Young Scooter - Show You How To Get This Money Lyrics

Money, that's all nigga talk about
And I'm a keep talking money till I pass out
Make it hard for you rapper put myself out
Young scooter, don't I love that street life
Atlanta, Georgia, Kirkwood where you find I
A somewhere in the loaf nigga downtown
See I was born in Carolina as a young guy
And then I move to the 8 and got my face right
Post up, on sip [?] aspen, hungry for the money
Couldn't let it walk past me
Life story, of a boy who had is son broke
Be [?] daddy supply the whole city
I'm on the wait, bout that money I'm impatient
Hunned dollar bills I'm talking no more small faces
Street smart shawty jigging with the open cases
Keep it low key, a lot of niggas can't take it
Bout my niggas I kill a nigga
By me them niggas come and get you
Bout my plug my brother take you out
Signed myself a deal, yeah I came myself out

Mama had to work, I did it myself
I did it for the streets and them niggas over there
Scooter getting money, real trapper of the year
Vvs diamonds got me shining over here
365 real jigging over here
The whole hood behind me, plus I'm swagging to the top
Thanks to my connect now I run the whole block
Zone 6 my nigga I will never flop

Black amigo gang we don't bust apply the city
Real getting money, Monday pack gone instant
Yeah I fuck with shawty yeah he quick still flippin
Streets do the math, thousand times sell 50
Know they coming Monday, niggas supplier tryina get me
Motherfuck the feds, free kingpin lil ricky
Ties set me straight, know them streets gonn feel me
[?] told me grind, motivate me to get it
Yeah I fuck with [?] who are with me
Jigging off the pressure [?] spoon kitchen
Grab a pound of kush just to smoke and fuck bitches
All the rappers lie, I can show you how to get it
All them niggas local, I'm a road runner nigga
Used to walk and get it, now it's trap the trailers with me
Swerve through your hood and throw a [?] out the window.

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