Young Pappy - Phones Lyrics

2 Cups
2 Blunts
Shorty ass tweaked
Don't be dumb
Wait hold on

Who the fuck is this on my line this time?
Broke bitch I ain't got a dime this time
Talking bout you pregnant, girl you lying this time
Cause I know I strapped up
Boy it's real in the field so you know I'm strapped up
It's real when all the raw niggas getting clapped up
Know it's real when to own nigga getting clapped up
And he die right next to you
Turn the savage up, do a drill what he next to do
Boy that pole ain't real who you flexing too
Girl I just want some top, I ain't sexting you
See I'll pass on that, gas on deck, money 3 gas
I'll smash on that
Let them free spazz and I'll spazz on the track
I ain't never been a hoe, I'll blast on pap, on Pooh Bear
Knock Knock on your door like who there put
The pole to his face like you there
Try to move out the way take two there
Nigga I'm too real, nigga it's too rare
Don't wanna cross a nigga like me hoe
Send shots I ain't talking about free throw
Smoke rock I ain't talking bout C4
He talking about keno, he talking about rocket man
Got me higher then a rocket man, 30 on me I'll pop it man
Ppg got a plug, no socket man, man that's gang
Niggas know how we rocking man, I ain't flodging man
Got Got like 17 pairs of trues right now in my closet (designer)
Got Gucci, got Louie, got Robins
2 cups, 2 blunts, 2 mollies
I do drugs shorty so ion even remember
The last time I fucked shorty
Talking about you pregnant you can get off my line
So you must be drunk shorty

On my life
I ain't for none shorty
On my life
On my baby though
I ain't for none
On my life
Fuck wrong

Wait wait hold on
Who the fuck on my line this time?
A unknown number calling it's probably my P.O so I ain't gonna decline this time
(Pap you a bitch when I catch you imma nail you that's on my homie nigga)
What? Boy fuck yo homie nigga I'm in traffic right now with it on me nigga
So come get up it with me
Matter of fact
Where you at? Ima get up with you
Ion give a fuck who you with
They getting hit up with you
The ambulance pick you up they getting picked up with you
Cause I ain't missing not none of these
Nigga you ain't getting one you getting some of these
Nigga I do hits that shit fun to me
Nigga can't say shit about what he done to me
I got shot, my homie got changed right in front of me
Then Keno die (Keno) then Munchy die (Munchy)
A couple niggas got hit up (boom)
And they lucky they ass still alive
So get off my phone
I don't know whats wrong
A nigga talking about he wanna do a song
I think he tryna set a nigga up
But you know I ain't going
Tell that fuck nigga leave me alone
Wait hold on

Fuck wrong with these niggas man
These niggas funny as hell
Wait hold on
Go get some fucking money man
My shit clapping on my baby though

Who the fuck is this on my line this time?
What up bro they call me Mac
Man I'm trying get a feature
Well you know I'm finna tax nigga how much you got
I got 650
Nigga I need 7
Come on Bro work with me
Ight send it to western union
Send the beat to my email
Send it to my yahoo, I don't give out my gmail
I know a motherfucker know me from the old me I ain't even saying it like Imma OG
Put in work by myself nigga fuck 4 deep
Do a drill in with a bandana on fuck low key
Nigga we be so deep, on the block
Selling hard we pop out 3 o'clock
All the way to the grave yard
My brother told me
Work hard, play hard, got shells for these niggas that just wanna play hard
Wait hold on

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