Young Pappy - I'm Out Here Lyrics

I'm out here
10 toes down
Where niggas ride up and let windows down
I got a Mac hold 50
Take a nigga whole window down
I'm from the pole where it's cold, everybody riding round with extendos now
Tech 9 Hold 46 shots hit every nigga in yo crowd
Its not new mane
Ride in the blue thang, thats the new Range (no)
With a little cute thang call her boo thang
She pop molly, smoke weed, do a few thangs
When it crack, don't lack, keep 2 thangs
And stay fresh from the vest to the shoe game
Bandana on me look too strange
But I'm fly no lie like two chains
I'm from the block where its hot
Cuz the narcs outside
Where the bodies drop and that Glock spark outside
The kids don't play in the park outside
Cuz they scared for they life when its dark outside
When the thugs on the block got drugs on the block
Got dimes on the kush got dubs on a rock
My name hold weight
Got blood on the block
Give me top for the free
I ain't jugging a thot
Niggas die young
And the bad don't die
Who the fuck told you a real man don't cry
They took 2 Cups
So my head in denial
Looking for any nigga that was friends with the guy
They killed my homie
Boy you niggas gone pay that was behind that shit
I'm riding round with it on me
And nigga I ain't gone stop till I fry in that bitch
And I got my niggas with me
Ready for action
You talk about bodies they ready to catch it
Been blowin shit down since the age of 11
Been totin any gun from a gauge to a 7
They with it
My little niggas with it
You say you shot dude and he not gone to admit it
We come through and aim for the top of your fitting
And let that bitch bang
We don't stop for no witness
I'm out here I'm in it
When you gone stop
When I'm finished
Roll up quick
I walk up on that nigga
Put that gun in his mouth like a dentist nigga
I'm the same nigga
I can't change nigga
Done it all boy
She wanna fuck on the sub shit
I'm all for it
I be shooting shit up
Like a small force
She try set a nigga up
Can't fall for it
Y'all niggas ain't getting no money
So what the fuck y'all do with your time?
Cuz time is money and money is time
And if they say otherwise they lying
Boy I done been through it all
From the guns to the brawls
Said the bigger that shell
Then the harder they fall
Right now gettin money
Ain't a damn thing running
Said the bigger that pill
Then the harder they fall
That's what I rep my nigga
So fuck all y'all niggas
Except my niggas
Step out of his side each time we in the ride
Boy I ain't ever left my niggas
Kush smokin on pie
So high
In this shit right here
Goddamn my nigga
Double G's on the belt my nigga
What you brought
I don't need help my nigga
You ain't feel the same pain that I felt my nigga
You ain't played the same hand that I was dealt my nigga
What the fuck
These niggas don't get it
Try walk in my shoes but these niggas don't fit it
Fuck the police
No law no limits
I'm a real ass nigga no clone no gimmicks (bitch)
I don't play no games
I'm a kill that boy i don't say no names (no names)
With that trey eighth
Hop in the whip no face no case
I don't play no games
I'm a kill that boy I don't say no names (no names)
With that trey eighth
Hop in the whip no face no case

I'm out here
10 toes down
Where niggas ride up and let windows down
I got a Mac hold 50
Take a nigga whole window down
I'm from the pole where it's cold, everybody riding round with extendos now
Tech 9 Hold 46 shots hit every nigga in yo crowd
I'm out here where niggas don't lack
Or shorties ride up and them domes roll back
I ain't fear no man
You don't pose no threat
You ain't jacking no bag
You don't own no check
The fuck man
Niggas don't get it
Try walk in our shoes
But these niggas don't fit it
Fuck the police
No law no limits
I'm a real ass nigga no clone no gimmicks
I don't play no games
I'm a kill that boy I don't say no names
With that trey eighth
Straight hop in the whip
No face no case
No face no case
No face no case
Straight hop in the whip no face no case (bitch)

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Young Pappy I'm Out Here Comments
  1. Mari1kay

    That 2 verse was nice asf I felt that 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Grt Bow

    smh rest in peace

  3. Yofaavasiaa._


  4. SuperTough Bro

    underrated asf, real pappy fans know dis shit fire

  5. Steezy | Trickshotting

    Still bumpin it

  6. BlackIsBeautiful

    Still can’t believe he’s gone man smh

  7. longliveGotti curtis

    Aggressive song i love it tho

  8. Andrew Jordan

    a real nigga speaking

  9. April Deans

    This song go hard

  10. H Lee

    Listen to these BARS man!!!!
    I’m sorry man but LA and Lil JOjO cant even come close to PAP lyrically.
    But they was definitely on the level.
    PAP was so good that he didn’t even do hooks.
    If his hooks was as hot as his bars forget about it.
    But he was still young and thus had time to improve, that is until a nigga who ain’t never gone do no raps or spit no bars, took his life.
    I will never let that ride.
    PAP can’t even Rest In Peace till that dude is gone too.

  11. Lalo Lakers


  12. Terry Jackson

    Rip king pappy

  13. TheReal DamoG

    This my shit man🗻

  14. Terry Jackson

    Rip pappy

  15. Tiant Lumpkin

    Its the fucking guys in my fucking eyes r.I.p the best king pap 2 of everything in this bitch

  16. dum pz

    Still my favorite pappy song

  17. Thayon Carrol


  18. Confident_ial Things

    I swear we are in need of a Pappy right now in the rap game!! watch the reaction!

  19. M&N Gang

    Rip pappy the king

  20. Mr BL

    Gangsta in peace much respect to young pappy Compton crip love

  21. Harry Poosie

    Best rapper of all time

  22. O. Capalot

    Pappy most unknown songs is the best😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥

    FCF Glizz

    O. Capalot i be trynna tell people

  23. Mbk Osoo

    Where is dis beat mann 👀🔥💯

  24. Grant Riley

    Lemme download this and come back real quick👑🔥

  25. Marco Cooper

    Comments and opinions expressed

  26. Marco Cooper

    My brother bitch it's on 🇧🇷

  27. Amir Cordova

    If pappy survived the shots he would have killed the guy who shot him pappy already killed 2 people so yeah

  28. Bobby Janisch


  29. Bobby Janisch


  30. Bobby Janisch


  31. Jordan Chaytor

    This is one my drill song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. melissa whitaker

    This lil nigga was 🔥🔥🌋 got me cussing like I ain't a Hebrew Israelite RIP Pappy

  33. OG_ stoner_Robinson1017

    rip 🅿🅰🅿 man fuckin savage ✌🅿🅰🅿savage

  34. tremaine smith

    its pappppyyy.!

  35. Kieran West

    Still listening 2017

  36. Michael Anthony


  37. Michael Anthony


  38. Riko Holms

    R.I.P. PAPPY

  39. Streetism

    Pappy Not Gone TF

  40. trapboi blixk

    r.I.p pappy man shits crazy why the good have to die young pappy and LA would be at da top RN if they was still here #ripkingpappy #ripkingla

  41. Emotianly Disturbed

    taysav the 2 cup version of pappy

  42. Christopher Eatmon

    can someone post the lyric for this?

  43. Mika .Wendelius

    I Dont know this guy but it hurts to think about his death it really does

  44. youngreversesquad nation

    he a beast

  45. John Carey

    rip 👑 pappy tfg bitch 😥😪😓😇😇

  46. John Carey

    rip 👑 pappy tfg bitch 😥😪😓😇😇

  47. steve stephens


    Jordan Beam

    steve stephens 🖕🏽

    not a cop

    You were never out there


    steve stephens fanboy 🤦🏾‍♂️


    r I p pappy



  50. MIA JAE’

    People be saying he one of the best Chicago rappers in my eyes he one of the best rappers Period ... his word play fckn CRAZY his delivery OFF THE CHAIN he was a beast R.i.p pappy <3

    Edrick Jones

    Tamia Ward Was

  51. Tae Marques


  52. Valid GlitTv

    Happy birthday pappy


    Who tf told you a real man don't cry 🤔💯

  54. Blown Out Tater Biscuit

    My name hold weight, got plug on the block. Give me top for the free, I ain't judgin a thot😂 RIP man😔😈

  55. Quintell Logan

    killed it

  56. Chasity Fortnite

    Only rapper I listen to

  57. MarQuan Smith

    rip pappy

  58. MarQuan Smith

    Dis beat dope

    Drake Miller

    MarQuan Smith pretty sure his brother made the beat for him

  59. Youngpappy. pbg

    pappy didn't survive the gunshot cause he was skinny asf same to la R.I.P

    Victor Utomi

    Youngpappy. pbg fr?

    Sahara Lutz

    Victor Utomi no

  60. EnVy Reaper

    Aim At The Top Of Your Fitted

  61. Jamaal Holman


  62. EnVy Reaper


  63. King Lil Smoke 519


  64. rybSouls

    i wish pappy survived the shots and left chicago to continue his raps.

    zack zazer

    I completely agree but he would have not left Chicago he would a most definitely stayed right where he was when he got shot, and came back looking for niggas real talk. Pappy to savage hes been the only rapper I really duck with


    Young Snupe who is that?

    demetriusarmy Williams

    Defentialy agree

    demetriusarmy Williams

    @Seek_difference what

    Laurie Carnes

    rybSouls everybody does bro, shits so sad man, homie had so much left to do


    and people wonder why black teenagers are killing each other this is a prime example why black teenagers are out to kill someone for the fucking fun of it. So if you're a parent letting your kids listen to this garbage will garbage in garbage out you will get a death with out a doubt you reap what you sow get rid of this garbage it's killing your culture piece of advice.


    Omar Lopez check this out you need a gimmick to become an entrepreneur in the music industry need to do some brainstorming and I talk to some guys that I know in the music industry and they're very well aware of a lot of guys trying to get into the music business and it's hard it's very fucking hard man. But the few that got big in this music industry had a gimmick that's what you need you need a gimmick instead of talking about the same thing that happens over and over talk about the change but use a situation that you know of that comes on the newspapers OK avoid using race at all costs because you say something against the whites the Mexicans they're going to disavow you music but if you say let me give an example a young boy growing up as my brother if he is your brother or of the music starting off young boy grows up to be a thug get shot by another thug or something you need a gimmick to change this music industry around you want to be the first one to capitalize on the change make your whole album trust me my head is filled with so many fucking ideas you'll be the first one to change things around you can call your album the movement or the change of life or change for everyone change of America that there's so much things just popping out of my ears ideas you can be wealthy be on your belief if you have the right wording and a happy beat on the music so instead of talking what happens on a daily basis talk about what happened and what you gonna do to change it and trust me when you get it right you will be the big king of the movement people will start listening to somebody that nobody knows about December that's everybody talking about and then you'll see a lot of people trying to copy you if you if you can just get it at the right time the time is now the black community the Mexican Asian they're all tired of this violence OK and you can name and one guy against the ghetto or the ghetto against me make a whole album and trust me there's enough stories in the news paper you will not run out of information that you can make music out of there's no other rapper doing this they're all talking about the same thing about how to kill each other and you know what's happening how about an individual that has a completely different approach to the wrapping Distri this is just something you need to sit back and think about it for a week or two and get started writing something it out you can start off sad and then bring it up as a happy note at the end you will be the man of the change or the change of the demand of change things that make you know you need to be the the one with the movement keeping mine Martha Luther King use him in in in your music some of his movements I don't know if some of his stuff is copyrighted or not but it's easy to get permission I promise you are you have to do is write the people who have rights to the speeches will give you authorization to use the stuff if you explain to them what you're trying to do if you do it just right you become so fucking rich and so will now and throughout America and in the world because this is not just happening in America it's happening throughout the world the balls in your court you can call me a son of a bitch are you on a racist all you want but I'm giving you something in the golden platter I talk to some famous producers there's nothing out there like this so it's up to you remember other people are reading this and they're going to start working on it OK so I wish you luck and if I come up with some good ideas I'll let you know but somebody's produces told me that that's what they're looking for their tired of the same old young guy coming out with the same music they want to meet at the comes out and has a change some different than every other guy you know you can laugh at me all you want or you can take it serious there's some advice I'm gonna give you advice is useless it's worthless unless you do one thing with one thing only use it to your benefit then it becomes priceless God be with you man hope you get it right I hope you get it and become famous and successful just remember me one day don't tell yourself you can do it and don't listen to nobody did you cannot change things around remember a movement start with one person that one person changes another person then three and six then 12 and 24 and 48 and it grows from there but it takes one person God be with you man sorry for my English and some of my mispronunciations like I said this is my six language and I have issues with it sometimes English is the hardest one out to you from Germany


    @shallowcoder1 believe what you wanna believe that's your decision not mine but have love in your heart and you'll see life in a better judgement. And Merry Christmas to all and all a great time

    get going

    SPANIARD Christian Warrior if you're doing right by them and being a responsible parent I don't think you will have any problems. aye wat pap say? THEY KEEP CALLING ME THIS THEY KEEP CALLING ME THAT BUT IDGAF WHAT A HATER GOT TO SAY ABOUT ME! whew! lol


    Tony Cannida did you get a chance to perform in Martin Luther King holiday anywhere I'm just wondering??

    get going

    @SPANIARD Christian Warrior i don't know why but ive become very different. My new motto is " i love and respect Dr. King but i fucking hate parades. Too many people. Too many variables. I heard it was pretty cool lm Glad people had fun. What'd you do?

  66. King Lil Smoke 519

    KLS x BluntJamz - " Hard Life " ( OFFICIAL AUDIO )

  67. sam smith

    imma kill that boy ion say no naaaames

    Justin Floyd

    i didnt know sam smith was a hitta😂😂

    Melody Aesthete

    Justin Floyd 😂😂

  68. Chronic Kush

    One of my fav tracks from Pap. Bump this shit daily.

  69. Moneyright _

    That dude said fuck any nigga that was friends with the guy that kilt my homie.  In other words,  he doesn't care if you are in medical school and you grew up with the killer he's going to murder your ass if he's knows you are cool. 

    Word to the wise:  Be careful who you hang around

    Money da p

    Moneyright _ Man💯💯

  70. Parrish Person

    double G's on my belt my nigga 💯🔥🔥🔥

  71. John Tokyo

    This is the shit people should be listening to. No disrespect to other new rappers but this man is fuckin shit up in every track he makes like dayum!!!

  72. Liljblood on BD

    on da fat B👌 pap be snapin I fuckz wit his music. He was Good

    Eclass Ginobili

    Nigga name is lil j blood on bd u fuccing goofy 😂😂

    Harry Poosie

    You know pap was bdk for jojo

  73. Diva 400

    Pappy voice sound so good. And i like him cause he wit da shitz i really like him and i don't see nobody i like in my city... that bs !

    Money da p

    Almost enough to make me cry knowing he dead😭😭💯

  74. Tomuchforu23

    bruhhh I only listen to the fist part n I already went n download the song 😂😂🔥🔥

    Clifton Wormley

    Real Boss On Folkz Nem Graaave 😂😂🤙🏻

    Julius Young

    Me to😂

    FCF Glizz

    Real shit 😭😭😭

  75. BK Trucc

    this my favorite rapper this nicca a 6east

    #Cream Team

    BK Trucc 💯

  76. lil 360

    no face no case 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Lil Mac Maccity300

    Rip pappy man nigga the best Chicago rapper 2 cups part 3 drop 🔥🔥🔥

  78. jay john

    Yea that boy was serious r.i.p

  79. Youtubeassname

    kilt this shit

  80. Stephen James

    when it crack don't lack keep two things

  81. Stephen James

    tech9 hit everynigga in ya crowd

  82. Caleb Stokes

    This shit so UNDERrated!!!! R.I.P 2PAP!!!!!!!

  83. Jacobe Blakemore


  84. Bryce Ballom504

    Pappy a fucking dawggg !! I fucks with you bro give me the talent my nigga ' I'll live with Ya shits bro

  85. jack pennel

    pappy a fucking monster. he killed every track i heard from him.

    Manuel Jackson

    DeeTooLethal me too snupe wasnt even good tbh


    jack pennel real shit bro

    Gblock be careful Tv Dee

    Manuel Jackson hhinj


    jack pennel right

  86. Saintsinnz

    "the kids dont play in the park outside, cos they scared for they life when its dark outside"!!! light it up

    Rayvon Troupe

    right pappy fuck it up

  87. Big Combaned

    2 🅿️🅰✌🏻️

  88. Rubio

    why they sleep on pap

    Theman Deman

    dat_046x they slept on him because he not the most respected rapper because most of all his songs were disses to rival gang memebers💀🔫💯but he was a legend

  89. Steezy | Trickshotting

    dis likes say 12 fukk 12

  90. Shaunii B

    #PappyWorld 😈🔥🔫💊

  91. Tia Miller

    Happy birthday pappy boaa go crazyy

  92. young neezy215

    pappy my favorite rapper rip

    Almighty King

    Who asked?

  93. Akeelah Addison

    RAW ASL😅😆

  94. kc09 gaming

    Rip shaquon💪🏿💯😪

    Amari Rush

    +jacarre Sigler be honest bruh is you really his cuz or you just buggin


    he lyin i know his first n last name just search young pappy on google its shaquon thomas

    Amari Rush

    +XxswagginXx906 Exactly but that's why I'm asking because knowing his full name doesn't justify whether he's related to Pap or not. That's why I'm asking him to just be honest.

    Almighty King

    +XxswagginXx906 I'm sayin u know young pappy u don't know Shaquon Thomas

    GothBoi Prince

    jacarre Sigler lol

  95. Jammy Jam

    everybody around me can here this in a 78 mile radius