Young Thug - Yeah Yeah Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug]
I got a half bird in my M2
Ya'll nigga flexing, ya'll nigga fool
Hundred k on her, hundred k on me
Got shiny shoes, got shiny jewels
Ain't nothing blue, they red clues
They at you, and they next too
They'll press you, they'll press you
They'll cock back, they depressed too
They'll press you, they'll press you
They'll cock back, they depressed too
They'll press you, they'll press you
They'll cock back, they depressed too

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
For a brick, too legit to quit
Michael Vick, all my dogs yeah they with the shit
Catch a point, shake him up like a hit stick
Your bitch is... on my dogs like a fucking tick
(Skrrt, skrrt) Straight up out that bowl with my fucking wrist
I ain't going to jail, so I gotta hit
Ain't shoot him in his ass, but I'mma bust his shit
I ain't 3hunna, but I'm Sosa bitch
My patna got the plug, he serve him everyday
Real ice inside my wrist, you can just skate away
Stay hot you think I live outside the equator bae
Don't play because them sticks sound like these 808s


[Verse 2: OG Boo Dirty]
I'm flamed up, my block hot
Hundred bands in a shoebox
Still no gang, keep a Glock cocked
Spit more fire than a matchbox
Full cup of that Actavis
Yellow diamond like I'm dripping piss
Call me H-boogie, you know I move bricks
Thug right beside me, call him Money Mitch
I'm a Memphis nigga, hard on a bitch
All my life I been breaking tricks
With the mob squad I might spaz out
See too much cash I might crash out
Walk in the club, iced out
Neck and wrist, lighthouse
Ya'll know my life about
Rich nigga, walking stash house
Balling like Jerry Stackhouse
Bad bitch with me, hit the room and knock her back out
Crusing through the city, me and Double D
Just made a hundred thousand
Selling pints of G


[Verse 3: Heavy]
Everything I do, yeah I do it to make a profit
Me and Money Mitch got your bitch right here menage-ing
Me and Bo jug just to count them free dollars
[?] going crazy, love to shoot that damn chopper
He run the mob, bitch, BMG we taking off
Salute to real niggas who done made theyself a boss
He say that main bitch I just had her at the loft
Boss was on that molly, she was licking like a dog
Ay, that there irrelevant
I'mma paper chaser motherfuck a bitch
I'm cooling with my youngins on some hood shit
I'm so fuckin' hood, I need a hood bitch


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Young Thug Yeah Yeah Comments
  1. Z Beats

    *homie killer kill homies*

    i felt that

  2. juan moncada

    I can't understand why this track haven't been launched yet. Its insanee


    Wow I was literally going to use the same type of intro for my unofficial video...


    Amazing video tho! 🙏🏽🙌🏽🔥

  4. Michael Anthony Jr

    I’m not sure how this was left off birds

  5. Jxhn Dxe

    04:01 - 04:10 looks like it's from a video game bruh I'm high af lmao



  7. Robin Schlegel

    this fire bruh

  8. Bruno Lopes

    Im gay ok fck all of your dicks

  9. Edgar LakuanSA

    New_Music! ⚠️
    Title: ReLaXeD💆🏾‍♂️
    Artist:Edgar_LakuanSA ✌🏾

  10. Walking Lick

    still bumping this shit in 2020

  11. Jayson Gore

    This song is fire. And on no ones album

  12. Palmieri

    When the editing is so good it can cause epilepsy or a seizure that’s when you know it’s good

  13. Moreli Creations

    I miss lil Jon he used to say yeah like he really meant it

  14. Bluson bmw

    This shit knock on the subwoofer in the street of New York yes lmao

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    Azteca x Ian - buji ? :)

  17. Crimzon

    This the type of song you can bump to all year round 🔥

  18. Bluson bmw

    Why I felt like this track was underrated

  19. Julian N

    i need this on spotify ;(


    What is this song's name in spotify???


    Doesn’t exist on spotify

  21. Israel. Ballingfeelixx

    Underrated 💯🔥

  22. Exap Coque

    Travis & thug damn

    Exap Coque


  23. Mary_Janne

    Tarviss..u have ti stop doing a lott odf ..enjoy life and sunshine ure nicee

  24. Mary_Janne

    Tarv.u know that xany in time producces lost of memory.soo yea yea yea will be just a memory...!!,@*+(¡○¡~◇`

  25. Boolnise


  26. North

    whats the font called

  27. Elnino23skillz

    Ok I'm Rollin

    I pull Up
    i cash OUT
    You know that I Do!


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    Os Pioneer da minha portas vai descolar as bobinas kkkkk

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  31. Tyler

    they need subtitles bc you cant understand a word yung thug is saying


    Tyler did you actually watch the damn video ?


    @Isawthedevilinmiami nahh


    Tyler same 👌🏼🔥🔥

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    1:03 When the water is still cold during my shower.

  35. Fitim Hajdini

    travis and young saved my life

    Jonathan Arie

    Same here. Mainly Thug. Both dope tho.

  36. Alessandro Santos

    2019?? 🇧🇷

  37. Prinse Ali

    Prinse Ali got all the mans

  38. Anti JJ

    Slow it down to a different speed 👍🏽 you’re welcome

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    Young thug at 1:05 : Heeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Mene Gene

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    trash song young thug ruined it

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    This shit go hard as fuck both these niggas go in 🔥

  42. Valid Music

    I always come back to these videos because they capture the lyrics better than any other music video. Music fits the visuals, nuff said. Thank you Unidentified. You're our hero for the real ragers. ITS LITT YAH

  43. Trill on Ice Beats

    Maybe he says " i got other plans for you"? anyway dope track and nice vid

  44. ganiopro

    Bruh can't fi'd this one on Spotify any help?

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    best song ever why not popular?

  46. ivan sivic

    like to hit nice blunt on this song ,wo ya ya

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    when you step on a lego 1:03

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    Nivin John

    this song was never released so not many people know about it


    Also, dumb question .. thug wiped his ass with this track.. he actually said shit on hot..


    Nivin John tell me something I don’t know🤦🏼‍♂️ It is still incomprehensible how his worst tracks are the most hyped ones


    ScarCrow08 i couldn’t stop laughing how he came in 🤣

    I love nick But I don’t like you

    Funkypol Bc gunna carried, and tht flute tho. U cannot deny that is an amazing beat on “hot”

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    I don’t know how to put it, but I’m not lying. I literally lost weight to this song.

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    "Got rich got rich" ♨♨🔊💫

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  92. dixondorland I made a song hope someone likes it

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    LaFlame, insane. Keep it up man

  94. Unidentified

    Once again, drop comments below if you liked it or nah & feel free to request the next unofficial video! ⚡
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    Briel San

    how much you charge for a video bro

    Ashish Aryal

    can you make tutorial plzz


    Unidentified what do I need to do to get my music Promoted by your services and onto your channel? I am a Sydney Australian Trap artist trynna make his way to America!

    If you could let me know where to get info on how to get promoted on your channel or what we can work out to get some new wave music moving!!!

    Manuel Reyes

    Your work A1 give a real vibe like you in the mix


    dude this is pure fire! keep doing it! hope u got the suport