Young Pappy - Freedom Lyrics

I'm a young nigga tryna come up, remember them days I was fucked up
I ain't have shit, but a couple bucks and a couple fist I wasn't on nothin
Till I bought a gun and I started poking niggas, I was smoking weed and smoking niggas
Wish a nigga would come confront a nigga, I was starting shit with a bunch of niggas
I turned savage to quick, a lot of niggas said I wasn't on shit
Shot my first gun at this old head, niggas knew then I wasn't no bitch
Me and my friends had this lil clique, green team? had the hoes on our dick
Shaking that shit up in the hallways, dropping L's all in our pics
Wasn't so quick to ball up my fist, cuz I kept a gun I was to slick
Tryna put a nigga on a news flick, try a nigga, bet he wasn't gone do shit
I was still showing up to my classes, I wasn't never dumb I was still passing
That's how I pulled a lot of my hoes, they was all asking me for the answers
But I tweaked, cuz I start bailing out, cuz the block was banging I was selling out
Showing up to school with a oochie on me, I felt like the man I had hella clout
Once I got snaked by a couple niggas, so I stopped hanging with a bunch of niggas
Felt like I was running out of luck with niggas
Momma always told me not to fuck with niggas
But you'll always catch me with a couple niggas
With a couple guns that got double triggers
Swear we not for none TFG them niggas
PBG them niggas
Nigga we them niggas
Want to see my niggas in the afterlife
R.I.P my niggas
Bring them back tonight
All this money on me I'll sacrifice just to see my homies them come back to life
(I don't know a lot of real niggas
But I know a whole lot of fake niggas
She can suck my dick but I won't cake with her
Take a nigga out like I'm dating with him) [x2]
I ain't never flexed bout shit I said
I don't really regret shit that I did
I am who I am it is what is is
I'll still pop a nigga like a quiz
I'm going to be the same nigga till I'm dead
I won't even change if I had kids
But I bet they going to know who they dad is
With they bad ass with my adlibs (Heh!)
They told me real recognize real
I don't recognize a lot of motherfuckers
I know niggas know and bitches know
I ain't got to lie to motherfuckers
If you thinking I ain't going to blow this bitch
Then gone and try me motherfucker
Cause these green hollows put a nigga insides
On the outside of motherfuckers
Shut the fuck up I'm tired of motherfuckers
Heater on me I'll fry a motherfucker
Gucci, Loui, Prada, Feragama only rock the hottest
In designer motherfucker
I don't know why you fronting your move
Flexing like you going to sign a motherfucker
360 deal for a half a mill
I just smiled and declined that motherfucker
Now days ain't nobody trying to throw hands no more
If you ain't got a gun on you ain't nobody trying to hear what you saying no more
And if you ever run on me we ain't homies
Better not catch you in the land no more
Lord forgive me all the crazy shit I did I don't want to see that can no more
Shit changed I don't understand no more
We the gang thought you was my man's though bro
Lot of homies turn phony niggas
I wouldn't shake they hand no more
Still this war shit ain't stopping lot of bodies dropping
My niggas ain't playing no more
You sneak dissing what you saying though bro
Cause you can get it too and yo bro
Fuck is wrong with you
Know you better ask somebody nigga
Fuck around and catch me a body nigga
I den been shot at by a couple bitch niggas
So I don't put it pass nobody nigga
Still got niggas on Flamie nigga
And they'll catch a body for me
Put a lil cash on your head
But if they want you dead
They'll take care that body for free (Heh!)
Lot of niggas say that they fuck with me
They don't really fuck with me (Heh!)
Lot of bitches say that they fucking me
They ain't really fucking me (Heh!)
This 40 I'm clutching it's stuck on me
It would be legal if this shit was up to me
They like what's up lil homie you don't fuck with me
I don't even know you how you saying what's up to me
(The same niggas trying to get tough with me
You still be pussy remember you grew up with me
She know I cheated she know I be fucking her friend
But she she saying she swear that she can't get enough of me) [x2] (Thotie!)

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Young Pappy Freedom Comments
  1. Sam Sweat

    9 days til 2020 who listening?

  2. Cuzami


  3. Tenthousand Strong

    Who else noticed he rapped on a traditional African Beat... Pappy forever

  4. Kane Patraw

    This one of the realist rap songs in history

  5. Kane Patraw

    Bumpin January 2020?

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    Hey I'm finna spazzzzzzz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Deo Priceson

    best beat, lyrics and rhyms. Pappynotpapi

  8. james carter

    Dam G wish u had on a bullet proof that night🗣

  9. X_2KGODS_X

    why Young Pappy die a few days after this came out


    HVRD2KN1GGVZ this came out on his birthday. He died almost 3 weeks after his Bday

  10. Official EazyOfTheFreshmen

    R.i.p young pappy bro

  11. Carl Simpkins

    Everybody wanna talk about freedom- lil pappy

  12. KimPressurE

    R.I.P da 🐐still listening to pappy till today💯Nd 4ever gone be listening to em

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  14. Godson Eneogwe

    The fact that he sampled the song from the movie "Sarafina" will always make him the 🐐

  15. YaBoii Cardell

    She know I cheated .. she know I be fuckin ha friend but she swea she can't get enough of me 😂😂💯

  16. Jalen Shands

    Goin inna 2020 on Da same shit #RIP2🅿️🅰️🅿️

  17. Krooked Cash

    Pappy da 🐐 of Chicago to me 💯💯💪🏾💪🏾😈😈

  18. Barry McCahckiner

    I will never stop listening to young pappy bro

  19. Dayceon Davis

    If pappy was alive would have been the realest nigga alive runnin shit in the rap game

  20. Trap BlockEnt

    2019 we here broski

  21. Bonkerz Beats

    He been like that 🗣

  22. maurylong36

    Still listening in 2019!

  23. Marin Baclija

    RIP pappy i miss you gangsta

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    Still bump this shit 2019

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    Sarafina remix! GENIUS...r.i.p. King Pap

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    All gas no brakes

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    You can tell Pappy was really an artist even from that interview of him in that studio, then him here putting the African song as the intro💯

  28. blahblahuma

    DAMN 🔥 the producer and pappy spazzed on the beat😤

  29. Tazunas Carnage

    most underrated nigga evea real talk

  30. Hotsam Noirchards

    I really hope there’s an after life so I can go watch pappy perform and realize his dreams. This dude was so talented. It makes me hate chicago gang culture so much that he died at 20.

  31. lrremissible

    Who still bumping in 2019💯💯💯

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    Pappy only understand💔

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    2019! Best Pappy song R.I.P Pappy Sad that they had take your life

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    2019 ur name still here

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    2020 and beyond?

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    happy 7.4 p.o.g shit

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    Shot my first gun at this old head niggas knew then I wasn't NO BITCH.🔥🔥 2019 STILL!!

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    He just spased

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    still my favorite song 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    This nigga was ahead of his time 💀

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    Who else listening in 2019?

  45. Da Bag

    Had to come hear pap talk about freedon today

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  47. Nigger Boi

    I always loved that the ak on the right side of the album cover is the Chinese assault rifle from fallout 3

  48. PaPpyGunner

    Yeah i made this!

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    Rest in peace Legend Young Pappy🙌💯

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    Happy birthday KING PAP 🔱👑💯

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    Bro was hard, He was going to make it big.... Sad his life got cut short at the age of 20 only 19 day's after his birthday... But that comes with the life he was living Rest Up Bro all the way from GA/FL

  54. Bankroldex

    I know I’m still here rapping every part losing breath every time 😭🤧

  55. Aint_avg

    2019 anyone

  56. Yuno Gasai

    2019 and you thought Pappy’s legacy finna die this quick? Hell naw nigga see you in 2020‼️‼️

  57. Marvn Alln

    S T I L L ..
    LU N I G G A

  58. DKbmx 21

    Gonna be blasting this in 40 years RIP pappy

  59. Chaylah Hannah

    2019 SQUAAAAAD🤘🏿

  60. Tony Pretty Boy Pace

    Pappy said I don't know a lot of real niggas
    But I know a lot of fake niggas.. I'm foe crazy and I know he gd crazy I fuck with it

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    They killed a legend✊🏽💯

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    Chitown legend

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    Take a nigga out like I’m dating with him


    his best song

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    He was a fucking genius, i've never had these type of experiences with any other artists, simply the best ever

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    still banging this shit 2019, I was smoking weed and smoking niggas

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    0:44 to 1:20 is Demario Dontrell Williams life in a nutshell.

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    They say real recognize real; I don’t recognize a lot of mafuckers! Damn that is so cold. Pappy 4 life!!

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    it's south african sample called sarafina

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