Young Pappy - Night After Night Lyrics

[Young Pappy:]
Remember them long as nights
In the field with the steel
Tottin chrome ass pipes [2x]
And everybody tryna do this song
That's right
But in real life I made this song last night
Last night it was
One of them nights
I had so many hoes
I was feeling like a dike
I brought
Two of them home
Expose them to this life
I lived
And both them hoes
Was tryna spend a night
I'm like fuck it
My main bitch wanna fight
I'm not gone argue tonight
You good shordy
You right
Cause putting my hands on her
For what?
I ain't the type
My pops taught me
Don't touch her
Just fuck her like she yo wife
So I do that
I swear I'm the wrong nigga to shoot at
Cause you could hide
But I'm a find out
Where you at
Don't be surprised
Shells come flying wherever you at
Ambulance arrive
No you dying wherever you at
And I can Merch it
Cause nigga them hollow tips
It be hurtin
If you ever get shot by one below your waist
Then they on purpose
Cause I'm tryna merk you
I'm tryna hearse you and then dirt you
I won't forget about you
So I'm a go and get a shirt too
That say Rest in Piss
They like I love that two cups
That's my shit she like I love you too much
That's some shit he like now fall back lil bra that's my bitch
I'm like you ain't never just cuffed
But niggas be crazy as hell
Smoke dope to my eyes get lazy as hell
Gotta bad bitch riding she crazy as well
And this 40 turn his brains to some gravy a meal
I'm crazy as hell see this pain you can tell
This anger I built you get stained with the steel
Think you riding for em for his mains you get killed
When you hear this 40 bang see his brains let her sing for you
Hold on...

[Bu Double:]
I remember them never ending nights with my celly
In at bitch boats smelly
23 and 1 1 shower a week
When they pop the trunk got chow for us to eat or the mail
Smelling like my gal I smell at shit
Inhale that shit think fuck that bitch
Cause she want me to pick I ain't finna be stressing over no bitch
While I'm doing a bid
So fuck it back to the subject
Celly if its mines don't touch it if you drop it or flush it
They shake this bitch and you got contraband
Boy admit that its yours and you just gotta cuff it
Yeah I remember them lonely ass nights
I was wondering why my homies ain't write
Maybe cause they doing wrong shit I do wrong
And I still find time to write some of the bros
Lettem know that I'm here hold your head up shorty
Trap half way home drizzy just 40
DAMN they just gave a real nigga 40
That's worst than hearing that it ain't yours on maury
Niggas ain't real heard it night after night
Lost a few homies shit its life not a fight
RIP em all on the mic
Two cups full of ice drinking sprite after sprite
I done been there done at, masked up gun black
Night after night making bitch niggas run at
Yeah pussy nigga run at
Crossover to the other side won't come back
Yeah I'm talking barriers hearts getting heavier
Seem so your best close friends gotta carry ya
Met the streets yeah first night that I married her
Damn no wonder why my life got scarier

[Young Pappy:]
Member them nights
Machine calling my phone like broski I got the pipe
If nobody gone ride I know that you want a strike
I heard about that crazy shit you did when you was with your wife
So I know you with it
I pick him up switch rental like fuck it
Go op hunting see who I want and I'm like slump him
He like il trunk him I'm like hell naw cause then you gotta dump
Might as well just slump him folk bail out
Put 2 in his face that way he don't get to yell out
And if you get a case real nigga don't sell out
This crack money imah save it up til you bail out
I put up to cups light a L put a L out
Its tfg pbg the shit I yell out
If you can see it doa what it spell out
I'm street smart but mama told me don't never fail out
But I remember them nights mama told me get the hell out
Hold on

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