Young Pappy - Faneto Lyrics

Gang gang gang gang in this bitch gang in this bitch gang gang gang take your bitch nigga
Hold up ayeeee ayeeee ayeeeee gang in this bitch gang in this bitch gang gang gang 616 nigga

I'm a Lil hot nigga in a steamer nigga riding with that Nina nigga said I'm feining nigga
Don't wanna put a 30 in it I'm like I don't it nigga you tweaking nigga where the fuck is
Munchie I ain't see him nigga tell em nigga all that shit you talking you ain't mean it
Nigga (cuz you dead now)! BU roll that shit up that shit wreakin nigga when we roll up
Your ass will get smoked if you tweaking nigga they gone have to find you like nemo (find nemo [x2])
I just came from down there with Kemo hold on hold on

Bitch I'm Young Pappy I get on ya ass
Let that Nina blast
Tryna rob me they like hell nahj
Boy he be with Spazz
Do a hit snatch extra Spazz
Do the dirty dash
Switching lanes wait bro do a stain
You think folks finna crash
They like wait
Lil bro slow down while we riding through uptown (hold up)
We might have to go and blow McDonald's down (hold up)
Potato barrel that bitch make not a sound (hold up)
Two three shots he hit the floor don't need a lot of rounds (boom boooomm)
I smoke Teezy by the pound
Block that bitch if I'm lying bitch I'm not around
Rico D Way with that k he love that chopper sound
Hit your block we fire off shots even if the cops around


I just hit a stain on a OC (ounce of coke)
Bitch we smoke that thang that's that OG (dopey dope)
I been in the game but I ain't saying I'm no OG (hold up)
But I still beat your ass like OG
Its light tank behind this bitch I'm riding solo key
I press the button this bicth ride without no key
He like miss pappy I'm like bicth you don't know me
Better Google my name lil nigga I bet your bitch know me
Where's my faneto they like turn that Keef shit off that shit so weak
Nigga ride down Hazelwood and I'll pick niggas off
That's shit so shit TFG, PBG
Lil head white boy y'all ass team why ya so deep (hold up)

We gone make you bop just like Lil Foe
He gone catch a shot just like Lil Foe (hold up)

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Young Pappy Faneto Comments
  1. Stephantae Douglas

    Bigg 44s

  2. Alexia Bedford

    Pappy made chef keep shit sound wack atf

  3. Mikael S600

    Dam. Younging had talent. Shame how are young kings killing each other..

  4. Abel Delarosa

    2020 Till Eternity 😤

  5. Michael Wilson

    Shit still bumping in chiraq

  6. 4dbzking

    Best Birthday Song 🎂

  7. rajab jr

    BIP ofn

  8. Eriyun Tate

    who still bump this in 2020

  9. Malik Muhammad

    You can't C me!

  10. BrimWayEntertainment


  11. JR PLUG that way

    2020 anybody🙏😳 rip to the [email protected]⛲👿👿

  12. Richard Coulombe

    Never realized this came out on my b-day. Damn pap 😔 R.I.P. bro .

  13. HBG Kali

    Crazy only one nigga in this video free and alive smh RIP PAPPY RIP DUTTY FREE SPAZZ

  14. Kush Bush

    They are TOO twacked off some coke

  15. Chrisss x

    Damn this nigga would’ve ate up so many rappers beats :/

  16. sophie omoniyi

    Anyone?? 2020

  17. Travion Bailey

    2020 his shit still goin coo💯

  18. Marcus Stempa

    Lil4 should be Lud Foe in the subs

  19. Y Saucedo

    20/20 still bumping Young Pappy .. Hello ayyyyyya.

  20. Tonya McConnell

    I just realized that they all have the same hair 😂😂

  21. Keyshawn Haskins

    Still watch this in 2020 true pappy fan

  22. Zackkidi - Roblox Gaming -

    Sosa made a song so fire the opps had to grab a remix lmaoo

  23. Joshua Brown

    Rip pappy

  24. Adrenaline4P

    Wow, this shit go crazy OFN

  25. The GLO Chasers

    Rip pappy. Hatin ass niggas back-doored you for sho 😤😳

  26. 7EVEN ONE

    Keef version wayyyy better than this shit

  27. D Q

    #Pbg shiit

  28. D Q

    Rip 2pap


    Chief keef toke him out after hearing him murk him on his own beat

  30. Bri Smith

    2020 anyone?🔥

  31. mere northside

    2020 were yall at

  32. Lashay Erskin

    Bip Pap Free Spazzzzz

  33. Callme King

    2020 🤷🏾‍♂️👀

  34. Viral Views

    No more hoola gang 🤦🏾‍♂️ niggas never stick together

    Benjamin Franklin

    They snaked pappy and killed shoota. Hoola gang and L4M cool

  35. Lilah Diego

    Pappy is the only music that hypes me up to get lit 😎🤣 who listening on 2020 🗣

  36. Frv

    13m and counting bitch long live 👑pappy

  37. Darrell Hayes

    2020 for the homie

  38. Official - Making Paper Regularly

    2020 GANG❗️

  39. MerkOsama

    who still bangin pap in 2020-2030 🤘🏽😷

  40. 3Timez Reacts

    2020 👀

  41. We Da Oppz TV & Podcast

    ZackTv1 lost interview with TaySav and PBG X Pappy Gang

    This video was saved from ZackTv1 original channel before it was hacked
    Rest In Peace Zack and Pappy

    All credit goes to ZackTv1

    You can also see other lost videos that were saved on my channel!!

  42. Ch'khan Hodge

    If My Faneto Ain't Like Turn That Keef Off That Shit So Weak! Still Riding Around With This Jumping In 2020!🔥🔥🔥

  43. Dakotah Lightfoot

    2020 still listening to pappy and all his other shit

  44. Jacquai Johnson

    2020 and it's still some heat👀🚫🧢

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    He wasnt anyone important just a soldier for a gang

  46. NTG

    2020? Anyone? No just me

    Jasz Dorsey

    Still here. And I will be every year after 2020 too

    Eb Bunny

    No I’m here too hun.

    Nun Yo Buisnezz

    I be replaying dis too much.

    Slang Jane

    NTG me like everyday just found out about him love this song

    Rashad Lonon

    The truth he is still banging all his shit

  47. Slim Shady

    “Hear my faneto, they like turn that keef off that shit so weak!” #Facts he killed this remix. It’s like it was suppose to be his song. I bet his opps really hated his guts after this because I bet the whole side of the City was flaming this joint! This guy was hella talented, the best outta Chicago in my opinion

  48. Justin Huntington

    Who walking into 2020 bumping pappy

  49. Boston Ghost

    I had to turn that keef off that shit too weak

  50. TBE_- CRVSZ

    2020 anyone🔥

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    We still aint found out where munchie at🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🔥❗️💯 2K20

  52. gemstone da solid

    Pappy pointed to the sky and said tell them nikka the shit you was talking you ain't mean it nikka(but you dead now) cold taurus shit we beast rip young king💪💪💪💪💪💎💎💎

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    This used to be my shit rip Pap

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    Got pappy blastin into 2020 rip

  56. jenki221

    Here in 2020.. stand up!

  57. And U Know

    wow, taysav looking exactly like you. !!

  58. kellz carson

    Jan 2020

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    Who’s here in 2020😎😎

  62. The Rated R Show

    Lmao he wears ever flag there is 🙏

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    Pappy was the shit.

  64. Brandon Johnson

    Its crazy how the video got took down and it still got 12 mil views. 🐐

  65. Detavern Thompson


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  67. Love Money

    Only real niggas remember when this had more views than keefs faneto in 2016 I remember when it had 19 million and keefs version was at 10 mill views and they took this video down and waiting for keefs version to get at least 25 and than re upload pappy' faneto at the time pappy faneto remix was being played alot than keefs I guess the haters and keef dick riders didn't like that shit so it got taken down if it didn't get taken down it would of been pappy's 2nd highest views next to killa I see this at 12 millions smh longlivekingpappy

    Benjamin Franklin

    They did it twice smh

  68. Backwoodlos •

    2020 bumping 🙏🔥

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    2020 fym⚠️⚠️⚠️

  75. GildedWarrior331

    Pappy had the most tense bars

  76. Yeet_beeted

    Last day before the decade ends, just gotta go through and put some respect on those who weren't fortunate enough to bless with more heat like this. RIP

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    Rashad Lonon

    We got robbed

    Rashad Lonon

    @Love Money hell yea im not dick riding i really think he was the best and would love a remix

  88. Aaron Pours four

    Merry Xmas eve pappy

  89. Rayshawn Ross

    Legendary Drill Rapper he woluda been bigger than a lotta niggas the snuck that shot wish he just woulda seen it coming though.

    RIP YNG Pappy

  90. Tyron Estes

    December 2019

  91. DaunteXO

    this shit still hot