Young Pappy - They Know (Remix) Lyrics

The fucking guys in my eyes (TFG)
I love my guys, the fucking guys in my eyes (TFG)
L'd up, die L's
[?] cut throat (EBK)
(Let's get it) Let's go, let's go
Let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's goooo
Die L's
Let's go

I love my guys, the fucking guys in my eyes
Either I'mma get a brick or get signed
Cause either way, get rich die tryin'
Better check yo' watch, it's my time (My time)
Got your main thot spitting my rhymes (My rhymes)
You ain't making no noise, so stop lying (Stop lying)
I come through a nigga block, start firin'
(Like, aye yo')

Pull up in that black (Chiraq) so fuck nigga don't get whacked (Boom boom)
Smoking that thoinks, it's that thrax (That thrax!)
Let Malik call up the loud pack
Fuck nigga talk tough, and get whacked (Boom boom)
Her pussy wet as shorty was a river
I'm screaming free Fernie and free Press
We hit a lick, been rich ever since
Lots of bankrolls and clothes
We got hoes cause we got the bankrolls
Lil' folks got a fifty with a scope (Boom boom)
We poled up and you know we gonna blow
That bitch gon' go, and shorty know
Ain't gotta tell her, she gon' take off her clothes
I throw up them "P"s, I'm from the pole
That's where it's cold so you know a nigga froze (Hold on)
Midnight got the Tec and its 30 in my gat
He ABM I'm like, "What's that?"
That's your set bitch? Nigga fuck that
I'm TFG, that's my clique
Got your main thot sucking my shit
Say TFG, that's my shit
Got your main thot all on my dick (my dick)
(Hold on)


Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's goooooooo
Die L's
Die Y
L'd up
EBK shit
Cut throat
Young Pap

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