you’re not a joyful chap! Are ya?😉

  63. Fozzer

    Looks like COD Black Ops 1 Nuke Town :D

  64. Kaci

    Everyone is like "I'm here because of morrisons" and I'm like I'm here because I need to learn this song for my singing lessons

  65. Htcbintophow Bin Weevils

    the morrisons ad has made me hate this

  66. Milo Whitehead

    I have the urge to be violently sick every time I hear this fucking song on the bloody Morrison's adverts.

    Dave Mustaine

    Me too. so cheesy.

    Stephen Lee Smith

    Milo Whitehead but took the time to comment ninety get a life your deaf. #WellJel

  67. Steven Thompson

    This song features the Morrisons advert with the new logo since March 2016 in the present.

  68. kmoodley26

    love Morrison's and this song

  69. Paul Moreton

    really? freedom of speech is the backbone of this platform no? otherwise there is no point or purpose to posts, comments or any dialogue at all. My view was that (as a musician myself) the tune was not to my taste. I made no comment on the lyrics. I offered an explanation to others who has previously asked why is the video set as it is, with a nuclear explosion at the end. If you re read my first post I was commenting on the use of underground nuclear testing which has created a mass of radioative waste that will take thousands of years to degrade. That was what my 'JOY NOT' comment referenced, not the words or sentiment of the song. I still do not like the tune, but we are all entitled to our opinions, each to their own view. Surely that is the entire point of this medium.

  70. Marc O'Halloran

    Anyone else think this is a reference to nuke town on Black Ops II?


    Can't comment on that as I never bought black ops 2 but it's about the atom bomb testing in America

    Daniel -

    +tazz121 i thought off fallout 4


    You mean Black Ops 1 Nuke Town :D

  71. D.W. P

    Pisses me off, tbh

  72. Joseph Nuttall

    this song is awful - the morrisons advert makes it worse

  73. Aaron Dunnett

    Yay finally found it

  74. Matthew Donovan

    This has been playing at work a lot lately. Heard it on the Morrisons ad too. Love this song as it makes me smile. 😀

    Afsaneh Salehi Monfared


  75. Smilealotmore Always

    brillient song

  76. Paul Moreton

    Its an irritating ear worm of a tune, snd over Easter was a constant for Morrisons booze offers on my car radio. For all those who have posted why the bomb etc have you never seen the opening of Indiana Jones and the crystal skull? Its all based around the Nevada Test Site for nuclear weapons, Doomtown. Have a look on wiki. Grim stats about the ongoing effects of the nuclear waste in the water table, and underground that is likely to cause issues for thousands of years.. Joy. Not.

    alan prunty

    +Paul Moreton ..Anybody that has something against a song that preaches nothing more than love.. peace and harmony has serious real inner issues ...the problem here is not with this song but with you .

    Paul Moreton

    Each to their own Alan, each to their own..

    alan prunty

    +Paul Moreton .....Sorry Paul but when it comes to World Peace and everybody living side by side with truth understanding and the total commitment to the idea of Non violence and to the end of all wars .....I will always if anybody objects to these princibles defend the freedom and Individual hopes and aspirations of all Men to the End... You say each to their own ..each to their own...please explain what this means..

  77. Brian Heaney

    bloody hell !its norman wisdon at 3.04

    Brian Heaney

    norman wisdom at 3.04

  78. Channel Abandoned

    The end always succeeds in making me laugh

  79. Richard Spriggs

    Reminds me of a Take That song for some reason?

    Julie Batty

    Yeh I agree reminds me of song from the progress album

    Brian Wilson

    TakeThat have talent (bar Robbie.) This is repulsive.Listen to the tens of thousands of Beautiful songs out there and try to see why this is so rotton.

  80. Ellen Mans

    What's with the explosion at the end and what was it ????

    Richard Spriggs

    its a nuke sitr


    America testing the atom bomb using dummies to mimic humans

  81. Ellen Mans


  82. Christine

    Makes me so happy whenever I hear this song!

  83. Katy Goodall

    This deserves so many more views! Such a good song, always puts me in a good mood :)

    Ellen Mans

    Yeah it always does


    good things come to those that wait

  84. Delburt

    I have always liked you Will but now I bloody love ya. Good Job Buddy

  85. 1789BOYBOGRE Ö

    Such a bad cough good song

  86. TrafficScience

    This song in the background of the morrisons advert makes me feel physically sick and my skin cringe! Just like the Nat west background track!

    We feel joy from buying a fucking loaf of bread from Morrisons!? 😷😷😷

    I'll keep it safe!? What? A fucking bank is gonna put everyone and everything before making profits for itself and repossessing your home when you don't pay your mortgage!?

    2 songs so far out of context it almost gives me piles 😷😷😷

    Hideous advertising.

    This cheesy fake world is fucked.


    @tazz121 I'm aware this is what they are trying to achieve but I don't need to be reminded that Morrisons exists and that they are one of the more expensive chains amongst the big 4.

    Aldi is the way forward. Funny witty humour in its advertising, better quality, better taste and better prices with their produce.

    That's the approach I like ; )

    alan prunty

    +Mark McCulloch ......Nobody is forcing you to do anything whatsoever in this world Mark....Nobody is forcing you to buy bread from Morrisons ...Nobody is forcing you to watch Nat West commersials The fact is everything that you watch and listen to in this world is entirely your choice alone ... seriously if you personally choose to watch or listen to something again and again that you find annoying and repetitive..... Sorry mate but the problem is not with the song ....But with you.


    +alan prunty That was a deep reply Alan but it's true true Alan it's true!!! 😭😭😭😭
    I can't even look my dog in the eyes when I come home from work!!!

    The horrific advertisements that plague my TV screen are constant and I can't cope Alan!!! I can't cope!

    I'm a broken man Alan and it took a Morrisons loaf and your intuitive input to make me realise it!

    Damn you Morrisons and Nat West damn youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

    alan prunty

    +Mark McCulloch ... Nice one Mark ...You have just rubbished everyone who works at Morrisons Bakers and shit on everyone who works for Nat West bank ....Well done sir.

    Chelsey's Tricks

    TrafficScience don't talk about yourself like that

  87. Sam Collins

    "Bloody Hell Jim, the dummies are alive!"
    "Shut up, Chris. You can't fool me twice. We're bombing them."
    "No, Jim, I'm serious! Look!"

  88. Keith Bosley

    he's music is so beautifully unbelievable.

  89. NomadBikerTours

    I'm here because of Morrisons ....

    Chelsey's Tricks

    NomadBiker same


    Same :)

    Caleb Stuart

    NomadBiker searched for ages, thought it was Mark Owen tbh

    The Controller

    Nani Sore ღ bro what’s wrong with Morrison’s

  90. pete Richardson

    quite like this song thanks to morrisons

    Stephen Lee Smith

    pete Richardson ;)

  91. Steven Edwards

    As an Abba fan, this closely matches a lot of their melody formats. The Ending is comical on the video, which is great :)

    Brian Wilson

    You seriously think this is like ABBA!?
    Its more like an itchy scabba that you cant reach.I've never felt such an allergic reaction to a song.Its rage inducing.

    Sandra Cox

    Brian Wilson go and listen to another song then .

  92. Steven Edwards

    Love this tune, wondered what it was when I heard this music on the Morrisons advert. Got the song as a download from Amazon :)

    Albert O'Sullivan

    Steven Edwards

  93. peter price-patrick

    Now its sponsered by asupermarket thanks Willl...

  94. rtrgrl78

    So, this is the annoying song on the adverts :/

  95. lucy x

    Morrisons advert sent me here

    Nani Sore ღ

    nobody cares

    Chelsey's Tricks

    lucy x yes

    Samar Iqbal

    lucy x same here!😉

  96. jdmmi

    Sounds like All the Lovers

  97. tazz121

    Who's here because of the Morrisons adverts?

    Chelsey's Tricks


    Gibson Weasel

    tazz121 hate this stupid tune, I was just curious were it came from! bloody repeated too many times in Morrison’s

    Samar Iqbal

    tazz121 Me!🙌🏽

  98. Daniel Aldrich

    crock of shit

    Stephen Lee Smith

    +Humble Tommy why troll humble my arse his talented and nice guy actually.

    Stephen Lee Smith

    +Humble Tommy erm not a fan? why you here then that's trolling not very humble.

    alan prunty

    +Daniel Aldrich Interesting statement Daniel ...And just how many things in your entire Life have come close to being as good as this song ...Please tell ... we are all listening......or is it just verbal disyntry you like to spout