Young Science - Chill Murray Lyrics

God damn that sugar spice
She got a little bit carried away
Cause I bring you up high
Then I bring you down low
Then I bring you back again (Whoa-oh-oh)
That stuff ain't never enough
When I give it and take it away
Cause I bring you up high
Bring you down low
Then I bring you back all the way

You're saying oh my love I can barely keep up
You're draining my soul every night
And all these drugs got me really messed up
More than I've been in my life

Just stop
You worry too much
You ain't always gotta know just why or when or what
So, stop
You worry too much oh
You ain't always gotta know just why or when or what-what-what-what-wha-oh

So, chill out
What you worried about?
Take a couple little pills and your worries'll melt awa-a-ay
Oh my love, won't you open me up
Take a little from the middle and then sew me back up aga-a-ain

God damn that yellow light
I got a little bit carried away
So I hit a quick left
Then a quick right
Then bring it back home again (Whoa-oh-oh)
This stuff ain't ever enough
When I give it then take it away
Cause it brings you up high
Brings you down low
Then it brings you back up again

You're saying oh my love I can barely keep up
You're draining my soul every night
And all these drugs got me really messed up
More than I've been in my life

Just stop
You worry too much
You ain't always gotta know just why or when or what
So, stop
You worry too much oh
You ain't always gotta know just why or when or what-what-what-what-wha-oh

So, chill out
What you worried about?
Take a couple little pills and your worries'll melt awa-a-ay
Oh my love, won't you open me up
Take a little from the middle and then sew me back up aga-a-ain [4x]

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Young Science Chill Murray Comments
  1. Vinky Singh

    Talking about that ya all thought this song was LWWY from 1D
    Aren't you guys ignoring the fact that this is a Perfect and joyful song in itself....

    No you only think about 1D and yourself.

    Silly Public

  2. aline.ymsht

    I come back here from time to time since we all thought it was Liam singing cause this song’s actually pretty cool

  3. Milagro Figueroa

    2019 and still love this song from the time I was a Directioner ahah

  4. Sina Fr

    it literally sounds like liam and zayn.

  5. KoreanPop MultiFan

    As a directoner I still come looking for this song hahahaha

  6. Jill T.

    What ever happened to this dude anyway? Been 7 years since new music

  7. Arianna Entero


  8. Adrian Jr

    Throwing it back to 2012 when we all thought this was 1D😂

  9. Kirsten Beuvens

    Oh wow I really love LWWY man those were some days

  10. hani

    cant believe liam payne invented this song in 2012

  11. Delfina Bianchini

    Omg i love 1D

  12. meena singh

    luv this song a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! so chill out.......<3

  13. Spaider da Silva


  14. Megan Hanlon

    the literal only reason anyone knows this song is because of that fake one direction thing back in like 2012 lmao 12 year old me was shook

  15. Lizbeth vazquez

    His voice is so similar to that of the one direction

  16. Madison imlay

    Honestly glad that people thought this was LWWY Bc I would've never found it, and now I listen to it all the time

  17. Sina F.

    I swear its zayn&liam ahhahaha

  18. Iyer Jeremy

    who exactly sang this song??

  19. Todor Sergiu

    4 years ago today I shared this on facebook.. today facebook notified me about it.. such a joy! :D loved it

  20. Debii

    Hahahah I still remember when we all thought this is LWWY

  21. Elliot B

    This band is artwork.

  22. Sandra Lopez

    i remember omg... i though my god liam zayn what are all of you guys singing about !??!!o.o

  23. Pantaz

    0:48 'too much' Its absolutely Liam's accent :)

  24. Pantaz

    who is first said its LWWY in 2012😒😒😒😒

  25. Rea Nitsa

    Hahahahah 2012 memories holy shit😂😂😂

  26. Adriana Lopez

    they are so talented

  27. Attack On Natalie

    lwwy 😂😂 old days

  28. Zoe Sutton

    people were dumb enough to think this was one direction? if were really a fan back then im pretty sure u would know it wasnt. lmfao.. and then youd read the channel name and find out one of the letters was different then the actual channel. i just thought it was funny. this song is the shit tho.

    Zoe Sutton

    I know that that's the first time I heard it... And I'm 17, how old are u? Your being super childish.

    Wizz Baldwin

    I'm not being childish, I commented on your age as it sounded like you were being childish 'if were really a fan back then' sounds extremely childish and your grammar isn't up to a seventeen year old standard. Also, I do not share personal information on public forums. 

    Zoe Sutton

    I apologize for not using superior grammar when commenting on four minute videos. I'm going to respect your opinions about my public comments because I did choose to make MY opinion public. But I do not think you have the right to state that my grammar is not up to a seventeen year old standard, based on one comment you may have read.

    Wizz Baldwin

    Don't ask me my age when you barely sound your own age then. It is rude. And I don't care how long the video is, if you are the age you say you are you must have had at least 13 years of education which means you should be able to type a coherent sentence. Sorry not sorry. 

    Zoe Sutton

    It's funny that you keep replying with argumentative statements, when you are obviously educated and over the age of 18. I am going to be the bigger person and end this because you are not mature enough to do it yourself. Thanks for your opinions it was nice chatting with you.

  29. JinJoonJooheon

    Remember when we all tought this was live while we're young hahaha honestly he sounds like 3 members of 1d at the same time

    Ana G Palacios

    SarahSD Ugh the memories! 😢


    Those were the days! Lol

    Noir C

    Now we're all into kpop

    princess #kinia

    Same! xD

  30. Grissel Juarez

    En serio que parece liam😦

  31. It'sTanisha

    Why does this sound like Liam from 1D

  32. voidkruu


  33. mileythumper13

    this song will forever be my favorite😻😻

  34. mileythumper13

    this song will forever be my favorite😻😻

  35. Marissa Anne

    Going through your favorites and finding this song again... <3

  36. Sam Mantha

    Liam's voice so strong in this one 😂

  37. vanessa rae

    every once in a while I come back to this song because of the live while we're young thing 😂

  38. worldofdevine

    Throwback to 2012/13 when us directioners thought it was their song LWWY then we found out ahha

  39. Kayce Moore

    Liam is That you 😭😂

  40. Erica Awesomeness

    Remembering when I liked this song better than LWWY. ;D

  41. Kendall Moody

    All Directioners know that this is better than LWWY. 😂👌

  42. Ahmet Karaaslan

    i love this song still

  43. ThePuppet NoStrings

    Like si viniste por el video de (Problemas de Ira) xD

  44. Alexa Huss

    When we all thought 1D were turning into drug addicts because we thought this song was LWWY

    Cindy Michelle


    Cara Jaide

    Alexa Huss yes omg I thought this was them when I heard it

  45. Anon

    What's lwwy?

    Aranja-Marissa Degrande

    Live while were young

  46. Yanderi Martinez

    We all swore we heard Liam, Harry, & Zayn in this song! Lol! #Directioners LWWY cx

  47. asiandallas

    lmao throwback when everyone thought this song was LWWY


    What's lwwy


    @HeyIts Ross it's "live while we're young" by 1D


    asian dallas yes! I remember looking up LWWY and this came up and I was soo confused😂

  48. samantha mclean

    Directioners found this because we were told it was 1D live while we're young 😂

  49. rhysproductions

    Like if your watching this in 1856! 


    @george omg hi xD

  50. ghost sheet

    Omg remember when everyone thought this was LWWY haha

  51. Kori Salazar


  52. celesteywesty

    Watching in 2015😂😂Man this song is amazing

  53. Joanne A.

    When all directioners(including me) flipped over this xD
    Good times, good times

  54. Erica Souza

    im here because i think that song its live while were young of one direction in 2012

  55. Charlotte Croghan

    omg i love lwwy

  56. Luke Craven

    Like if your watching in 2014 😂



    Jasmine Sparkles

    Oh My Gosh I Watch Your Videos And I See You Everywhere! ✌💕

    clouded bliss



    Always watching it bro.


    OMG I see you everywhere

  57. itala mendiola


  58. Melina Ayelén Poma

    Amo esta canción *--------*

  59. Josephine Beisel

    hahahahah i thought this was lwwy and im so glad i found this song <3

  60. ISHA

    Is it bad that I honestly wished this was by one direction haha oi man how I wish

  61. rachel oreilly

    i'm so glad people thought this was lwwy bc i loved it so much since then and i would have never found it lol

    Léa Sen


    john green




  62. booscaresyou101

    Haha remember when everyone thought this was LWWY?! Haha everyone was worried bahahaha memories

  63. musicxloverxforeverx

    remember when we all though that this was Live While We're Young cause I do

  64. Lillian Marko

    Such a good song<333 and an amazing band in general :3

  65. Laura Ohoho

    I remebered from 2 seconds ago from how much I didnt care what you guys thought was a one direction song

  66. Nichole Wagner

    this song >>> any new one direction songs

  67. Ashleigh Jean


  68. LooLa Franchi

    That voice is that neither of Liam! From one direction! My friend gave me this song when she baxiou was written that the name was "Live While We're Young"

  69. Cassie

    you've been here a long time if you were here when we thought this was going to be a new song on TMH haha

  70. Tal Ben Hay

    Remember when we thought its Live While Were Young?

  71. glitterdelrey

    oh man the good old days

  72. Sophie Kamp

    This one of my favourite songs. Even when its going about drugs

  73. andia night

    the old live while were young. AY GOOD TIMES BBYS

  74. georgia dourtme

    great song, I'm so glad that I discovered it:D

  75. kat chapman

    except i looked up DNA by Little Mix and this came up saying it was DNA.. dude wtf

  76. Runch Randa

    I remember when I memorised the lyrics because one direction lol

  77. Runch Randa

    Ahh the good old days

  78. Ashley Ulysse

    This may not be One Direction but this song is pretty good.

  79. sil

    Me encanta♥

  80. Regina Macias


  81. Sal Sandoval

    I remember when this was confused for LWWY! Good times!!

  82. Alejandra Perez De La Cruz

    Me encanta esta esta cancion

  83. alea

    Remember when everyone thought this is One Direction's LWWY? Haha ~ I'm Directioner ♥ But my heart belongs to Justin *-*

  84. Neolanaify

    I remember when I thought this was LWWY - found a great song, and been listening to this ever since! ;D <3

  85. Chrissy K

    the beat is really catchy

  86. AyseTV

    love it more than any 1D song :)

  87. Meg loves

    Can we use this as background music???

  88. Madison Wilt

    Remember when this was supposed to be live while we're young by one direction? Bahaha

  89. DaSilva Gamings

    Song is chill murray and the artist is Young Sience

  90. Todor Sergiu

    good question!! I'm confused too..

  91. cupcake1022427

    is this chill murray by young science, or young science by chill murray??? I seriously am so confused.

  92. Alondra Arevalo

    About* part sounDS LIKE HARRY.

  93. Alondra Arevalo

    So chill out what you worried abit

  94. Anna Simpkins

    Before take me home came out a lot of people thought this was part of their album

  95. Manon

    I know the song is about drugs but goddamn this is a good song! :D

  96. kylie parker

    hahaha same here!!!

  97. kylie parker

    i love this song soooooooooooooooooo much how can someone hate on this? its and amazing song okay and @laurakayy98 i totally agree with you luv!!!

  98. Laura gianfilippo

    We should get Liam to do a cover of this and we can compare it