Young Thug - Surf Lyrics

[Young Thug:]
You guys wanna go to the beach with a freak-freak, huh?
Totally (Ayy, swiffer surfin', damn)
We rock (Surfin', oh)
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
It's the wave (Surfin')
It's big wave (Woo)

Surf, surf (Yeah), surf, surf (Totally)
Surf, surf, surf, surfin' (Woah)
Surf, surf (Yeah), surf, surf
Surf (Totally, dude), surf, surf, surfin' (Woo)

These niggas gon' ride the wave (Wave)
Your ass is just like a tank (Yeah)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (Wave)
I'm 'bout to go fill up a safe (Totally)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (You ride)
These niggas gon' copy for days (Go, go)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (The wave)
They tryna find out where I stay (Totally)

I had a lock with a latch to see who break in, it just was a test, ah
Virgil was sending me drip just to see if I like it or rockin' with it
There go lil' mama, I don't wanna fuck her, she burnin', she trippin' (Woah)
I'm wavy, goddamn
Niggas want smoke with the slatt, we can meet in the kitchen (Woah)
I'm burnin' the ham
These so-called gangsters don't know how to approach the man (Totally)
I chop up his ass, I chop up his friends, his mamas, and all his six kids (Woah)
I come with that lead
I chop off the top of the Benz and all it gets fierce
They can't wait to shred
I told 'em to chop off your penis, you keeping your head (Chop, I told 'em to do it)
I had a drum with a K and it's fully loaded, nigga play in this bitch (Woah, woah)
Catch him down bad, you know I'm puttin' dick in your wife, I’m not sparing shit (Woah, woah, woah)
Shawty pussy so tight I had to finger her shit with a stick (Totally)
Niggas ain't come from my tribe, I can barely say they hit (Totally)
I need some brand new tires, I done burned off of the Z06 (Skrrt, skrrt)
I know 'bout family ties, I know 'bout the mob, but can't say shit (Shh, shh)
Couple things I done seen in the dark, I know I gotta die with it
Couple mains, I done sent a couple on the Spain, a couple on French (I totally do)

Surf (Woah), surf (Woah), surf (Woah), surf (Woo)
Surf, surf, surf (Totally, dude), surfin' (Woah)
Surf, surf (Yeah), surf, surf (Rock)
Surf, surf (Woah), surf (Woah), surfin' (Wavy)

They tryna ride the wave, nine times out of ten, these niggas gon' drown (Drown)
We got some slimy ways, can call up the bro, wipe his nose for a pound (Slatt)
I count it up, see what I made today
Beat it up, you gotta pay to play (Beat it up)
Underdog, I gotta name to save
Some niggas won't ever get out (No, surf)
I'm having major waves (Surf)
Drip like I made the rain (Surf)
Scared and I'm gripping the grain (Surf)
All of this dripping, ain't drain (Surf)
I copped a Bentley Mulsanne, the money been healin' the pain (Yeah)
The coupe the same color cocaine, I hope you don't sniff anything (Yeah)
She say she like giving me brain, I hope you didn't get her a ring
In the Clearport, I'm boarding the plane, G6 is known for a king
Overseas, I got plenty of the tings, all pretty foreign tings
Yves Saint Laurent jeans (Yeah), I drop a four in a cream

[Young Thug:]
Surf, surf, surf, surf
Surf, surf, surf, surfin' (Woah)
Surf, surf (Yeah), surf, surf (Rock)
Surf, surf (Woah), surf (Woah), surfin' (Wavy)

These niggas gon' ride the wave (Yeah)
Your ass is just like a tank (Hey)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (The wave)
I'm 'bout to go fill up a safe (Totally, dude)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (The wave)
These niggas gon' copy for days (Totally, dude)
These niggas gon' ride the wave (Wave)
They tryna find out where I stay (Woah)

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Young Thug Surf Comments
  1. Aaron Chappell

    tuff beat.

  2. Homie Hoppertothemaxx

    This lowkey has Broward music vibe 🔥🙌🏾

  3. Oujj Hhdhjej


    Thugga : I chop up his family his friends and all of his kids

    FBI: wait hold up

  4. Damien Bladadah


  5. Drips Avill

    Number 1 song of 2019 idc what nobody fuckin says. This song goes hard everytime you hear it

  6. Zak Elian

    This is banging foreal mane, Young Thug and Gunna doin they thang

  7. Yvng Rulo

    This beat sounds like the Crabby Beach song from Ape Escape on PS2😂

  8. FlamingFist

    Gunna: Yo a song about surfing would be slap

    Thugger: *Aye totally dood*

  9. deondra moore

    You are so mess in you said dic

  10. deondra moore

    Good song but stop cursing

  11. byKawalas

    Click the SOUNDCLOUD link in my bio!!! Na fr

  12. Ibouzz

    Who’s here from Todd cantwell?

  13. star fire

    I'm just now understanding the point of this song lol but didn't he surf off Lil Wayne's swag?🤔

  14. Zarren Burton

    2020 anyone?

  15. Ski Baby

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  16. Vahe T.

    When you get HM03 in pokemon

  17. Maressa Filetto

    got here by todd cantwell’s gol celebration

  18. lonnie stanfield

    When you follow an npc after they escape, and they just disappear At the end.

  19. Eric Bennett


  20. Kenneth Mccadney

    If y’all like this song give a thumb up👍🏾

  21. PrideOfAnglia 02


  22. Keshanti Latimore


  23. Keshanti Latimore


  24. Maxwell Baer

    Who’s the first rapper? That’s not either thug or gunna

  25. Grind Gwallaz

    Surffff 💦💦

  26. Romalas Ross

    Gunna most slept on 🔥🔥

  27. Nova


  28. obama

    No one gonna talk about 1:04

  29. Black Boy

    Sounds like something that came straight outta adventure time

  30. E9UAL

    I hate it when they don't say the title in the song ugh🙄

    Prod. Infamous

    E9UAL ok


    This shit lit lit

  32. Kayla Dee

    I dig it! I'm from an older gen of rap but I F* with it! Totally dude. Swag and I surf, surf, surf. The beat is bangin and it helps me through my PTSD from war. :) Y'all have a great day if you're reading this. Much love <3

    Prod. Infamous

    Kayla Dee thank you for your service

  33. Maxwell Baer

    1:50 gunna verse

  34. FitLife 120

    Song so fucking hard


    que merda

    Prod. Infamous


  36. Alfred Johnson

    this song so much better than hot

  37. Imperial Surf

    Hmm this sounds good too me might be my theme song

  38. Johnny Da LeGeNeD RiVeRa

    Ass just like a tank lol

  39. Zhavaria F

    'I totally do 😊'

    felipe strong

    Zhavaria F It’s “hey totally dude,” like what a surfer would say. Not “I totally do”

  40. 3minati

    This was a wonderful time to be alive

  41. 3minati

    This was a wonderful time to be alive

  42. Santeria Sheffield


    Prod. Infamous

    Santeria Sheffield cool

  43. Humphking

    Hardest animal crossing song out 🔥🔥

  44. Arie’s World

    I just noticed that the lil ppl on the video moving.

  45. Henry Elliott

    1:07 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  46. Anthony Ortiz

    Thanksgiving 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  47. Xen Extiz

    0:05 when you make your first song

  48. Kinzley K

    Surf surf surf surf surf surf surf🌊🏄🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

  49. Zl Anixety Zl

    Slowed reverb Surf go way harder than this.

  50. Ahmad Deamon

    These niggas wanna ride da wave🎶🎶🎶💪🏾💪🏾🖖🏾

  51. SlimakaReak

    Working 😁

  52. GigaHD

    Pierre Bourne is a beast fr

  53. Patrick Henrique

    Do the feat with Sidoka

  54. CEO _DaKidd

    I swear thug forever the 🐐‼️

  55. Brian Ganzy

    Sleeping surf I'm going

  56. Luke Minosky

    0:07 I be in my girls ear like...

  57. lil _eli1.k

    This song gives me summer vibes

  58. Malik Alexander

    This or ballin?

  59. nicole hunt

    That beat 🔥

  60. Anthony Linton

    These so called gangsters don't no how to approach the nan for fucking lyric slimm100% slime for life yeah

  61. Paul Fils-aime


  62. T1P

    Who’s listening to this in 1996?

    felipe strong

    T1P this song would be too much for 96 lol

  63. Irano Duncan

    the waves

  64. Cristiano V

    this sounds like something from Super Mario 64

  65. Nevaeh Wright

    Surf surf surf surf surfe surfe surf surf this song lit and this song is very lit lit lit 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚

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    They went crazy when he performed this in Chicago 😩 what a great night 🐍🤟🏽

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    I drop a 4 in a cream

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    Sza Brought Me Here🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Bama Boy

    The beat is fire.

  70. CurlyHeadMirah Y

    This went fye like I love it banger

  71. Shay Collins

    Who’s still listening in November 8th???


  72. Natalie Vela

    Add me on ig @issagoddess99_

  73. IPay To play Fortnite

    - when he said surf 🏄 I felt that 💔😭

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    Love this song!

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    How much young thug dreeds cost iggy wants to know

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  77. CheeseItzBoi977's Game Review

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a clash of clans base

  78. OPPS Zakira Akahood princess Offical

    They should put descipcable me 4 if they have one

  79. RaCsOFaker Re

    Alguien más a venido por la historia de Rels B?

  80. Jorge Arcos

    Damn I didn’t get to see you at day n Vegas

  81. leo vargas

    this was lit till I heard all that finger your gf shit classless

  82. Joshua Sullivan-Brown

    surf surf this my shit

  83. tacha pierre

    Cool song surf

  84. Walter Clark

    The goats 🎯🐍💯

  85. akina rs

    Couple things I’ve seen in the dark I know I gotta die with.

  86. Crabi_FN

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  87. Christian Golden 312

    This better be in the next surfs up movie if they make one..

  88. CDdaBoss

    I feel like Gunna should have an issue with being on a song all about copying Young Thugs wave lol.

  89. Tyrone Bailey

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  90. anarchyst


  91. MARVELITO!!!!!!

    "There go luh momma I don't want to fuck cuz she burning she tripping, I'm wavy gotdam"

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    This go hard and the bass boosted sound cracked out

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