Young Pappy - Savages Lyrics

Flexing done turned a nigga savage, I swear I don't give a fuck about shit now
My bitch do everything for me, I don't even give a fuck about my bitch now
Got a couple labels calling my phone, so I'm 'finna hit the block with a whole brick now
Make shorty 'nem get down with the get-downs
Stand up for his homie, make his ass sit down!

Shorty I got clout, know you better watch your mouth
Cause I got a couple hitters out south
That'll pop up at a nigga crib
And they already in
Like they got a set of keys to your house
Got a couple hoes - thick and pretty as fuck
That'll set a nigga up, for a little bit of nothing
And they ain't even got a problem with you fucking
After the job done, niggas want they money
Real life, definition of savage
Steal a nigga life like he had want me to have it
Your bitch wanna' fuck cause she not that your average designer logos be on all of my fabrics
But I'ma go crazy on all of these tracks
And her crump in her face, while she calling me back
If I don't answer, she gonna keep calling me back
Texting me like - why you never follow me back?
They keep calling me this, they keep calling me that
But I don't give a fuck what a hater got to say about me!
They let me out on papers, got bond money on deck
So the county, won't get a day up out me
I got shorties trying to put in work for me
That's like ten, eleven years old
I never expected this, I used to give them dollars when they were like seven years old
Now they bad ass asking me for poles
They know every word to all of my songs
Unknown numbers calling my phone, I ain't trying to talk, leave me alone!
Knowing me I'm in the pole where it's cold
Really on the road somewhere doing shows!
You can catch me on the mag with the moes
Posted on Sunnyside with some hoes
But I'm on Lawrence Ave, where them folks be at
Why you looking for me? Hoe you know where we at!
Not from over there, but you over there, don't got caught somewhere, you ain't supposed to be at!
If you hanging with them, we gonna let it be that
Why you taking pictures where you never be that?
Gotta keep that bitch on us, wherever we at
If you scared go to church where the reverend be at!

And I ain't scared, nigga
How I be lacking if I ain't dead, nigga?
I'll put a quarter pound on your head, nigga
Watch shorty smoke it off with his friends, nigga
One so dead nigga
I'm the man, nigga
I can't stand niggas
I used to do the hits, now I'm paying niggas
60-30 I got caught again
But I keep that bitch on me just cause I can
And I ain't scared, nigga
How I be lacking if I ain't dead, nigga?
I'll put a quarter pound on your head, nigga
Watch shorty smoke it off with his friends, nigga
One so dead nigga
I'm the man, nigga
I can't stand niggas
I used to do the hits, now I'm paying niggas
60-30 I got caught again
But I keep that bitch on me just cause I can

Fuck a friend, I keep Spazz with me
Cause I know my little brother gonna blast with me
If you want he'll go get on your ass for me
Keep me gun, and some weed, and some gas with me
Fuck a bitch nigga, and his bitch nigga
Gino wet him up, he address niggas
Tried to set me up, but you missed nigga
I'm from the pole where it's colder than "Briss", nigga!
It's "The Fucking Guys," in my fucking eyes
Be this way till the day I go fucking blind
Gotta couple forties, gotta couple nines
Gave 'em to my shorties
Show 'em where to find all the ops at
Pop that, never mind where the cops at?
My gat it'll knock a nigga block back
Fuck that, y'all know where the thots at?
You gon' fuck around wit them fuck arounds
You gon' fuck around and get fucked around
Keep the thirties I just need a couple rounds
Head shots got a nigga ducking down
Red dots got a nigga shook
Face shots make a nigga look
I be going hard, got these niggas hooks
Spitting only bars like a nigga book
Me and B-U Double riding in a foreign flying past niggas that act like we don't know 'em
They say we won't make it, broski, we gonna show up on they ass, niggas ain't got nothing for 'em
They say when I come through I'll be with something that'll cook a nigga like I'm George Forman
Nina Sarafina that's my little bitch
She'll do your whole clique
I keep that bitch horny, ah!

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Young Pappy Savages Comments
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    "why to taking pictures where you never be at"

    me:because that where you never be at.

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    2020 shit pap never dying😈😈

  4. Dave H

    This song had me at the gym wantin to throw the treadmill off the balcony..on 4nem

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    2020 Anyone


    Few more days

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    Fuck who ever shot my boy

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    Its true he shot this on the opps block ?

  14. Dominic R

    God bless the dead young Pappy Savages is just one of them demonic songs that just take over you. you just instantly know the words as soon as That beat drop just like 2paps possesses you..or. something..R.i.p. 2PAp

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    Best rapper of all time idgaf what y'all said

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    Mane I wish folk was still alive

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  54. FortniteTV

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    Real Chicago shit!!! Chiraq Niggas stand the fuck up!!!!

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    R.I.P to tha kingg 😈


    Still here 2019? 🔥

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    Young Pappy The Great
    i put a qp on some waste yutes head aswell #facts
    And I also named my bird after him
    Salute 2 The Realest

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    Young pap just letting you know he’s a killer

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    Courtellus Hicks

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