Young Pappy - Two Cups. Lyrics

R.I.P to my big brother 2, (2 cups)

We the realest niggas round here
Reporting live from the pole where its cold
If he ain't from the pole where its cold don't come down here
Just come round here get found here
Another body turn his momma smile to a frown here
Ha! I'm getting tired of this lifestyle
That 30 with ain't nobody trying to fight now(nah)
Applying pressure knot a nigga up in sight now
Up the pipe on him make a goofy nigga pipe down
That ice on me bling bow they be like wow
Its time to turn up nigga, no more mister nice guy
I don't pop molly really but today I might try
They took my big brother Mensa I'm thinking like why
Was it the money, was it the cars
Was it the way that he was stunting was he flexing to hard
Was it the way he was finessing trying to stack or starve
Cause everything he see a nigga he wanna hear some bars
Like Pap, you go harder than prona
Yo father yo momma yo mom momma never knew my pop
Father was one of the only niggas condoning in my drama
So if you gone smoke for me I want you to pour for me on 2

For my big brother 2
Cause man that nigga had the juice
They looking at me like shoot, I'm looking at them like who
The fuck you think I'm finna do, think I'm finna stop now
Boy hell nah I'm gone blow, he would did the same for me
I do the same shit for bro, I catch a opp and I'ma score
Cause niggas know and bitches know (Let's Go)

When I'm rolling through my city nigga all I see is crime
Everybody saying they know me, everybody lying
And Ain't nobody lane checking everybody driving
Nd everybody poled up so everybody firing
You better get a gun, boy they say PBG them niggas
They ain't fit for none, I keep it on me
On my homie I ain't finna run
Concealed up in my gucci belt I tuck the biggest gun
So if a nigga run up on me, Ima get him done
My flow tighter than virgin vagina
I'm telling them Ima make they looking like no liar
I'm leaning just like a chulo, ain't bout talking lowrider
These rapping niggas is sweet
I'm just feigning for more cider
From the city the murder capital everybody know about (chiraq)
Money over starve I can't go without
And they got the nerve to tell me Ima motor mouth
But all this shit I rap about my team and them will go about
So Ima ball harder till the day that I get slaughtered
And shoutout to them hittas that be still thugging on Lawrence
And nigga I ain't stopping till the day I'm in the coffin
And my shoulder say pink dolphin
Hoes up on me get them off me (huh)
I can look in your eyes and tell you fake homie
Fucking his main bitches, suppose to be your main homie
It been them same 10 years niggas that done changed on
Boy you must be talking to the jakes, you acting strange homie
Where the trust at, where the love at
I give up all of my money to get 2 cups back
I need some dope I need some bud, wheres bud at
No swimming pool full of liquor, where the flood at
He first hit'em look at the camera and there go Mensa
Say niggas know he point his fingers like they gone remember
I take ring off he getting money right off my dinner
Just letting bro know I remember that day in December too!

They took my big brother 2
Cause man that nigga had the juice
They looking at me like shoot, I'm looking at them like who
The fuck you think I'm finna do, think I'm finna stop now
Boy hell nah I'm gone blow, he would did the same for me
I do same shit for bro, I catch a deli and its score
Cause niggas know and bitches know
You gone remember for life!

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Young Pappy Two Cups. Comments
  1. Kapp Gawd

    😭😭😭Its been so fucking long mane still thinking bout papp Its 2019 bih

  2. Marc Aragon

    Turn on captions rip young pappy at the end

  3. Tyler Davis

    RIP Da realist

  4. 3 0

    2019 10:33pm Dallas TX



  6. Cyrus Rostami

    that beat tho

  7. my man main

    Rip pappy shit fukked up

  8. Dark Boy

    imagine pappy and nba youngboy collab? 🤔🔥

  9. Nicholas Carter

    Still bumping this junt G. I. P GboDy

  10. Key osama

    Damn i been listening to him since he first came out and i didnt kno him personally but im getting emotional listening to this

  11. J C

    This shyt gimme chills!!!❤💯

  12. Mike Beon

    Man i never heard this song before but wow... the kid was super talented... RIP

  13. Kenny Dennison

    2021 still be bumpin this

  14. YUNG MAS

    Rest in paradise young man, syotos

  15. William

    watch on acid

  16. Grantez Zeigler

    Cant stop playing this r.i.p. big Pappy

  17. Rob Leonard

    Fuck, this shit go hard.

  18. Sheka Jones

    Damn....... that's why I love ...Pap

  19. Lovely Love

    Hardest from Chicago ❗❤😍

  20. Devan King

    I’m just now noticing that meek mill used the same song on

    Devan King

    Lil snupes song

    Kong Divine

    Pappy really liked Meek Mill he was one of his favorite rappers

  21. Tracy Smith

    2020 anybody


    STILL HERE IN 2020



  23. Saraih Gabriel

    Tracks like ah star ☀️🔴❤️

  24. Hector Vergon

    We miss you young pappy

  25. paul mow

    young pappy the best and most legendary of any chiraq artist GTFO if u disagree this dude was just scratching surface and polished this well already man he was just ah, shit hit me different i always been followin that movement since rip pap pbg all day

  26. Bobby Knuckles


  27. Bad savage Boy

    He would of been the best rapper no cap

  28. Bad savage Boy

    2019 🖤🔥😈

  29. its benja

    2019 almost over

  30. Rome O

    Man i remeber them days up north in the buildings on Glenwood and Devon. Years ago.

  31. Maizon Long

    Rip pappy and 2

  32. Leyt2k19

    Forever my favorite song of all time. 🖤 still bumpin all 2020

  33. Akito TheRealist

    still go hard asf

  34. tMHussle

    rip to all legends
    forever tha marathon

  35. Joe Jackson


  36. af2600

    Almost 2020 and this still gives me chills...

  37. PrettyBoy Ballaz

    Damn bruh in 4 Months this shit is 6 years ago and LA Died 7 Years Ago next year smh time running frfr

  38. Anthony Barelas

    This shit sad

  39. KingBeattyGaming 2

    Only pappy song I like 💯

  40. FrostyTundra

    Wasup pap Coming here after Juice Wrld Passed Y’all are Missed down here rip ♥️

  41. Zaee

    Taking pappy into 2020 with me

  42. Godson 86

    Poured his soul out on this one

  43. fret

    These snitch nine fans are the worst

  44. Edgar Phillips

    Holy fuckin dire dame thank yoy for this track yessssss fire !

  45. MFA FR84

    Décembre 2019. Putain de hardcore !

  46. Preferred Guest

    Imma ball hard till the day i get slaughtered

  47. K.j_23

    R.I.P 2 Cups 6 years🙏🏾

  48. Zorko

    December 2nd 2019 long live 2 cups and pappy we miss y’all

  49. T Money

    Mensa day 2k19

  50. ComedyWithCalories

    Notice there not flexxing guns either in the video, thats how you know there with it real ones dont flex it

  51. Javaughn Moodie

    Rip my boy ⚠️ luv you pap ☝🏾

  52. Clyde Pringle

    Pappy was going to be the one he can rap any style

  53. Ryan Gordon

    If you can't feel the raw emotion in this joint then you are effin Zombie. Great song. R.I.P. Pap

  54. Good Builds

    man only if he was still alive he will be bigger than keef

    Ty Money

    Good Builds facts

  55. WolfzyArts


  56. Slick Pimpin69

    FUCK!!! THIS SHIT🔥🔥🔥!!!!

  57. Zuc'ary

    Imagine how many niggaz in this video HATIN on homie he definitely was next up you can actually feel that shit

  58. Jorge G

    This my first time hearing let alone wat h a Pappy song. There’s no doubt he was gonna blow up. He raps with that Meek Mill energy and you can tell he put in effort towards his craft. Not a basic Chicago Drill rapper with basic street rhymes.

  59. Sicario

    This guy was a legend hands down better then chief keef

    Assault 701

    Whatchu smokin?


    Assault 701 that’s for you to decide

    Love Money

    Keef never in his life made real song like this before that he gotta talk about real shit wit barz


    Love Money exactly keef not lyrical or have any talent

    Love Money

    @Sicario right💯

  60. Michael Shamouny

    Man i cant forgive the industry for letting 69 blow up


    Niggas can’t wait to comment “Who watching in 2020?”

    Good Builds



    BPT BANGERS facts those comments are so annoying

  62. Shannon And Girly

    Man looking at this video’s now make me wanna cry Long live pappy .. R.I.P Troy !!!!! The pain in his voice rapping 💔💔💔💔

  63. Slayer

    its only people fault you guys bring your own self to this so its all you niggas fault for dying for your own music its music fault all stupid not to realize that the world is nothing but a bunch of pussies just wait till the goverment one day drop a big bomb on the hoods that want war you niggas wouldn't know what to do beside waste bullets out the windows or doing pussy shit at night real niggas do it in day time

  64. TMT Lamonte


  65. TMT Lamonte

    Rip pappy

  66. ODaGod -_-

    2019 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢💯

  67. Slim Nasty Heart

    Kick my





  70. Jason Wilson

    Rip to a real one! This dudes bars go super crazy hard! Wish he would've did a song with meek mill, they ride the beat the same!! Real recognize real

  71. Richard Coulombe

    Still remember the day pap got hit. He was on his way up!! But that boy did not live careful. ' the life You life you live eventually ends it'

  72. Xtinct-YT

    November 2019 anyone? Long live a legend🕊🖤 We miss you pap💤

  73. Dreflian Washington

    2020 round da corner still a classic

  74. Jaylen Rose

    2pac of Chicago

  75. Young T

    November 12 2019 Happy g-day ta his song Killa b.i.p 2pap🔯💜👼🏾

  76. Fe Miller


  77. ricky starr

    I miss u JoJo rip to pappy the good die Young

  78. Syrup

    2019 niggas where yall at?
    Rip pap 🙏🏾💫💫

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    It sucks he died

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    Still listening to him 2019

  81. Nikkia Pretty Banger

    He went to school with me. He was cool

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    Catch ***** he n a scope cuz niggas know and bitches kno

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    Still here 2025.

  84. chris killem

    Wish bro could’ve got higher quality before he passed 🐐

  85. A M

    Nov 8, 2020 🤙😈 rip 💔

  86. Devon Bogan

    Win the lottery and I will be there at the same time 👍

  87. god child demario Mr skidda pop pop

    If yah aint been in the shit you cant feel pappy pain on da Bos real shit ball in peace pappy def yah white kid who ain't from the hood

  88. Mike Turner

    Rip pappy still here 2019 your music will always bang so.sad the police took oap from us

  89. Finest Jewels

    Long Live Pappy

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    it sounds like he was shot in the back too >:(

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    Rip pappy

  92. ADHD

    2020 rip pappy

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    This song will go hard forever !