Young Pappy - Shooters Lyrics

[Lil Shawn & Young Pappy:]
Hundred rounds in them drums, lil' nigga
Beef with us, get a gun, lil' nigga
A pump fake? Just run, lil' nigga
PBG shit!
Hundred rounds in them drums, lil' nigga
Beef with us, get a gun, lil' nigga
A pump fake? Just run, lil' nigga
TFG bitch!
Hundred rounds in them drums, lil' nigga
Beef with us, get a gun, lil' nigga
A pump fake? Just run, lil' nigga
Hundred rounds in them drums, lil' nigga
Better run, lil' nigga!

Got a whole lot of shooters on my squad
Bitch, I got a squad full of shooters
Got a whole lot of shooters on my squad
Bitch, I got a squad full of shooters
Got a whole lot of shooters, whole lot of shots!
Whole lot of shooters, whole lot of shots!
Whole lot of shooters, whole lot of shots!
Whole lot of shooters, whole lot of shots!
Gun lock, gun lock, gun lock, glaaah!

[Lil Shawn:]
Bitch, we got a squad full of shooters
We move with them AK's and rugers!
We don't sneak diss on computers
We just send lil' Kemo to do you!
Lil' shot, don't fight, I just up pipes
Damn stripe, make him go good night
Took his bitch, now a nigga wanna' fight
Give him sores like a hive
Was acting tough worth losing your life?
(Was it nigga?)
Naw, I ain't think so
I'm just looking for some brain like a scarecrow
Big balls like a nigga on death row
Treat his ass like some dope, he can get smoked
If he holding on the work, he can get poked
Fucking on the throat, make a lil' bitch choke
And I hang with them Insanes, Cutthroat
Bullets make his foot work like jump rope
Hold up, we in a jam so get low
Say they drillin', but they lying like a Leo
Slick got Tec, and he want them on
Out west, too turnt' in the veno
And I heard niggas dissing on Pooh Bear
That's the reason why we smoking on Keno!
Gang [x7] dawg!


Might pop out from the T wit fo 'nem
Might serve a couple keys to mo 'nem
Don't hit the block without my Glock, I tote them
I get the job, and catch a opp, I smoke him
And that's it, ain't no nun' of that extra shit
Unless it's a extra clip
That's brand new Tec, I'm ready to test this bitch
And I ain't gonna' but bet I stress some shit
Cause bro taught me to shoot
And then I taught folks how to shoot
Nigga, you don't even know how to shoot
I ain't saying I'm a pro when I shoot
But that opps can't flex on my name, niggas know what I do
Walk ups, and I ride up nigga
Either way you gon' get fired up nigga
Hatchbacks, hop out the back with the Mac 10
She like point him out, he like where that nigga at?
Oh, don't nobody know shit now?
Stop flexing you ain't gon' blow shit down!
This fo 'nem got so much kick, when I let this bitch spit
Even I'm gon' get down!
A lot of hoes on my dick, I can pick now
This Mac got a cooling kit, with a switch now
Silencer, so my Glock sound like this now (shh!)


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    Myhouse be lit at night

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    Still my favorite pappy song 2020 #llPappy 🕊

  3. Ziair Samuel

    Who here 2020🥺🤟🏾?

  4. tupac

    this shit is weak. i see why pappy is dead

    Benjamin Franklin

    yo ass tripping he was better then Keef and lived what he rap


    @Benjamin Franklin why is he dead?

    Benjamin Franklin

    tupac because he lived what he spoke about like I just stated and paid the price for it


    @Benjamin Franklin you know when pappy was alive he had no million views until death. why is that??

    Benjamin Franklin

    tupac what does views have to do with talent? I know rapper that’s get 10k views but talented as hell, so ur argument is irrelevant

  5. Eriyun Tate

    who still bump in 2020

  6. Malik Muhammad


  7. Beautiful Ryah

    He mine forever idc young pappy for ever 🥰

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    Who still here in 2020🙏🏻

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    We’re y’all at 2020 never forgotten

  16. Anthony Thrower

    Who still here 2020

  17. AJ Sotoo

    Pappy was always in bright clothing, always wearing bandanas. Standing out, here he’s in all white like Mensa. He’s basically screaming “ yeahhh niggga I’m right here wassup” He was never scared to stand out. Rip to the 🐐

  18. danny d

    They was with kutthroat?

  19. Dashey Mo'Na

    Anybody other than me playing this in 2020!??

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    He never maid it out chiraq that’s crazy

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    Who here in 2020 rocking pappy

    Isaiah 0xy



    @Isaiah 0xy good

    Isaiah 0xy

    @badbxtch yep

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    Wats the Name of the 2nd dude


    Still one of the greatest chiraq drill rap has ever seen. #RIPPAP #2020TOTILLIDIEWILLIBEJAMMINGTHISISH

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    who came afta chicago legends

  53. Lee Trillz

    Imagine if he was still alive .. smh 🤦‍♂️

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    Take juice wrld he ass but bring back pappy

    937 kango

    Shut yo bitch ass up. You the only nigga who liked yo comment.

    Jay Wynter

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    “Ain’t no nun of that extra shit, unless it’s a extra clip” 🖤 Young Pappy

  60. Kaspars Rozentals

    serious question, are these niggas dumb? 50+ years on shawn and pappy got shot a week later? fuck going on in chicago? how do you even make this kind of shit happen?

    Benjamin Franklin

    it’s the life they chose can’t really be mad

  61. Grant Porter

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    Pbg lost their 3 biggest rappers Pappy, Shawn, Bang and 600 lost 3 of their best too La, Rondo , Cdai both sets woulda been so famous by now


    Evander Coop Most likely, either way the made a impact on the drill scene, if you know, you know.

    Benjamin Franklin

    Taysav better than Lil Shawn

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    And that's it ain't nun of that extra shit

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    B.I.P PAPPY NOT PAPI, December10 2019

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    Will never be forgotten.

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    hardest song to ever come from chicago.

    Reggie Salt

    in my opinion, and yeah im from here

    Killer of the Semetism

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    One in prison one dead Chiraq ain’t no joke rip

    Killer of the Semetism

    For real I pray I'm still alive

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