Young, Will - Come On Lyrics

Walk away
That’s what you do
And it looks like I’m
Somebody you, once knew
You’re caught in a corner
With nowhere to hide, you’re eyes
Do you think you wanna
Say goodbye

Always the last to say
Everything makes you feel
Like a walking away
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Always the last to say
Everything makes you feel
Like a walking away
Come on, come on, come on, come on

There’s a bit of me
That will always be, with you
And something tells me
This is love due

Always the last to say
Everything makes you feel
Like a walking away
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Always the last to say
Everything makes you feel
Like a walking away
Come on, come on, come on, come on

Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

Like a dream
The sky is falling
Is it you who’s talking
Can I take these words away

Always the last to say
Everything makes you feel
Like a walking away
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Like a dream
The sky is falling
Is it you who’s talking
Can I take these words away
Like a dream
The sky is falling
Is it you who’s talking
Can I take these words away

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Young, Will Come On Comments
  1. Patsy 1201

    Brilliant Song .... Brilliant Video ... 2019 :)

  2. elena nastase

    this song and video gives me hope and make me wanna be a better person,his voice is so pure expess kindess

  3. heather quigley

    So pleased he is back.good luck great voice

  4. Paul James Brady

    For me Will is one of the most underrated artists in the world, (Take note America)

  5. Veronika F

    I was crying when looked this video.

  6. Aleksandr Krupin

    Bravo ❤️💙💜

  7. Funk Q

    I have watched this video hundreds of time over the years, but it was only today I noticed the blue bandana and the dogs front left leg bandaged, now I no I can be a bit slow at times, I just have to wonder if there was more meaning to that. As once upon a time in a land far far away colored bandanas had all sorts of meanings can't help but wonder.

  8. rafael fernando Huanca

    I remember the first time when I watched this video and listened the song. Like the lyrics song.... everything makes you feel like walking away. It make me feel better

  9. Yvonne Schenkelberg

    Ich Liebe dieses Video. Kann es mir immer wieder anschauen <3

  10. winged wolf

    Describes my relationship with god right now 😢

  11. Mihály Bognár

    deep emotions in the video

  12. Mary Molina

    Hola. Quiero hacer un video a favor de los perros de la calle.pero si pongp de fondo me lo va a silenciar es caro comprar la música o como pido permiso? Porfavor asesoría

  13. Тамара царица


  14. Sarah Moores

    Cute voice

  15. Ranotosh Ghosh

    I last heard this song in 2015....

    Today in 2019 i forgot what the song was called....

    I searched : dog in dog show injured leg.. owner helped song.....

    This song is that good

  16. Virgile Revier

    So must jadore

  17. Derek Ormsby

    something in my eye!

  18. Schmendrick der Zauberer

    A wonderful song and video. Always I see this video I begin to weep.

  19. sheltie Elvis

    Omg... Awesome!!!! I love it <3

  20. Jedna Istota


  21. Adnan Quader

    Thank you Will Young. Beautifully sung. This song will remain timeless. Wish you the very best. 🙂

  22. Glücksnäschen Stuttgart e.V. Elisabeth Pisacic

    ich liebe dieses Video .. es steckt soviel Aussagekraft dahinter. Gänsehaut pur .. ein begnadeter Sänger

  23. purplefurball

    I get this video, will young is brilliant a car enthusiast and a brilliant singer

  24. ana gabriela tolentino masgo


  25. day light

    unbelievably beautiful song

  26. tothesidealowprofile

    this song has brought tears to my eyes . im crying. very very stong and touchfull song.

  27. ville vallo

    Szukałam tego od 2012 roku...piękne!!

  28. Andsaca1

    Sometime you have to just find what you are best at! No one is great at everything. Loving the very talented Border Collie? in the video!! Our Border is not quite this talented but he brightens our lives, and his little Shetland Sheepdog pals life every day.

  29. Inna B

    Such a beautiful video!

  30. Alberto Eliseo

    an alpha will been always an alpha.

    i love you Will Young, this sonh it's so cute and lovely. My mother loved this song in life.


    Lol..only a bata would say that.

  31. chungyan ma

    This is so amazing and I can't believe I have just watched the whole video, 7 years after being published. A warm and nice beginning of 2019 with sobbings.

  32. Ianloves Mickey

    Love this of the male judge looks like the actor Toby jones . Wonderfully directing and Will's dog is such a good actor.

  33. Heather Page

    Such an excellent video

  34. yonutz yonutz

    A complete artist..i hope he doesnt stop at the 6th album 😭😭😭

    mikey John

    Yonutz Will releases his Brand New Album Lexicon on 14th June.

  35. Leonel Cuapio Moreno

    in the minute 2:03 - 2:23 cry like a Mary Magdalene

  36. juan pablo fernandez hinojosa

    wow que linda cancion ... maravillosa letra y la melodia fantastica... hace mucho tiempo que un video musical no me hacia sentir tantas cosas... no me casare de escuchar este tema ... mis felicitaciones a Will Young

  37. TheNightOwl

    I have and will always be a big fan of Will Young. He is an Angel.

  38. Yasemine Hofmann

    Dieses Video ist eine tolle Motivation für jeden der ein Ziel im Leben hat. Ein atemberaubendes Lied. Ich bin begeistert.

  39. Baba Ganoush

    If will would have had a better person that understood pain upset he would have sold twice as many songs. In the US. Will is the original sam smith x

  40. Nkululeko Duma

    Two words, "Kish mauve"

  41. The Leo Wolf

    I love the like to dislike ratio. Such an amazing vidoe

  42. Jas mine

    7 years and just 3 million views !!!
    It's a nice song guys..😒💖

  43. Sheena Hughes

    Love this video 💕

  44. Nino S

    ვტირი, სულ ვტირი ამ კლიპზე! <3 <3

  45. juan pelaez

    Is like the dog version of elektrobank :P but is awesome is this way too

  46. tuğba şimşek

    yil oldu 2108 hala dinleniyorsun will young 💖 from Turkey 🇹🇷

  47. Stefy Palomino

    bellissimo video! lo guardo e lo riguardo spesso, mi ricorda tanto il mio cagnolino volato in cielo! anche per me, come nel video, lui era sempre il numero uno, il mio amico più fedele. <3 sempre una lacrima, a volte vogliamo che vivano per sempre ma non è così! <3

  48. Marcel Zackerumpel

    Das Video ist vantastisch!!!

  49. Dawid Warszawski

    Fat cow with a smooth doggie.

  50. Descriptor Rewinder

    Brilliant material from will young come on now

  51. Bernard-Jean

    Une très belle vidéo pleine de tendresse et d'émotion, elle fait vibrer ma corde sensible. J'aime beaucoup la voix de Will Young que j'ai découvert il y a peu de temps. Merci pour ce beau partage et cette belle chanson.

  52. Gregg Mitchell

    Those dang onions...still in 2018!

  53. Shane Harrison

    Still a good tune 2018!!

  54. Liv Arvidson

    i'm crying

  55. and Atlas shrugged

    Really bad

  56. Kathy Fortin

    This was a gines vidio but it was sad when your dog broke it s leg thats a beautiful dog so happy know

  57. rafael fernando Huanca

    What a amazing lesson, sometimes is necesary believe, continue, come on!!

  58. philip lupton

    i listen to this almost every week. as a collie owner its fantastic. as a person who suffers severe depression & all its associated difficulties, it leaves me with a smile on my face & a lump in my throat. & the album is great

  59. Adrian Gwóźdź


  60. Freeto laugh

    I love the video! Beautiful song.

  61. CandyAppleRed

    He is a natural as a dog handler...very well done.

  62. Rose McGee

    What a beautiful song , with a great video , the dog is adorable and Will Young is amazing, what a fantastic voice he has 💜💜

  63. mazer1971


  64. Bruce Hood

    Animal Exploitation - jump through your own hoops, destroy the pet industry and go Vegan.
    Come on! :D

  65. Андрей Корнелиус

    Потрясающий клип :3

  66. Omar Edilberto Hernandez Portella

    alguien habla español

  67. Tracie Phillips

    Absolutely love this song.

  68. Crista Taylor

    I love this so much, shows the bond with Owner and dog. I just wonder, is this your dog??? You play it so well, if not! :)

  69. [GTA]monkey

    Animal cruelty

  70. Jim C

    I'm glad that I am not the only one moved by this video. My burning question is who does the dog belong to? If not Will, how did they get it to work so well with him.

  71. daniel lopez

    que bello

  72. Elva Leonor Jiménez Jiménez

    Simplemente hermoso.

  73. louise alexander

    I hate these adverts

  74. Andrea Rizzo


  75. croissantcraver

    He looks like Robbie Williams

  76. Rox Culff

    Will my son is gay and he feels like everyone is judging him coz he's a model and he is so so sad it breaks my heart xx

  77. Michel Cenobio N.

    I love this song but I couldn't buy it on iTunes ;(

  78. dorothy shelley


  79. Peio Dorronsoro Cagigas

    The y ARE a fantástico sings

  80. Smritilekha Chakraborty

    Love the video..

  81. Jose Javier Gonzalez

    man, your videos make me cry... it's cool.

  82. Felipe García

    I am very angry. This video can't just have 2,5M views. It's beautiful!

  83. Jessika Kommi

    Супер!Больше клипов с собаками!

  84. Jeanette Catacora

    So beautiful!! tears and smiles...

  85. Regina Amaya

    Qué hermoso! 😍😭

  86. William Espinoza

    despues de verlo como 10 veces al fin ya no lloré :'v

  87. Mauro Cesar Amaro Cori

    Como que si el perro hubiera vivido mas de 30 años jajajaja que hpta, pero buena historia representada

  88. dorothy shelley

    ilove this man popidol winner and so overlooked tas forthis 1 xxxxxx

  89. Charlie Marsh

    Excellent song. Will young your brilliant!

  90. Xhandra Noronha.

    Hermosa canción no dejo de mirarla, y me encanta mucho escucharlo es uno de mis vídeos favoritos, será por amor que le tengos a los perritos, ya que Soy una dog lover 🐕🐶❤❤❤❤

  91. albert BERNALES

    I was teary-eyed when the dog tumbled and the owner was so worried and remember when he was young in the same predicament as his pet dog, so brilliantly done!

  92. gloria zera

    i saw this on Facebook and fell in love with it!!! i found out that this guy did the actual song. i didn't know that. what a voice!!!! and what a video!!! i literally cried.

  93. Eduward Ynga

    i love dog son lo mejor y esta canzion vale 100 o infinito