Young Pappy - Shorty With The 40 Pt. 2 Lyrics

Now see shorty met a nigga up in jail
Say his nickname Veil got a brother name Rell
He told shorty 8 ball what he sell
Say if he got on his team he got half of his bail
He said yeah but La'veil can't tell if this lil nigga serious
So he gotta ask Rell, so Rell put the other half on his bail
Said if shorty ain't 100 then his ass getting nailed
Shorty bond 100, 000 to walk, he don't really know Veil
So he think he all talk but Veil got it he ain't thinking
Bout the cost, he just vouched for lil shorty
He don't wanna get crossed, he told shorty if his case get lost
He will skip states with him and he merched on the boss
Now shorty thinking that La'veils the man
If he stick to the plan he would never get caught
So La'veil got released on the 5th told shorty just wait
He would get him on the 8th, he was already thinking
Bout how he was gone escape cause the state got the gun and one of the surveilance tapes
But La'veil gotta flip a couple birds go back to the store
Make a couple more serves, he asked Rell for the other
50 bands let him know he ain't playing he a man of his word
So shorty out now his name ring got clout now
He the word of the mouth now, he headed out south now
Veil finna take him to his house cause Ja'rell wanna see
What he about now but shorty nervous though
He ain't never sold birds before
He out now so its worth it though
Rell said he perfect though
Seen shorty and he told him
How he put a nigga brains on the curb before
Steady trapping, shorty making shit happen
Told veil how he be rapping
Shorty just know he gone get found guilty
So that lil money he getting he stacking
Shit going the way it was planned out
Shorty got hoes and he know he the man now
Everybody on the team they eating
So its never a time where nobody got they hand out
Rell told him to come to the table he got some for him
Gone show him some love, 20 thousand in cash
2 Glocks in the bag and tomorrow he gone meet the plug
He said I fuck with you nigga, I'm trusting you nigga
You and my lil brother got love for you niggas
Tomorrow I'm going out of town so my big homie
He finna be plugging you niggas
Shorty ask who is big homie
Ask rell what's his name he said call him big homie
Shorty knowing this might be his homie
Thinking in his head I'm a keep this bitch on me
Rell told him I love you and all but you fuck up my money
I'm gone have to kill you, so he gave shorty big homie number
He thinking this number look super familiar
Man he know that's big homie that left him out there
He ain't going shorty finna wack him
He just thinking bout Rell but fuck it
He said if he riding he gone have to catch him
But La'veil that's his homie foreal
And he know he the reason that he outta jail
But La'veil gone ride with his brother because that's his brother
So shit what the hell but fuck it he on that

He call Veil in the morning like bro don't forget
We gotta go to the store, big homie finna slide on us
We gone buy like 6 he gone front us like 4
But Veil already know, he finna rob big homie
For what he already owe cause big homie in a hole
With La'veil he gone nail him and tell Rell he didn't show
So shorty and La'veil met up, he told shorty the score
Whole time he on the same thang
Then shorty told him its the nigga he told him about
From his case from when shorty use to gang bang
Now they both on the same page
He told shorty if his brother don't like it then he can't hang
Now lil shorty finna catch another body
All that time he just did wasn't shit cause he ain't change
Shorty phone going rang, rang
But he knowing who it is already
He picked up and asked homie where he at
Big homie told him he was in the stairs already
So they both came down with the guns in they hand
Took the bag full of work put the gun to his head
Shorty asked Veil for the keys to his van
Homie looking at shorty couldn't believe what he said

Shorty like yeah nigga, I know you remember that day
You left me in that jam nigga
He say they had you on cam nigga
Either way it go you was getting booked
I don't give a damn nigga
You was suppose to be my mans nigga
He told veil that he got just go start up the van nigga
He let his 40 go blam nigga, 2 shots to his face
And he got out the jam nigga

Now that's all shorty wanted in the first place
Cause he the reason that lil shorty caught his first case
Shorty case set for trial next thursday but if he go to court
He would never see his birthday
Shorty packed all the guns, all the money and the drugs
Called Veil told him what he was on
And Veil merched he would skip states with him
So wherever he finna going he ain't finna go alone
He told shorty that his line still smack
And Rell gone be back so just leave him the phones
They packed up met shorty at the greyhound station to
New York, him and shorty was gone
They got 150, 000 a piece, 10 keys, 3 guns
They could never go wrong
And shorty plan was to take over the streets of New York
Cause New York was like Veil second home

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