Young Pappy - Old Slaves Lyrics

When that 8 pop shorty face drop we make Blake Block with a face-shot (Die Lzz)

Mask up they investigate get that case dropped like the plate hot when that Mac, Tech, and that K rock, leave bullet holes in that tank top my block banging off straight rocks no blow up nigga that's straight drop

Wack shit for a livin' nigga leave a nigga body in the river nigga I don' give a fuck how you feelin' nigga so many tens you can give a nigga

Shorty actin' real tough but he now damn well its that liquor nigga (Better sit the fuck down) I'm Jessie White with this pipe cause once I strike homie it a
Flip a nigga
Body bag gone zip a nigga, ambulance gotta get the nigga, hollows in the tip of the nigga like a stripper nigga but forget the niggas
Let's talk about them bitches man swear to God boy I got so many, me and you ain't in the same boat so yo main ho wanna role with me when ever or where ever I go shorty wanna go with me, when ever or where ever I blow $pazz gon blow with me

And that's straight baskets for you stray faggots boy I'm going crazy like strait jackets (Craaaay) Lotta cash ion gotta brag ball so hard niggas can't hack it but my style switching like every track, go pick a bit from like every rack, niggas book streets just free me lil' midnight and hurry back, drill season that's just the time they invited us for the second time, told ya'll for the second time wanna be my hater bitch step in line, she eat me up like its breakfast time I dun fucked you bitch like seven times she dun sucked my dick like seven times she give me top when I fuck like every-time hol up wait

(2 Cups) Yeah that bitch a King Louie fan she all on my dick cause I'm playing that shit (Louie)

Niggas know I don't be playing dat shit when I up it I'm gon get to spraying that bitch [Gun sounds]

I left the house with $pazz on me we popped out so I bought the tray and left the K in that bitch man I just wanna fuck you can stay with that bitch after that I ain't got shit to say to that bitch

Niggas know and bitches know say the name of the gang and then these bitches go

Ain't nun but the taste in ha mouth of the foam ain't nothin to change in this game but the score FUCK

And fuck Lil Foe (On the boss) niggas like damn he go... Nuts get hit in yo shit if you don't do it look like folks got hit nigga on what?

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